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Mon, 27 Feb 2017
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High Strangeness


MUFON investigation: Did a UFO crash to Earth after being shot down by US forces?

This image of a "falling UFO" has been sent to investigators a MUFON.
Striking images were sent in to analysts after a couple watched the crash from their back garden.

In an anonymous statement to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates such sightings, they said yesterday: "On February 1 I was out on the back porch when my husband pointed out what looked to me like a jet at first.

"It was a quick presumption on my part and due to the cloud like trails it was leaving behind. But with a bit more observation it became obvious that it was not.

"It was moving far too slow to be a jet and was falling toward the ground.

"Looking through the binoculars I could see two bright orbs of light at the leading edge which seemed to separate slightly from one another.

"The decent was far slower than I imagine gravity would bring a solid object down. It took at least five minutes to get from mid sky to where I could no longer see it behind the trees."


Multiple witnesses report seeing mysterious bright orange lights over Austin, Texas

© GSRTV/YouTube
Residents of Austin claimed to have seen mysterious, bright, orange lights over the sky. One resident took a footage of the lights and claimed that it was a UFO.
Multiple witnesses are claiming to have seen a UFO flying over Austin, with one resident even recording the mysterious lights. Rachel Jensen, the resident who took the video footage truly believes that what she saw were UFOs.

Fox 7 reports that it was Jensen's roommate who first saw the lights. The "impressive show" was composed of three lights that looked like to be in a triangle formation. Jensen said that when she stepped out, what she described as bright, orange, glowing lights started to separate as soon as they got out. Witnesses further described the lights as very fast.

She related that they also saw a fourth bright light, which kept moving back and forth. Jensen made sure to capture the scene on her phone. After getting the footage, she called Austin 311 to give a report.

News Max reports that Jensen was not the only one who saw the mysterious spectacle. The American Meteor Society says they have received reports from several witnesses of seeing a fireball in the skies. The number of people reported to have phoned in from Texas and Louisiana, totaled at five.

A photographer for Overaustin, Christopher V. Sherman, posted a photo of downtown Austin which showed streaks of light in the sky. The picture portrays a beautiful and brightly lit downtown Austin. When one looks closely at the picture, a streak of light can be seen on the right of the photograph.

Comment: From Jensen's description and video it seems like the bright orange lights she saw and the fireballs others reported and captured in the downtown Austin photo were separate incidents. Nevertheless, the timing is interesting.

Black Magic

Kingston, Jamaica: Disturbed graves implicated in demon possession of schoolchildren

Snapshot of children in Ginger Ridge, St Elizabeth, who are said to be possessed by demons.
A St Elizabeth woman is convinced that demons have possessed her daughter and several other students who attend the Ginger Hill All-Age School because some nearby graves were recently disturbed to make additions to the school.

A frustrated Audrey Smith is calling on the authorities to intervene swiftly and offer assistance to her 11-year-old daughter, as well as other students who are affected.

"I know that it is demon in my child because I go to church and I plea for demons out of people. I am not a fool," Audrey Smith, the 47-year-old mother told The Weekend Star.

A video footage of the alleged possession has been making the rounds on social media, showing two children kicking and screaming uncontrollably while adults try to command the demon out of her.



Strange nighttime orange cloud glows over Sheffield, UK

© Robert Barnes
The orange glow in the skies over Sheffield.
This is the moment a mysterious orange mushroom cloud was spotted in the skies above Sheffield.

The photo, taken by a security guard on late night patrol, shows the skies over the east end of the city shrouded in a mushroom cloud orange glow.

Robert Barnes, who took the picture from Kettlebridge Road said: "I noticed a bright orange light in the clouds over Attercliffe. I am curious as to what it could be. Do any of your readers know?"

Mr Barnes says he spotted the glow shortly before midnight on Wednesday - and that the skies were dark before and after the picture was taken.

He said: "There was no movement. It was just static. I have seen it before but never thought anything of it."

The photo was taken between 11.40pm and around midnight and believes the lights were near the Outukumpu site near Shepcote Lane.

Comment: See also: Mysterious midnight 'raging' orange light puzzles Queensland resident


Witnesses chase down 'UFO lights' in Wiltshire, England (VIDEO)

A witness named Ryan recently contacted us about a sighting he had in September of 2016 in Wroughton, England. After hearing a series of strange noises, a group of fifteen UFOs suddenly appeared on the horizon, prompting Ryan and a group of friends to chase the UFOs in their cars for over an hour.

