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SOTT Focus: Q&A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk: What Does 9/11 Represent?

What do the events of 9/11 represent to us and the world in which we live? Laura brings a unique perspective to the question that will have you viewing your own reaction to 9/11 in a whole new light.


SOTT Focus: Pestilence, the Great Plague and the Tobacco Cure

Great Plague London
© UnknownArtist's depiction of the plague.
As many of our readers are probably aware, we recently discovered a Spanish blog written by a person named 'Fernando' defaming Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her work. We suspect this person to be either a pseudonym for a lady named Diana Castillo or at the very least a close cohort of hers. In any case, this 'Fernando'/Castillo person demonstrated pathological persistence in pushing his/her opinions on tobacco and why it's so baaad - not an unusual trait among the anti-smoking crowd. Laura shared the details in her recent article, "Freedom of Association, Smoking and Psychopathy".

It's obvious from reading 'Fernando's' blog that he/she has no clue about the research that has led Laura and many others to the conclusion that the Powers That Be (PTB) are primarily motivated to stamp out smoking in order to keep people stressed out and dumb. This really isn't rocket science, folks. As Laura states in her article, "When did the PTB EVER do anything beneficial for the masses?"

This 'Fernando' character also ridiculed the notion of a pandemic caused by Comet Elenin. This particular scenario was broached in my last article "Elenin, Nibiru, Planet-X - Time for a Sanity Check". I had suggested this comet-borne pandemic scenario from an academic perspective, but it is just that, a possible scenario and not a certainty. So, I want to set the record straight and give a little more 'food for thought' on the nature of disease and pestilence as well. I find it interesting that 'Fernando' specifically chose to attack Laura and SOTT based on the topics of cometary catastrophes, tobacco and diet because, as we'll see, these topics are inextricably linked.


SOTT Focus: Morgellons Disease and The Quantum Leap of Awareness

Morgellons Disease. Maybe you heard or read about it on the web somewhere? It's that crazy-sounding condition where people who've contracted it have bizarre looking fibers growing out of their skin and parasites that cause intense itching all over their bodies. It's the disease that seems too horrible to be true - too 'sci-fi' to be real. And, as the old cliché goes, it's that type of thing that always happens to other people; it couldn't and certainly shouldn't happen to you. Then, it does happen to you. It afflicts more people every day it seems, and its affliction is connected to much MUCH more than meets the eye. That's what I learned when I realized that it wasn't just a nightmare-sounding thing that happened to other people - it happened to me.

For me, Morgellons started with an itch. Well, several itches to be accurate. I woke up one morning after a night of restless and fitful sleep to find myself in a state of extreme creepy-crawliness; like my skin was alive with things crawling on it, biting it, burrowing in it. My eyebrows felt like they were moving all on their own, and as soon as I put my glasses on, there was little tiny stuff moving around on my glasses. Where the heck were these awful sensations coming from? As I flew into the bathroom, I went straight to the mirror to investigate.

After searching a while on my face, I finally saw what appeared to be a tiny mite-like thing taking a stroll on my forehead. Then I took a look at my glasses and noticed some of those same critters right there on the lenses. Holy smokes! I called my wife into the bathroom and showed her what I was seeing. She could see them too. What the heck did I have now, I remember thinking?! Some kind of infestation of mites! Even after a hot shower I felt little to no relief. These things on me - mites, or whatever they were, were relentless. The idea of having them on my skin, crawling around, and seemingly in my skin was horrific. Well, whatever it was, it definitely wasn't something that could wait to be treated. But first, I wondered, what the heck did I really have?


SOTT Focus: Freedom of Association, Smoking and Psychopathy

Psychopath advisory
The short video clip below will set the stage for what I am going to write in this article. I also urge all of you who are reading this short piece to please read The New COINTELPRO: Cyberwarfare 'hacktivists' and the Subversion of Anonymous also (and click the links and check some of the evidence!). It looks like agents of all forms and sorts are being activated everywhere and it is not just SOTT that is targeted!

One person commented on the above linked article that they thought it was a waste of time for SOTT to chronicle and expose these sorts of things - it was a "distraction". Sorry, but we don't feel that way about it. From our point of view, exposing the ways and means of 1) conscious, paid government agents; 2) unconscious "useful idiots" that are covertly helped into positions of trust/authority in various movements, is extremely helpful for anyone who is engaged in social activism. It's the pathologicals in power who promote the meme "just ignore it, it will go away" or "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" and "it's not worth your time or effort" etc.

Psychopathology rules our world today; that's the bottom line and that's why everything is as screwed up as it is. But it can only rule if people aren't aware of it and exactly how it operates. That's why we present these "dramas". Besides, it's better than TV!

So, on to the video clip!

