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Tue, 30 Aug 2016
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High Strangeness


US: Phoenix UFO Sighting Stirs Local Residents

A Phoenix UFO stirred local residents on Monday night as witnesses reporting lights in the sky following by jets racing toward them.

Witnesses of the Phoenix UFO said they saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer when suddenly three jets flew from the west and traveled in the direction of the lights.

Witnesses near Deer Valley, Arizona reported seeing four lights in a square shape that eventually became a triangular shape. The lights were moving to the east and they disappeared one by one.

Dubbed as the Phoenix UFO, witnesses said the lights were visible for about 13 minutes at about 8 PM.


Waltham Forest: Secret files reveal PC 'saw' alien craft


Waltham Forest has been regarded as a magnet for UFOs and alien abductions for many years.

But now the release of secret reports by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed a case which has never been publicised before.


Namibia: 'UFO' sightings at coast

A shooting star? Ball of lightning? Visiting aliens from outer space? Whatever it was, a handful of residents from Usakos are convinced they saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) pass over their heads on Sunday night.

According to Hester Schmidt, who was sitting on her porch with her husband at the time, they saw what looked like a "round ball with a long tail", passing overhead in the direction of Swakopmund.

"We didn't hear anything, but it was extremely fast and it went really low.

I would say the ball was about 18 inches in diameter as we'd call it in the old times," she told The Namibian.

Grey Alien

Nasa sponsors course on how to talk to aliens

The US space agency Nasa is sponsoring a university course on how to talk to aliens.

English students at the University of Wyoming are being encouraged to consider the possibility that humanity might one day make contact with aliens and then not know what to say.

"Interstellar Message Composition", a creative writing class, is believed to be the first of its kind to engage writers in a potential cosmic conversation, say its founders.

Evil Rays

UFOs and Perception Management: You Are the Target

People should not be complacent and just assume their own mind is under their personal control because often it is not. Our whole society is geared toward taking advantage of each other in many different ways that include subtle forms of mind control.


Lack of clear evidence stalls investigation of Erath County, Texas, UFO sightings

Whether a UFO visited two Central Texas towns will remain a mystery - at least for now.

"All the video that we've analyzed hasn't provided substantial proof," Ken Cherry, Texas state director of the Mutual UFO Network, said Sunday. "Without definite evidence, we're left with the word of our witnesses."


UFOs do exist - we've seen them: Five Britons reveal their bizarre close encounters

They may sound too bizarre to be credible, but they make gripping reading nonetheless - the first-hand accounts of ordinary Britons who claim to have seen UFOs in our skies.

After the Ministry of Defence released details last week of around 7,000 sightings since 1977 - including reports from policemen, military pilots and air traffic controllers - FEMAIL went back to five of them to hear their incredible stories.

Mysterious: The Ministry of Defence is releasing its UFO files


UFO Shocks for UK Police


It's a credible version of The X Files hit TV series... police officers' sightings of 256 suspected UFOs in Britain skies.

DC Gary Heseltine, who collated the unofficial database PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFOs), has been inundated with sightings the length and breadth of the country.


How to crack a case from the UFO files

The highly publicized releases of "UFO files" from France and Britain provide more puzzling tales about anomalous aerial objects over the years. But the stories behind some of the most spectacular sightings in UFO history will come to light only when the Russian Ministry of Defense opens up its files.

ufo drawings
©"Science in the USSR" via James Oberg
These 14 sketches are based on drawings made by an airline pilot during the Minsk UFO sighting in 1984, and published in the journal Science in the USSR in 1991. The sketches show the sequence of bright lights witnessed by the pilot - and provide evidence that could help crack the case.


UFO acclimation now underway?

The NBC show "Dateline" and msnbc.com have put out a request to the public to submit photos and videos of UFOs.

According to the msnbc.com Web site, a show is planned this Sunday, May 18, using photos and videos of UFOs they receive.