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Sun, 28 May 2023
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Unidentified aerial phenomenon sighting in South Carolina stirs MUFON interest

uap south carolina ufo
© Shaneika Joyner
A screenshot of an unidentified aerial phenomenon.
While at a stoplight in Goose Creek, South Carolina, Shaneika Joyner and her daughter watched an amorphous, cloud-like body glide across the sky.

"Is it a ship?" Joyner's daughter asked in the video, filmed early in July.

Joyner told The Epoch Times she watched it for several seconds before she began recording it with her phone.

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Who Killed Noah Donohoe?

Noah Donohoe

Noah Donohoe
I've been following the disturbing and tragic case of Noah Donohoe since it occurred in June of 2020, although admittedly there hasn't been much to follow except the enduring mystery of the 14 year old's last days before the discovery of his body in a storm drain, 6 days after he was last seen.

While the problem of missing children is not new, most are returned safe, and in the cases where they are not, they are at least found and the cause of their deaths understood. The case of Noah Donohoe however stands out for several bizarre details that defy explanation and bring to mind the cases investigated by David Paulides, as detailed in his 'Missing 411' book series.


The evidence of encounters with UFOs is mounting, uncontestable and, thank goodness, being taken seriously for the first time

Unidentified flying object
© Getty Images/ktsimage
In the second and concluding part of my series of what's happening in the world of UFOs/UAPs, I set out the astonishing proof that indicates we are regularly being visited by super-intelligent visitors from outer space.

In my previous article, I outlined how the official policy of denying and debunking the evidence that our planet is being engaged by extraterrestrial/non-human intelligences is - at last - crumbling. And being replaced by a more open, grown-up approach to these phenomena, with even US senators, ex-presidents and former CIA directors admitting these 'contacts' cannot be explained.

The first indication of this shift came in December 2017 when the New York Times, no less, published an article about a hitherto unknown secret Pentagon program that had researched strange aerial objects encountered by a number of US Navy pilots off the east and west coasts of the United States.

The first of these involved the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its carrier escort of ships in 2004. What made this highly significant is that the fighter aircraft involved used Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) video to visually capture an actual object that had been seen both visually and on radar.

The video provided corroborative physical evidence of an unknown object flying around in US airspace.

Comment: It seems the more a phenomenon is dismissed or ridiculed, the more important it becomes.

This author entertains only one scenario as to the origin of UFOs - the one found in any sci-fi movie.

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70 years of cover-ups over UFOs are finally coming to an end. I believe we're on the verge of a profound breakthrough


70 years of cover-ups over UFOs are finally coming to an end. I believe we're on the verge of a profound breakthrough

UFO and road
© Stock photo/Getty Images
UFO on Country Road
The policy of denial and debunking evidence of encounters with 'alien spacecraft', that's been in place since the 1950s, is crumbling. Even ex-US presidents and CIA directors admit there's something out there we can't explain.

It's often said that when mankind acknowledges that 'life' in the universe has been confirmed and an intelligent civilization reaches out to us, that 'contact' will be the most profound moment in human history. So, almost everyone is in agreement as to the ramifications of such 'contact', but have we actually not had an ongoing engagement between humans and super-intelligent creatures from other planets for decades?

Today, on World UFO Day, as we approach the summer of 2021, the world is potentially on the brink of learning something that most people will be astonished and perhaps shocked by.

Comment: Close encounters of the real kind...Are you ready?

If the Powers That Be believe they are, they're not! They're far too materialistic to understand what's poking out from 'behind the veil'...


'What if we're the ants in this network of civilisations?' asks UFO expert, as he says we should prepare for imminent ET contact

Alien ship
© Pixabay/Stefan Keller
The aliens among us
One of the founders of a new group formed last month, the International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research, explains its mission to RT.com - and why he's convinced aliens frequently visit Earth.

Aliens have under-ocean bases and are trying to dissuade the human race away from nuclear weapons, due to the potential catastrophic damage.

In some quarters, that statement would see you dismissed as a crank. But not for Gary Heseltine, vice president of the newly formed International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research (ICER). It is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Portugal comprising scientists, researchers, and academics from 27 nations. Their mission statement is: "Preparing for Contact."

Every member of ICER has signed an oath underlining their core belief.

Heseltine explains: "It says after 70 years of worldwide research, we think the evidence points to something that is real, acts with intelligence and is likely to be extraterrestrial, and non-human."


Watershed Pentagon UFO report says 143 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena' incidents since 2004 'unexplained', does not rule out ET origin

According to a much-anticipated interim report released Friday by a Pentagon task force on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), 143 of 144 reports since 2004 remain beyond the US government's explanation - and extraterrestrials haven't been ruled out as a potential origin.

Titled "Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," the nine-page report published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is intended to provide Congress with a glimpse of how the government would handle a fuller report on what it knows about UFOs - or UAPs, as the Pentagon and Intelligence Community have preferred to call them.