As I say in the video above, I've experienced more attacks due to my work to expose psychopathology in modern Western culture than any other topic I have ever researched and written about. Since we have created the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind, a legally incorporated religion that is based on not believing in anything (or anybody) but rather basing our beliefs on objective reality, and its scientific stress reduction, healing and rejuvenation breathing program/techniques, things have gone absolutely NUTS in this respect. It really makes a person think that we must be on the right track for all the pathological roaches to come out of the woodwork at once! The big question is: are we going to survive it? I guess that depends on our readers and how much support we get and how far and wide they can spread the information that I'm going to share with you today.

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SOTT Focus: The New COINTELPRO: Cyberwarfare 'hacktivists' and the Subversion of Anonymous

Anonymous has set itself up as a loose network of vigilantes. Beware, this unfortunately attracts pathological types also, whose idea of a 'revolution' is one that is subverted towards a totalitarian 'utopia' in which they are free to enslave humanity.
In recent years, a new form of activism has cropped up on the Internet. With their numerous 'leaks' and 'ops', groups like WikiLeaks and its 'hacktivism' off-shoot known as 'Anonymous', have achieved major mainstream media exposure. With V for Vendetta's character 'V' as inspiration, youths the world over are rallying behind the idea that "something is terribly wrong with this country" and are letting everyone know via anonymous protests, online hacktivism against groups and organizations they see as part of the problem, or the support of the revolutions taking place in Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere.

The rise of Internet hacktivism comes with a price however. From 'home-grown terrorists', we now have the potential for 'home-grown terrorist hackers' and major Western governments and media corporations have wasted no time in touting this new angle in the 'war on terror'. The Economist, for example, described cyberwarfare as now "the fifth domain of warfare," and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, William J. Lynn, stated in 2010 that "as a doctrinal matter, the Pentagon has formally recognized cyberspace as a new domain in warfare . . . [which] has become just as critical to military operations as land, sea, air, and space."

The real potential problem with the rise of 'hacktivism' however is the potential for such groups to be infiltrated by government operatives and their righteous agendas diverted to serve the agendas of the US government and military. While nominally directed against hostile foreign powers, cyberwarfare is very much COINTELPRO's baby brother. Just as the so-called 'terrorist' threat has crept closer and closer to home, with the propagandistic association between social dissidence and the threat of 'homegrown terrorism' being increasingly stressed, cyberwarfare has increasingly targeted those citizens who take a critical stance against the crimes of current corporate, economic, military and political powers. After all, the only way to stifle dissent against crimes and corruption that are so systemic and obvious is through information warfare: propaganda. Cyberwarfare and 'hacktivism' are therefore likely to play a central role in 21st century COINTELPRO.

It is not surprising therefore that cyberwarfare has spawned an entire industry of private and military-based firms and organizations specializing in this new form of 'counter intelligence.'

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SOTT Focus: The Corruption of Science in America

Truth is the pillar of civilization. The word 'truth' occurs 224 times in the King James Version of the Holy Bible; witnesses testifying in American courts and before the United States Congress must swear to tell the truth; and, laws and civil codes require truth in advertising and in business practices, to list just a few examples.

The purpose of science is to discover the true nature of Earth and Universe and to convey that knowledge truthfully to people everywhere. Science gives birth to technology that makes our lives easier and better. Science improves our health and enables us to see our world in ways never before envisioned. It uplifts spirits and engenders optimism. And, science provides a truth-standard, securely anchored in the properties of matter, a means to expose and debunk the charlatans and science-barbarians who would lie, cheat, steal, and tyrannize under the guise of science.

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SOTT Focus: The War on Error: Sticky Business in the Battle of Science vs. Religion

Have you ever stepped into a revolving door and had it unceremoniously slam into your behind? Or tried to cut a slice of cheese with a double-edged knife and ended up with a slice of thumb, instead? (I know, the cheese should've been the first clue it was a bad idea.) Or decided it would be a fun idea to see how far you can throw a three-meter-long tree branch only to have the far end spin up and clip you on your chin after its first arc? Well, maybe I was just an accident-prone kid, or a slow learner, but all these things have happened to me. Luckily, they taught me a lesson, the essence of which being described by G.I. Gurdjieff when he said: "every stick has two ends." If you don't have a good idea of the material you're handling, the 'other end' can wind up smacking you with unanticipated results. I've got the bruises and scars to remind me.

Just like the knives, sticks and revolving doors of my youth, there are many other things that have the ability to 'cut both ways': actions, ideas, even the mind itself is a double-edged sword. In this article I'll be discussing some of the ways this principle has cropped up in our collective history of ideas. Specifically, I want to write about the so-called conflict between science and religion and how it has affected the way we see and interact with the world - the attitude we take towards nature, the cosmos, and ourselves. I think it's an important idea to ponder. Like a government censor at a national newspaper, a worldview determines what we value and therefore what we see; and what we see influences how we respond to the data we take in. It's the grand focuser of attention, like Tolkien's Eye of Sauron, directing its gaze on the world around us (only not quite as nasty, in most cases). But like every self-defeating fantasy-novel baddie, science and religion have both ended up shooting themselves in the foot, losing sight of their original aim and purpose.


