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Mon, 17 Jan 2022
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Objective:Health - 'Leaky' Vaccines, Immune Escape and Mutating Variants

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With the rise of the dreaded Covid variants, the authorities have been screeching from the pulpit that everyone needs to be vaccinated to protect themselves, now more than ever. However, there is significant evidence that these variants have arisen specifically due to wide-scale vaccination events. Called 'leaky vaccines,' this possibility arises when the shots don't eradicate the disease in its entirety, but allow the virus to mutate into forms resistant to the vaccine.

Indeed, some scientists were warning about this possibility since the vaccine's release. Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche mentioned this in an open letter to the WHO back in March, but he and others have been publicly commenting on this phenomenon for even longer.

"There can be no doubt that continued mass vaccination campaigns will enable new, more infectious viral variants to become increasingly dominant and ultimately result in a dramatic incline in new cases despite enhanced vaccine coverage rates. There can be no doubt either that this situation will soon lead to complete resistance of circulating variants to the current vaccines." - Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health where we discuss these 'leaky vaccines' and how they may in fact be driving this rise in variants we're being told we need to vaccinate for.

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NewsReal: Kabul Airport Atrocity - What Actually Happened?

kabul airport terror newsreal
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The mass evacuation operation of several tens of thousands of Westerners and Afghans was brutally interrupted this week by what the media reported was a 'double-suicide bombing'. 13 US soldiers, an unconfirmed number of Taliban, and dozens of Afghan civilians were killed.

A group of dubious origin named 'ISIS-K', Western media reported, claimed responsibility for the attack. But the US military has since clarified that just one, not two, explosions took place, while some local eyewitness reports claim the majority of civilian casualties were in fact shot dead by US soldiers.

On this NewsReal, Joe and Niall take a closer look at what happened in Kabul Airport, and discuss what the atrocity portends for Afghanistan.

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BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push

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This is an absolute game-changer. The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern:

Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated.

Let me say that another way - two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.

To be specific:

From the 1st of February to the 2nd of August, the UK recorded 742 Delta deaths (yes, the dreaded Delta has not taken that much life). Out of the 742 deaths, 402 were fully vaccinated. 79 had received one shot. Only 253 were unvaccinated.

The report is here.


John Pilger: The Great Game of Smashing Nations

saur revolution afghanistan

The real popular revolution in Afghanistan took place in 1978. Everything since then has been US-led efforts to counter it by supporting far-right radical Islamism...
As a tsunami of crocodile tears engulfs Western politicians, history is suppressed. More than a generation ago, Afghanistan won its freedom, which the United States, Britain and their "allies" destroyed.

In 1978, a liberation movement led by the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) overthrew the dictatorship of Mohammad Dawd, the cousin of King Zahir Shah. It was an immensely popular revolution that took the British and Americans by surprise.

Foreign journalists in Kabul, reported The New York Times, were surprised to find that "nearly every Afghan they interviewed said [they were] delighted with the coup." The Wall Street Journal reported that "150,000 persons ... marched to honor the new flag ... the participants appeared genuinely enthusiastic."

The Washington Post reported that "Afghan loyalty to the government can scarcely be questioned." Secular, modernist and, to a considerable degree, socialist, the government declared a program of visionary reforms that included equal rights for women and minorities. Political prisoners were freed and police files publicly burned.

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MindMatters: Is Liberalism the New Totalitarianism? A Conversation with Ryszard Legutko

During the Cold War, the world's liberal democracies, like the USA, were widely perceived as the bastion of freedom, especially to those behind the Iron Curtain. But the past three decades have caused many to revise their views. With the rise of totalitarian thinking and practice in the West in those years, the question must be asked: what happened?

Professor of Philosophy and conservative politician Ryszard Legutko pondered these questions in the 1990s and 2000s, culminating in his 2012 book The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies (published in English in 2016), and his latest book, The Cunning of Freedom: Saving the Self in an Age of False Idols (2021). Legutko argues that at its root, liberalism as ideology shares many of the same features as communism. Despite their differences, both share essentially the same views of history, the future, politics, ideology, and religion. These tendencies cause ideology to seep into every aspect of daily life ("the personal is political") - in liberalism, to a degree even the communists weren't able to achieve, despite their best efforts. These trends have only gotten worse in the years since the book's release.

