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Wed, 29 Nov 2023
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NewsReal: Ukraine War Ends, Mid-East War Begins? Why America is Shifting Gears

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Anglo-American legacy media this week "quietly" announced an "end" to the Ukraine War, informing - correctly, for the first time since February 2022 - Western audiences that Kiev doesn't stand a chance militarily against Russia, that Zelensky is "deluded" and "messianic" about recovering the four provinces lost to Russia, and that American and European leaders have begun pushing him to enter negotiations with Moscow.

So, peace on Earth?!

Given current events in the Middle East, not least the Israeli obliteration of Gaza and the major deployment of US warships and forces in Israel and on the surrounding seas, it's more likely that the US Empire is 'pivoting' from Ukraine only because it considers the job there 'done' and now has bigger goals in sight.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall outline the geopolitical contours of the next war for empire and its likely consequences for all. Also, what the heck is Dr. Jordan Peterson even talking about, telling Palestinians to 'shoulder responsibility' for the genocide being waged against them??

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Why Jordan Peterson is Wrong About the Israel/Palestine Conflict

jordan peterson
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"Palestinians play the role of victim," says Peterson to Piers Morgan in an interview published on October 31st, 2023.
Dr. Jordan Peterson (JP), a Canadian psychologist, rose to fame circa 2016 with his stance against Canada's Bill C-16, his motivational speeches and self-help books. However, since his Tweet tagging Netanyahu to "Give 'em hell" ('em' being the Palestinians) on October 7th, he's rapidly losing popularity. On October 31st, Peterson joined Piers Morgan Uncensored to "give his thoughts about the Israel-Hamas war and to discuss whether he regrets the tweet he sent". As he shares his thoughts, it becomes increasingly clear that Peterson knows very little of any substance about the conflict. But that doesn't stop him holding forth as if he does.

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MindMatters: Five Myths about Evil: Setting the Record Straight with David Abramowitz

david abramowitz
Are all psychopaths serial killers? Is authoritarianism only found on the political right? Are we all equally capable of evil? Does power really corrupt absolutely? And is evil really "banal"?

Join us today as we discuss the biggest myths about evil with David Abramowitz, the nature of psychopaths and ponerology, and how McGilchrist's brain-hemisphere research fits into the picture.

David Abramowitz has a background in finance and accounting, but an experience with a psychopath set him on a path to research the topic for the next decade. He has read nearly everything there is to read on the subject, and describes a type which he has termed the "passive-parasitic" psychopath. These are the so-called successful psychopaths, the ones you'll find on Wall Street and in Washington. And they're the reason for much of today's pathological political climate.

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Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms

© Dot Connector Magazine
When you think of Halloween, what is the first image that comes to mind? I took a little informal poll among my friends, family and associates. Guess what image came in first? Jack-o-lanterns! Bet you thought I was going to say "witches". Well, I sure thought it would be witches, but they only came in a close second!..

When I think of Halloween, I think of grade-school art projects where we cut out silhouettes of witches to paste onto large yellow moons made of construction paper. The witch was always on a broom with her black dress flying in the wind, accompanied by a black cat sitting on the back of the broom. I wondered even then how the cat managed to stay on and why anybody would think that straddling a broomstick as a seat would be even remotely comfortable.

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NewsReal: Israel and US Implementing 'Final Solutions' to End Palestine and Multipolar World

newsreal gaza israel bombing
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Last week the American 'president', Joe Biden, gave a TV address in which he declared that he was sending half of America's sea power to 'protect Israel', part of Washington's plan to usher in a "new, new world order." While it's scarily obvious what Israel's attempting to do - ethnically cleanse Gaza and the West Bank of Palestinians - it's not so obvious what the USA is trying to do.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall sketch how 'Armageddon' might play out in the coming months, with the US-led West apparently seeking to start a 'controlled burn' in the Middle East with a 'limited war' that would disrupt global energy supplies just enough to hinder its rivals and thus maintain American global hegemony. You know what they say about wishful thinking...

* Starts at 03:20 *

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Star of David

The Myth of The Moral Army™: October 7 Testimonies Reveal Israel's Military Killed Many of Its Own Citizens With Tanks, Missiles

israel helicopter graphic gaza
© The Grayzone
Israel's military received orders to shell Israeli homes and even their own bases as they were overwhelmed by Hamas militants on October 7. How many Israeli citizens said to have been "burned alive" were actually killed by friendly fire?

Several new testimonies by Israeli witnesses to the October 7 Hamas surprise attack on southern Israel adds to growing evidence that the Israeli military killed its own citizens as they fought to neutralize Palestinian gunmen.

Tuval Escapa, a member of the security team for Kibbutz Be'eri, set up a hotline to coordinate between kibbutz residents and the Israeli army. He told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that as desperation began to set in, "the commanders in the field made difficult decisions - including shelling houses and their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages."

