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Tue, 12 Dec 2017
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High Strangeness


UK: UFO Seen In The Skies Above Cheshunt

A UFO has once again been seen performing aerobatics above the Herald patch.

A multicoloured ball of light was seen by a startled Cheshunt couple, who videoed the 'close encounter of the third kind' on a mobile phone.

Mary Georgiou, of Southmead Crescent, contacted the Herald after reading our story last week about the 'Hertford Fireball', which blazed across the sky on December 7.

Comment: To watch the video click here.


Wheel in the sky wows local Louisiana residents

Houma - Some people saw Jesus. Others blamed UFOs.

Harkening to the popular Journey song, a wheel in the sky appeared over Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes early Saturday morning, a seemingly perfect hole punched though the sheet of clouds blanketing the sky.

Locals who phoned and e-mailed the Daily Comet and The Courier this weekend about the strange cloud formation did agree on one thing: "It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen," said Raceland resident Sandra Ledet, who shared some spectacular photos with the Daily Comet.
© Ledet
Sandra Ledet of Raceland sent this snapshot of the hole in the clouds she spotted Saturday from her home.

Comment: For a discussion of this topic and more images, see Laura Knight-Jadczyk's article:
Mysterious Smoke Rings or When is a Cloud not a Cloud?


US: Woman claims abducted by aliens in North Platte

In 1989, at a UFO and UFO abduction conference in Laramie Wyo, a woman reported that she had been abducted by a UFO from their farm in North Platte.

The woman, named Joyce Updike, said the abduction occurred after a UFO landed in her family's farmyard in 1959 and again in 1967 but that she had no memory of it until she went under regressive hypnosis.

Updike told the audience that Dr. Leo Sprinkle of New Mexico hypnotized her and that's when she remembered the abductions.


Ireland: Search underway for missing trawler

Irish Coast Guard
© Unknown
Search underway for missing trawler
A search is underway off the west coast for a missing trawler with three men on board.

The search will resume at about 8.30am in the morning for a 46-foot timber frame trawler missing off the west coast with three men on board.

They are believed to be the Irish owner of the vessel and two Polish crewmen.

They left Killybegs on Wednesday after replenishing supplies and were bound for Rossaveal in Co Galway where the owner had been fishing for some years.


Gigantic blackout provoked chaos in north sector of Antofagasta, Chile

Panic among the population. Some affirm that the sky was illuminated for long minutes.

Some witnesses say that there were several explosions, others assure that the sky was so illuminated as the dawn for long minutes. The only thing that is certain is that a general blackout occured in the all of the north sector of the city and provoked chaos among the community.

Telephonic calls from the neighbors to El Mercurio newspaper showed the terror caused by the incident, which happened around 11 p.m.. Some declared that there were meteorites, lightnings and comets passing nearby, other that there were ufos.
Other people affirmed that a troublesome buzz accompanied the blackout.


Mysterious Rumble Shakes Wisconsin County

What was it that shook residents in rural Waushara County out of their sleep Wednesday morning?


UK: Did anyone else spot Gipton UFO?

"What the hell is that?" questioned the voice of an unseen female. I presume this lady was witnessing exactly what I was on my street, St Wilfrid's Circus, Gipton, Leeds.

Whilst I was catching a fresh breath of frosty air out of my landing window at (approximately) 3am on the morning of November 30, I saw what can only be described as a 'milk-white teardrop' UFO, the size of a family car floating through the sky which, from my point of view, slowly drifted over Harehills Lane, down onto Rounday Road, then disappeared behind houses towards the Chapeltown/Potternewton area of Leeds.

Is there anybody else out there who witnessed this strange incident, any reports, CCTV or mobile/photo footage? There could be an innocent (or not) explanation...who knows?


Croat Police Calm Public amid 'UFO Sighting'

Croatian police have said there is no need for alarm after residents in Zagreb reported UFO sightings as well as seeing strange lights accompanied by a blast on Wednesday morning.

Zagreb Police Department said it has no information of possible flights or explosion sounds but said it is probing the claims. It urged people there is no need for panic.


UFO antics amaze locals in Pennsylvania

© Unknown
Pennsylvania in the middle of UFO sightings wave

Pennsylvania is definitely in the midst of UFO mania, but the good citizens of the state are not panicking, rather they are simply reporting the unusual craft that tend to make their appearance at night to the police and various UFO related organizations.

A week into December and no less than 20 reports have been handed over to various agencies this month alone. Some of the more notable sightings in the last few days are:

On Friday night a family saw two lit up craft that appeared to be disc shaped hovering over farms near the township of Plumstead. The objects then shot up into the night sky. Another man saw a disc hovering over trees on the same day, as he focused on the object it shot off skyward. Another interesting sighting occurred on Wednesday night. One couple spotted a set of bright lights that appeared arranged spherically above a highway. At dawn on the same day a commuter noticed a large multicoloured disc hovering above his car.


Colorado Superbolide

Last night, Dec. 6th at 1:06 a.m. MST, a meteor of stunning brightness lit up the skies of Colorado. Astronomer Chris Peterson photographed the event using a dedicated all-sky meteor camera in the town of Guffey, near Colorado Springs:

Colorado bolide
© Chris Peterson