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My diet story - how it REALLY went. 🧡 I’ve received tons of messages about my interview on The Daily Mail (and all the other articles copied from that story around the world). The clickbait headlines don’t really tell the truth. During the 10 years working with food & health, my recipes have always been vegetarian. Because that had been my main diet since I was 20. For the past 2 years or so I’ve shared solely plant-based recipes, as I was moving towards a vegan diet. As my followers know I’ve never tried to push my personal diet as one truth but want to inspire with recipes that can work whatever your diet is. At the beginning of 2018 I started getting health problems. I had daily headaches, irregular heartbeats, my body ached and I was feeling blue. And more came: my menstruation stopped and I started to have hot flashes & insomnia. My doctor found out that my FSH hormone levels (indicating menopause) were skyrocketing. She suggested I might be going through premature menopause and needed to start taking hormone therapy. I was 37. And shocked. As I always take the natural approach, I wanted a second opinion from a specialist of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her diagnosis: I was having a burnout - or how TCM sees it, I had run out of YIN energy. She recommended me to start a fatty diet with only warm foods, like fully cooked veggies & local organic animal products. I have a strong trust in the ancient wisdom of TCM so I followed her instructions. Most of my health issues melted away within 2 months. Hot flashes stopped, my FSH levels went down and what’s best: my periods came back. 🙏🏼 I believe that my work stress, exercising, the Nordic climate combined with a plant-based diet was not a good combo for me. It just made me empty. Totally not blaming the diet per se. It can be perfect for some. The past year has been such a rough ride for me, but I´m grateful for it as it’s been a huge learning experience. Feeling much more healthy, nourished & happy than a year ago. Diets are very intimate and provoke emotions. I hope we can have a respectful conversation and share our experiences without shame. That’s how we can all learn. (CONTINUES IN THE COMMENTS)

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