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Thu, 27 Jan 2022
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Another Shrine Bombing, More Conflicting Reports

What kind of people would deliberately massacre dozens of people attending their place of worship? Are these agents of MI5 and the Mossad human at all? Because let's face it, it is absolutely clear that the only beneficiaries of the spate of shrine bombings in Iraq are the ones currently illegally occupying that country - Britain America and Israel.Today, there was another attack. at least 50 dead and 130 injured, and like the previous bombings, there are again conflicting reports that suggest that this was NOT a "suicide bombing". The BBC reports that:
"there was initial confusion after the blasts, with first reports suggesting the explosions were caused by mortar fire, but police then said they believed three suicide bombers were responsible."
The Associated Press tells us how they knew that suicide bombers and not mortars were involved:

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SOTT Podcast: Top Secret Military Projects Part 2

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In part two of our conversation with Jean-Pierre Petit, we continue discussing the Aurora project, look at the possible origins of the technology behind it, and wonder about the $2 billion cost of the B2 bomber. What are they really paying for?

Running Time: 00:35:34

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SOTT Podcast: Top Secret Military Projects Part 1

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In this two part podcast, we continue our conversation with astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Petit. We begin by looking at the use of RFID chips as a means of controlling individuals by lodging them in the brain. Jean-Pierre then recounts some of his experiences with the Ummite letters. The Ummite letters claim to be written by extra-terrestrials from the planet Ummo fifteen light years from earth. They claim they have been living here among us since 1950. Are they what they say they are, or is it a vast manipulation?

Running Time: 00:42:24

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Israel Plans More Palestinian Suicide Attacks

The Israeli government claims that it is "expecting more Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade suicide attacks in the coming weeks", and with the Israeli government's uncanny ability to predict 'Palestinian suicide attacks', trumped only by Palestinian militant's ability to provide them at the most opportune time for Israel, the Israeli government can be very confident that such attacks will occur at the right time.


Utterly Laughable Comment Of The Week

You're gonna love this one. It really doesn't get any more tragi-comedic than this...


Moussaoui - Mind Programmed Patsy

Zacarias Moussaoui has been in US custody for almost 5 years, yet only recently have US authorities seen fit to drag him out into the spotlight in the hope of manifesting their one and only 9/11 conviction and convincing the world of the truth of the official version of the 9/11 event.

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Journalists blackmailed by Israeli embassy

Recent reports claim that Israel's embassy in Mauritania is operating under directives from the Israeli secret security agency, the Mossad, in an attempt to recruit Mauritanian agents to work for Israel using blackmail and other threats.

According to a leading Saudi newspaper, Israel's ambassador to Mauritania, Boaz Bismut, was instructed to apply pressure on local Mauritanian journalists to provide information and work towards changing Mauritanian public opinion regarding Israel.

Bismut was quoted as saying, "The Mauritanian nation will not accept normalization with Israel unless Mauritanian journalists do so first."


Armageddon Anyone? The Truth Behind The War On Terror

When will it stop? Of all the questions I would like answered, this one is the most pressing. How much longer are we meant to endure the incessant lies from government and media about the nature of what is happening in our world? How much more unbelievable do these lies have to become before that '100th monkey' syndrome kicks in and all 6 billion of us spontaneously 'get it' and fall down on the floor laughing at just how ridiculous the official story is?


Signs of the Times Attacked by Abovetopsecret.com Psy-ops!

Signs of the Times is one of the very few news and information portals on the web that remains uncorrupted in any way and is staffed by a group of people who are dedicated to one thing - bringing the Truth to the general public. We are able to do this because we rely solely on support from our readers and our own hard work: book sales.

As many of our readers are probably aware, we had a little "to do" with a gang we consider to be agents of Pentagon psy-ops - abovetopsecret.com and friends - last night. We were up until 3 a.m. dealing with the backlash from this situation...

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Some Things Never Change

According to Reuters, British Prime Minister Tony Blair will call today (Tuesday) for a global, interventionist approach to confront terrorism head on and win a battle over values and ideas. In his speech Blair will state that: