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Behind the Headlines: Connecting the Dots - Weekly Broadcast - 12 October 2014

This week on SOTT Talk Radio: is the increasing Ebola hysteria justified? Is it safer to be paranoid? Or is the scare blown out of proportion? We also looked into historical cases of real devastating outbreaks to see what can and does happen from time to time: outbreaks with mortality rates of up to 90+%.

Is US Senator John McCain fit for public office? Because he's been making some real weird statements of late, mostly to do with the ISIS islama-terra boogeymen. It's not just people behaving strangely of late. What is going on in the animal kingdom? Pets attacking owners in every US state; elephants attacking villages in India; hyenas attacking people in Africa; and bears attacking people in Canada and Russia.

All this and more in this week's Connecting the Dots:

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How do you solve a problem like Obama?

Our readers may agree with us when we say that reality can be fairly depressing, to say the least! Sometimes it reaches a point where things get so bad, people must find all sorts of ways to deal with it. Some may choose to shut down and find a means of escape and distract themselves by dissociating. Others may feel numb and desensitized. Others may fall into a deep depression, while others may not have cared from the beginning. And yet, despite the grim global picture, some continue speaking up (like we do here on SOTT). If the world wasn't governed by psychopaths, this could be a wonderful place, couldn't it?

There are several ways to speak up and we believe that now it is the time to do it! One can share facts and expose lies in a serious manner. One can also simply share his or her opinion via the social networks. One can show indignation or righteous anger, where it belongs and in many different ways.

Well, this time we have decided to use yet another tactic to counteract lies and propaganda: Humor! We selected a song that many of you may know, from The Sound of Music. As you will see, the lyrics have been modified slightly, and it's not about Maria, but about one of the main perpetrators of crime and suffering in the world. Despite having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, full of empty promises of "Hope" and "Change", this character manipulated the masses and destroyed his own and other countries in the typical American way. He was probably put in power for that purpose. But his smile doesn't fool many people any more. Have you guessed who this song is about yet? You probably have.

So, plug in your microphone, and sing along! The lyrics are available in the video for you to be able to join in. Let your voice be heard by many, and share it around!


Of Head Choppers and Climate Chaos

When the first ISIS 'beheading' video was released I was immediately struck by how utterly counter-productive it was for the 'Islamic State' to produce a glossy, high-definition video of the event and make it available to Western audiences. If the goal of such a dubious PR campaign was to intimidate the anglo-American Empire into backing off from attacking the alleged Levantine 'rebels', then it failed miserably.

What's most amazing however is that the IS leadership were unable to foresee that lopping the heads off US and UK citizens and producing a made for TV video of the gruesome spectacle would simply gift the anglo-American Empire builders with the justification to launch a bombing campaign against the video makers. I mean, how politically ignorant do you have to be to not realise that? Did they learn nothing from the 9/11 attacks? Western civilian casualties are the US military industrial complex's bread and butter! They use Western civilian casualties of Arab terrorism to justify the invasion and occupation of the Arab countries that the erstwhile Arab terrorists are trying to rid of US occupation!

Even the kids in the schoolyard know it's a bad idea to kick the bully in the shins, he'll just turn around and knock your head off. It's definitely an unequal exchange. So why would anyone in their right mind pursue such a strategy? I'm assuming that the leaders of ISIL are 'in their right minds' because they've shown themselves perspicacious and able enough to mount a successful blitzkrieg through northern Iraq. You don't do that without being somewhat proficient in military strategy. Seems to me we need to look for an alternative narrative about what the role of ISIL really is.

Cloud Lightning

SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary - September 2014

Signs of the Times in September 2014

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'Iraq War III' is underway, and Mother Nature is not happy about it.

Fireball meteor sightings picked up dramatically in September, with spectacular sightings over Russia, the U.S. Pacific coast, an actual impact next to a busy airport in Nicaragua, and what appeared to be multiple fireballs coming down over Lake Michigan. The U.S.'s earliest ever snowfall hit South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado, while Calgary in Canada went from summer temperatures to 11 inches of snow overnight. Ignoring the raging wildfires across California, a monster hailstorm blanketed Napa Valley with 6 inches of hail, a feat repeated in Florence, Italy and Teruel, Spain.

Rainfall records around the world continue to be broken at an alarming rate, with deluges happening so fast in southern France, southern Italy, the Balkans and southern Spain that cars, roads, homes and people were washed away. Montpelier even recorded over a foot of rain in just two hours. Intense flooding in India, Pakistan, Thailand and China were matched by successive waves of flash-flooding from Mexico to the U.S. Northeast, with up to 10 inches of rain falling from coast to coast. Meanwhile, tornadoes made appearances in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Croatia.

There were a number of spectacular volcanic eruptions, particularly in Papua New Guinea, Iceland and Japan: the latter two countries' second-largest volcanoes erupted; the first gave plenty of warning but Mount Ontake took hundreds of climbers completely by surprise. September also saw a lot of 'high strangeness', with 'UFO lights' filmed over Hong Kong at the height of anti-Chinese protests, and plasma formations photographed above Chicago. In what could be a foreboding harbinger of plagues to come, the West African Ebola outbreak death toll passed the 3,000 mark last month... as the deadly virus reached the U.S.

