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NewsReal: All Quiet on the Western Front: Covid Vaccines Still Don't Work, and Russia is Still Winning

heatwave vaccines clots deaths newsreal
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As western Europe bakes in a midsummer heatwave, scurrilous media has taken the opportunity to 'let folks know' that high temperatures can cause 'blood clots' and 'excess deaths'. Although technically true, we can't shake the icky feeling that they're 'not letting a (contrived) crisis go to waste' by using the fairly normal high temperatures to 'bury some CoVaxx dead'.

Also on this NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the 'surprising' Manitoba government data on hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19, as well as alarming new studies on the frequency of menstrual problems in vaccinated women. The Science is apparently not behaving as it's 'supposed' to.

In the second half, they switch to the ongoing titanic struggle between Russian and American Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, where escalatory measures are edging ever-closer to some kind of direct showdown between the superpowers.

Running Time: 01:27:49

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MindMatters: John Carter of Substack: Conspiracy, Clown World, and the New Dissidence

Culture wars, political convulsions, social upheavals - you name it. If you're like us, we're always on the lookout for new voices giving their take on these strange times and just what the heck it is we're watching unfold in the West. There are a good many bloggers, pundits and observers out there, but...there can be only one. Enter John Carter (nom de plume), who writes "Postcards From Barsoom." A veteran of the academic world and all its woke garbage, John found himself transported to the fantastical realm called Substack, where he became a warrior battling various mythological beasts, alien armies and malevolent foes, armed solely with his mighty keyboard and nimble mind.

In just a short time, John has shown himself to be a voice worth listening to. And speak with aplomb he does. His writings are insightful, challenging, creative, and playfully hilarious. And in our conversation today, nothing is off the table: science, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, politics, sci-fi - whatever ideas have the explanatory power to help describe and understand the world we're facing. At a time when we're being barraged by the weapons of 'cognitive conquest' nothing is more important than communicating the ideas that could provide a good sword and shield, and a means with which to face the future.


Running Time: 01:54:25

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Objective:Health: The Vast Importance of Proper Breathing

O:H header
Breath work has been gaining more and more popularity in many circles of late, and it's not just the New Age crowd. Many researchers are coming forward touting the science on the multiple benefits of proper breathing and breathing exercises.

While it may seem hard to believe, being conscious of how we breathe, which is usually thought of as something we don't have to think about, can help with everything from stress management to overall health to proper sleep (and a great deal in between).

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we talk about the importance of proper breathing. This information could save your life!

For more about James Nestor, check out his interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0EftTC4mYs

Website: https://www.mrjamesnestor.com/breath

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NewsReal: Fourth July Mass Shooting, Abe Shinzo Assassination, Rebuilding Ukraine

fourth mass shooting newsreal
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Chaos in the tweets, chaos in the East, chaos in the streets. Last week's July Fourth mass shooting, the THIRD 'mediatized' terror event in the US this year, is another milestone in the West's chaotic descent into collective madness. Each 'side' in the Culture Wars™ blames the other, seeing in the protagonist the Other's agent of destruction. But look closer and you see the hidden hand provoking both sides...

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall analyze the Fourth July mass shooting from another angle - literally, from street-level - the shocking assassination of Japan's longest-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the diabolically cynical use of Putin's War™ for 'noble purposes', connecting the dots to reveal the single Overarching Agenda into which 'agents of chaos' are corralling humanity.

Running Time: 01:57:14

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MindMatters: Plato and Kim Jong-Un Walk Into a Bar: Talking Timeaus and the Bible with Russell Gmirkin

Russell Gmirkin is back to talk about his blockbuster latest book: Plato's Timaeus and the Biblical Creation Accounts: Cosmic Monotheism and Terrestrial Polytheism in the Primordial History. Join us as we discuss the book's mind-bending conclusions: Plato's Timaeus and Critias were sources for much of the biblical primordial history, from the creation of the cosmos and mortal creatures, to Eden, the Flood and the Nephilim. Genesis reflects Plato's cosmic monotheism and terrestrial polytheism, which devolved into Exodus-Judges' monolatry. Plato was also perhaps the first totalitarian political theorist. And his legacy lives on today.

