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Tue, 25 Apr 2017
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The Health & Wellness Show: Treatment Essentials with Dr. Mark Sircus

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On this episode of The Health and Wellness Show we are joined by Dr. Mark Sircus of drsircus.com. He is the Director of the International Medical Veritas Association, an acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine and the author of several books on natural allopathic medicine including Treatment Essentials: Practicing Natural Allopathic Medicine, Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature's Unique First Aid Remedy, and Iodine - Bringing Back the Universal Medicine. Join us as we discuss natural (and inexpensive) ways to boost your health and well-being with magnesium, iodine, selenium, sodium bicarbonate and more!

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Here's the transcript of the show:


Libya Tribes leader: Trump's travel restrictions justified, terrorists using fake Libyan passports to enter U.S.

Passports of Syrian mercenaries who come to Libya to receive new identities.
In his first week in office, President Trump signed an order temporarily freezing immigration from seven Middle Eastern and North African countries, including Libya. According to Trump, the order's purpose was to "keep America safe" by blocking groups of people who can not yet be properly vetted. Trump's critics labeled the order a 'Muslim ban', deeming it unfair, mean-spirited, and racist. One recent editorial even criticizes Trump for playing up "the imaginary threat of terrorists" from the countries in question.

Now, after the U.S. court of appeals upheld federal judge Robart's restraining order on the executive order, it appears that Trump plans to sign a new executive order before, or perhaps alternatively to, the appeal to the Supreme Court. But the question remains: is the executive order unreasonable? And is the terrorist threat 'imaginary'?

Libyan tribal leader Sheikh Khaled Tantoush doesn't think so. Sheikh Tantoush, a fierce critic of the jihadist movements and one of Libya's most esteemed clerics, was captured by Libyan "rebels" in Sirte in 2011 along with Colonel Gaddafi. He performed the final Islamic rites over Gaddafi's body after he was murdered, and the Sheikh himself was subsequently imprisoned and tortured. In a 2013 show trial he was sentenced to life in prison on trumped-up charges of "glorifying Gaddafi", but was released last month after spending over five years in prison.

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The Truth Perspective with the Moriartys: Fake Libyan Passports Issued by Radicals Supported by State Dept to Invade US

A fake Libyan passport provided to al-Qaeda-linked terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj, created 26 May 2011, 3 months after the start of the war, 2 months after his release from Libyan prison.
In his first week in office, President Trump signed a temporary order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern and North African countries, including Libya. According to Trump, the order's purpose was to keep America safe by banning groups of people who could not yet be properly vetted. Trump's critics called the ban unfair, mean-spirited, and racist, and one week later, federal judge James Robart ruled against it, putting into effect a restraining order on the ban. This Thursday, the U.S. court of appeals upheld that decision. Now, it appears that Trump will either sign a new executive order before, or perhaps in place of, appealing to the Supreme Court.

The question many are asking is this: Is Trump's executive order necessary, or over-the-top? A look at Libya may help answer that question.

Joining us again this week are James and JoAnne Moriarty. Continuing from our last discussion with the Moriartys and Libyan Sheik Khaled Tantoush, this week we will discuss the situation in Libya today. Specifically, the Moriartys will share what they know about the passports provided to terrorists in Libya from all over the planet. Just like Saudi Arabia in the 80s and 90s, Libya has become the one-stop-shop for jihadis who need new papers. And just as many terrorists have posed as refugees to get into Europe, many use Libyan passports to come to the U.S. Sometimes they're even welcomed with open arms.

Please support the Moriartys by visiting their website, Libyan War the Truth, where you can donate funds and buy their DVD, Escape from Al Qaeda.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Digital 'pharmakeia': Glow kids, screen addiction, gaming and the hijacking of children's brains

Join us on this episode of the Health and Wellness show as we talk with Dr. Nicholas Karadaras, Psychotherapist, addiction expert and founder of Hampton's Discover a progressive adolescent treatment program. Dr. Kardaras is the author of a new book - Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids and How to Break the Trance. In this episode we discuss the trouble with tech: addiction, gaming induced psychosis, electronic screen syndrome, tablets in schools and the effects of screen addiction on young developing brains. We also discussed possible solutions and how to unplug from the matrix.

Running Time: 01:26:46

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Trump, Bannon and the danger of self-fulfilling prophecies

While he was campaigning, it was wise to refrain from coming to any definite conclusions about Trump's character or intentions. Much of what a presidential candidate says before election day is rhetoric, marketing and bluff, designed to attract as many votes as possible.

As a general rule, the words of a politician, particularly one who is facing an election, rarely translate into actual policy. Actions and results are what count, not discourse or style. Not following this rule is what made America's anti-Bush, anti-war 'dissident left' fall for Obama's deception, and conversely, engage in anti-Trump campaigns before he got into office.

The rule still applies now that Trump has become president, although his words carry more weight because they are now a signature away from becoming executive orders. Someone in his position understands that inconsistency in word and deed risks eroding his authority.


Iran war rhetoric and the 'Trump-ordered' dawn raid in Yemen: WWIII isn't 'coming' - It's happening NOW

© kokpit.aero
Unconfirmed photograph showing wreckage of the US MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, which suffered a "hard landing" during a "dawn raid against Al-Qaeda" in al-Bayda, central Yemen, 28th January 2017
US government rhetoric against Iran has lately hit levels not seen since the Bush administration, and a string of events over the last couple of weeks in and around Yemen appears to be the reason for it. US drone strikes and airstrikes against targets in Yemen took place before, during and after Trump's inauguration, but it was the US Special Forces (Navy Seals 6) raid in central Yemen on January 28th that got the US media's attention.

