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Fri, 30 Sep 2016
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Australia: UFO 'dive-bombs' couple

©Shelley McDonald
Elliott couple Gwen and Lawrie Fuchs were swooped by a UFO as they travelled along the Barkly Highway last Friday.

An elderly couple claim they had a close encounter with a UFO while travelling along a Territory highway.

Lawrie Fuchs, 70, and his wife Gwen, 69, were returning to their home town of Elliott following a trip to Queensland last Friday when they say the UFO swooped them as they drove along the Barkly Highway.

Estimated to be about six metres wide, they say the object passed the vehicle with such speed that its slipstream forced their Mazda sedan into the middle of the road.


US: UFO (unidentified falling object) on Route 110

An anonymous complainant called at 5:04 May 21 to report that while he was driving on Route 110 near the Northern State Parkway in Huntington something fell from the sky. The police arrived and found nothing unusual in the area.

Grey Alien

'Little people' in rural Alaska

An intriguing e-mail hit Bush Alaska in May. In it, a hunter from Marshall recounted how he found a boy alleged to have been abducted by the ircenrraat.

Grey Alien

Alien video presented to reporters in Denver

©Stan Romanek
An image taken from the video shot by Stan Romanek appears to show a head peeping above a windowsill.

A few minutes of grainy, black and white video show a shadowy creature with big eyes peeping over a windowsill. But does it show a puppet or an alien from outer space?

The video, purportedly capturing proof of alien life, was released this morning during a press conference at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver.


UK man spies 'green UFO' over town

An eagle-eyed Shropshire Star reader thought he was watching an alien attack unfold when he spotted a green, pear-shaped object hovering in the skies over Telford.

Gavin Stevens, of Malinslee, said it was his second UFO sighting since last autumn.


Investigating livestock mutilations in Canada - a dirty job, but someone has to do it

Investigating unexplained animal deaths for possible paranormal connections is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

That's why Barb Campbell has committed herself to the challenging and widely unknown profession as an unexplained animal death - or UAD - investigator.


ABC Reports: Denver Man Makes Alien Claim

Proof of extraterrestrials could get renewed life -- or crash to the ground -- if one Denver resident has anything to say about it.

Jeff Peckman, a Denver resident and believer in alien life, has begun the work of putting a ballot initiative to the city's voters that would, if passed, establish an "extraterrestrial affairs commission" made up of 18 members appointed by the mayor to ensure public safety in the event that aliens -- or their vehicles, according to the ballot language -- were to arrive in the Mile High City.

Grey Alien

Purported Alien video to be shown Friday

A video that purportedly shows a living, breathing space alien will be shown to the news media Friday in Denver.


New sightings lead to UFO believers

Hot on the heels of the Flying Dorito and Inverted Meat Dish, spaceship spotters have been contacting the Express & Star in their droves to share their strange stories of the skies.

Tales have included a "hyperspeed bright light" darting across the Moxley skyline and three bright oranges orbs hanging silently over Bloxwich. Thomas Lloyd, aged 69, of Great Bridge Road, Moxley, said he was converted into a believer after seeing a bright light in the sky.


Argentina: "Glowing Little Man" Spreads Panic in Salta


Residents of the town of San Carlos now claim seeing a strange being, standing some 40 cm tall, with a magnetic field that kept people from approaching it.