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Wed, 27 Jul 2016
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High Strangeness


Shuttle astronauts believe aliens are out there

Haven't personally seen any - it's more of a feeling

Space shuttle astronauts, recently returned from a visit to the International Space Station, have told reporters in Japan they believe that extraterrestrial life exists. However, the space explorers added that none of them had actually seen any.

"I'm sure eventually we'll find something out there," said mission specialist Mike Foreman at a Tokyo news conference earlier today.

Comment: They haven't seen any themselves, yet it still interesting that the idea is slowly becoming part of our 'conventional wisdom'. Even among astronauts.


Do Right Wingers Hate Bigfoot?

Let's try to follow the logic on this one. If you happen to produce a documentary about Jesus Christ that holds a thesis that right wingers don't like, you can be almost labeled a near-nutcase because you have also produced the documentary Bigfootville, according to two conservative bloggers.

Your ability to be a critical thinker is called into question if you produce documentaries on Bigfoot and Roswell, but if you raise questions about the story of Jesus Christ (demonstrating your critical thinking?) you are merely called "bogus" because of faults in your "background"?

Bruce Burgess on Bloodline


UFO Alert: Strange Lights in the Sky and a Mystery Sphere Recovered in Alabama

"Once again strange lights fill the skies over America. Once again the military responds quickly with aircraft. Once again the public is involved, but is told little or nothing about what happened."
It first appeared on Google Maps in a satellite photo and looked like a white sphere that appeared to be vibrating as it passed over Magnolia Park, Florida in 2005. The pearl-like object hovered at around 20,000 feet. Fast forward to April 25, 2008. Just around the time when strange lights were being seen in the skies over Indiana, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Arizona, they appeared over Decatur, Alabama.

TV Stations in nearby Huntsville, Alabama, reported that people were seeing lights in the sky over Decatur on April 25th around 11pm. A number of calls were received by emergency services and one witness, 17 year old Codey Terry (a student at Bob Jones High School in Madison) reported a frightening encounter. She described two bluish-white lights that suddenly appeared in front of her windshield while she was driving past the courthouse and on to Central Parkway in Decatur just after 11pm.


Ireland: UFO 'spotted' in Derry

Derry Ufo
©Michael Harkin
The 'UFO' which was spotted in Derry

Michael Harkin from Galliagh got in contact by email this week with this startling photograph which appears to show a suspected UFO in the Prehen area of Derry.

He writes - "I am writing to see if you would be interested in a picture which was taken on my mobile phone yesterday (Tuesday, 6/5/08). It was taken from a car while travelling to Prehen in Derry. I realised that there seemed to be an unusual object in the sky and decided to take a picture. On examination it seems to be a saucer-like object flying flying not far above houses on the Prehen Road." He wonders if anyone else saw it? Perhaps there was one of those master chefs in the vicinity...


UK: Mysterious lights spark Kilmarnock UFO fears

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Or was it a ned with a fancy torch?

Not according to two separate witnesses who insist they saw strange lights in the Kilmarnock skies at the weekend.

On Saturday night at around 10.40pm in Kilmarnock town centre, a 32-year-old mum, who asked not to be named for fear of ridicule, noticed a bright light hovering in the trees behind her house.

She went out to investigate and was stunned at what she saw.


UK: More Sightings of Strange Lights at Saltcoats

AFTER last week's reports of strange lights over the skies of Saltcoats, the Herald office has been inundated by readers who also spotted the bizarre lights on Sunday, April 27.


Art Born from Sighting - Statue in Image of Creature

He calls himself a sort of Dr. Frankenstein, but Albert Klyne isn't worried about his creation coming to life.

What concerns the 63-year-old, is whether his muse will come back now that his masterpiece is near complete.

"It gave me creepy feelings while I was making it, like a guy creating Frankenstein or something," said Klyne, who has almost finished a statue he calls Neanderthal Man -- a life-size replica of the giant, caveman-like creature he claims to have encountered seven years ago on his acreage south of Portage la Prairie.

©Jason Halstead
Klyne shows off the statue he made of the creature he says he spotted near his home in 2001.

Life Preserver

US: Lake Pepin Sea Monster? 'Capture' It For $50,000

Lake Pepin Sea Monster
An artist has tried to show what the monster, with a hypnotic red-eye and demon-like head, might look like.

There's one creature in Minnesota that's so hard to track that $50,000 reward is out for proof it exists.

Ever since the 1800s, residents around Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota say they've spotted a sea monster. They call him, Pepie.


Argentina: Chupacabras Changes Diet

A dog was found dead with a puncture mark in its throat and completely drained of blood in the Argentinean city of Rosario. No signs of a struggle were evident, nor were bloodstains found on the ground. The animal shared a terrace with another dog that did not suffer any violence whatsoever.

This incident likely took place in the early morning hours of Thursday. Daniel Angel R., a resident of the Echesortu district of Rosario, heard some barking from the terrace on which he kept his dogs, but paid no attention to it, since there was nothing unusual about the situation.


Wisconsin, US: Dells, Lake Delton residents report UFO sightings

Accounts of bright moving lights in the sky and even alien abduction have been reported from the Dells area, and UFO reports can be found on a Web site and in a new book.

The site, [here] lists reports of the sightings from across Wisconsin including in the Dells area and in other nearby towns such as Baraboo, Portage, Oxford, Lyndon Station. The Web site and the book, "UFO Wisconsin: A Progress Report" are the work of paranormal researcher Noah Voss of Sun Prairie.