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Sun, 04 Dec 2022
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Malone on US BIO Weapon Research: Are We the Good Guys or the Bad Guys Here?

Ukraine biolab map
"There must be some way out of here", said the joker to the thief. "There's too much confusion I can't get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine, Plowmen dig my earth. None of them along the line know what any of it is worth"

Before I was de-platformed by Twitter for posting the famously accurate Canadian COVID Care Alliance video, before I was de-platformed by LinkedIn for the same reason, before the infamous Joe Rogan hit #1757 where I said the three little words "mass formation psychosis" that caused the Silicon Valley overlords to loose bladder control, many feared that I was "controlled opposition". And for good reason.

I have spent most of my career deeply involved in the US Biodefense enterprise. I have worked closely with biodefense research teams at USAMRIID, DTRA, and MIT Lincoln Lab. I was once a business partner with a retired CIA officer who was deeply involved in the DoD biodefense enterprise, and I have co-published with another. I once worked for the Dynport Vaccine Company, which had the DoD contract for "advanced development" (basically, clinical testing) of virtually all biodefense medical countermeasures for the US Department of Defense. My father worked as a federal defense contractor all his life, as did my father in law. In my father's case, it was mostly in high energy systems- including developing technologies for protection against the electromagnetic surge effects of "the bomb" as well as exploding foil - the technology used to trigger "the bomb".

My father in-law ran the Raytheon special projects division - basically a CIA gadget and technology shop. Think "Q" from the James Bond series. This is a byzantine world that I have deep understanding of, and direct experience with for virtually my entire life. I lived by the mantra which all DC bureaucrats know - keep your head down, because if they cannot see you, they cannot shoot you.

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Victoria Nuland Admits Ukraine Has 'Biological Research Facilities', Worried Russia May Seize Them

victoria nuland
Self-anointed "fact-checkers" in the U.S. corporate press have spent two weeks mocking as disinformation and a false conspiracy theory the claim that Ukraine has biological weapons labs, either alone or with U.S. support. They never presented any evidence for their ruling — how could they possibly know? and how could they prove the negative? — but nonetheless they invoked their characteristically authoritative, above-it-all tone of self-assurance and self-arrogated right to decree the truth, definitively labelling such claims false.

Claims that Ukraine currently maintains dangerous biological weapons labs came from Russia as well as China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry this month claimed: "The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone." The Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that "Russia obtained documents proving that Ukrainian biological laboratories located near Russian borders worked on development of components of biological weapons." Such assertions deserve the same level of skepticism as U.S. denials: namely, none of it should be believed to be true or false absent evidence. Yet U.S. fact-checkers dutifully and reflexively sided with the U.S. Government to declare such claims "disinformation" and to mock them as QAnon conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately for this propaganda racket masquerading as neutral and high-minded fact-checking, the neocon official long in charge of U.S. policy in Ukraine testified on Monday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and strongly suggested that such claims are, at least in part, true. Yesterday afternoon, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), hoping to debunk growing claims that there are chemical weapons labs in Ukraine, smugly asked Nuland: "Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons?"

Rubio undoubtedly expected a flat denial by Nuland, thus providing further "proof" that such speculation is dastardly Fake News emanating from the Kremlin, the CCP and QAnon. Instead, Nuland did something completely uncharacteristic for her, for neocons, and for senior U.S. foreign policy officials: for some reason, she told a version of the truth. Her answer visibly stunned Rubio, who — as soon as he realized the damage she was doing to the U.S. messaging campaign by telling the truth — interrupted her and demanded that she instead affirm that if a biological attack were to occur, everyone should be "100% sure" that it was Russia who did it. Grateful for the life raft, Nuland told Rubio he was right.

Comment: At last, the NeoCons' fabled WMDs have been found. In their own labs. Just over Russia's border with Ukraine. Which is brimming with Russia-hating Nazis.

Sounds like a match made in hell. And just cause for war.

Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has been warning about US military biolabs in Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere for years: On this latest discovery of active US WMDs in Ukraine, she points out that it wasn't just Ukrainians who began purging documents on February 24th - the date Russia began bombing military sites in Ukraine...

The Russian MoD published an update on its research into the Pentagon's biological warfare program in Ukraine yesterday:

So there you have it. The US has been conducting gain-of-function biowarfare research in Ukraine, no doubt with a view to killing Russians.

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Objective:Health: Are mRNA Vaccines Incorporated into the Human Genome?

O:H header
A Swedish paper was published in the journal Current Issues of Molecular Biology on February 25 suggesting that there was evidence that the mRNA in Covid vaccines are capable of being incorporated into human DNA. If you remember, this is what many "experts" appearing in the corporate media since the release of the vaccines (including the CDC) assured was impossible, despite the fact that many legit scientists voiced the possibility as a serious concern.

The study authors claim that BNT162b2 (the Pfizer vaccine), is reverse transcribed inside human liver cells as quickly as six hours after injection.

