Andrew Yang is a neoracist.

— James Lindsay, king of your mom (@ConceptualJames) January 12, 2021

And there it is again! I find it interesting that the media and politicians condemning this disturbing event are oblivious to the fact that they contributed to it. Yang's lack of self awareness is truly amazing!

— J-Ace (@faholo) January 12, 2021

Andrew Yang is just a weak man that has capitulated to the left.

— Phil Fahy (@pfahy13) January 12, 2021

Strikes me as a very interesting moment.

Most right leaning people don’t strongly dislike Yang but just think he’s wrong about big government. Two or three years ago, this would’ve passed without much fanfare but now the masses have been red pilled thus the intense pushback.

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) December 18, 2020

INBOX: "NYC mayor candidate @AndrewYang released his position on NYC's specialized STEM high schools. He wants to implement anti-Asian "holistic" quotas, but one month ago he told the Asian community he'd keep the race-blind #SHSAT test-only admission system. Which is it Andrew?"

— DOEcorruption (@DoEcorruption) January 14, 2021