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Sat, 22 Oct 2016
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Mexico: Airliner Personnel Report UFOs over Mexico City International Airport

June 9 2008 - Flight Mechanic Octavio Piedras reported five unidentified flying objects during a flight from Cancun to Mexico city between 7:08 and 7:10 a.m.. The event occurred during the descent toward MCIA (Mexico City International Airport).

The witness photographed the objects with his cell phone, and according to his account, the objects emerged from a cloud and were in front of the airplane until they lost themselves in the sky. The weather conditions were sunny and clear.


Digital snapshot of UFO in U.K.

A TEEN has taken pictures of two UFOs on his step-dad's digital camera.

Ben Gaut, 16, and his step-dad Daniel Aldrich, 33, were watching drama series Heroes on TV when they looked through their living room window to see two weird lights hovering in the night sky.

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Mystery ... images taken on a digital camera

They went upstairs and quick-thinking Ben took photos of the objects on a camera at 9.40pm last Saturday.


Stephensville Lights Update: UFO sightings galvanize a small town

Constable Lee Roy Gaitan saw the brilliant red orbs hovering in the sky and hollered for his family to come out.


UK: UFO sighted in the skies above Bala, Wales

A UFO has been sighted at Bala rekindling memories of a similar visitation more than three decades ago.

One family, from Llanuwchllyn, reported seeing orange circular objects flying around above the Berwyn mountains, in events which echo a suspected flying saucer incident in 1974.

Hywel Rhys Roberts, from Caernarfon, was visiting family in the area with brother Alwyn earlier this month when the pair spotted strange flying objects in the skies above Bala.

"My brother saw it first. We were in the lounge and he looked out of the window in the direction of Bala and called us over. It was a circular shape moving towards the Berwyn mountains," he said.

Comment: This is further corroboration of this story.


UFOs in Venezuela

Venezuela UFOs

Ovnivenezuelagrupo blog writes:

On Saturday, June 15 in the afternoon I was able to photograph fortuitously two objects with a strange appearance in the vicinity of Cerro El Avila around San Jose - Cotiza, while attempting to record the wake of an aircraft after it crossed the skies over Caracas.


UK: UFO spotted by police helicopter

A police helicopter crew has spotted what is described as an unusual aircraft in the Vale of Glamorgan.


Huge Crop Circle formation discovered in South Korea; first to be documented in the country

A Korean photographer has published photos of a huge crop circle formation that was discovered on June 3, 2008 in a cultivated field of (so far) unknown crop near Boryoung City in South Korea.

According to what we were able to translate from the site and estimate from the images, the formation's diameter must range between something like 150 and up to 200 meters (450-600 ft) in diameter.

Crop circle Korea 1


Update on Massachusetts shape shifting UFO - Calls pour in to witness

Since Robert and James Mace spotted what they believe to have been a UFO over Interstate 95 last Friday, Robert Mace has been inundated with phone calls.

"I've probably talked to over 15 people telling me about their experiences," Mace said. "I have to screen my calls now."


Massachusetts: Two men tell of sighting shape shifting UFO off I-95

Some areas North of Boston are no strangers to UFO sightings, but would the little green men actually pick Friday the 13th as a landing date?

Two area men swear that something appeared over Interstate 95 about 10 a.m. Friday, and they say it was unlike anything they've ever seen.

Grey Alien

Aliens in Cuba?

When the presence of an unidentified flying object was reported in the spring of 1950 in the province of Matanzas, the first case of this nature known in Cuba after the start of the flying saucer age, it marked the beginning of a list of sporadic luminous visions, mostly lacking scientific exploration.

Human beings have always harbored the hope - with the understandable doubt - of sharing their existence with other beings of humanoid appearance and a technology developed elsewhere in our galaxy, regardless of all the convolutions that such an encounter of civilizations could bring about.

Thousands of sightings and strange events in the heavens above, dated in various parts of the world, have lead many to believe that we are being stealthily visited by representatives from faraway planets.