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Evil Rays

Burst pipes, dead trees, power cuts and headaches: a mystery malaise in Cyprus suburbia

Pipes bursting, toilets collapsing, random power cuts and headaches: paranormal phenomena, or is there a perfectly plausible scientific explanation?

For five years, the tenants of a semi-detached house in Strovolos, Nicosia, were experiencing all the above weird happenings.

The family living there must have changed their toilet seat and plumbing 40 times. The pipes would crack open, flooding the floor. Even a 100-year-old olive tree outside the house wilted and died.

Then one day, out of the blue, the episodes stopped.


England: Bowdon's UFO mystery

A Motorist and passenger in Bowdon spotted a mysterious "round and metallic" object in the sky.

The orb was sighted above the A56 near Altrincham on August 28 at about 7pm and the witnesses posted their account on a international UFO research website.

The driver said they saw a bright object that did not seem to have a colour. It appeared to be a metallic substance reflecting in the evening sunlight'.

They added it was round and looked big even though it was so high up. As they looked up it seemed to hover completely still and then shot off from a standstill like a bullet fired from a gun'.


Family Witnesses Mysterious Lights Over Carolina Coast

Was it a meteor, the military or a UFO? A Lexington family is trying to figure out the origin of an unusual light they saw near North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last week.

"It looked like a car light up in the sky," said Tracy House. "It was yellow."

The family first noticed the light September 5 over the Atlantic Ocean.


Comment: To watch the home video of the lights go Here.


Grandmother spots UFO from her doorstep

Skywatcher Terry Hicks believes she may have seen a UFO flying above Warwick-shire - and is anxious to find out whether anybody else saw anything.

Mrs Hicks, of Guy Street, Warwick, was in her living room on August 28 when she saw a mysterious red and orange shape through her net curtains.

©Leamington Spa Courier
Terry Hicks scans the sky from the doorstep of her Guy Street home. 07SEP23_14.

The 54-year-old was so excited she grabbed her binoculars and dashed outside to get a closer look, alarming her three-year-old grandson Cameron who was staying with her at the time.


Ontario a hotspot for UFO sightings

On Aug. 4, 1977, Paul Shishis was just a regular teenager working at a Scarborough grocery store.

But, it was no ordinary evening shift. He remembers that day well.

That Thursday night, he said, out in an adjacent open field, the 18-year-old saw what most people encounter only in science-fiction movies: a pear-shaped unidentified flying object with rotating multi-coloured lights in the night sky.

"I was dumbstruck with what I was witnessing," Mr. Shishis said, now 48 and living in Oshawa.

Mr. Shishis' experience is recorded alongside thousands of Canadian sightings, and the recent recounting of his story comes at a time when many continue to pose the elusive age-old question: Are we alone in the universe? This year marks the 60th anniversary of the crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico, where some believe the U.S. military covered up evidence of an alien craft. And this weekend, Edmonton's TELUS World of Science, a respected museum complex, hosted a two-day UFO conference exploring the possibility of intelligent alien life.


Reporter films China's own Loch Ness monster?

A television reporter claims to have discovered China's answer to the Loch Ness monster, state press reported Sunday.

Local journalist Zhuo Yongsheng shot footage of six "seal-like" creatures in the northeastern Tianchi lake, which local legend has long said is home to Loch Ness-style monsters.

"They could swim as fast as yachts and at times they would all disappear in the water," the Xinhua news agency quoted Zhuo as saying. "Their fins, or maybe wings, were longer than their bodies."


Flashback "Monsters" emerge again in Kanas Lake

Elusive mystical creatures emerged again in Kanas Lake of China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. According to the administration of the Kanas scenic spot, on July 5th at 8:20pm, huge ripples were seen on the surface of the lake by a few tourists carrying their portable video cameras.


Flashback "Monsters" Emerge in Kanas Lake

"Look! Monsters!" A group of Beijing tourists cried in astonishment. The news claiming reappearance of "lake monsters" immediately spread throughout the region.


"Lake monsters" resurfaced

On the afternoon of June 7, (around 7:50 pm, Beijing time), seven tourists from Beijing were sailing on the Kanas Lake, a scenic spot in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China. When they stopped near Sandaowan for a photo, they suddenly spotted two dark objects, very large in size, springing out of the water, breaking a wave one meter high. They leapt forward one following the other, headed swiftly towards the middle of the lake and disappeared from sight in about two minutes. Then peace reigned again.


UK: UFO in Harlow?

Airport bound planes and birds are commonly seen in the skies above Harlow, but only 11 days ago there was a report of a UFO spotted above the town.

The sighting appeared on a Canadian website, which is run by independent UFO investigator Brian Vike.

The person who posted the sighting had been sitting outdoors at 12.30am with friends when they saw a mysterious grey object move across the night sky.

"It looked greyish in colour and was not moving very quickly," they said. "It was probably a few hundred feet high, H shaped, completely silent and no lights to be seen."

They go on to say that the object was seen above the Princess Alexandra Hospital for about five seconds before it moved behind trees towards the east.

Grey Alien

U.S. Astronauts reveal encounters with apparent Extraterrestrials and UFOs

Rumors have persisted for years that the astronauts -- nearly all of whom are military officers susceptible to being silenced under orders -- may have seen something more on the Moon than rocks and dust.

According to transcripts of the technical debriefing following the Apollo 11 mission, astronauts Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins told of an encounter with a large cylindrical UFO even before reaching the Moon, U.S. investigative journalist and researcher Jim Marrs documents. Mr. Aldrin further officially presented his encounters with apparent Extraterrestrials on CNN's Larry King Show.

Jim Marrs further presents that Mr. Aldrin said, "The first unusual thing that we saw I guess was one day out or pretty close to the Moon. It had a sizable dimension to it". Aldrin said the Apollo crew at first thought the object was the Saturn 4 booster rocket (S-IVB); but, he added, "We called the ground and were told the S-IVB was 6,000 miles away."