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Tue, 30 May 2023
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Prepare for alien encounter now before it's too late, warn scientists

Team at University of St Andrews says Earth needs to work on communicating with extraterrestrials as first contact could happen any day.
Alien Probe
© The Telegraph, UK
An alien probe as depicted in Star Trek.
Aliens could get in touch tomorrow and we must know what to say to them, scientists have warned, as they launched a new research hub to prepare humanity for first contact.

The University of St Andrews has joined forces with the UK SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Research Network to establish protocols and procedures if aliens are found.

The team warn that although there are measures in place for dealing with threats posed by asteroid impacts, there is no agreed response if a radio signal were picked up from another intelligent lifeform.

The Seti Post-Detection Hub will bring together experts from around the world to decide how to decipher methods, enact space law and anticipate societal impacts.

Dr John Elliott, honorary research fellow in the School of Computer Science at St Andrews and coordinator of the Hub, said: "Will we ever get a message from ET? We don't know. We also don't know when this is going to happen.

"But we do know that we cannot afford to be ill prepared - scientifically, socially, and politically rudderless - for an event that could turn into reality as early as tomorrow and which we cannot afford to mismanage.

"We need to coordinate our expert knowledge not only for assessing the evidence but also for considering the human social response, as our understanding progresses and what we know and what we don't know is communicated. And the time to do this is now."


New documentary reveals people claim they saw aliens after UFO crash-landed in Brazil in 1996

ufo documentary ufo crash brazil 1993
© David E. West
In the film, Carlos De Sousa describes seeing the UFO rocking and jerking around in the sky before crashing to the ground.
It sounds like science-fiction. On Jan. 13, 1996, the United States Air Force shoots down a UFO, which crashes six miles from a medium-sized town in southeastern Brazil.

Seven days later, two sisters aged 14 and 16, and a 21-year-old friend spot a tiny, frightened alien with big red eyes, crouching by a wall. They run screaming back to their mother.

The Brazilian police and military capture at least two aliens, one of which scratches an officer, infecting and ultimately killing him, before dying along with its extraterrestrial comrades. The US Air Force confiscates the alien bodies and takes them to an unknown location. A vast cover-up by the Brazilian military, enforced with death threats, lasts for 26 years.

But if it's all made up, it is one of the greatest works of science fiction in history. Most everyone who hears the witnesses tell their story a quarter century later is convinced they are telling the truth.


NASA announces 16 people who will study UFOs to see what's natural—and what isn't

ufo illustration
© Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain
What is behind all these UFO sightings? We may find out.

NASA announced the 16 people who will spend the next nine months studying unidentified aerial phenomena, also known as UFOs.

Using unclassified data, the team will "lay the groundwork for future study" of UFOs by examining how the data is gathered by the public, local government and other sources. The goal is to have a roadmap for NASA's data analysis on the flying objects, and determine what events are natural or not.


Dramatic videos of UFOs over the Pacific are revealed by airline captains and Air Force pilots

ufo sightings pacific ocean pilots 2022
© Ben Hansen
A graphic shows the location and dates of the several reported UFO sightings, mainly in the Pacific Ocean, that occurred in August and September of 2022.
Expert pilots describe seeing bright lights moving in 'race track' circles over the summer - but say their employers told them to keep quiet.

A series of strange UFO incidents over the Pacific Ocean this summer were captured on video and in air traffic control recordings after sightings by dozens of pilots.

Experienced captains and one former F-18 pilot told DailyMail.com they saw bright lights moving in elongated circles or 'race tracks' for hours high in the sky while they flew on routes from Japan and Hawaii towards the US West Coast in August and September.

The incidents were reported to the FAA, and a researcher obtained dramatic audio of the pilots calling in the strange sightings to Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).


Government report claims 'cosmic' and 'phantom' UFOs are all over Ukraine's skies

ufo ukraine kiev sky
© Getty
Night sky over Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020.
Astronomers observed dozens of objects that "cannot be scientifically identified."

The skies over Kyiv are swarming with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), according to a new report from the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Of course, given that Russia and Ukraine have been locked in a months-long war that relies heavily on aircraft and drones, it's likely that many of these so-called UFOs are military tools that appear too fleetingly to identify, a U.S. intelligence agency has speculated.


Navy warns watchdog site releasing all UFO videos would 'harm national security'

navy ufo videos classified
© The Black Vault
A watchdog website says its Freedom of Information Act request for every UFO video held by the Navy was denied due to national security reasons.

The Black Vault says that, since April 2020, it has been attempting to get all videos of UFOs (also called unidentified aerial phenomena) possessed by the Navy via a FOIA request.

After receiving several rejections in which the Navy would neither confirm nor deny the existence of the videos, the group says it received a response denying the request for the "sensitive information."

Comment: From Black Vault's announcement:
The request was simple. It asked for all videos that were designated "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena", just like the FLIR1, Gimbal and GoFast videos that they had previously released and labeled as "UAP". The FOIA case filed sought ALL of them.

It seemed plausible if there were three, there were more at NAVAIR. However, in March of 2022, NAVAIR would deny that request stating that they found no additional videos. It seemed strange they had three, and only those three, but other requests had already been filed by The Black Vault to seek out more places UAP videos might be hiding.

On February 2, 2021, The Black Vault had also filed FOIA request DON-NAVY-2021-001456. Given that it was recognized by Congress, and stated in the media numerous times, this specific case was filed with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) which was said to be the home for the UAP Task Force (UAPTF). Yet, it would take 17 months for ONI to inform The Black Vault that the videos, if any designation "UAP" should exist, would be housed at the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (N2/N6), and a new case needed to be filed there. It appeared that the 17 month wait endured, was a complete waste of time.

