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Tue, 29 Nov 2022
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Life Inside The Fear Factory: How The Government Keeps us on High Alert

fear government pandemic
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Infantilised: 'If this was an experiment in a psychology lab, we would have signed consent forms'
Foreign holidays are back! So said the headlines last week when the Government's "green list" of safe countries was revealed.

Not so fast, warned ministers, telling the public going abroad was "dangerous" and is "not for this year".

Confused? That's because you're meant to be, says Laura Dodsworth, who has spent the past year investigating the Government's use of behavioural psychology for her new book, A State of Fear.

"When you create a state of confusion, people become ever more reliant on the messaging," she says. "Instead of feeling confident about making decisions, they end up waiting for instructions from the Government."

This week's chaotic and contradictory advice on travel is all part of the growing use of fear to control the public, she believes - a tactic which has been supercharged by the Covid pandemic.

"It reminds me very much of what the Government was doing at Christmas, when family Christmases were on, then off, then back on, then off again," she says. "You have got someone tightening the screw, then loosening the screw, then tightening it again. It's like a torture scenario."

Comment: To illustrate the pan-Western application of this torture, French media literally ran multiple headlines at key junctures throughout this psychological torture process in which the government announced, time and again, that it was "turning the screw..."

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NewsReal: New Year, Same 'New Normal': Mass Formation Psychosis & Crowd Psychology

mass formation psychosis newsreal
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Joe and Niall return with NewsReal to discuss UK journalist Laura Dodsworth's State of Fear, a book detailing how British authorities used mind control techniques to manipulate the population into following the government's every word on Covid; Dr. Robert Malone's final message on Twitter (about the documented harms of injecting mRNA 'vaccines' into children) before he was summarily booted off the platform; and Prof. Matias Desmet's theory of Mass Formation Psychosis, which is gaining traction as an explanation for why so many people are impervious to facts about the so-called pandemic.

In the final ten minutes, they summarize the US-Russia stand-off over Ukraine with a preview of how that situation could play out in the weeks and months ahead. More on the Great Game of Geopolitics in upcoming shows...

Running Time: 01:43:40

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Mass Formation Psychosis - Dr. Robert Malone / Dr. Mattias Desmet

Mass Formation Psychosis
Dr. Robert Malone explains the insights of Dr. Mattias Desmet on Mass Formation Psychosis, an aspect of human psychology when, exploited by corrupt governments, can caused untold damage to individuals, entire populations and the structure of society.


Merry Christmas to All Our Readers! Donate Here to Receive Your 2022 SOTT Desktop Calendar

FJB christmas lights biden brandon
As we approach the end of 2021, the Sott.net team would like to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Truly, a happy new year! As depressing and foreboding as the general climate is right now, we remember that there is much to be thankful for, not least the friendships and fellowship we discovered and made along the way to building this global network of courageous truth-seekers!

It seems like an age ago now, but the year actually began with hope that the 2020 US presidential election could be 'un-rigged', until a bunch of naive 'revolutionaries' were led up the garden path and straight into the heart of Congress, a trap laid for them by Federal agents who used it to cement the regime's re-taking of the presidency, finally silence Donald Trump, and replace majority with 'minority rule'.

The US presidency has been restored to its purely ceremonial role (and the incumbent can't even carry that out half-decently), and since then everything has just gone downhill real fast. It's a veritable 'sign of our time' that the 'will of the people' has been so thoroughly side-lined - and not just in the US, but right across the world. We all live under the planetary regime of 'Pandemia' now. And it feels like we're in the 'end game'.

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2021: Floods, Sinkholes and Tornadoes in the Netherlands

uprooted tree netherlands
© Ruud Severijns
A tree was uprooted during a storm in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant on June 18th, 2021.
The past year in the Netherlands was not only catastrophic in terms of the 'scamdemic', with yet another lockdown imposed lasting through Christmas and New Year's, the weather was also extreme, with multiple destructive storms and floods. Below are some highlights from this year's extreme weather events in the Netherlands.

Comment: See also:

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MindMatters: The Managerial Revolution and the Circulation of the Elites

managerial class
MindMatters is back! On this New Year's episode, we discuss the work of Michael McConkey on the managerial revolution in the West, its relevance for ponerology, and McConkey's new substack "The Circulation of Elites," which discusses all these topics. Tune in for insights on the "new class", why it provides the perfect cover for political psychopaths, the fundamental (but fixable) weaknesses inherent in liberalism, and more.