Comment: This is from Wiltshire - home of Stonehenge - in southern England, a place where 'UFOs', 'strange lights', 'crop circles' and more appear frequently. Some locations apparently 'attract' high strangeness more than others!


NASA 'cuts live feed from international space station' before mysterious object appears on camera

A self-styled alien hunter believes he has spotted a UFO during a live feed from the International Space Station.

John Craddick, from Wolverhampton in the UK, claims he has never seen anything like it before.

He told the Mirror: "I've been watching it [the live feed] for years but never seen any UFOs on it before.

"I was showing a friend how it worked at around 11.30pm when the feed cut out, and 35 seconds after it came back on, this object appeared.

"At first it was really small and then it grew bigger, lasting for about 25 seconds," he said.

Mr Craddick claims that it must be alien because "nothing human can fly that high"


Video shows UFO fly past waterspout off coast of Algeria

A mysterious new video has emerged which conspiracy theorists believe may show a UFO off the coast of Algeria. A strange object can be seen flying through the sky, while a waterspout can be seen shooting out of the water and into the sky
A mysterious new video has emerged which conspiracy theorists believe may show a UFO off the coast of Algeria.

A strange object can be seen flying through the sky, while a waterspout can be seen shooting out of the water and into the air.

It is unclear what the object is, but the uploader of the video believes that it is a UFO.
The clip was recorded on a mobile phone, and was posted on Ohio-based YouTube channel, Secureteam10, who regularly post supposed UFO sightings.

In the video, Tyler Glockner from SecureTeam explains: 'Some of the witnesses that saw this thing, say what to them looked like a UFO had flown up into the clouds, shortly after which we see this waterspout like formation, or what amounts to water being sucked up put of the Mediterranean ocean off the coast of Algeria.'

Comet 2

'Bright red like fire': Mysterious lights seen over Mesa, Arizona

Phoenix lights
Did you see mysterious lights in the sky over Mesa over the weekend? If so, you're not alone! Viewer Jeremy White sent us video of some lights that he spotted.

He said the lights, which were "bright red like fire" right before he started recording, began to flicker until they vanished. The clip he sent is 1 minute and 14 seconds.

White said he and his wife, who was behind the wheel, drove toward the lights as they tried to figure out what they were seeing.

"We saw what looked like embers from a fire rising straight up into the sky," White wrote in an email to us. "As we started heading down the street, I noticed what we thought were lights from a blaze were not changing pattern and were, in fact, moving in unison.

"While driving, the lights started to move towards our direction and began to pass overhead," he continued. "This is where I started to record as we realized something abnormal was going on."

White said he is sure the lights were not flares or a plane. He also said he heard no noise to indicate the lights were coming from an aircraft.


Mysterious midnight 'raging' orange light puzzles Queensland resident

© Caboolture News
The last time we checked, Toowoomba was far away from the Southern Lights.

That's why a Chronicle reader was scratching his head when he woke to a blistering orange light at 12.15am last Tuesday.

Living in a city known for its spooky encounters, the Torrington man does not dismiss the idea it could have something to do with another form of life. He admitted using his camera flash distorted the original sight but said it was a "raging" colour. I woke up to it and didn't know what it was, I thought 'man alive what's that?', he said.

"I had no shoes on and it was a bit wet so I got my shoes and went out.

"I was looking north towards Crows Nest and it (the light) was the same height all around there. I looked west and south and it was there stretching around the horizon. I was trying to video it but the flash kept coming on, I just couldn't work out how to turn the flash off so the video didn't turn out. I took the photo instead but by that time the light was diminishing."

The man said the light eventually dissolved, which looked just like the sun going down. "It was three times brighter than that (the photo) and higher in the sky; it stretched right around," he said. "It was closing in on its brightness when I was mucking around with the phone. I don't know how long it had been there for."


Video apparently captures two UFOs over Jerusalem on New Years' Eve

© Paul Leiva Espinoza / Youtube
Footage has surfaced showing what appears to be two UFOs over Jerusalem, Israel, filmed at 01:00am local time early on New Year's Day:

Other videos of 'UFOs in Jerusalem' are doing the rounds, claiming to have been shot on the same night; however they all appear to have added sound and visual effects and are thus likely fakes.

This latest UFO sighting comes six years after another, more spectacular, UFO event occurred over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem: