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Tue, 26 Jul 2016
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Behind the Headlines: Is Science a Force for Good in the World? Modern Medicine

In this first in our series of shows on the topic of science and its benefits, or otherwise, to human beings, we subjected modern medicine to an in-depth and experience-based analysis of the root causes of human illness.

In combination with modern technology, modern medicine has undoubtedly brought various benefits for human health and longevity. At the same time however, a startlingly high percentage of people today, particularly those living in Western 'first world' counties, suffer from an increasing number of 'modern diseases' that have proven to be incurable with modern allopathic techniques.

From various forms of cancer to heart disease and diabetes, modern medical treatments can only alleviate the symptoms of these diseases by way of a plethora of pills (like statins) that sufferers often must consume for the rest of their lives. In addition, many of these pills carry significantly deleterious side-effects.

On the 'bright' side, as the sole purveyors of these pills to the doctors that prescribe them, multi-national pharmaceutical companies have grown outrageously wealthy, bringing into question whether or not there may be a conflict of interest and if these companies are truly committed to improving human health in a real way.

Studiously ignored by the medical establishment is the increasing evidence that diet is a major contributor to health and that what we eat may be a significant contributing factor to the rise of these modern diseases that have, in some cases, reached almost pandemic proportions.

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War Whore

Behind the Headlines: Iraq Invasion - Ten years later

"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality."
The War on Iraq was one of the most brutal events in modern history. Sold to the people on the basis of lies about non-existent WMDs and Saddam Hussein's non-existent ties to non-existent al Qaeda, the above quote from a Bush administration official encapsulates the pathological delusion of grandeur that is US government foreign policy.

On this week's show we'll be marking the 10th anniversary of 'Shock and Awe' by comparing American fantasy with reality and examining the disastrous choices American policy-makers have taken as the economy implodes. 9/11 gave the warmongers their "new Pearl Harbor." Couched in lofty rhetoric about spreading democracy and liberating the world from tyrannical dictators, America's glorious self-image stands in stark contrast to the brutal reality of ten years of bloody mayhem that has left Iraq and its people ripped apart.

But it's not just Iraqis that have suffered. This insane warmongering is having a disastrous effect on the American and European populations, both economically and morally. History shows that when a civilization reaches a certain level of selfishness and depravity, cosmic disaster follows.

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Eye 1

Behind the Headlines: Women Who Love Psychopaths - With Sandra L. Brown

This week we revisit the topic of psychopaths but from the angle of the women who have fallen "in love" with them and suffered the consequences.

Our guest will be Sandra L. Brown. Sandra holds a master's degree in counseling with a former specialization in personality disorders/pathology. She is a program development specialist, lecturer, community educator, and award-winning author.

Sandra is also a writer for Psychology Today and has been interviewed in magazines such as Seventeen. She has appeared in more than 50 television shows including Anderson Cooper's daytime show, "Anderson". She has provided consultation to film producers regarding pathological love relationship dynamics based on her books.

Sandra's books include the award-winning Women Who Love Psychopaths: Inside the Relationships of inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists and How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved

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Ten years on, Iraq lies in ruins as new evidence confirms U.S. government used Death Squads to manufacture 'Civil War'


The 'democratization' of Iraq - March 19th, 2003
Ten years ago, more or less to the day, I wrote the following on the then Signs of the Times page:
"As I sit here, a motion in the UK House of commons has been defeated by some 415 votes to 149. Not that any other result would have stopped the US, yet it signifies a full green light for the attack on Iraq. Bush's 'ultimatum' to Saddam expires at midnight (GMT) Thursday (7pm EST). "Shock and Awe" (read "death and destruction") may come at any time between now and then. We have at most one day, one day left to ponder at the edge of the abyss before the coming darkness engulfs us all.

As if to mock those who are against this illegal invasion and the lies and deceit that have been used to justify it, Ari Fleishcer today stated that, even if Saddam went into exile now, the US would still invade. It's not about WMD, it's about domination and the destructive principle. Perhaps Ari feels he can be more truthful now that it is a 'done deal', now that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Blair have told the peace-loving people of the world to go f**k themselves. It must have been hard for Fleischer to stand up in front of the world's media every day and lie so profusely. (Then again, maybe not).

