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Mon, 21 Aug 2017
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High Strangeness


Mystery lights over London

A retired painter and decorator saw more than he bargained for when he stepped out of his flat for a cigarette - and spotted six UFOs flying in formation.

John Petros, 42, was celebrating his birthday with son Petros, 11, when he saw what he described as bright red craft appear in the night sky.

From his balcony in Rokesly Avenue, Crouch End, he says he saw the six ships form a cross over Archway for several minutes before disappearing.


UK: Mystery lights spark Coastguard alert

Coastguards were called out at the weekend - after "unusual lights" were spotted in the sky above South Tyneside.

A crew was alerted just before 9.30pm on Saturday, after reports of the lights off the Wearside and Marsden coast.


UK: UFO sighting in Creech St Michael

An Unidentified Flying Object has been spotted above Creech St Michael.

Glen Cornell, who lives in Taunton, was at his girlfriend's home with her parents when they spotted a strange array of lights from their back window at around 9.50pm on Saturday.

He said five of them watched as the orange lights appeared over a hedge.


UK: UFO lights in Enfield sky confirmed

The sighting of a strange orange rugby ball-shaped UFO in Winchmore Hill has been confirmed by more readers.

Last week investment banker Alison Moynihan told the Independent how she had seen the objects making their way purposefully through the skies close to her home in Hillcrest.

Now, five more people have contacted the Independent with reports of UFOs, ranging from a cone-shaped light with an orange halo to a rugby-ball shaped spacecraft.


Wales: 'White rain' mystery baffles Flintshire town

A mystery white substance that fell on parts of a town in Flintshire has left residents baffled.


UK: UFO spotted above Burnley?

A bizarre formation of lights over Burnley has left residents baffled.

The strange sight was seen around 10-40 p.m. on Friday.

Landscape manager Mr Phil Hargreaves (49) said he was driving back to Brierfield from Bacup after picking up his 17-year-old son, Jarod.


UK: More UFO sightings reported

UFOS? Or a load of hot air? The Echo has this week been alerted to a spate of UFO sightings, as well as being contacted by several sceptics.

Last week the Echo reported on an orb spotted silently hovering in the skies above East Leake by a number of residents on August 4, at around 10pm.

More East Leake residents have contacted us to confirm the sighting, bringing the total of people who saw the UFO to at least seven, and residents in Mountsorrel, Barrow-upon-Soar, Birstall and Loughborough have made contact to say they have seen similar orbs in their areas this month.


Tennessee, US: Mysterious Burn Death in Bradley County

"It's been terrifying. I cannot believe what I seen" said Judy Gates.

Gates won't ever forget the sight of her neighbor, 54 year old Kevin Steward, dying on the front porch. She says his clothes had completely melted off of his body. Gates remembers trying to calm him as they waited for help to arrive.

"I told him help was on it's way and they finally they got here" said Gates.

Steward's death has the Bradley County Sheriff's Office baffled. He was burned over 100% of his body but they found no signs of a fire.

Comment: 100% of his body burned from a cigarette lighter flame?

Bizarro Earth

US: Blue haze is back...again

Charleston, West Virginia - People in parts of Kanawha County are reporting a haze and an odor, Metro 911 officials said.

An unidentified smell and haze was apparent in parts of St. Albans, Nitro and Institute, dispatchers said.

Metro 911 began receiving calls from the public a little after 1:15 p.m.

Emergency service officials say they have not been notified of any hazardous material spills or leaks.


UK: Mystery lights fuel UFO speculations throughout Calder Valley

It's not the first time that Calder Valley residents have seen mysterious lights in the night sky, but a number of sightings over the past few weeks are remarkably similar in description.

Between the end of July and this week householders up and down the length of the valley, from Todmorden to Mytholmroyd, have described seeing silently moving bright yellow or orange lights make their way across the sky in a way that does not seem like conventional aircraft.

And another possible explanation, that they are hot air balloons, seems unlikely because the lights are seen in the night sky.