SOTT Focus: Psychopaths - A Solution?

Throughout human history, individuals who are 'not quite conspecific' with the majority of normal human beings have wreaked havoc at local, national and global levels of human society, depending on the extent of their 'ambition'. Look around you today and you will see clear evidence of a deviant psychological worldview - a veritable Bizarro World - that originated within the clinically psychopathic mind. This worldview has psychologically 'infected' millions - even billions - of otherwise normal human beings and now pervades almost all areas of human life. From family and interpersonal relationship values, to science and religion, to economics, medicine, the food we eat, to the very idea of what constitutes 'civilized society'; all are underpinned by the pathologically destructive ideology and 'morality' of the psychopathic mind.

As regular readers will know, much of our work over the past 10 years has been dedicated to exposing this decidedly dangerous and depressing state of affairs which we consider to be the root of all other problems facing humanity. However, for the most part, we have always stopped short of offering any solutions, mainly because any possible solution to this problem would first require a critical mass of awareness about the problem itself. And we're still a long way from that critical mass. But time is running short, and perhaps it is time to depart, if only momentarily, from our usual approach and consider any possible solutions to this over-arching dilemma. Indeed, we may very well have to face this issue at some point in our collective future.

The following is 'solution' to the problem of psychopaths among us, proffered by a reader. Admittedly, the solution is shocking and, to the normal human mind, morally reprehensible. Certainly, in a world without psychopaths, normal human values would work. But psychopaths use the best things about human beings against them, including the idea that human life is somehow more valuable than other forms of life on our planet. We've all been brought up with the idea that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god", and the corollary, that all human-looking beings have souls that can be redeemed. What if that is not true? What if that has been programmed into us for the very purpose of protecting psychopaths from the reckoning of the majority of normal human beings?

We present the following short story purely in the spirit to which we, as an organisation, have always adhered: the facilitation of open discussion on life's most pressing and complex issues... and this is the big one.

Comment: Read our forum discussion of The Odyssey for a message in a bottle from our ancestors about how they dealt with the issue of psychopathy, with the help and encouragement of Athena.

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SOTT Focus: Science and Religion

The corruption of science is one of the biggest problems our world has ever faced; it may, indeed, bring about the extinction of the human race. That prospect scares me and it should scare you. But more than being scared, my heart has been broken by the realization that the best hope of the human race - Truth, beautiful Truth - has been savaged and spoiled by the very guardians of the temple: scientists themselves under the influence of a ramified network of mutual pathological conspiracies that are divorced entirely from the body of normal humanity.

I was pretty young when I first learned that science could make mistakes; I grew up next door to a child whose mother took Thalidomide during pregnancy. When I was 14, our family doctor prescribed "diet pills" for me: methamphetamines. They nearly destroyed my health forever. In later years, I learned from the news-magazine show, 20/20, that the recommended treatment my grandfather had received for high blood pressure, provided by the Veteran's Administration, was actually what killed him. These are just a few highlights of a lifetime of experiences with doctors and other medical professionals who actually got things wrong about 75% of the time, and the remaining 25% that they got right was non-critical. In all critical situations, had I listened to my doctor's advice for myself or my children, there would have been serious negative consequences.


SOTT Focus: Who Started The London Riots?

When state 'security' forces murder a citizen in cold blood in broad daylight, and members of his community vent their anger in the only way they know how, who's to blame for the fallout? The British government and the mainstream media would like us to believe that it's the victim and members of his community. But then, we all know better than to believe the words of government officials and media whores. Or at least we should. In fact, how many times do we need to have cold, hard evidence of government and media lies dropped in our laps before we get the message once and for all?

Oh well, once more with feeling...
© unknownFather of four, Mark Duggan, was assassinated by London police
IPCC: No Evidence Mark Duggan Shot At PCs

An IPCC ballistics report said there was "no evidence" that a handgun found near where Mark Duggan was shot by armed officers had been used.

The 29-year-old died after a gunshot to the chest on Thursday. The death sparked the first night of rioting in London in Tottenham.

Mr Duggan had been a passenger in a silver Toyota Estima minicab in Ferry Lane, close to Tottenham Hale Tube station, which was believed to have been stopped by police.

His death came after two shots were fired by a Scotland Yard CO19 firearms officer, investigations show.

The initial results confirmed reports that a bullet found lodged in a police radio at the scene was police issue.