It's hard for me to describe the feelings I have right now; there is an enormous sense of impending doom, mixed with anger at being made to feel so helpless in the face of such rampant psychopathy. Who are these men that they can simply decide to throw the world and its inhabitants into "war without end", and who are we that they could, for so long, fool us with such pathetic and barely-disguised lies and know that we would just roll over and let them get away with it?"
Ten years ago today, the US and British military (with a posse of cowed 'allies' in tow) launched 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' aka 'Shock and Awe' aka, 'Operation Destroy the Critical Infrastructure of Iraq and Initiate an Overt Decade-long Attack on - and Occupation of - the Iraqi People.' To date, at least 1.5 million Iraqi civilians have been murdered, and at least 5 million displaced from their homes as a direct result of 'liberation'. This on top of millions killed and impoverished by US-led economic sanctions in the preceding decade. Deadly car bombings continue to this day. Suffice to say, Iraq was not liberated: it was destroyed, and destroyed deliberately.


Behind the Headlines: Paleo food - Staying Healthy in a GMO world

Remember how we were told to eat all our veggies when we were younger because they were good for us? Is that really true? On this week's show, we took a look at the myth of the 'balanced diet' as promoted by the USDA and other state agencies. Mass cultivation of grains and vegetables has had devastating consequences for the planet's biosphere, not least the one billion-plus people who go hungry daily, a top soil exhausted of the basic nutrients for growing crops, and a mechanized global food industry that poisons the environment at every stage of production.

GMOs are promoted by Big Agribusiness as the answer to global food shortages, but independent studies indicate that genetically modified food is not fit for human or animal consumption. GMOs are already prevalent in the food supply so is it too late to stop Monsanto's world takeover? And is there really a food shortage to begin with? If Goldman Sachs and other market predators can pocket $400 million in 2012 alone from betting against the price of food, then commodity prices are clearly distorted. So what is the real outlook for food supply and demand?

People who seek healthy options appear to be hemmed in on all sides, but perhaps if we look to the past, we can find a way out? Our ancestors survived Ice Ages on paleo diets that were high in meat and saturated fats, and distinctly low on carbs. Tens of thousands of people experimenting with 'going paleo' have reported excellent health results -- results that the Big Agribusiness and Big Pharma-sponsored scientific establishment said should not have happened.

But they did, and now, on the eve of global civilization's collapse - due in large part to its addiction to increasingly refined carbs - word is getting around that saturated fat is where it's at.

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The few that remain


America continues to sink into a black pit of despair, already way beyond its event horizon. Chris Hedges refers to our future as one of sacrifice zones; those areas on this planet where the dead are simply consequences of a corporation's cost-benefit analysis. Few remain who willingly make the superhuman efforts required to protect the living world and her children. But they are out there. They remain.

Chris Hedges is one of the last to stand up to the corporate power that has taken America by the throat and strangled her until her purse spills to the ground. He is America's Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He is one of the last to stand while those with eyes to see turn their heads to avoid what their eyes are seeing.
"It's absolutely imperative that we begin to understand what unfettered, unregulated capitalism does," Hedges emphasized. "These are sacrifice zones, areas that have been destroyed for quarterly profit. And we're talking about environmentally destroyed, communities destroyed, human beings destroyed, families destroyed. And because there are no impediments left, these sacrifice zones are just going to spread outward."
The whole world has become a sacrifice zone. The shopping mall, main street, the Middle East, Africa and South America, the ground our families walk upon, even our families, are all sacrificed by idiots whose only sense of value is in self-indulgence. Hedges openly defies corporate power. He openly defies imperialism. He openly defies the puppet Obama, suing him for claiming the right to arbitrarily extinguish the lives of the sons and daughters of this world.

Snakes in Suits

Dr. Heinrich Gross: A perfectly psychopathic doctor

© ORF/3sat
Nazi Doctor Heinrich Gross in the illegal SA at the beginning of his life-long career as chief physician and court expert on psychopathology
Filmmaker Andreas Nowak's excellent documentary, Ein ganz normaler Arzt ('A perfectly normal doctor'), dealing with crimes committed during the Second World War, won the Austrian Dr. Karl Renner Prize for Journalism in 2000. We are making this documentary available to a wider audience, complete with English subtitles, because it so clearly illustrates some of the important concepts put forward by Andrzej Lobaczewski in his ground-breaking work on psychopathy and psychopaths in power, Political Ponerology.

