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Wed, 21 Mar 2018
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High Strangeness


UK: Mother and daughter's 'serene' UFO sightings

"It had been so quiet," said Tessa. "There hadn't been a sound all day. There was an incredible stillness in the air. As I watched, the lights started to become larger and brighter - really dazzlingly bright - as one light moved on top of the other, forming a bell-shaped object, the size of a largish house, with what looked like a thin, shiny metal base.

A woman from Polruan spotted a UFO hovering over Fowey around the same time as other myserious sightings were made across the country.

The national newspapers were full of reports over the new year of strange lights seen over Conisholme in Lincolnshire as "orangey-yellow spheres".


UK: UFO spotted over Dumfries

Boxing Day became a night to remember for one young local and his family when they spotted two UFOs over Dumfries.

Macaulay Moodycliffe was setting out to the nearby chip shop from Preistlands Drive where he lives when he spotted strange lights in the sky. He was so awe-struck he ran home to get his family, who also claim to have seen the objects.

Macaulay, who is 16, told the Standard: "They were large orange balls with a circle of orange glow around them that was given off by the light. They appeared to be moving slowly but when I looked closer and I could see a plane in the sky and it was clear they were moving very fast indeed, a lot faster than the aeroplane in the sky."


Argentina: Impressive Red Sphere Caught on Video

[The object] lit up in the vicinity of the Moon around 23:32 hours with a notable aperture, after engaging in a descending trajectory to the west. At a given moment, the object stops and remains suspended for an instant. It later increases in magnitude and gives off three (3) considerable flashes, turning on and off until it ceases to be visible between each flash.


UFO in UK resembles Texas, Ohio sightings

Similar descriptions of a glowing, orange object in the sky have been reported this year in Texas, Ohio and now in England.

A county law enforcement constable in Stephenville, Texas, who watched a UFO recorded on another officer's "dashcam" police videotape camera in January 2008 said, "And then this thing, right in front of my eyes, changes and it looks almost like a jellyfish. I compare it maybe even to a parachute - and now a very bright white."


Canada: UFO researcher says cluster of red lights 'weird'

Ontario - Carmine Montemarano saw it and he wants to know if you saw it, too.

It was on Dec. 26 about a half an hour or so before midnight, when something that looked like fireworks caught Mr. Montemarano's eye. He was standing outside in the driveway of his cousin's house on a quiet street in the Major MacKenzie and Islington area of Kleinburg, bidding goodnight to relatives after a Christmas gift exchange.

"There was five or six bunched up bright, red lights," he said. "They were a little bit bigger than stars, and they were pretty far up there."


Argentina: UFO over the Gualcamayo Mine

Gualcamayo Mine UFO
© Unknown
On December 20, the day on which the most powerful earthquake in 3 years made itself felt in San Juan province, some 20 persons witnessed a UFO that was photographed in Jachal at the mining zone where the Gualcamayo Mine is located, according to the Diario de Cuyo de San Juan.

Black Cat

Luminous Feline Creature Seen in Northern Venezuela

Shortly after midnight on October 18, 2008, 5 people witnessed the movement of a large and strange luminous creature over the waters of El Supí Beach on Venezuela's Paraguaná Peninsula, located in the vicinity of the town that bears the same name in the coastal state of Falcón in Northwestern Venezuela.

"There was no moon that night, and it was all very dark," remembers Larry Gonzales, who said the events took place while he, his older brother, and other friends lit a bonfire on the edges of the aforementioned Beach, outside a house they had rented for the weekend.


Philippines: Batangas town residents worry over 'mysterious' fires

The residents of Barangay San Francisco town in Santo Tomas town in Batangas province have become restless due to inexplicable fire incidents that have taken place in the compound of the Millar family.

The first of 17 incidents occurred last October 16 when a curtain hanging in a dining area suddenly went into flames.

More incidents of fire reportedly happened the next three days. Then it reportedly stopped for a month, then started happening again December 14.

The latest fire reportedly broke out January 6 when a sack of charcoal burst into flames.


Northern Ireland: Ghostly mysterious 'white lady' seen by dozens of locals

The numerous ghoulish encounters with a mysterious 'white lady' has prompted many to believe they had met a supernatural being.

For bemused locals, the only question on their minds, was: 'Who You Gonna Call?'

Well, Ghostbusters, of course.

Over the past six weeks there have been dozens of sightings of the apparition near the ruins of a remote farmhouse in near Coalisland in Co Tyrone.


UK: Mystery surrounds lights in the sky over Littlehampton

Strange things have been spotted in the skies over Littlehampton, prompting extra-terrestrial questions.

There have been at least two sightings of unexplained flying objects, if not UFOs, in the last two weeks.

Nineteen-year-old student Fraser Moyles saw a strange orange light last Tuesday, and Worthing-based Andrew Alexander saw two of the objects on Saturday (January 3).