Running Time: 01:18:17

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Bizarro Earth

ANOTHER Terror Attack in The USA: 6 Dead, 31 Injured, in Mass Shooting at 4th of July Parade in Illinois

shooting parade july 2022
Police deploy after gunfire erupted at a Fourth of July parade route in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois, U.S. July 4, 2022 in a still image from video.
At least six people were killed and 31 others were hospitalized following a shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday.

The city of Highland Park initially stated that 16 people were injured and five were killed, but officials amended the total to six dead and 31 injured during an afternoon press conference.

"Law enforcement agencies are searching for the suspect; evidence of a firearm has been recovered. The suspect is described as a White male, 18-20 years old, with longish black hair and a slight build. Numerous law enforcement officers are responding and have secured a perimeter around downtown Highland Park," city wrote in a statement.

Comment: Just yesterday, this happened in Denmark: 3 dead in shooting at shopping centre

See also: 16 injured in New York subway shooting, 4 suspicious devices found (12th April 2022)


The suspect has been caught. 22-year-old Robert Crimo was arrested in his car during a road-stop. He's a resident of Highland Park, and his father owns a local business.

The Left is screaming that he's a 'Trumper' because social media posts appear to show him present at Trump rallies (back when he was a teenager?).

The Right is screaming that he's 'Antifa' because he 'liked' Joe Biden's posts and, well, just look at him:

He's clearly mentally ill. He even alludes to mind control and historical false-flag events in his videos, which have been up online for months but no one 'flagged' his illegal content - presumably because 'fact-checkers' were too busy silencing legal speech:

Here he is filming the arrival of a presidential motorcade - presumably Biden's - last August. His father is the bald man at the end:

Multiple phone-camera recordings of the atrocity indicate two long bursts of gunfire of about 30 rounds each:

Official reports immediately cited police as having found a 'high-powered rifle' on a rooftop overlooking the parade route. This is consistent with eyewitness testimony of a man shooting from a rooftop:

But there's a potential problem with the official story of one gunman firing from a rooftop. This next eyewitness insists Crimo was indeed present and firing at parade bystanders, but from a GROUND-LEVEL position:

Note also Schwartz's description of the arrival of SINGLE cop (not a unit, which is normal police response), and his odd behavior.

Nonetheless, the earliest reports definitely stated that someone suspect was seen on a rooftop. The next video (at the start) may capture them - it's hard to say for sure:

Was the 'cop' Schwartz describes as looking upwards, scanning the rooftop? If so, why?

Anyway, it looks like TWO gunmen were firing, one perhaps with suppressed fire while the other made loud semi-automatic gunfire.

This single cop arriving first on the scene sounds like he could have been part of a team that scarpered before the main police response arrived.

The rest, as they say, is history. Americans are being played.

UPDATE 5th July

Police now say that Crimo, who they insist was firing from the rooftop, wore women's clothes to disguise himself and that he escaped by blending into the fleeing spectators. We refer you back to Schwartz's testimony, who mentioned no such disguise when describing a 'skinny kid' shooting people FROM GROUND-LEVEL, then quickly running away.

Whoever was on the rooftop may well have been disguised, but it wasn't Crimo.

They're also now saying that 'over 70 rounds were fired', but only 60 rounds are heard on bystanders' videos, which capture the entire duration of the shooting. Other rounds from a suppressed 'high-powered rifle' found on the rooftop? No doubt forensics will later show shots were fired from above, so for the 'lone gunman' narrative, Crimo HAS to be placed on that rooftop.

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

sott earth changes june 2022
Unseasonable snow in the Northern Hemisphere continued to make headlines in June. High parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Hampshire got up to 16 inches of snow, disrupting travel.

There were unprecedented summer snowfalls in central Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan that dumped historic accumulations in Samangan province, killing cattle and damaging seasonal crops.

1,000 people died, and 1,500 were wounded after a 5.9M earthquake hit eastern Afghanistan, compounding the struggle in a nation already affected by a food crisis.

China's Sichuan province was hit by a shallow 6.1M earthquake that took the lives of at least four people and wounded 14 others.

Extreme storms, floods, and landslides wreaked havoc around the world this month.

Half a million people have been affected by the heaviest downpour in 60 years, triggering floods and landslides in Guangdong, China. The record-breaking event caused the evacuation of 177,600 people, destroyed 1,729 houses, and damaged 27.13 hectares of crops.

