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Manitoba, Canada: Strange sky sights pick up

The night skies over Manitoba were apparently busier than usual last month.

Nearly triple the average number of UFO sightings were reported, according to Chris Rutkowski, research coordinator for Ufology Research of Manitoba, a Winnipeg-based independent centre that investigates and researches Canadian UFO sightings.

"It's significantly above what we normally get," said Rutkowski, adding 11 sightings in Manitoba were submitted in September.

The monthly average is about three or four, he said.

Ufology Research is concerned that most of the sightings were not reported to investigators in Manitoba but were instead submitted to websites around the globe.

Grey Alien

Opening the X-files: inside Britain's UFO Project

Are we all alone in the universe? Nick Pope, former head of the government's UFO investigations, isn't so sure. He talks to Raf Sanchez about the great 'unexplained'.

To conspiracy theorists, Nick Pope is the right man with the wrong answer. The former head of Britain's UFO Project has had years of unparalleled access and resources to investigate the significance of unexplained visitors to Britain's airspace. Since leaving the MoD in 2006 he has taken up a high profile career as a writer, lecturer and consultant. He seemed to be a man preparing to impart revelation. If anyone should be able to confirm that the government knows of the existence of extraterrestrial life, it should, in theory, be Pope.

Except that he won't. To the rabid frustration of many Ufologists (the recent term coined to describe those who study UFO sightings) Pope continues to deny that the government he served for over 20 years has information confirming the existence of aliens and just isn't sharing it. Clips of interviews on the internet show the clean cut former civil servant interrogated by enthusiasts already sure of the answer they want and left bitter and accusatory when they don't get it.


Skies to be swept for alien life

The switch has been thrown on a telescope specifically designed to seek out alien life.

Funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen the finished array will have 350 6m antennas and will be one of the world's largest.

The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) will be able to sweep more than one million star systems for radio signals generated by intelligent beings.

Its creators hope it will help spot definite signs of alien life by 2025.

Comment: This article is a perfect example of the amazing ability of the mainstream press to completely ignore the screamingly obvious - that "definite signs of alien life" have been available and recorded in official government and military documents the world over for many decades.

Read Richard Dolan's book UFO's and the National Security State for the details.


Mysterious shaking rattles Central Coast this morning

California - Mysterious shaking rattled the Central Coast late Wednesday morning.

It happened around 11:00 and was felt all the way from Santa Maria to Morro Bay.

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Some said it felt like a small earthquake. Others thought it may be another sonic boom.

Caltech and seismic experts at UC Santa Barbara says there was no earthquake in the region during that time frame, except for a couple small ones in the Paso Robles area.

Comment: It seems that they are trying very hard to write these 'booms' off to military jets which are not supposed to create sonic booms over inhabited areas.

Very curious.


Flashback US: Mysterious shaking along California Central Coast

If you felt a mysterious shaking this morning, you are not alone.

Folks in the Five Cities Area called our newsroom early this morning reporting they felt an earthquake. Turns out, people as far away as Santa Maria to Los Osos also felt shaking.

One San Luis Obispo woman tells us she saw her windows shake three times about five minutes apart.


England: Mystery over 'UFO' sighting

Strange "yellow balls of light" have been reported over Buckhurst Hill.

Jenny Cooper-Rendu, of Chiltern Way, Woodford Green was returning from a meeting at Chigwell School at 8.20pm on Saturday, October 5, with her son William, 13, when she noticed the lights as she drove along Palmerston Road.

She said: "I was concentrating on the road so I didn't notice anything strange but my son asked me what the lights were and we pulled over to have a look."

She described "rows of large yellow lights suspended in the air, completely silent". She added: "They then all moved off very quickly in different directions, it lasted for about four minutes, and lots of people were getting out of their cars to take a look."


England: Mysterious lights spark UFO scare

Masses of mysterious red lights have sparked another UFO riddle.

More than 60 of the glowing orbs were spotted throbbing and hovering above Uckfield on Saturday night.

Resident Jamie Smith, 20, from London Road, thought the town was about to be invaded by aliens.

He said: "It was like something out of Space Invaders.

"My dad said to come out into the garden and what I saw was the amazing thing I've ever seen.


England: 'UFO scared me so much I almost went into labour'

Mysterious bright yellow lights were seen plummeting towards a couple's house at "an abnormal speed", writes Simon Wesson.

The Bernasconis, who live in Homestead Road, Hatfield, were "scared to death" when they saw two gleaming lights which they believed were "about to crash just behind their house".

Rachel, 33, told the WHT that she had "never been so scared in her life".

"I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I thought I was going to go into labour, I was that scared.

She added: "My husband, Mark, saw two lights hovering above the houses opposite.


Nova Scotia, Canada: Close encounter recounted

Halifax -- One night four decades ago, Laurie Wickens followed a familiar coastal road to Shag Harbour in southwestern Nova Scotia and landed in the middle of one of the world's best-known UFO cases.

He was just a couple of weeks shy of his 18th birthday back then, a young man from nearby Bear Point who had quit school the year before to fish with his father and uncle.

Now, 57, with that career mostly behind him, he recalls the drive with friends on a cold and clear autumn night as if it happened yesterday.

"What was happening, it's still vivid in my mind," he said recently, as Shag Harbour prepared to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its very own close encounter.

On Oct. 4, 1967, Wickens and his friends thought the flashing row of orange-yellow lights in the sky must be a plane, even though they had never seen anything quite like it before.


Interview With Mike Fortson (II): Eye Witness to the "Phoenix Lights" UFO

Note: Interview was conducted on September 25, 2007

Note-Having recently passed the 10th anniversary of the so-called "Phoenix Lights" of March 13, 1997, the following is a continuation of a series of interviews/articles with and by direct eye witnesses of this monumental event.

Although many who witnessed this huge "V-shaped craft" have come forward, there are a great deal more who haven't; research concerning this case is ongoing to this day, and it is our hope by highlighting the event(s) and the individuals who witnessed it, more people will come forward and share their experiences. Comments are always welcome, and if requested confidentiality will be honored-FW