Two days after Trump's inauguration, US drones "killed five Al-Qaeda operatives" in central Yemen. This operation took place without Trump's knowledge (and thus without his approval) because his predecessor freed the Pentagon from executive oversight when it comes to drone warfare. The US war machine is, in a sense, sentient. It generally operates without any official leadership, decision-making or input from 'the civilian government'. The same goes for the multiple drone strikes conducted in 'ISIS-occupied' Syria and Iraq over the course of Trump's inauguration and first days in office.

So while most people might assume that all such operations would cease during the few days between the removal of the old administration and the institution of the new, yet that is not what happens, which is pretty clear evidence that US foreign policy operates independently of the White House.

Seals' Dawn Raid in Central Yemen

But then came something that apparently did involve Trump. On Sunday January 29th, US Central Command (CENTCOM) issued an incredible press release, which stated that "one US service member was killed and four more injured" during a counter-terror "raid against al-Qa'ida-in-the-Arabian-Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen on January 28." The operation, they said, killed an estimated "14 AQAP members and the capture of information that will likely provide insight into the planning of future terror plots." Oh, and a US MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft used in the operation "experienced a hard landing," so it had to be "intentionally destroyed in place [by US Marine jets]."


US Threatens Iran for Daring to Defend the Iranian People

© Carlos Barria / Reuters
"I came, I saw, Iran." National security adviser General Michael Flynn should take a chill pill.
Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Michael Flynn, reincarnated as National Security Adviser in the Trump administration, showed he has lost none of his belligerence toward Iran, nor gained any control over his war hawk ways when he threatened that the US is "officially putting Iran on notice," for two recent events. One was not even carried out by Iran, but rather by Iranian-supported Houthi forces who attacked a Saudi warship, while the other was a medium-range ballistic missile test carried out for defensive purposes by Iran. In the myopic worldview of people like Flynn, however, Iran has no right to self-defence. It must sit there like a sitting duck, defenceless, anxiously waiting to be picked off by the US and Israel at a time of their choosing.

Flynn has shown unconditional loyalty to Donald Trump from the start of Trump's election campaign, becoming a trusted confidante and a bottomless pit of knowledge on military/intelligence matters. Trump should strongly consider the value of this loyalty, as Flynn threatens Trump's pledge to scale back US military adventurism and regime change addiction.

Flynn loves Israel. He deliberately lies about Iran's nuclear program. At the end of 2007, 16 US intelligence agencies concluded Iran stopped working on a nuclear program by 2003. Yet 9 years later, Flynn repeats the lie that Iran is still actively working on nuclear weapons. This cloudy thinking totally undermines the good work he did as head of the DIA in revealing the plan for a Salafist principality in Eastern Syria and Western Iraq. But we must take the good with the bad, and in Flynn's case the bad leaves the good in the shade.

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The Truth Perspective: Libya Ruined: Interview with Sheikh Khalid Tantoush - Introduced by James & JoAnne Moriarty

Today we're interviewing Sheikh Khaled Tantoush, one of Libya's most well-known Imams. Tantoush was released last month by militias in Misrata, following his 5 years and 3 months' imprisonment without trial. An outspoken leader against radical Islam, and for the Libyan people, Tantoush was tortured by the same foreign mercenaries that invaded and destroyed Libya under the support and guidance of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Western and Gulf State leaders. His last act of service before his arrest in 2011 was to wash Muammar Gaddafi's wounds in preparation for his burial.

Welcomed back to his home in Tripoli by thousands of people, Sheikh Tantoush is another link in the chain of hope for the Libyan people as they cleanse their country of the evil that befell it, and return it back to peace and stability. He is joining us today to speak the truth about what happened in Libya these past 6 years, the criminals who destroyed his country, and to tell the truth about Libya and its people.

Jim & JoAnne Moriarty - who we've had on a couple of times previously - will be joining us to today to introduce us to this extraordinary man.

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Successful Houthi Missile Attack on "Saudi War Ship" Spun as "Suicide Gunboat Attack"

On Jan. 30th (more or less, no one knows for sure), a "Saudi Frigate" was broadsided in the Red Sea by something that caused a big explosion and killed, reportedly, two "Saudi sailors". Iranian media reported that the Saudi frigate had been hit by an anti-ship missile. This was followed soon after by Saudi media reports that a terrorist attack was carried out by "suicide boats," or small craft laden with bombs. The Western media initially repeated the Iranian report but then corrected that mistake in favor of the Saudi version - of a "suicide gun boat" piloted by a bunch of wild-eyed 'al-Qaeda' terrorists. So which was it? Logic would suggest that it was a missile. The Houthis had previously fired a missile at an Emirati ship last October and the idea that a naval frigate miles out to sea would have allowed one or more small boats loaded with fertilizer to approach it close enough to detonate is laughable. So why did the Saudi and Western governments and media lie about it?

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The Health & Wellness Show: Nasty Women

Sugar, spice and everything nice...that's what girls are made of. Society has played a role in promulgating the myth of the compassionate and tender female and people hold the belief that all women are pleasant and agreeable -- it's the males of the species who warrant suspicion. All women are kind and in touch with their emotions and the emotions of others. They're all nurturing caregivers with a strong mothering instinct. Right? Wrong! It's because of these false beliefs that people can be blindsided when a Nasty Woman crosses their path.

On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we discuss Nasty Women -- the borderlines, the histrionics, the female psychopaths and the ones you can't quite label but you know something is off. What are their tactics, how do they differ from Nasty Men, who are their prey and how can we protect ourselves from these she-devils?

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be species appropriate nutrition.

Running Time: 01:49:22

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