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Tue, 29 Nov 2022
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From the Black Sea to the East Med, Don't Poke the Russian Bear

Putin in Ukraine
The US shouldn't have poked the Russian Bear. Now it is fully awake: after Ukraine, the Russians are likely to do a clean sweep of foreign belligerents poking around the East Med and the Black Sea.

This is what happens when a bunch of ragged hyenas, jackals and tiny rodents poke The Bear: a new geopolitical order is born at breathtaking speed.

From a dramatic meeting of the Russian Security Council to a UN history lesson delivered by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the subsequent birth of the Baby Twins - the People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk - all the way to the breakaway republics' appeal to Putin to intervene militarily to expel the NATO-backed Ukrainian bombing-and-shelling forces from Donbass, it was a seamless process, executed at warp speed.

The (nuclear) straw that (nearly) broke the Bear's back - and forced it to pounce - was Comedian/Ukrainian President Volodymy Zelensky, back from the Russophobia-drenched Munich Security Conference where he was hailed like a Messiah, saying that the 1994 Budapest memorandum should be revised and Ukraine should be nuclear-rearmed.

That would be the equivalent of a nuclear Mexico south of the Hegemon.

Comment: Yes, Russia has had enough of the two faced Western elite for whom international law is a stick to hit other countries with while not abiding by it themselves because the Western elite find themselves to be exceptional.Russia has been asking for respect for Russian legitimate security concerns for years but those concerns including red lines were just ridiculed and ignored by the West. Now Russia will show that red lines are red lines and will be enforced if normal diplomatic efforts are in vain.

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MSM Ignores Elephant in The Room, Gives Ridiculous Reasons For Major Increase in Vaccine-Related Health Conditions

Fake News
© Future Five
In a previous article, I wrote about some alarming statistics showing increases in cardiovascular events among athletes, including heart attacks, strokes, and sudden deaths in 2021. The likely conclusions derived from this data point to vaccine-induced injury as the primary cause, which has ultimately been a consequence of the mass-vaccination campaigns employed on a global scale last year.

In a transparent ploy to manipulate public attention away from the obvious 'elephant in the room', mainstream journalists have recently been busy churning out headlines and a slew of articles to explain away these disturbing trends.

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NewsReal: Why The West is OBSESSED With Provoking Russia, And Why Russia Bites Back

russia invasion ukraine newsreal
© Sott.net
Recorded the day before the Russian government's formal recognition of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, this NewsReal covers last week's 'false-flag' dramas in the Western media, and explains why the West, particularly the US and UK regimes, are obsessed with Russia, why this obsession has been growing for decades, and why the Putin government has little choice but to ignore Western threats and do what it feels it has to do in or near Ukraine.

This 'moment' when Russia says ENOUGH to Western bullying and 'containment' has been a long time coming. For Ukraine, it stems from the coup d'etat in Kiev - fomented by the West - exactly 8 years ago. For Russia, as Joe and Niall argue, it stems from one of two things (and those may not be mutually exclusive): Putin's ascent to power in 2000, and the Russian people's hard-earned lessons from their bloody 20th century experiences of civil war and tyranny.

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Objective:Health - Trucker Protest Shut Down: Fascism Wins?

O:H header
On Sunday the Ottawa police chief declared the 'occupation over' in reference to the Freedom Convoy trucker protest that had been in place for 3 weeks. In a show of force unbecoming for a 'free country,' police cracked down on the remaining protesters, smashing truck windows to drag occupants out of their vehicles, trampling a disabled woman with a horse and using "non-lethal weapons" on the protesters.

But the overt show of force isn't over. With the declaration of the Emergencies Act, the ability for Canadian citizens to voice their discontent with the mandates has been quashed, as the penalty for supporting a protest goes well beyond the usual fine and a night in jail. Freezing bank accounts and insurance cancelation of anyone who contributed to the convoy protest, either in person or through funding, including crypto transactions has now been given the go-ahead. Anyone who supported the protest in any form is now essentially de-personed from Canadian society.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we discuss Canada's quick turn to overt fascism in the face of resistance to the vax-mandates. Australia has nothing on this.

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Dark Day For Canada: MPs Side With Trudeau, Vote in Favor of Police State

lone canadian protester
© AP / The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
A lone protester stands draped in the Canadian flag at a temporary fence controlling access to streets near Parliament, in Ottawa, February 20, 2022.
The Canadian House of Commons has authorized an emergency measure to crack down on those protesting against vaccine mandates. The measure was initially invoked by the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as mass demonstrations paralyzed the country's capital.

Lawmakers voted in favor of the Emergencies Act by 185-151 on Monday night, in a motion put forward by the government intended to grant itself increased powers to deal with the protests.

Members of the New Democratic Party joined with Trudeau's Liberals to pass the measure, while Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois voted in opposition.

Comment: Looks like Canada is following in the footsteps of Australia in becoming an overt totalitarian state, complete with a social credit system placing hard controls on the populace and excommunicating citizens who engage in wrongthink. And it seemed like such a nice country...

But when you get a glimpse of how these MPs think, this isn't really surprising.

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Putin to Announce Decision on Recognition of Donbass Republics Within Hours - UPDATE: He's Done it!

Comment: Ukraine is in deep sh*t now. If it keeps attacking the two new small countries, now formally under Russia's military and economic protection, the Bear is likely going to smack it, hard...

kremlin moscow
© Sputnik / Maxim Blinov
The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
The Russian president was advised by top security officials to acknowledge the independence of the breakaway regions

Following a meeting of Russia's Security Council, President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will decide on Monday whether to recognize the two self-declared breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in Ukraine's war-torn Donbass region.

Speaking at the end of the session, during which government ministers and the head of the country's security agencies claimed that the humanitarian situation across the border is worsening, Putin said that "I have heard your opinions. A decision will be made today," before ending the meeting.

Comment: Here's Putin TV address to the nation (with EN subs). It's worth watching in full. Putin excoriated the Ukrainian government, cataloguing its crimes against its own people since 2014

All that hysteria about INVASION overlooked RECOGNITION!

The chessboard has just radically shifted. What will NATO do now?

Well, there's nothing they can do, really. Other than howl and shriek. Russia is now the moral and legal arbiter of 'what happens' - in its 'near-abroad' anyway.

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MindMatters: Schizo-autistic Philosophy, Ponerology and the Deranged View of Humanity

Many of our most basic assumptions about life, values and reality itself come to us from the thinking and writing of some of our best known philosophers. But what if some of those leading figures were only ever capable of understanding reality with what Andrew M. Lobaczewski called a schizoidally impoverished worldview, or what Ian McGilchirst calls a left-hemisphere-dominant mode of cognition? How would we even know? What may be some of the signs to look for? And what are the implications for a largely unsuspecting society that eats, breathes and lives in such a psychological environment?

Today on MindMatters we discus the "schizo-autistic" worldview - hyper-rational, cynical, detached, technocratic - its flaws, and how it has dominated the intellectual life of humanity for at least the past 200 years. From Descartes and Kant to Freud, Marx and Ryle, this style of thinking has its uses, but can never provide an adequate picture of reality and how to act within it. If that isn't enough to burst your bubble of illusions, we also discuss Machiavelli and what he may actually have achieved in bringing to light the true intentions, workings and dynamics of the political class.

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FDA Official Exposed by Project Veritas: Biden Regime Plans ANNUAL Covid Mass Vaccination of ALL Americans

veritas FDA covid shot annual
© Project Veritas
Even toddlers will eventually be required to get annual Covid-19 jabs, an FDA official said in the undercover clip

Investigative outlet Project Veritas has released footage of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) executive claiming that annual Covid-19 vaccine jabs are on the way, even for children under five.

In part one of a two-part undercover video series, Christopher Cole, an executive officer with the FDA and head of the agency's Countermeasures Initiatives, told a Project Veritas reporter he is involved in the "approval process for the various" Covid vaccines. In the video released on Tuesday, Cole claimed more jabs are in the pipeline for everyone and acknowledged the "money incentive" for companies like Pfizer to promote more vaccination.

Comment: The 'conspiracy theorists' were right again.

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Objective:Health - The Covid-19 Exploitation of Africa

O:H header
It's not controversial to say that Africa has always been the continent of exploitation for the west. The crimes governments of the west and western NGOs have committed against the people of Africa could fill volumes, even just in the category of medical exploitation.

So it's not really surprising to see that, despite having very low levels of Covid (probably due to the fact that they didn't have a widespread vaccination campaign and the population was left alone to develop natural immunity), the west is pushing the Covid vaccine agenda on all of Africa. It's a currently little tapped market; millions of arms just waiting for their shots. While its spun as "helping disadvantaged countries," the push for wide-scale mRNA shots is just an extension of the way the west has always treated the continent.

As the Ghanaian historian of medicine Samuel Adu-Gyamfi wrote in December: "It should be up to African countries to determine their own public health goals, and Covid-19 is far from being the most serious public health concern in Africa today."

Join us for this episode of Objective:Health as we look at the attempted importation of the hysterical Covid 'pandemic' into Africa. They don't need our stinking vaccines.

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South Africa's hospitalization rate plunges amid Omicron wave

Monsanto and Gates Foundation Push Genetically Engineered Crops on Africa

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NewsReal: As Freedom Convoy Goes Global, Empire Contrives War With Russia

donbass russia ukraine newsreal
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The 'Freedom Convoy' multi-city protest is into its 4th week in Canada, where the Canadian prime minister has come out of hiding to direct security forces to make arrests of, and issue fines to, anyone participating in, or supporting, the truckers and other workers demanding an end to 'vaccine apartheid'. Canadians' courage to stand up to tyrannical government is apparently contagious - it has sparked similar movements in Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile, governments in Europe are not taking any chances, banning mere expressions of protest such as the displaying of national flags in vehicles.

This week's NewsReal covers the latest developments in global resistance to tyranny, and the apparent response to this by the 'deep state' in the form of war hysteria over the Russian military build-up near Ukraine. In just 4 days, British media claims, the world will end in nuclear conflagration! This is of course pure fear-mongering, in part to 'get the plebs back into line', but is there any substantive possibility of 'imminent' Russian military action in Ukraine? Joe and Niall suggest a scenario that involves a reckoning for the US client regime in Kiev, but not the subsequent reckoning for Russia that Washington and London are hoping for...

Running Time: 01:45:35

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