While the report fails to provide adequate natural explanations for 144 of the reported incidents, they also don't conclude the phenomena must be aliens visiting us from another world, either. However, that explanation is one among several possibilities not yet dismissed. Other possibilities include atmospheric phenomena, airborne clutter, and "developments and classified programs by US entities."

Comment: Additionally, the report notes that "UAP sightings tended to cluster around U.S. training and testing grounds," something that has consistently been the case since the Cold War, when UFOS regularly buzzed US bases, missile silos, and - in more recent decades - civilian airports.

There isn't much to the report. In fact, there's almost nothing of substance to it. However, just the fact that the phenomenon is no longer framed in terms intended to ridicule the phenomenon in the public's eyes speaks to a 'shift' in 'acclimating' people to the reality of UFOs.

'Disclosure' remains a ways off, but the overall official narrative has certainly shifted.


From the plandemic to the alien threat?

Alien Threat
© Pixabay / Stefan Keller
The reaction to Covid has shown that the 'unity through crises' model of the global ruling class has backfired. As talk of UFOs intensifies, are they now hoping that mankind can be unified by an extra-terrestrial threat?

When enforced narratives fail, abrupt U-turns are inevitable. The global Ministry of Truth is now openly promoting the Wuhan lab leak theory when not savaging the darlings of yesteryear's 'coronapocalypse'.

One such fall guy is the British mathematical epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson, whose Covid-19 contagion model paralleled the 3.5-hour pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 in October 2019. Up to 65 million people were projected to die from this contagion. Unsurprisingly, a common denominator between both projections was the omnipresent Microsoft, which helped 'tidy up' Ferguson's code. Experts and politicians the world over naturally "listened to the science," mirroring a teenager's hysterics over another supposedly existential issue.

Now, however, shadow-banned links are emerging from Google's search limbo to inform us that Ferguson's code was in fact a "buggy mess" that looked "more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a finely tuned piece of programming," according to one data expert. This is what our endless lockdowns and coercive vaccination programs were based on.

The 'unity through crises' model of the ruling class is backfiring, and the credibility of their political marionettes is plumbing new depths. The World Economic Forum's prophesied "cyber pandemic," if it ever transpires, will only to serve to harden growing public scepticism. Besides, such an event will only prove that the building blocks of the WEF's Great Reset were in fact built on the 'pastafarian' codes of Big Tech. Blaming Russian or Chinese bogeymen may not work anymore.

It is not just our cybersystems that are wobbling on dodgy foundations; our entire global systems are primed for a mighty fall. Instead of unity, manifold planetary crises are leading to social fissures of an unprecedented proportion. Mankind can no longer be unified through internally generated crises. The Great Reset project needs to be salvaged by something more exogenous... perhaps something extraterrestrial? Coincidentally, the mainstream narrative is veering in that direction.

Many years ago, the author had gamed out two interlinked scenarios that could engender global order in an elitist-induced chaos. We will now delve into that bizarro world...


Strange lights spotted in night sky over India's Gujarat region

ufo Gujarat Junagadh
© Kuldeep Rao/Twitter/Screenshot
Mysterious lights seen in Junagadh, Gujarat, India
Footage of a sighting of mysterious bright lights blinking in a row in the sky, posted by people in India's Gujarat state on Monday night, has gone viral, sparking unidentified flying object (UFO) rumours on social media and debate over the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Netizens couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted some seven mysterious lights gliding across the sky in Junagadh city of India's Gujarat state, triggering speculation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on Monday night.


'Strange' lights captured in sky above Guelph, Ontario

Lights over Guelph
© Guelph Today
Julio Arone stepped into his kitchen to grab a drink on Wednesday evening when a bright orange light beaming in the sky captured his attention.

"I can't describe it in words. To me, it was almost biblical like 'is something happening here?' like 'is this the end?' for that one split second," said Arone, who ran inside his east end Guelph home to grab his telescope and found out the objects became much fainter by the time he returned.

His wife began filming the video on his phone which shows three bright lights contrasting an orange sky over farmland on Watson Parkway.

Arone said it started off with one light and two smaller lights floated out of it slowly. "It was really strange behaviour. I think there might have been a third, but I lost sight of that one," said Arone. "What was strange to me was a there was no sound."

He said the orange colour of the three objects was remarkably bright and the objects themselves were much larger than a plane appears.

View the video here.


Former intel official admits 'aliens' interested in nuclear facilities, claims UFOs 'interfered' with US atomic capabilities

ufo nuclear power plant
UFOs aren't just real, they're capable of mind-bending feats of flight and have a keen interest in toying with the US' nuclear facilities. That's according to an intelligence official tasked with investigating these phenomena.

Speaking to the Washington Post on Tuesday, Luis Elizondo, former director of the military's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), revealed that UFOs - or whoever pilots them - are fascinated with nuclear energy.

There is "some sort of intersection between these UAP or UFO sightings and our nuclear technology with nuclear propulsion, nuclear power generation, or nuclear weapons systems," Elizondo told the Post, adding that "those same observations have been seen overseas in other countries."

Comment: There are many stories of UFO activity around nuclear installations, both military and domestic