While the study is receiving criticism and, as one would expect, there are many detractors, the study at least shows that the spike protein mRNA could possibly be reverse transcribed into the human genome. How likely that is to happen is apparently up for debate, yet all the assurances that this was "impossible" are clearly bunk.

Join us on this episode as we talk about this pervasive threat to our genome.

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Show links:

- Can the Vaccines Write the Spike Protein Into the Human Genome?

- Alden et al: Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line; the criminal Pfizer and Moderna should have done the trials

- Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine converts to DNA inside human liver cells, new study
https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-converts-dna-inside-human-liver-cells-accordingDo the

- mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Degrade Higher Human Functions?

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - February 2022 - Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

earth changes feb 2022
Heavy snow, freezing rain, and ice hit much of the Central, Eastern, and Southern U.S. this month. Hundreds of thousands suffered power outages, and 5,200 flights got canceled.

Brazil was hit by an unprecedented amount of rain during February, affecting millions. Mudslides and floods hit the city of Petropolis killing at least 152, flooding rivers in Rondônia displaced thousands, and roads turned into rivers in Umuarama.

A cold front brought heavy rain and strong winds to Haiti and Dominican Republic. Rain fell for 36 hours, and several rivers have broken their banks. Nearly 3,444 homes were affected, and 2,500 families were displaced.

Parts of Quito, Ecuador, were devastated by the heaviest rain in almost 20 years. 40 times more rain fell than predicted by the forecasts. The deluge triggered a landslide that destroyed houses, carried away dozens of vehicles, and claimed 24 lives.

At least 20 people died, and more than 55,000 others were displaced after Cyclone Batsirai slammed into the eastern coast of Madagascar. The widespread floods damaged the main road linking the north and south areas of the island, destroyed 8000 houses, and displaced 131,000 people.

Cyclone Batsirai killed at least ten people and displaced nearly 48,000 in Madagascar. Parts of the country were affected by heavy rains and strong winds that uprooted trees and destroyed houses. All this while the island was still reeling from a deadly tropical storm earlier this year.

Storm Eunice wreaked havoc across the UK with 122 miles per hour winds that uprooted trees, blown-off roofs, and knocked out power lines. It is now considered the strongest storm in the history of England.

Eunice caused four deaths in the Netherlands, two in the UK, two in Belgium, and one in Ireland.

Later this month, Storm Franklin caused heavy floods in the northern UK, triggering the evacuation of thousands of people.

In Argentina, wildfires out of control have scorched almost 800,000 hectares of the province of Corrientes, 9% of the province's area. The fires have acutely affected wildlife in the area.

A strong and shallow earthquake shook Indonesia's Sumatra island on Friday. The tremor damaged buildings, killed seven people and injured 85. More than 5,000 people fled their homes to temporary shelters.

All this and more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for February 2022:


Zelensky is Not in Charge of Ukraine, Nazis Are - And They Believe They Are on a Mission From God to 'Derussify Ukraine in Holy War'

Zelensky neo nazi

Zelensky awards Right Sector commander Dmytro Kotsyubaylo the “Hero of Ukraine” award
While Western media deploys Volodymyr Zelensky's Jewish heritage to refute accusations of Nazi influence in Ukraine, the president has ceded to neo-Nazi forces and now depends on them as front-line fighters.

Back in October 2019, as the war in eastern Ukraine dragged on, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to Zolote, a town situated firmly in the "gray zone" of Donbas, where over 14,000 had been killed, mostly on the pro-Russian side. There, the president encountered the hardened veterans of extreme right paramilitary units keeping up the fight against separatists just a few miles away.

Elected on a platform of de-escalation of hostilities with Russia, Zelensky was determined to enforce the so-called Steinmeier Formula conceived by then-German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier, which called for elections in the Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

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NewsReal: Crossing the Rubicon

graham putin assassination NewsReal
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Carthago Delenda Est - 'Carthage must be destroyed' - was how Cato the Elder signed off senatorial speeches during his push for war between Rome and Carthage. In our time, American senators are demanding similarly 'total solutions' for Russia as a country in response to Vladimir Putin 'crossing the Rubicon' and invading Ukraine.

Effectively 'de-platformed' from the entire communications network of the West, Russia - and Russians - are being subject to a form of collective punishment that its architects pray will result in Putin's assassination. In the meantime, the Russian government says that its military intervention in Ukraine is going as planned, and will be completed.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? We're going to find out soon enough! In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall disperse the fog of disinformation cloaked around Russia's war in Ukraine, explain why Rome-Caesar comparisons are more apt than people realize, demonstrate conclusively that Ukrainian state civilian and military institutions have been taken over by actual Nazis, and forecast the potential non-linear effects on global trends.