A Perfectly Normal Doctor

Nowak's film exposes the systematic practice of euthanasia - so-called "assisted death" - on disabled babies and children that took place during the Second World War. While there were undoubtedly many physicians and nurses involved in such crimes throughout the Third Reich, A Perfectly Normal Doctor focuses on Nazi doctor and psychologist Heinrich Gross, who was at one time in charge of an Austrian hospital where 800 children were killed. Only two cases were ever brought against Gross: one a few years after the end of World War II which resulted in a conviction for manslaughter but which was later overturned on a technicality, and another in 2005, 6 months before his death, where the case was dismissed on the grounds that Gross was suffering from dementia. After his crimes, Gross enjoyed a 50-year-long, high-profile career as a court-appointed expert in psychopathology.

What makes this documentary particularly important is that it not only exposes the pathological nature of the Nazi regime but also the 'Western liberal democracy' that came afterwards, which allowed 'ex-Nazis' like Gross to retain (or continue their rise into) positions of power over others.


Behind the Headlines: Climate Change, Food Shortages and the Future


The devastating tsunami in Japan in March 2011... is man-made global warming really to blame?
Have you noticed anything strange about the weather these past couple of years? Record cold, record snowfall, record heatwaves, tornadoes happening all year round and in places they never appeared before, constant flooding and persistent drought... it's as if the predictions made by Al Gore about catastrophic man-made global warming are coming true.

But 'man-made global warming' is an explanation that leaves so much unexplained. Our sun clearly plays an important role in regulating the planet's climate, but increased numbers of earthquakes, rising volcanic activity and indications that 'climate change' is taking place on other planets in our solar system clearly point to some other factor driving these changes.

In last week's SOTT Talk Radio show, we looked back at periods of 'climate change' in the course of human history, noting that increased fireball flux also occurred during such times. Does the recent Russian overhead meteor explosion portend similar environmental catastrophe for humanity today? Are we on the cusp of another Dark Age?

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Crowded Skies

In the fall of 2012, Red Pill Press published a book called The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. It is a collection of internet essays concerning the appearance of comets, asteroids, meteors and fireballs in our earth's history and the recurring nature of these celestial bodies in our solar system. This book has one essay that contains a thorough timeline of encounters with these astronomical objects recorded throughout history. Although not entirely exhaustive, as it is likely that many fireball and meteorite encounters were witnessed and not recorded in times past, the timeline is as complete as one will find by searching the records and literature of ancient cultures up to the present day.

This timeline is the subject of the video above, starting from 10700 BCE and the formation of the famous Carolina Bays, up to the very recent overhead bolide explosion witnessed in Chelyabinsk, Russia on February 15th, 2013. Set to classical music and using real-life video clips and images of comets and fireball sightings, Crowded Skies serves as a primer for the detailed analysis and meticulous research presented in Laura Knight-Jadczyk's work, including Secret History of the World and Comets and the Horns of Moses.

Rather than being a once in a millennial event, the author shows us how cyclical encounters with near-earth objects have had catastrophic consequences many times throughout history, and that we are overdue for another wave very soon. This is evidenced by the numerous fireball sightings and sonic booms that have increased dramatically in just the last ten years.

So, darken the lights, put your headphones on, play the video in full screen and enjoy the show!


King's Crossing: God's Chosen People

Recently, I've been reflecting on what all this bombardment of rocks from the heavens portends. Today I want to head down a different, but probably related, path.

I'm going to ask you to just bear with me as we go through this. There will be a lot of questions popping up, but I'm going to start with several core assumptions for this story.
  • Assumption number one: there is a God.
  • Another assumption: this God is best represented by certain types of people.
  • Another assumption: since people cannot know anything for sure, they must have faith that these representatives can stand in for the all-knowing power of God. These champions therefore best represent humanity and are above the law because of their intimate association with God.
What's with all these assumptions? Well, I'm just venturing into bizzaro world for a minute, to see what it must be like to live there.

Let's begin with the Pope. The Pope is a well known pedophile sympathizer whose 'sacred city' - the Vatican, planted on Earth by God - serves to protect men who hunger for children's bodies and souls. Is this the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke of, where people who torture children physically, sexually, and emotionally, and those who protect them, are offered holy sanctuary?