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Mon, 25 Oct 2021
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Drip-drip disclosure: Pentagon UFO unit 'to publicly release some findings' after ex-official says 'off-world vehicle' found

the UFO
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A Pentagon UFO unit will make some investigations public as ex-advisors suggest that "vehicles not made on this earth" were placed in US government storage.

The team will update the US Senate's Intelligence Committee on its unidentified flying object (UFO) research every six months, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

Publicly named in 2019 as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, the Pentagon unit succeeded an investigative UFO program that was said to have been disbanded prior to 2017.

One former official, Eric Davis, told The Times that he briefed the US Department of Defense in March about the retrieval of "off-world vehicles not made on this earth". The Pentagon consultant and subcontractor said objects he believed "we couldn't make...ourselves" were discovered during his time on the unit, where he has worked since 2007.

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US Senate Select Committee report refers to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


New never before seen pictures of Area 51 revealed

area 51
The Joe Rogan Experience podcast - which recently announced that starting in September will be exclusive to Spotify - had private pilot Gabe Zeifman reveal new never before seen photographs of the mysterious Area 51. Rogan, who has long had an interest in the UFO community first discussed the images as part of his new 3-hour interview. Over his decades-long career, Rogan has spoken to many of the top researchers, storytellers, and aficionados in the community. In these new photographs of the super-secret base and its surrounding area are rarely seen angles of the Groom Lake area, taken from northwest of the main base looking southeast.

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Greek merchant mariner recalls Burmuda Triangle UFO sighting

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UFO over Bermuda Triangle
Greek Merchant Marine radio operator Polycarp Spentzas had an indescribably strange and unforgettable experience while working aboard the vessel Pothiti SWJC in 1978 off Bermuda. But he certainly wasn't the only person to observe these odd occurrences in the last few decades.

Over the years there have been a multitude of odd, unexplainable and unsettling occurrences in that famed area between Bermuda in the north, the Bahamas in the south and Miami Florida in the west, including the disappearance of twelve US Navy crewmembers on a seaplane patrolling there during the Second World War, on July 10, 1945.

They had left the Banana River Florida, Naval Air Station the night before for a training flight to Great Exuma in the Bahamas. The last time they were ever heard from was 1:16 AM the next day, at a position of 25.22N, 7734W, near Providence Island. No trace of the crew or their aircraft has ever been found.

Grey Alien

'Templar' crop circle appears in French field

Templar Crop Circle
© Reuters

A giant crop circle that apparently appeared out of nowhere has drawn crowds of people to a farmer's field in Northern France.

The giant Templar sign actually appeared on July 5 in a field in Vimy, near Lens, and has created great excitement around the area- attracting thousands of people to come to visit it.

The farmer to whom these wheat crops belong, Gerard Benoit, happened upon the rune while driving the tractor. "I noticed that the ears of corn were lying on the ground. I thought someone had damaged my wheat overnight, but then I realized it was forming a pattern, it's well done. We've never seen a crop circle before. We see it in movies. It's vandalism, but we said to ourselves, 'It's good for once!' , Nicolas Benoit, the farmer's son said.

"We saw a lot of people come to the field and we discovered that there were religious beliefs around it. People are crazy. They come to pray, " explains the man.


Mysterious lights spotted flashing in Houston, Texas sky

UFO over Houston, TX
Several ABC13 viewers captured video of strange lights flashing over our area Wednesday night.

The video above shows the lights hovering in a strange formation, flashing repeatedly.

There is currently no word on what they were.


US Senate Select Committee report refers to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Thanks to a lead provided to US researcher Danny Silva (original source Steve McDaniel) we have been made aware, of a Report 116-233, from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, dated 17 June 2020, that refers to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.


The introduction to the Committee's report on a Bill, S3905, "Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2021" sponsored by Senator Rubio Marco, (Senator for the state of Florida) states:
marco rubio
© Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call
"The Select Committee on Intelligence, having considered an original bill (S.3905) to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2021 for intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the United States Government, the Intelligence Community Management Account, and the Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System, and for other purposes, reports favourably thereon and recommends that the bill do pass." So, they recommend the bill be turned into an Act, thereby authorizing the details contained in the bill (after debate) to be then law, and actionable.


UK's UFO hotspots named - Reports continue despite government shutting down official agency


Unknown objects photographed over Stafford, UK in 2009
Nineteen UFO sightings were reported in Stafford in a 12-month period, according to new research.

The old market town made the UK's top 10 list for UFO sightings - coming in at number six.

The tally of sightings were revealed through Freedom of Information requests.

The data is from 2009, more than 10 years ago, as those are the last public records available.

Comment: It's notable that the US recently admitted footage it has shows what it believes to be UFOs, and Japan's Defense Ministry is preparing protocols of how to respond to UFOs that enter their territory.

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Bright, fast moving orb-like object spotted in the skies of India

© CC0
Be it quake tremors jolting countries, cyclones storming cities, or the mysterious deaths of bats, these occurrences are sending some people into a frenzy, blaming everything on the "ominous 2020" ever since the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected seven million people across the world.

An unidentified flying object was reportedly spotted hovering in the skies of Raipur city in India's Chhattisgarh state.

The bright circular object was recorded moving at a fast speed in the sky for several minutes before vanishing with an abrupt flicker. The viral video has left residents of the city quizzing whether it was a UFO or some other celestial phenomenon.


Video of 'orb-like craft' recorded over US space command base

UFO, strange object, sphere
© CC0
The unidentified flying object was reportedly recorded flying over the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the centralized and highly-fortified air defense and early warning facility near Colorado Springs designed to warn the Pentagon and the White House in the event of an imminent aerial or nuclear attack against North America.

A social media user has captured footage of an unidentified, white, orb-like craft flying high above the surface in a wooded area, with the footage reported to have been filmed outside the tightly-defended NORAD base underneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"Where is it? What the f*** is that?" a voice behind the camera can be heard saying, while a distinctive rumbling sound is heard amid intermittent bird chatter.

Black Cat 2

Haunted house? These people feel they are in isolation with ghosts

© Will Cowan
The staircase in Will Cowan’s home gets noisy at night.
For those who believe they're locked down with spectral roommates, the pandemic has been less isolating than they bargained for.

It started with the front door.

Adrian Gomez lives with his partner in Los Angeles, where their first few days of sheltering in place for the coronavirus pandemic proved uneventful. They worked remotely, baked, took a two-mile walk each morning and refinished their porcelain kitchen sink. But then, one night, the doorknob began to rattle "vigorously," so loud he could hear it from across the apartment. Yet no one was there.

In mid-April, Mr. Gomez was in bed when a nearby window shade began shaking against the window frame so intensely — despite the fact that the window was closed, an adjacent window shade remained perfectly still, the cats were all accounted for, and no bug nor bird nor any other small creature had gotten stuck there — that Mr. Gomez thought it was an earthquake.

"I very seriously hid myself under the comforter, like you see in horror movies, because it really did freak me out," he said.