These were the Signs of the Times in September 2014:


Behind the Headlines: Connecting the Dots - Weekly Broadcast - 5 October 2014

This week on SOTT Talk Radio, hosts Joe Quinn, Harrison Koehli and Niall Bradley discuss the status of the West African Ebola outbreak. No doubt things are bad for people there, but what are the chances of this outbreak spreading to colder climates in North America and Europe? What is or are the best forms of protection we can take against Ebola?

With the heat turning up in the Middle east, we also discussed the twists and turns in 'Pipeline-istan', the ridiculous threats made against Western targets by these mysterious ISIS terrorists. As thousands take to the streets in Hong Kong, are we looking at the democratization of China? Or is there more to the protests than meets the eye?

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FATCA what? How to fight the war on tax evasion, one American at a time

Back in the day, when a pathocratic regime of paranoid, inept, remorseless psychopaths wanted to isolate their country, they just closed the borders. This had the benefit of keeping external enemies out as well as keeping anyone who might want to leave in. The biggest threat to a pathocracy, of course, comes from within: from the people who suffer under the control of oligarchs who couldn't care less about their people's well-being. Nowadays, however, the battle on the 'internal front' isn't so involved or overtly totalitarian in nature. (However, it can be just as brutal: the U.S. police kill civilians with impunity.)

Take FATCA for example.


Behind the Headlines: Scottish referendum result rigged? Is the sky blue?

Having recently published a report into the (literally) incredible Scottish independence referendum result, your hosts this week discussed some of their findings, and provided further analysis illustrating just how unlikely it is for Scots to have turned down the opportunity to separate from the British government and the City of London's casino capitalism.

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Top Secret

Special Report: Scottish Referendum Rigged - The 'How' and the 'Why'

The change.org petition demanding a re-run of the Scottish referendum, "counted by impartial international parties", has now reached 93,000 signatures as incredulous reaction mounts to the highly dubious referendum vote. Even Ron Paul expressed extreme scepticism about the result. The British media, meanwhile, is having a field day mocking the viral video footage of suspect activity at counting venues across Scotland, laughing off the fact that the only international observers to report anything about how the referendum was conducted were Russian observers, and dismissing Scots' calls for recounts and fresh referenda as being "sour grapes" based on "conspiracy theories".

But are these 93,000 (mostly) Scottish citizens, and the thousands of Facebook users demanding an investigation, just deluded sore losers?

If we look at the British voting system in general, we find a somewhat less than glowing 2008 report from the Council of Europe's human rights watchdog stating that reforms to the postal voting rules introduced by Labour made electoral fraud in Britain "childishly simple". The British voting system was now open to fraud and the system "makes it extremely easy to add bogus characters to the voters' lists", the report stated.

But to conclude that the Scottish referendum specifically was likely rigged for a 'No' vote by 'British' intelligence, we need to provide reasonable evidence that the British elite have the necessary character 'qualities', motive and operational history to engage in such a serious crime. We must also provide reasonable cause to believe that the British government and media opinion polls, that generally predicted a majority 'No' vote in the run-up to the referendum, were false, that the majority of Scots intended to vote yes, and that rigging of the vote was therefore necessary. Most importantly, we must present a plausible scenario, backed up by evidence, that British agents had the opportunity to commit this most undemocratic of crimes.


Behind the Headlines: Scottish #indyref result: Rigged?

Sott.net editors Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley analyze global impact events that shape our world and future, and connect the dots to reveal the bigger picture obscured by mainstream programming.

From the crisis in Ukraine to the ISIS in Iraq, from increasingly extreme weather to surviving in a world ruled by psychopaths, your hosts, their colleagues (and occasional guests) explore the deeper truths driving world events by exposing the manipulations behind what passes for 'news'.

The Scottish Independence Referendum result - beautiful democracy at work, or rigged? How on earth did Scots turn down the chance of an era to gain independence from London? The SOTT crew investigates...

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Black Magic

Scottish referendum result undoubtedly rigged

Apparently terrorized by the fear-mongering tactics of the British establishment media, in the form of hysterical warnings about food price rises and "societal disintegration", the fiercely independent Scottish people voted to remain in the UK. Or so the British establishment media would have us believe.

The official result matched the predictions of polls conducted by huge for-profit City of London market research companies. Prime Minister David Cameron declared that "this settles the independence debate for a generation." Case closed? I don't think so. We're being asked to believe that a majority of Scots voted 'Yes' to more austerity, 'Yes' to more wars in their name, 'Yes' to keeping nuclear weapons, 'Yes' to the continued theft of Scottish natural resources and 'Yes' to less democracy.

If all of that sounds unbelievable, it's because it is:
"It's not who votes that counts. It's who counts the votes."

~ Attributed to Stalin