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Wed, 26 Jan 2022
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Spiritual Predator: Prem Rawat AKA Maharaji

Prem Rawat, the spiritual predator known as Guru Maharaj Ji, Maharaji, the Lord the the Universe, and the Perfect Master, has been feeding off of the ignorance and gullibility of spiritual seekers for forty years. This article looks at how Prem Rawat twists the real meaning of esoteric concepts such as "Knowledge", combines it with four yoga techniques that are able of inducing "ecstatic" states in certain people, and uses the experience to reinforce a subjective view of oneself and the world that he passes off as "Knowledge", all the while binding the individuals to the "Master" by claiming that he alone can offer this experience.

The distortions of Prem Rawat are typical of many gurus of the New Age. They serve to keep the genuine seeker trapped in a spiritual dead end.


The Not So Strange Case of Philip Merrill


Phillip Merril
Philip Merrill was the 71 year old president and CEO of Capital-Gazette Communications, Inc., which publishes Washingtonian magazine, the Annapolis Capital, and five other Maryland newspapers.

On June 10th 2006, Mr Merrill's wife reported him missing when he failed to return from a days sailing in his boat, 'the Merrilly', on Chesapeake bay. The following day, the Merrilly was found floating 25 miles off the coast with its engine running. The first man on the scene reported that the boat was empty and that there was evidence of blood on the deck. Mr Merrill's body was subsequently found floating in Chesapeake bay on June 19th. Police said that he had apparently died of a shotgun blast to the head, and deemed his death a suicide even before an autopsy has returned its findings and despite the fact that Mr Merrill's body was found with an anchor tied to his feet.

War Whore

Getting Rich From Phony Terror

Ever wondered how the Bush administration keeps the money flowing in?...


Sowing The Seeds Of Civil War

A short chronology of recent events in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

Hamas was established by Israel as a counterweight to the authentic grass-roots Palestinian Liberation Organistaion. Israel couldn't control the PLO so they needed a "Palestinian" group that they could...

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SOTT Podcast: Counter-Intelligence and the 9/11 Movement - Part 4

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In Part 4 of this discussion, we look at the links between different disinformation sites and see how they serve to reinforce each other, even when they appear to be antagonistic. Such in-fighting can convince readers that the sites are really digging to find the truth. How do Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero of What Really Happened, Oil Empire, TV News Lies, Mike Ruppert, and others fit into a well-orchestrated campaign on the part of the pathocracy to limit your thinking and keep you within the fold -- even while you believe you are learning the truth?

Running Time: 00:39:32

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SOTT Podcast: Counter-Intelligence and the 9/11 Movement - Part 3

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We continue our discussion of the "playing" of John Kaminski by people close to him in order to marginalize him and to effectively silence one of the most eloquent voices in the United States today. A passionate writer with a sincere heart, John's emotions were used to push him into writing stories that would drive him to the fringe. We also look at how the disinformation campaign is used to create web sites for every particular stripe of opposition. Billions of dollars are used to control your minds. You need to know how it works.

Running Time: 00:36:00

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War Whore

UK Independent Reveals: The shrapnel evidence that points to Israel's guilt

As readers may be aware, we called this one yesterday, several hours before this story broke and while the whole world was swallowing Israel's attempted cover-up. The process we followed that led us to our conclusion, which can be read at this link, involved critical thinking and evidence from Israel's track record of deliberately murdering Palestinian civilians, including children. Signs of the Times is clearly a source you can rely on for real, objective news reporting and analysis.


Killing Children - Israel's "War On Terror"

Last Friday, an Israeli gunboat sitting off the Gaza coast deliberately fired shells at a family enjoying a picnic on the beach. Below is a link to the video of the aftermath. Please right click and choose "save as" to download and view it. Spread the word as far and wide as possible. Something must be done to stop this wanton brutality against the innocent.Gaza Beach Carnage Video

There is only one word for the actions of the Israeli government and military towards the Palestinian people - slow and steady Genocide.

Ordinary Jews are not to blame for this. The responsibility lies with the small number of psychopathic Israeli right-wing "Zionist" leaders who, we can only assume, actually enjoy the sight of dismembered Palestinian children.


Lies, Damn Lies and Spades

A few years ago, it wasn't so difficult. Things weren't quite so bad then, or at least they weren't quite so blatant. Today, it's a different story. The phrase 'in your face' doesn't do it justice; it's up your nose and down your throat too. So you will understand me then when I say that I am getting really, really tired, or better said, bored, with the continued refusal of many people to simply call what is clearly a spade a damn spade.

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SOTT Podcast: Counter-Intelligence and the 9/11 Movement - Part 2

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Jeff Rense is a popular "alternative" news web site, so popular, in fact, that he is classified by none other than the US government as a disinfo site. Not bad advertizing! In Part 2 we recount our experiences with the people at Rense, including their posting of defamatory pieces on Laura Knight-Jadczyk, that led us to the conclusion that Rense is effectively a government mouthpiece for those searching for alternative news, a diversion that avoids asking the real questions. We also consider the sad case of John Kaminski, a passionate and eloquent voice in post-9/11 America against the fascist takeover of the US, who was carefully manipulated, isolated, and marginalized by handlers close to him. We analyze John's case and see what lessons can be learned.

Running Time: 00:50:46

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