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Mon, 25 Oct 2021
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High Strangeness


ALIEN MYSTERY UFOs crippled ten of my nuclear missiles at ANOTHER top-secret US air base, claims ex-NASA moon landing engineer

© Robert Hastings: UFOs and Nukes
A recreation of the UFO Retired Air Force Captain David D Schindele says crippled his nukes
A former nuclear missile base boss, who later developed backpacks for NASA Apollo astronauts, has claimed a UFO crippled ten of his nukes in their silos.

Retired US Air Force Captain David D Schindele yesterday alleged the bizarre incident unfolded in 1966, while he was a missile launch crew commander in the Minot Air Force Base missile field in North Dakota.

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UFO watchers stumped by jaw-dropping clear footage of mystery black shape in the sky

UFO black shape
© Pen News
UFO watchers are stumped after mind-blowing footage captured a strange black shape in the skies.
The unexplained UFO sighting in Chicago, Illinois left mum Aiyana "creeped out" and is just one of several reported in the US in recent weeks.

A woman was left in "total confusion" and "creeped out" after she saw a strange black shape floating in the skies.

Aiyana, who asked that her second name be withheld, recorded the surreal footage from the roof of her home in Chicago, Illinois.

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8 firsthand accounts of recent UFO sightings in Horry County, South Carolina

ufo sout carolina
© Kennedy News and Media
This ufo was spotted near the end of June, 2021 in Goose Creek, South Carolina
Do you ever feel like...somebody's watching you?

Or maybe multiple somebodies? Extraterrestrial somebodies, maybe?

For whatever reason — you can pick your own theory — the Myrtle Beach area has been a hotspot for UFO sightings for years.

Tracked in a government database that keeps the identities of witnesses anonymous, dozens of stories recount first-hand experiences with mysteries in the sky. Some narratives are from tourists. Others identify themselves as former military members, cosmos enthusiasts or retired law enforcement officers.


Sheriff investigates reported ghost-like sighting in California mountain range

sandra hughes disappearance ghost california
© Madera County Sheriff's Office
Sandra Hughes has not been heard from since disappearing on June 26, 2020
A family in California says they experienced a strange ghost-like sighting in the Madera County Mountains last week, prompting police to investigate further.

Jake Gorba, his wife Victoria and their three kids decided to take their four-wheeler up to Shuteye Peak on Wednesday. The family stopped to eat lunch - and that's when the couple's three-year-old son Kaiden began talking to someone.

"He was just in our car and he was pointing out to a certain spot in the meadow," said Victoria.


UFO theories abound as video of mysterious object spotted in Louisiana sky goes viral

mysterious cloud ufo
© James B. McDaniel/Twitter
Video of what some say is a UFO and some say is a glitch in the Matrix
In recent times, the US Department of Defense as well as former president Barack Obama hinted at the existence of extra-terrestrial beings. While the Pentagon shared clippings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) as captured by their systems, Obama said there were things about aliens that he could not reveal on television.

A mysterious object was captured on camera, floating and toppling around in the sky above the US state of Louisiana earlier this week.

Black Magic

Colombian mayor shares video of 'ghost attack' in his office

Some places are very dangerous at night, but it seems that sometimes even the safest and dullest place, like a government office, can be afflicted by something beyond our comprehension.

A Colombian mayor has claimed that a ghost attacked one of his security guards, sharing a video of the incident on his social media, baffling thousands. According to the mayor of the town of Armenia, Jose Manuel Rios Morales, the assault occurred in his office during the night time.


Unidentified aerial phenomenon sighting in South Carolina stirs MUFON interest

uap south carolina ufo
© Shaneika Joyner
A screenshot of an unidentified aerial phenomenon.
While at a stoplight in Goose Creek, South Carolina, Shaneika Joyner and her daughter watched an amorphous, cloud-like body glide across the sky.

"Is it a ship?" Joyner's daughter asked in the video, filmed early in July.

Joyner told The Epoch Times she watched it for several seconds before she began recording it with her phone.

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Noah Donohoe: Missing 411?

Noah Donohoe

Noah Donohoe
I've been following the disturbing and tragic case of Noah Donohoe since it occurred in June of 2020, although admittedly there hasn't been much to follow except the enduring mystery of the 14 year old's last days before the discovery of his body in a storm drain, 6 days after he was last seen.

While the problem of missing children is not new, most are returned safe, and in the cases where they are not, they are at least found and the cause of their deaths understood. The case of Noah Donohoe however stands out for several bizarre details that defy explanation and bring to mind the cases investigated by David Paulides, as detailed in his 'Missing 411' book series.


The evidence of encounters with UFOs is mounting, uncontestable and, thank goodness, being taken seriously for the first time

Unidentified flying object
© Getty Images/ktsimage
In the second and concluding part of my series of what's happening in the world of UFOs/UAPs, I set out the astonishing proof that indicates we are regularly being visited by super-intelligent visitors from outer space.

In my previous article, I outlined how the official policy of denying and debunking the evidence that our planet is being engaged by extraterrestrial/non-human intelligences is - at last - crumbling. And being replaced by a more open, grown-up approach to these phenomena, with even US senators, ex-presidents and former CIA directors admitting these 'contacts' cannot be explained.

The first indication of this shift came in December 2017 when the New York Times, no less, published an article about a hitherto unknown secret Pentagon program that had researched strange aerial objects encountered by a number of US Navy pilots off the east and west coasts of the United States.

The first of these involved the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its carrier escort of ships in 2004. What made this highly significant is that the fighter aircraft involved used Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) video to visually capture an actual object that had been seen both visually and on radar.

The video provided corroborative physical evidence of an unknown object flying around in US airspace.

Comment: It seems the more a phenomenon is dismissed or ridiculed, the more important it becomes.

This author entertains only one scenario as to the origin of UFOs - the one found in any sci-fi movie.

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70 years of cover-ups over UFOs are finally coming to an end. I believe we're on the verge of a profound breakthrough


70 years of cover-ups over UFOs are finally coming to an end. I believe we're on the verge of a profound breakthrough

UFO and road
© Stock photo/Getty Images
UFO on Country Road
The policy of denial and debunking evidence of encounters with 'alien spacecraft', that's been in place since the 1950s, is crumbling. Even ex-US presidents and CIA directors admit there's something out there we can't explain.

It's often said that when mankind acknowledges that 'life' in the universe has been confirmed and an intelligent civilization reaches out to us, that 'contact' will be the most profound moment in human history. So, almost everyone is in agreement as to the ramifications of such 'contact', but have we actually not had an ongoing engagement between humans and super-intelligent creatures from other planets for decades?

Today, on World UFO Day, as we approach the summer of 2021, the world is potentially on the brink of learning something that most people will be astonished and perhaps shocked by.

Comment: Close encounters of the real kind...Are you ready?

If the Powers That Be believe they are, they're not! They're far too materialistic to understand what's poking out from 'behind the veil'...