A separate report published in Haaretz noted that the Israeli military was "compelled to request an aerial strike" against its own facility inside the Erez Crossing to Gaza "in order to repulse the terrorists" who had seized control. That base was filled with Israeli Civil Administration officers and soldiers at the time.

These reports indicate that orders came down from the military's high command to attack homes and and other areas inside Israel, even at the cost of many Israeli lives.


What Really Happened on 7th October?

news headlines
Evidence is now emerging that up to half the Israelis killed were combatants; that Israeli forces were responsible for some of their own civilian deaths; and that Tel Aviv disseminated false 'Hamas atrocities' stories to justify its devastating air assault on Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Two weeks after the Hamas breakout assault on Israel on 7 October, a clearer picture of what happened - who died, and who killed - is now beginning to emerge.

Instead of the wholescale massacre of civilians claimed by Israel, incomplete figures published by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz show that almost half the Israelis killed that day were in fact combatants - soldiers or police.

In the interim, two weeks of blanket western media reporting that Hamas allegedly killed around 1,400 Israeli civilians during its 7 October military attack has served to inflame emotions and create the climate for Israel's unconstrained destruction of the Gaza Strip and its civilian population.

Accounts of the Israeli death toll have been filtered and shaped to suggest that a wholesale civilian massacre occurred that day, with babies, children, and women the main targets of a terror attack.

Now, detailed statistics on the casualties released by the Israeli daily Haaretz paint a starkly different picture. As of 23 October, the news outlet has released information on 683 Israelis killed during the Hamas-led offensive, including their names and locations of their deaths on 7 October.


Evidence That an Israeli Jet Dropped an Air Burst Bomb on the al-Ahli Hospital Courtyard

Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital Gaza

Screen grab captured from a video shows the doctors of the al-Shifa Hospital making a press statement among the corpses after the injured and dead are brought there following the Israeli attack on Gaza's Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, in Gaza City, Gaza on October 17, 2023
It's true that Israel didn't "bomb the al-Ahli hospital" in Gaza on the night of Oct. 17th 2023. The evidence suggests it did something much worse.

As is the case with all other hospitals in Gaza, al-Ahli hospital had become a refuge for the thousands of people internally displaced in Gaza due to Israel's massive bombing campaign that began on Oct. 7th. On the night of Oct. 17th, hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children had congregated in the courtyard of the hospital (the hospital itself being already full) because they believed it to be a relatively safe haven from Israeli bombs.
Canon Richard Sewell, the dean of St George's College in Jerusalem, told the BBC that about 1,000 displaced people were sheltering in the courtyard when it was hit, and about 600 patients and staff were inside the building.
Not only had the IDF already warned this hospital in the three consecutive days before the explosion that it would be attacked, they actually attacked it on Oct. 14th, hitting the cancer ward. Since Oct. 7th, the WHO has reported 59 attacks on healthcare establishments in Gaza City and 137 across the entire territory of the Gaza Strip.

Note also that, in the past week, Israeli political and military elite have publicly stated that they view all Palestinian resistance groups as "literal Nazis" and by implication the Palestinian people as "Nazi sympathizers", and therefore "subhuman" and not entitled to the same rights as "normal" human beings.

Initially, and based on claims by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and hospital staff, the media reported that Israel had bombed the hospital, "killing hundreds of people." Within a day however, the IDF claimed that the explosion was in fact a result of a PIJ rocket that "misfired" and hit the area, and provided evidence to "prove" it.


In Memoriam: Pierre Lescaudron

à bientôt

Pierre Lescaudron
We are deeply sad to announce that a core member of the Sott.net and Cassiopaea.org team, Pierre Lescaudron, has passed from this life, leaving us, and all of you who knew and loved him, feeling a profound loss.

From the day he joined our team some 14 years ago and literally up until the day he chose to pass, Pierre was a charming, positive, dedicated and insightful contributor to our work, both online and in the real world, where he served as a skilled mentor to many.

Pierre reserved his greatest enthusiasm and effort for his attempts to better understand the fundamental nature of our reality, the hidden history of our planet and what essential part we, as human beings, play in the 'grand scheme' of things.

While Pierre's list of achievements are too many to detail in full here, the following provides a sample of his work and commitment.

Bonne route Pierre, et à bientôt!


The Walls Are Closing in on the Zionists

Source: @KeithWoodsYT

A new poll this week showed that support for Israel is cratering among young Americans. There has been a staggering collapse in support, support for Israel's recent actions in Gaza fell from 81% among those over 65, to just 27% among the 18-34 demographic.
poll israel war
Today, a leaked document was released which revealed there is concern in the US military that soldiers are no longer willing to fight Israel's wars:

letter american troops israel
This is a potential disaster for Israel, since it is hugely reliant on support from the US. As we saw this week, polling in countries like China is firmly on the side of the Palestinians, while in the past polling has shown people in European countries also side more with the Palestinian side than the Israeli.