A new case was filed DON-NAVY-2022-010360 to N2/N6, and only two months after that was filed on July 11, 2022, The Black Vault received the official denial.

"The UAP Task Force has responded back to DNS-36 and have stated that the requested videos contain sensitive information pertaining to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and are classified and are exempt from disclosure in their entirety under exemption 5 U.S.C. § 552 (b)(1) in accordance with Executive Order 13526 and the UAP Security Classification Guide," Gary Cason, Deputy Director, DON FOIA/PA Program Office, said in the response letter. "The release of this information will harm national security as it may provide adversaries valuable information regarding Department of Defense/Navy operations, vulnerabilities, and/or capabilities. No portions of the videos can be segregated for release."

Potentially seeing a justification of an appeal, the U.S. Navy uncharacteristically gave additional details for their decision, which cited the previous release of three UAP videos.

"While three UAP videos were released in the past, the facts specific to those three videos are unique in that those videos were initially released via unofficial channels before official release," Cason stated in the letter. "Those events were discussed extensively in the public domain; in fact, major news outlets conducted specials on these events. Given the amount of information in the public domain regarding these encounters, it was possible to release the files without further damage to national security."

The Black Vault has filed an appeal seeking the release of the videos denied.
Some fruits of their labor:


2 separate Bigfoot sightings reported in South Carolina this year

© Shutterstock
Two Bigfoot sightings have been reported in South Carolina this year, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

According to its website, the creature was spotted twice this summer -- once on July 5 and then another time on Aug. 2.

The first sighting was reported near a powerline cut, which the report says is common for Bigfoot sightings. The area is near Clover in York County. A professional forester reported hearing a knocking noise and a strange smell in the area. He also said he found a large area of grass that was compressed "as if something large is sleeping there regularly."

Comment: Explore Beaufort SC reported further:
In a follow up report, BFRO researcher and star of the hit Travel Channel show 'Expedition Bigfoot', Matt Moneymaker said that, "the witness who reported the sighting is Dr. Bob Frady, a retired forensic psychologist from Georgia. The other two witnesses are also retired professionals. They are not making up a story. All three saw the Sasquatch briefly at close range, in full daylight."

It's not the first time that someone says they saw a Bigfoot in Beaufort County. There have been numerous occurrences of people on social media saying they've seen monkeys crossing the roads on Hunting Island, and there is another report from a resident in Bluffton that was filed with the BFRO in October of 2008.
See also:


UFO shot down an ICBM in 1964 claims alleged witness

Dr. Robert Jacobs ufo military

Dr. Robert Jacobs
In September 1964, Dr. Robert Jacobs watched a short video that changed his life.

"I was part of a government cover-up for 17 years. I was the officer in charge of photographic instrumentation at Vandenberg Air Force Base from 1963 to 66." Bob Jacobs said in an October 2021 press conference.

He was in charge of a 100-man unit responsible for photographing and videoing top secret intercontinental ballistic missile tests. Stationed in what is now Vandenberg Space Force Base near Los Angeles, California, his boss Major Mansmann asked him to install a new super long-range video camera system north in Big Sur.

The new theodolite, or telescope, could "see with clarity at 160 miles! (257km) It was incredible," Jacobs described.

Lieutenant Jacobs did as ordered. He took his team to Big Sur, a picturesque national park near Monterrey in Central California, and set up the massive new device. It proved much more capable than the previous system.


Congress implies UFOs have non-human origins

© Thinkstock
In Congress, where legislation is drafted, debated and enacted, clear and concise definitions are of paramount importance. As military aircrews increasingly encounter unidentified flying objects (UFOs), lawmakers recently made several striking revisions to the definition of "UFO." Key among them: The explosive implication that some UFOs have non-human origins.

As first reported by researcher Douglas Johnson, a draft bill approved unanimously by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence rebrands UFOs as "unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena." Expanding the definition to include objects in space and under the oceans significantly broadens the scope of a muscular new office tasked by Congress with investigating UFOs.

The revised definition of "UFO" also includes "transmedium" objects which, according to lawmakers, "transition between space and the atmosphere, or between the atmosphere and bodies of water."

In short, members of a key national security-focused committee believe that objects of unknown origin are demonstrating remarkably advanced technology by moving seamlessly between space, air and water. A report accompanying the legislation notes that "transmedium threats to United States national security are expanding exponentially."


'Best' UFO picture ever, the Calvine photo, found after 30 years missing

calvine ufo missing photo scotland
© Sheffield Hallam University/Craig Lindsay
The Calvine photo, taken in August 1990, had disappeared for 32 years before resurfacing. This photo is a copy of one of the original prints, kept by former RAF officer Craig Lindsay.
On August 4, 1990, two hikers near Calvine in Scotland took a photograph of a mysterious, diamond-shaped flying object hovering in the middle of the sky.

For 32 years that image, dubbed the "Calvine photo," disappeared from the public eye, becoming the object of speculation, theories and myths. But now, the groundbreaking image has finally resurfaced thanks to the efforts of British journalist David Clarke.

After 13 years of research, Clarke — who has worked as a curator for Britain's National Archives and is currently an associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University — found that former Royal Air Force (RAF) press officer Craig Lindsay had held on to a copy of the last remaining original print, waiting for someone to enquire about the mysterious image.

Comment: In 1994 UK's "most spectacular" UFO photo was taken down in Britain's Ministry of Defence office - never seen again