Meanwhile, unusually heavy floods and landslides affected over 2 million people in the provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi in China after days of heavy rain. At least 32 died, 2,700 houses collapsed, around 286,000 people were evacuated, and 76,300 hectares of cropland were heavily damaged.

In northeastern India and Bangladesh, at least 18 people died, and 2 million homes were destroyed as massive floods ravaged the area.

Furthermore, lightning in parts of Bangladesh killed at least nine people.

At least 17 people died after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Meghalaya, Assam, and Sikkim, India. Parts of Meghalaya recorded more than 31 inches of rain in 24 hours, leaving a broad path of destruction. 150 people died, and 200,000 were displaced. In Assam, 5 million were affected by heavy floods of overflowing rivers.

Strong winds and thunderstorms, heavy rain, floods, and hail wreaked havoc across France from June 3rd to 5th. 65 departments across the country were affected, thousands of homes lost power, and at least one person died in flood waters in Rouen. 15 people were injured across the country.

For the first time in more than 20 years, Météo-France issued orange level alerts for almost all departments in the country.

Huge hail also left a mark around the world this month. Texas, Wisconsin, Mexico City, Germany, Italy, and Budapest, were the most affected.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary:

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Objective:Health: In The News: Vaccines, Vaccines and More Vaccines

O:H header
Welcome to another In The News episode of the Objective:Health show, where we peruse the current health headlines and give you the O:H take.

On this week's episode, we look into the continuing irony around vaccinations. Fauci has the Covid and is experiencing rebound symptoms after taking Pfizer's antiviral pill Paxlovid. We also look at the connection between a serious decline in live births worldwide and the vaccine rollout 9 months ago (a rather curious coincidence, no?). We take a look at a recent study that found heart inflammation 44 times higher after Covid vaccinations and the US' recent commitment to buying 300,000 monkeypox vaccines.

Join us for a discussion on all of this and more on this episode of Objective:Health.

For other health-related news and more, you can find us on:

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Running Time: 00:31:36

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NewsReal: G7 Louts on Tour: Western Leaders Laugh as Chaos Spreads

western family photo blackouts newsreal
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"Get yer pecs out!"
Oblivious of the airport chaos surrounding them, leaders of NATO and the 'G7' jetted into Bavaria and Madrid last week to 'make really important decisions' about the pressing problems facing the vast majority of ordinary Westerners: rising inflation and food/energy shortages.

Nah, they actually just came for a laugh, agreed to ramp up US military forces in Europe and picked a fight with China. Meanwhile, consequences of their destructive 'lockdown' and 'planet-saving' policies continue unfurling, with their media spokespeople warning of 'rolling blackouts' in the months ahead.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the latest in culture war polarization, the ever-shifting narrative about the Texas school shooting, the relentless waves of 'Covid population control', and the increasing likelihood of NATO/the US getting a smacking from Russia.

This sh*tshow can't go on forever, surely?

Running Time: 01:46:59

Download: MP3 — 73.5 MB

Eye 1

The Rise & Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies

digital eye

Comment: Not only a thorough update on the Big changes we're going to see in much of the world's monetary system in the not-too-distant-future, but also one of the most comprehensive discussions about the implications of CBDC's we've yet seen...

When asked if a United States CBDC would be used to control how, when and where the population spends their money, a senior vice president for the St. Louis Fed's Research Division responded, "in life, one can't give absolute assurance of anything...The best we can hope for, is for Congress to respond to the electorate's concerns about privacy." However, signals by the Biden regime and the Federal Reserve indicate they intend to move forward on a CBDC, regardless of any approval from Congress, industry leaders or the public. In fact, there are a growing number of research and pilot programs in various phases of development in America and around the world, despite public concerns of an impending digital currency enslavement system tied to a digital ID and social credit system.

The Biden Regime Presses Forward

On March 9, 2022, the Biden regime issued an Executive Order on 'Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets,' which placed "the highest urgency on research and development efforts into the potential design and deployment options of a United States CBDC." The EO commanded Attorney General Garland, Treasury Secretary Yellen, and Federal Reserve Chair Powell to determine if a legal path to bypass Congress is possible, stating, "within 180 days of the date of this order [by September 5, 2022], provide the President...an assessment of whether legislative changes would be necessary to issue a United States CBDC, should it be deemed appropriate and in the national interest." The EO further directed them to provide the President with a legislative proposal within 210 days, by October 5, 2022.