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Sat, 25 Feb 2017
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High Strangeness


Pattern found in wheat field


"I really don't know what to think about it," said Holmesville-area farmer Bert Van Maar. "I guess I'm kind of surprised."

Bizarro Earth

Underwater UFOs

Here is a nice article I found about underwater UFOs or what some call USOs, I thought you'd all enjoy. I think there is a high probability that UFOs are under our waters, at least it wouldn't surprise me. If you think about how vast the ocean really is, and how deep some parts are, I think I would be shocked if we didn't find anything down there.

Go back to some old books like those written by Ivan Sanderson. Many reports of UFOs emerging and submerging into the ocean. We also had sightings a few years ago off the Palos Verdes peninsula where UFOs were seen traveling under water.


FAA Release of Radar Data Signals a New 'Openness Policy' on UFOs

Significant support for the testimony of multiple witnesses of a UFO seen near Stephenville Texas on January 8, 2008 came in the form of radar data recently released by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Responding to a series of Freedom of Information requests by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the FAA supplied 2.8 million radar returns from five sites covering the area where the UFO was sighted. A report by MUFON titled, "Special Research Report, Stephenville, Texas," provided a detailed analysis of raw data released by the FAA. The authors of the MUFON Stephenville Report, Glen Schulze and Robert Powell, stated: "data was obtained that indicates unidentified aircraft without transponder beacons which were not military jets, were found in the same compass direction and time frame as cited by the witnesses (Stephenville Report, p. 5)."


Monroe County, Illinois, US: Do UFO's favor Metro East?

It's probably too soon to rename the area between Waterloo and Millstadt "Roswell East," but either aliens have taken a liking to the area, the folks at Scott Air Force Base have been doing some odd things, or imaginations of respected locals here have been running wild.

It was nearly a month ago the History Channel and its "UFO Hunters" crew visited Millstadt on a fact-finding mission spurred by a former village police officer who reported seeing an unidentified flying object in the early morning skies Jan. 5, 2000.


Jaque Vallee - On Messengers of Deception

As mentioned recently, Daily Grail Publishing has just released a reprint of Jacques Vallee's UFO classic, Messengers of Deception (Amazon US and Amazon UK). Last week I had a quick chat with Jacques about the book, and the controversy it created in ufology. It was intentionally short - I could talk to Jacques for a couple of days on all manner of topics, but in this case I just wanted to address the elements of his work which have made him, as he describes it, "a heretic among heretics" - namely, his concern about uncritical acceptance of the UFO phenomenon, and also the 'psychic' manifestations found in UFO reports which suggest that they may not be "nuts and bolts" craft.


Report: high increase of UFO sightings in Canada in 2007

Marie Ford-Quigley says she isn't the kind of person who believes in UFOs and aliens, and she doesn't usually take a great interest in the skies.

But she is still looking for an explanation about the metallic, spherical object she watched for more than a half an hour from the veranda of her home in Tyron, Prince Edward Island. It slowly travelled through a clear blue sky on Boxing Day, 2007, just before dusk.

Black Cat

William James & the Original Ghost Busters

Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death. By Deborah Blum. Penguin Press. 384 pages. $24.95.

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On January 29, 1996, my mother Mildred lay dying in Calvary Hospital in the Bronx with end-stage thyroid cancer. She had taken a turn for the worse and was in a coma. Her breathing was steady and unlabored. She looked like she was just sleeping. My sister Carol had called my brother William and me the day before and advised us to come as soon as we could. I arrived on the evening of January 28, but my brother the surgeon had patients scheduled and could not leave until the afternoon of the 29th. He was on active duty in the Army, stationed in El Paso. My sister and I were at Mom's bedside just before noon when the phone rang. It was my brother's wife, Jisa. She asked us in an excited voice, "What's the matter with Milly?" My sister answered, "Nothing. She's sleeping." We then both looked at Mom, and I noticed the color drain from her ear. She had no pulse and no respiration. My sister-in-law, who was over two thousand miles away, had known the exact moment of my mother's death before those of us who were standing right next to her. Jisa later told us that just before she had called she had felt an arm go around her shoulders and had heard my mother's voice say, "I am leaving now."


Africa: 17 Die at Prayer Session

About 17 persons were alleged to have died in mysterious circumstances during a church prayer session in a private home at Umuoluihe in Alaoma community near Omoba in Isialangwa South Local Government Area of Abia State.


UK: Experts investigate mysterious smell

Government experts are investigating what residents in the Ditton area have described as a "strange smell" near their homes last Thursday.


UFO; Radar shows large, fast, unexplained object in Texas

FORT WORTH - Radar documents examined by a UFO group stir up thoughts of an enormous aircraft without transponders traveling up to 2,100 miles-per-hour in Texas.