Correction: Since airing, it has come to our attention that the video of Red Cross crates full of US$ (01:43:45) allegedly 'found by Chechen forces in Ukraine' are in fact crates of US$ smuggled into Libya in 2011.
Running Time: 01:55:02

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MindMatters: The New Unclean: How Our Psychology Was Hijacked to Make Us See Each Other as the Enemy

needle points
Are the vaccine hesitant really deserving of being called irresponsible conspiracy-minded nationalists who are ignorant of science - or other denigrating and pejorative mainstream media characterizations? Is it possible that many who are wary of, or outright resistant to, getting the jab - actually have some very legitimate reasons for thinking and feeling in the ways that they do? Is there, in fact, a whole set of values and 'moral tastebuds' that a rather large part of the left-leaning population and political class are being dismissive of out of hand, and out of all proportion? And what facets of human psychology are at hand when others are seen as potential vectors of disease? In short, why are some vaccine hesitant, and why are others so keen to demonize them?

This week on MindMatters we look at an in-depth examination of these issues as they're explored in Norman Doidge's seminal essay "Needle Points". No stranger to the study of how people think, and why, Doidge, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author of The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain's Way of Healing, examines the foundations of vaccine-hesitancy, and why, far from being "fringe" or "paranoid", they have a legitimacy that simply cannot, and shouldn't be, ignored by anyone taking a position on this highly contentious subject matter. He also discusses the "behavioral immune system" and what it can teach us about what is going on. Doidge so successfully outlines his needle points in his work that colleague Jordan Peterson encouraged him to produce a video narrating the text which may be watched here.

A PDF of the essay may be obtained here.

Running Time: 01:39:43

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Ukraine: The Country Where History Died

Oleh Tyahnybok
In light of the grotesquely one-sided Ukrainian war news on the MSM, it can be well and truly said that America circa February 2022 has become the land where history died.

From the sophomoric coverage of CNN and NBC, for instance, you would think that Ukraine's borders have been universally agreed upon by one and all for eons; that the government in Kiev has done absolutely nothing to provoke Russian suspicion and anger; and that Uncle Sam, NATO and the European Union have flitted around the neighborhoods on Russia's borders merely cheer-leading for democracy and selflessly passing out economic aid and cookies to the long-suffering Ukrainian peoples.

Well, no. Today's hot war eruption in Ukraine would absolutely not be happening save for the violent coup of February 2014 that overthrew Ukraine's democratically elected pro-Russian President; and which coup was funded, organized and choreographed by Washington-based neocons, busy-bodies and arms merchants who otherwise had no reason for even existing in the post-Soviet world.

Moreover, by reviewing the voting patterns of the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election we can see exactly how Washington's blunderbuss intervention in support of the Maidan putsch put the kibosh on stable governance in Kiev and friendly relations with Ukraine's historic neighbor and suzerain, Russia. That's because while the 2010 election reflected the stark divisions of the Ukrainian electorate (see map below) it still produced a government that was reasonably acceptable to most of the electorate, and one which proceeded to work toward new arrangements with both Ukraine's EU neighbors to the west and Russia to the east.

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Objective:Health - New Excuses for Heart Attacks Defy Logic

O:H header
The corporate media has been awash in article after article highlighting a previously unknown reason for why people may suddenly drop dead of a heart attack. For some strange reason, none of these outlandlish causes were ever previously known and are only being brought to light now. What a strange coincidence!

Everything from cold weather or shoveling your driveway to post-pandemic stress disorder and climate change (you read that right) are now big risks for cardiovascular problems. Even going to bed too late is apparently going to make your heart crap out. And it's not just adults - now kids and teens are at risk of heart problems even though this was never an issue before.

Join us on the latest episode of Objective:Health as we do the selfless service of going through all the perfectly normal behaviors that now pose a serious heart risk so that when your friends and neighbors who seemed perfectly young and healthy start dropping off, you know that they were probably staying up too late and having too much sex. We try to work through this enigmatic puzzle of why everyone's hearts are now apparently so weak. What could it possibly be?

For a recap, checkout: https://www.sott.net/article/464768-MSM-Ignores-Elephant-in-The-Room-Gives-Ridiculous-Reasons-For-Major-Increase-in-Vaccine-Related-Health-Conditions

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NewsReal: The Truth About The Russia-Ukraine War

ukraine war russia newsreal
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Has he gone mad? Is he indeed 'literally Hitler'? Is the Russian military 'losing bigly' in Ukraine? Is he trying to conquer and assimilate all Ukraine?

Relying on provably false information, not least 'war fakes' being churned out by the minute by psy-ops brigades in Ukraine and elsewhere in 'NATOstan', and two decades of gross misrepresentation of Putin and Russia's actions on the world stage, the Western world is almost universally answering these questions in the affirmative.

On this NewsReal, Joe and Niall break through the wall-to-wall disinformation to bring you a realistic picture of what is happening in Ukraine, and why it is indeed a moment in time with truly historic consequences for the whole world.

Running Time: 01:43:49

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