Running Time: 01:12:43

Download: MP3 — 99.9 MB

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Objective:Health - Omicron: The Deadliest Decepticon the Autobots Have Ever Faced

O:H header
Omicron is the most merciless and powerful Decepticon ever to emerge from the planet Cybertron, driven by a need to destroy all humans. But he can't be seen, smelled or heard - you may be being attacked by Omicron right now, and you wouldn't even know it! Ever! Unless you had a test to determine that you were being attacked by him. But even then, you wouldn't be sure. That's how evil he is.

Omicron has the power to kill all those who dare to defy our leader's lockdown orders, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. He can overrun hospitals and health care facilities even without increasing total admissions. He can unflatten curves at the snap of his evil fingers. The only thing he hungers for more than killing people who don't wear diapers on their faces, go out after 8pm or socially mix with people they don't have to, is the complete and total destruction of Christmas (Omicron hates Christmas).

Do the Autobots have the power to destroy Omicron? Will their ultimate weapon, "The Science," be enough to take down their mightiest foe? Will the complete eradication of small businesses and personal livelihood prove to be enough to stop this evil menace? Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we discuss the absolutely terrifying spectre of OMICRON. If you're not scared, you should be!

For other health-related news and more, you can find us on:

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And you can check out all of our previous shows (pre YouTube) here:


Running Time: 00:33:25

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NewsReal: Pandemia Today, Pandemia Tomorrow, But Not Forever

pandemia fauci newsreal johnson
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It's Christmas time. For normal people that means spending quality time with loved ones and reflecting on the year we leave behind us. For governments and their authoritarian followers, that means more lockdowns, more boosters, and more mandates - even as their rationale for keeping the pandemic going (new variants) is evaporating as the virus becomes endemic and mutates into a mild form.

On this last NewsReal of 2021, Joe and Niall check in with the CDC and Fauci in the US, and the SAGE Committee in the UK, to hear from the horse's mouth(s) just how decoupled from reality Covid restrictions have become. Most still can't see it. Will they ever? Probably not, but in the meantime other events are going to eclipse 'the Rona' in 2022. Buckle up people, we're in for a WILD ride!

Running Time: 01:41:19

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Objective:Health - 1 in 40 US Children Affected by Autism - CDC

O:H header
With the talk of the pseudo-pandemic dominating the headlines for the last 2 years, other important health topics have been brushed aside (and the O:H team have been guilty of this as well). But recently the CDC quietly released their regularly updated autism prevalence numbers to the public. By their estimates, autism now affects 1 in 40 US children.

Remember autism? Remember how the numbers have been dramatically rising for years, yet researchers interested in maintaining the status quo have continued to blame it on 'better diagnostic tools'? Remember how despite their denials, we're staring down the barrel of an autism epidemic and will soon face a society with a massive proportion of the population unable to function normally? Remember that?

Well, we remember. Join us for this episode of Objective:Health for a rousing discussion about the building wave of autism on the planet - where it comes from, where it's going and what can be done about it.

And check us out on Brighteon!

For other health-related news and more, you can find us on:

♥Twitter: https://twitter.com/objecthealth
♥Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/objecthealth/
♥Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/channel/objectivehealth
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And you can check out all of our previous shows (pre YouTube) here:


Running Time: 00:36:41

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NewsReal: COVID And Mind Control - Do People Fear The Virus, Or Their Government?

covid chaos cia mind control
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As yet more governments push yet more draconian 'laws' on populations, with no regard whatsoever for actual epidemiological science, we're approaching the point where - if they really want every single living person to 'take the vaccine' - they're going to have to start physically making it happen.

But those are the 'anti-vaxx rebels'; loud and growing in number though they are, they remain a minority. In the meantime most are still behaving as if they're terrified of something WAY more dangerous than Covid-19. Mass compliance and 'auto-enforcement' of COVID 'rules' show no signs of abating. We're headed for the worst-case scenario: a state of full-blown global totalitarianism.

In the first half of this NewsReal, Joe and Niall cite documented 20th century government research into 'programming people' with 'mind control techniques' through drugs, hypnotic suggestion and terrorism, to suggest what's really motivating or prompting peoples' bizarre behavior: a combination of terror of government, and, perhaps less consciously still, terror of the wrath of Mother Nature.

In the second hour, they highlight some of the latest Covid madness, the frightful and potentially record-breaking 'super-outbreak' of tornadoes that smashed up Kentucky, and the Anglo-Americans' latest Democracy™ pow-wows regarding Russia's supposed 'barbaric invasion of Ukraine'.

Running Time: 01:50:59

Download: MP3 — 78 MB