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Sun, 20 Aug 2017
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Argentina: Mutilated Cow Discovered East of Santa Rosa

A dead and mutilated red Hereford cow was discovered some 45 km to the east of Santa Rosa on August 25, 2008, in the locality of Uriburu.

The owner of the rural propert indicated that the cow was in its last months of pregnancy. The animal was missing all of its udders and half of the cow's unborn calf was still inside the cow, adding that the calf's ears showed signs of having been mutilated.

Bizarro Earth

Argentina: Mutilated Dog in Cordoba

The case was qualified as a true "oddity" by the foremost experts in cattle mutilation cases, on account of the "neatness of the incision." This is a case that occurred in late July, but which remained unknown until now, involving a dog from the locality of Villa Giardino, Cordoba. The animal's carcass presented strange claw-marks and surgical manipulation. The mysterious event can be linked to dozens of similar situations recorded in several provinces over the past few months, resulting in a permanent state of alert within the UFO community.


Are UFOs lighting up the skies over Australia's outback?

Move over Roswell. New Mexico's UFO Museum and Research Center may attract more than 150,000 visitors annually who are curious about the alleged 1947 alien crash landing there, but some residents of Australia's outback claim their skies are alive with unidentified flying object activity now.


"UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"

"UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"- that's the conclusion of two prominent university professors who had the results of their research on UFOs published in the August 2008 edition of Political Theory. It was the first time a major political science journal had published an article dealing with the UFO phenomenon so it has predictably sparked controversy in the academic world. The joint authors of "Sovereignty and the UFO," are Alexander Wendt, Professor of International Security at Ohio State University; and Professor Raymond Duvall, Chair of Political Science at the University of Minnesota. Their article breaks new ground in opening up for academic debate the way in which evidence of UFOs has not been seriously analyzed in the modern era. Their main argument is that this is due to a "metaphysical threat" that UFOs pose to the sovereignty of modern states. This threat comes not from the reality of UFOs as an inexplicable physical phenomenon that ultimately have mundane explanations, but the implicit assumption that UFOs are intelligently guided vehicles controlled by extraterrestrial intelligences (the extraterrestrial hypothesis).


US: Greensburg man documents surging reports of UFO sightings

It's not a matter of if, but when, for UFO tracker John Ventre. And if you believe his stats, the little green men -- or whatever -- will be here soon. Here could even be Western Pennsylvania.

"It's an intervention that will take place. They're going to make contact. We weren't ready in the '50s and '60s, but we're ready now," said Ventre, who serves as Pennsylvania coordinator for the Mutual UFO Network, in addition to working as director of security at the UPS depot in New Stanton.

The Colorado-based network with its 300 members, also known as MUFON, keeps track of UFO sightings. According to Ventre, Pennsylvanians led the way this summer in spotting unidentified flying objects.

Black Cat

'Beast of Buchan' sightings have big-cat hunters purring

Mysterious creature, said to be as big as a puma, spotted three times since Friday

Big-cat investigators on the trail of the ever-elusive Beast of Buchan have been bolstered by a series of possible sightings over the weekend.

The mysterious creature, said to be as big as a puma, has been seen three times since Friday night.


UFO sighted in Mumbai or a hoax?

An unidentified flying object was sighted by people at the Gateway of India in Mumbai on Thursday (August 28). A video was also shot by an alert citizen and the same has been posted on the popular internet video site You Tube.


UK: Mystery lights 'glowed in sky all night long'

Paul Francis
©Oscarpix imaging
Paul Francis points to the spot above the trees where a number of people saw the strange display of lights.

Strange lights which glowed in the sky all night long have left a family with a mystery on their hands.

Paul Francis, 32, saw the 'dull white misty light' several times during the night from his home in Moorhouses Road, Tumby Woodside.

Wife Rachel and stepdaughter Leah Dawson, 14, were also intrigued by the glow in the sky, and its strange movement.


UK: Multiple sightings of unidentified lights over Milton Keynes

Six UFO sightings have been reported across Milton Keynes in one night.

Families and neighbours stood in the streets and stared up in amazement as orange, red and yellow lights flew through the sky above the city on Sunday.

Between 11.10pm and 11.30pm a total of six calls were made to police by people who reported seeing the unusual objects speeding overhead.


Mystery lights over London

A retired painter and decorator saw more than he bargained for when he stepped out of his flat for a cigarette - and spotted six UFOs flying in formation.

John Petros, 42, was celebrating his birthday with son Petros, 11, when he saw what he described as bright red craft appear in the night sky.

From his balcony in Rokesly Avenue, Crouch End, he says he saw the six ships form a cross over Archway for several minutes before disappearing.