Today on MindMatters we talk to Professor Legutko about his books, life under communism, editing samizdat, the recent controversy with his university's "office of safety and equality," and the time he got sued for calling some students "spoiled brats."

Running Time: 01:46:55

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Man on a Mission: Meet 'Billboard Chris', Canadian Warning About the Dangers of Medical Gender Transition

billboard chris
BillboardChris is spreading the word about the danger of gender ideology from coast to coast and also endorsing the People's Party of Canada in the upcoming election.

Chris Elston - AKA Billboard Chris - is on a mission.

The southern-B.C. resident recently toured Eastern Canada. Wherever he landed, he brandished his billboard that has messages about the dangers of medical transition. That led to dozens of conversations a day between Elston and passers-by about the gender-ideology indoctrination that's manipulating millions of kids in Canada alone into believing medicalizing puberty is praiseworthy.

Elston is driven by the conviction that it's his duty as a man and as the father of two daughters to be on the front line defending girls from harm.

And indeed it's a gladitorial arena: his left arm was broken in Montreal in March when social-justice warriors swarmed him and one pummeled him with a large traffic cone. (Elston needed surgery to mend the break; the scar is still prominent on his arm.)

"The truth is, a broken bone is nothing compared to what our kids are going through," he told one of the many reporters who interviewed him after that assault.

What Elston is referring to is the unprecedented jump in number of young people, disproportionately females, who are being diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is defined as a mismatch between one's psychological sense of one's gender on the one hand and one's biological sex on the other.

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Mass Psychosis: How to Create a Pandemic of Mental Illness

insane crowd mass psychosis
The 20-minute video above, "Mass Psychosis — How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill," created by After Skool and Academy of Ideas,1 is a fascinating illustration of how mass psychosis can be induced.

Mass psychosis is defined as "an epidemic of madness" that occurs when a "large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions."

One classic historical example of mass psychosis is the witch hunts that occurred in the Americas and Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, when tens of thousands of people, mostly women, were tortured, drowned and burned alive at the stake. The rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century is a more recent example of mass psychosis.

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NewsReal: Kabul Chaos Biden's Bay of Pigs?

biden bay pigs newsreal
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The 'sudden collapse' of the US-installed regime in Kabul, sweeping the Taliban back into power in Afghanistan, brought the war in Afghanistan to a stunning end last week. The chaos at Kabul Airport as tens of thousands of Americans, other Western citizens, and Afghan allies attempt to flee the new regime is mirrored by chaos in the halls of power as the White House, US National Security State, and even the media struggle to explain what the heck just happened.

In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall recall the infamous 'Bay of Pigs' operation in Cuba during the JFK administration and explain that what really caught the Establishment by surprise was the sheer number of Afghans rushing to the gates with the departing forces of occupation.

** Podcast begins at 03:15 **

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From Afghan War Diary to Afghanistan Papers, US 'Reconstruction' Long Known to be Farce

afghan hospital destroyed
© AP Photo / Najim Rahim
The US spent $143 billion on "nation-building" in Afghanistan, a cause US President Joe Biden said Monday was never Washington's goal, despite regular boasting about the progress made toward westernizing the country's political system and values. In the end, little has changed in 20 years, except the deaths of nearly half a million people.

The quick folding of the US-backed Afghan government before a Taliban advance has caught many off-guard after Pentagon leaders claimed little chance of its overthrow. However, almost since the 2001 US invasion, a steady stream of reports showed the "reconstruction" was a rolling disaster.

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Objective:Health - Autopsies Reveal Death by Vaccine; Vaccine Hesitancy Highest Among PhDs

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Welcome to another 'In the News' episode of the Objective:Health show, where we look into the latest health headlines to give you the O:H take.

On this week's show, we look at German pathologist Dr. Peter Schirmacher findings after doing autopsies on 40 patients who died within 2 weeks of getting the Covid shot. He concluded that 30-40% could be directly attributed to the "vaccines." He's not calling for anything drastic; simply asking for more autopsies of those who die shortly after getting injected to see if his numbers pan out. But, as could be predicted Germany has thus far been reluctant to act, and his story is being suppressed.

We also discuss a new study that looked at more than 5 million survey responses and found that, when dividing the responses via education, the most 'vaccine hesitant' group of all was PhDs. Curiously, the responses showed the general trend of decreasing hesitancy with higher education, yet the PhD group bucked that trend.

We talk about all of this and more on this edition of Objective:Health. Join us for a scintillating discussion!

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