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Spotted: UFO in Bangalore airspace!

New Delhi: First it was unusual sightings in the skyspace of Prime Minister's 7, RCR residence in Capital, and now "flying objects" spotted in Bangalore - the UFO theory seems to be gaining credence.

THEY ARE COMING: Afzal Khan captured the pics of the 'UFO' from his camera.


Washington, US: Plane Part Lands in Backyard?

Julie Chisholm thought her husband had left a piece of his new tractor out in the yard when she first discovered a 3-foot-long chunk of metal sticking out of the ground Saturday afternoon.

On closer inspection, it became clear that the panel, resembling a Nike "Swoosh" logo, came off of a plane, possibly a small aircraft. The pointed end was stuck in the lawn, indicating that it probably fell from a great height.

Chisholm and her husband, Dennis, live in the Livingston Mountain area northeast of Camas. She'd gone inside to work on a craft project for about an hour early Saturday afternoon after working out in her yard.

"I came back out, and there it was," she said. "It was embedded 4 to 5 inches in the yard." Chisholm guessed it fell around 12:30 p.m.


Residents baffled by strange lights in the sky

Strange lights seen hovering in the sky above Tunbridge Wells baffled residents this week.

Between 20 to 40 glowing orange orbs mystified all who saw them on Saturday night as they rose into the clouds.

Michael King was at the Hand and Sceptre pub in Southborough when he spotted them: "It was definitely no kind of plane, not in the way they were climbing. If there was a UFO sighting this has got to be it."


Channel Islands UFO spotter shocked by worldwide interest

The Aurigny pilot's story was featured in The Sun and The Independent, which dedicated a whole page.
The internet took the sighting global, with hundreds of UFO websites featuring it.

But the biggest surprise for Captain Bowyer was a small article in the New Zealand Herald, that country's largest paper.

'My mum lives in Auckland and said she saw it in the paper there,' he said.

'The story has gone all over the world. I didn't think it would ever get further than Alderney or Guernsey, so it's unbelievable how much attention it has got.'

Grey Alien

UFOlogists to offer 'proof' of aliens

Proof that a 12-foot creature with fiery red eyes spooked Braxton County schoolchildren in 1952. Proof that aliens crashed a spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Proof that the U.S. military engaged alien spaceships in battle over the Atlantic Ocean more than 50 years ago.

"You're going to see some hard evidence" at the Flatwoods Monster 55th Anniversary and Flying Saucer Extravaganza on Sept. 7-8 in Charleston, said promoter Larry Bailey. "That's a promise. That's not just promotional talk."

The UFO conference coincides with the 60th anniversary of an unexplained sighting of a crashed aircraft in New Mexico that is still a source of controversy and speculation of a government coverup. It's also the 55th anniversary of sightings of a noxious-odor-emitting monster in Flatwoods in Braxton County.


Canada: Silent glowing UFO - Scheduled plane, cloud or birds? Authorities debunk

Scientists have plenty of ideas, but witness says flying object gave her 'chills'

Chilliwack - A Chilliwack woman is wracking her brain today after seeing an unidentified flying object near University College of the Fraser Valley.

Lisa McCubbin was in bed about 12:30 a.m. yesterday when she got up to investigate a commotion outside.

"I heard people outside on the street shouting, 'Oh my God, it's coming back, what is it?'" she said.


Flashback Frogs fall from the sky in rural Serbia

Thousands of tiny frogs rained on a town in north-western Serbia, the Belgrade daily Blic reported on Tuesday.

Strong winds brought storm clouds over Odzaci, 120km north-west of Belgrade, on Sunday afternoon, but instead of rain, tiny amphibians fell from above, witnesses said.

"I saw countless frogs fall from the sky," said Odzaci resident Aleksandar Ciric.

The frogs, different from those usually seen in the area, survived the fall and hopped around in search of water.


Flashback Frogs rain down on Serbia

Traffic came to a halt and locals fled inside after thousands of frogs fell from the sky onto a Serbian village.

Residents in Odzaci told local daily Blic they thought the world was coming to an end.

Aleksandar Ciric said: "I saw all these small frogs just start raining down. There were thousands of them."

Another villager, Caja Jovanovic, added: "This huge 'cloud' seemed to come out of nowhere and its shape and colour looked very strange.

"We were all wondering what it was when suddenly frogs started to fall from the sky. I thought maybe a plane carrying frogs had exploded in midair."


Frogs rain down on an Alicante village

A rather odd event was reported by the Alicante newspaper Información this weekend, which happened in the small Alicante village of El Rebolledo, near Sant Vicent del Raspeig last Thursday: thousands of tiny frogs, the size of a fingernail, falling from the sky.


UFO sighting of '48 has Mancos residents talking

North Carolina author Scott Ramsey has spent the last 20 years researching what some call an urban myth - an alleged 1948 crash of a UFO in Aztec, New Mexico. The trail has led to Mancos.

The story goes that on March 25, 1948, at around 5 a.m., a group of workers from the El Paso Oil company were called out to Hart Canyon Road, northeast of Aztec, N.M., to respond to a brush fire near some storage tanks.

Ramsey said that after discovering the brush fire was not a threat, the workers noticed "A very large, 'lenticular' dish on the ground."

Ramsey is still discovering the number of witnesses who saw the object that day, but said his research shows that ranchers, emergency workers, oil field workers and spectators, including two police officers, saw the object.

There were probably between 16 and 18 people. That area is extremely desolate, even today.