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Thu, 23 Mar 2017
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High Strangeness


Peru: UFOs Cause Alarm in La Norteñita

Locals claim seeing strange objects. Residents of the La Nortenita district were stunned on the morning of June 18, 2008 when they saw a series of intermittent lights glowing in the sky in a limited radius. Only three of them appeared to be close to each other while the others were dispersed. Residents of Manco Capac, Las Delicias, Santa Rosa and other streets were startled by the lights overhead. Some pedestrians and drivers passing through the area, upon seeing the crowd that had gathered to see the movement of the lights, stopped for a look and increased the numbers of the congregation.


UFO sightings in Stevenage, England

Were they planes? Were they spaceships? Or were they Chinese lanterns!

That is the question many residents in Comet country are asking themselves today following a number of reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

On Saturday between 10pm and 11pm Stevenage residents spotted between two and seven orange spheres in the sky, travelling parallel with Luton Airport's flight path and today (Monday) the Comet has been inundated with calls from people who think they may have spotted extra terrestrial activity.


Sean Riley, who was holding a barbecue in Wisden Road, Stevenage, said: "There were four very bright orange objects going from north to south, one following the other with a fair gap and then going straight up and disappearing. I had not been drinking and 10 other people at my barbecue saw them, also aircraft going to Luton airport were in close proximity."

A year ago motorists reported a similar sighting between Baldock and Royston on the A505. They saw orange balls of light moving across the sky but Luton Airport said they believed they were Chinese lanterns which had been lit and then released into the air.

Mr Riley added: "We're fairly logical and reasonable people. They were travelling north to south and the wind was going in the opposite direction so it couldn't have been Chinese lanterns. Some people look at our photos and say what we saw was the moon but there hasn't been a full moon for a long time.

Ken Tobin who was at Mr Riley's barbecue said: "I didn't believe in UFOs until Saturday. It was quite unbelievable.

"The spheres were silent and travelled in a straight line and then got dimmer and dimmer. I have never seen anything like it."

Ian Sharp of Jessop Road said: "I was lying in bed when I saw two orange lights glide across the sky about 15 seconds apart. They were following a plane that had just flown over. It was something I'd never seen before."

They were also spotted on the Jackmans Estate in Letchworth GC and near Bancroft in Hitchin.


Bigfoot: New evidence - Hairs found in Indian jungle are of 'no known species' say scientists

It is right up there with the Loch Ness monster: the subject of claimed sightings, passionately promoted by believers, dismissed by the scientific community. But now experts say they have found the best evidence to date that the yeti might - just conceivably - be real.


Strange lights spotted in Israeli sky: Mossad's masters are calling?


Beside the daily atrocities and ongoing Palestinian genocide, it seems that there are other curious things happening lately in the land of sour milk and poisoned honey. First we had a meteorite sighting that caused quite a stir, raising hysteria that Iranians are testing their missiles with the goal to finally eliminate the bravest sons and daughters of Yahweh. And this time we have a report about a mysterious 'simultaneous sighting' on a national scale.

Coincidently, there were quite a few similar mass sightings in other areas of the world recently. But considering the history of this particular cursed place, we have to wonder what's going on and what will happen next.

The following text is a translation of the Hebrew article in Ynet describing the event.


Canada: Sasquatch sighting has Grassy Narrows in a buzz

© Randy Fobister

Randy Fobister's pictures have been circulating through Grassy Narrows like gossip this week. They are of a 15-inch long, six-toed, "big" footprint. Driving to a blueberry picking site Tuesday, about an hour north of the reserve, Helen Pahpasay and her mother saw something they've never seen before.

"I seen a black, um ... thing," Pahpasay said. "It was tall and lanky and it was walking towards our way... I thought I was seeing things, so I didn't say anything," she said. "I looked over to my mom and she was rubbing her eyes."

About eight feet tall. Slender. Black as night. Bigfoot was out for a walk.


Radar expert laments media apathy over Stephenville UFO radar report

Glen Schulze suspects the reason the military corrected its version of events over Stephenville, Texas, on Jan. 8 was that it knew his Freedom of Information Act requests for radar data from civilian authorities at the Federal Aviation Administration were going to expose the truth.

Bound for Crawford
These FAA radar hits profile the flight path of a mysterious object for more than an hour as it cruised toward President Bush's home in Texas.


Canadian eyes quick to spot UFOs

Some swirled, swooshed and hummed while others hovered, zipped and zoomed.

Canadians in four provinces reported seeing a record number of unidentified flying objects in 2007, according to an annual report released by a Winnipeg-based non-profit organization that has recorded UFO sightings since 1989.

The UFOlogy Research Institute, which compiles data from sources including Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence, said researchers examined 836 alleged UFO sightings in 2007, an increase of almost 12 per cent over 2006.


Family plea to public over 'UFO sighting'

A Penwortham family is appealing to people who may have seen a UFO in the skies above their home. The Beesons say they saw the strange object hovering above Crookings Lane at 11.15pm on Sunday. Mum Catherine also claims that, as the craft hovered above, it projected an orange arch-shaped light shining on their conservatory roof.

Better Earth

Canada: Woman claims British Columbia lake monster sighting

©. Sun Media file photo
A statue of the elusive lake monster Ogopogo has a place of honour in Kelowna, B.C.

Don't tell Robyn Holman that the mythical lake monster called the Ogopogo doesn't exist.

Because Holman says the elusive beast made an appearance as she and a friend were travelling along the highway near Peachland, B.C., on Sunday afternoon. Holman says she noticed a wave in the water on Okanagan Lake and couldn't believe her eyes when she turned to look.

Grey Alien

Astronaut: We've had visitors

The aliens have landed.

Thus declared Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Saturday to more than 200 admirers.

"A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered," said Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon.