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Grey Alien

UFO expert claims Prince Philip's uncle Lord Mountbatten was UFO enthusiast who documented alien encounter on his estate

© Rex Features
Prince Philip's uncle Lord Mountbatten was a UFO enthusiast and even wrote an official report about an alien in a silver spaceship landing on his estate, historical documents show.

Mountbatten was a "hugely important and influential ufologist" even though he kept his interest in the paranormal a secret throughout his life, according to UFO expert Alejandro Rojas.

Back in February, 1955, Mountbatten, who was often referred to as Prince Charles's "honorary godfather" and mentor because of his close relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh, made an official report about a strange encounter his bricklayer Fred Briggs allegedly had with a flying saucer and an alien creature.

The report, which was uncovered after Mountbatten's 1979 death at the hands of the IRA, describes how a silver spaceship landed in the grounds of his Broadlands estate in Romsey, Hampshire.


"Gigantic bird" seen in Puerto Rico, and the "bedroom visitor" that followed

"Gigantic bird" photo taken in Puerto Rico (from different sighting)
It can't be said that all of us Smiths live humdrum lives. Take, for instance, D.G. Smith of Leicester, England. In 1992 he wrote to the editor of Flying Saucer Review, and when his letter was published on page 25 of volume 37, no. 3, the editor commented that, in 45 years of ufology he had developed a feeling for the "UFO nut cases", and his intuition was that this one was genuine. In any case, as with most of the articles on this blog, there is no evidence that it is false apart from the obvious fact that it is fantastic. I shall therefore let you decide for yourself. The italics are in the original. It would have been useful if the author had been more specific about the location of the events. I suspect his/her native land of the USA.

Comment: And this story of last year, also from Puerto Rico:
A man claims that he saw two birds "the size of airplanes".

Manuel Ponce, a 48-year-old HVAC technician from Virginia, told Cryptozoology News on Wednesday that he was on a cruise with his family and church members when he saw the flying creatures.

"It happened right after 9/11," Ponce said. "We had just booked a cruise with Royale Caribbean in January of that year. We had 28 members of our congregation," he added.

The man claims that after a strong tropical storm, the captain managed to land in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"We arrived there in the morning. The day was on and off, rainy with spurts of sunlight every hour or so. We hired a guide for half a day, he took us to some places of interest.

As the guide took the group near a beach, Ponce explains, they noticed a "a real dark rolling rain cloud coming quickly".

"That's when I saw them. At the very top of the storm cloud... I saw two giant birds. I pointed up to everyone in the group, including now my ex-wife and the guide, but the birds went straight up."

The man described the creatures as birds "the size of airplanes" with a 30 foot wingspan. Their necks were surrounded by a "white ring" and they had straight beaks.

"Their wings were straight, with feather protruding at the ends of their wings," he recalls.

The alleged sighting reportedly lasted about five seconds and Ponce said he was the only one to see the flying animals. He added that he tried to snap pictures but that he had not enough time to capture the image.

And Ponce, who says he has told the story to his congregation, friends and family, says most of them don't believe him.

"Only my two sons believe me. I know what the hell I saw," he said.

Thunderbird, also known as Roc, is the nomenclature used by Native Americans to refer to bird-like creatures with reptile features that are believed to be related to the extinct pterosaurs.

In August 2015, a man in Michigan claimed to have seen a "giant bird" with a 10-foot wingspan.

In July 2015, two people in Nevada reported seeing a creature that reminded them of a pterosaur, a flying reptile believed to have gone extinct about 65 million years ago.

Two weeks later, a minister and her daughter claimed to have seen an unidentified flying creature that looked like it was "straight out of Jurassic Park".

In October 2015, a California man snapped a photograph of what he believed to be a "prehistoric bird".

In 1890, Arizona newspaper The Tombstone Epitaph wrote about two ranchers killing a "winged monster" similar to an "alligator" in the desert between the Whetsone and Huachuca mountains.

Black Magic

Pennsylvania: Witchcraft, murder and 'hex hysteria' in the early 1900's

COHEN: Do you think it is right to kill a person who has you bewitched?

BLYMIRE: Why, I think it is right, yes, if a fellow has me bewitched.

COHEN: If the judge of this court had you bewitched, would it be right for you to kill him?

BLYMIRE: If he had me bewitched.

Conversation between attorney Herbert H. Cohen and John Blymire, from the trial transcript of the Rehmeyer case.
One of the most commonly-told urban legends in the Lancaster/York county area of Pennsylvania to which I'm native deals with a locale known as Hex Hollow, or, more properly, Rehmeyer's Hollow. As is the case with most urban legends, the stories about this place vary from teller to teller. The most common, however, is that a man named Rehmeyer, a known Satanist and black magician, conducted a series of human sacrifices in his house. After the magician died or was killed (again depending on the teller), his house was set on fire but refused to burn.

The truth of the matter is quite different, but elements of it can be seen in the legend above. In fact, it was discovered that whereas many people in York County were familiar with the Hollow legends, a surprisingly (and depressingly) small percentage of those were familiar with the history of exactly what occurred there. To discover what actually did, we must cast our minds back to 1928, to a time when the county was even more rural than it is now - and scarcely anywhere was more rural than Rehmeyer's Hollow, a heavily-wooded tract occupied by a scant few farms, almost all of which were inhabited by the Rehmeyer clan or close relations. The Hollow still feels this way today - pleasant during the day, shockingly dark (no street lights line its roads) at night.

Grey Alien

Brother and sister alien hunters discover 'UFO highway' stretching across America's 37th latitude line

© John Chapple
UFO hunters Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer.
A brother and sister alien hunting team have discovered a "UFO highway" across America along which hundreds of unexplained events have taken place - from cattle mutilations to alien abductions.

Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer have spent years travelling across the US investigating hundreds of UFO sightings and other paranormal occurrences.

It was during one cattle mutilation investigation that Chuck realised that many of the unexplained events he had looked into had taken place on the 37th latitude.

He called his sister - who noticed the same with her investigations in Missouri - and the pair began researching the phenomenon, discovering that there are clusters of unexplained events taking place across the same latitude line.

Eye 1

Maurice Barbanell: The different aspects of Estelle Roberts's mediumship

© Unknown
Estelle Roberts (1889-1970) • a Helen Duncan materialization • 'Katie King' • 'John King'
Estelle Roberts would enter a trance state and then the voices of unseen people in Spirit would converse with sitters during 'Direct Voice' seances. At other trance seances, her guide 'Red Cloud' would speak through her and these accounts correlate with what today is observed under the category of psychic phenomena known as 'deep trance,' 'overshadowing' or 'total takeover' 'channeling.' Occasionally there were 'apports' (materialized objects) and at one seance Spiritualist journalist Maurice Barbanell witnessed the full body materialization of 'Red Cloud.' Maurice wrote about the various manifestations of Estelle's mediumship-including clairvoyance and clairaudience-in several chapters of Power of the Spirit, a 1949 memoir about the many people whom he personally witnessed to manifest the 'power of the spirit' in diverse ways.


The UFO Enigma: What might be said about anecdotal evidence?

© unknown
What is the reality - if any exists at all - behind the UFO phenomenon?

This question has been asked for decades already, and still we collectively don't seem to have any real answers that help instruct us as to whatever "reality" may constitute serious, tangible data on UFOs.

Way back in 1955, Edward Ruppelt, the first director of the USAF's Project Bluebook, wrote that, "I wouldn't want to hazard a guess as to what the final outcome of the UFO investigation will be, but I am sure that within a few years there will be a proven answer."

I often wonder if Ruppelt would ever have foreseen that well after the turn of the next century, we would still be awaiting that final "proven answer" that he anticipated.

At the very least, we might say that, based on what anecdotal evidence has been collected in UFO witness testimony since the end of World War II, there appear to have been varieties of unusual aircraft seen in our skies for decades now. Their origin, however, remains a matter of conjecture, due to the lack of physical evidence to support the range of theories that have been proposed in this regard.

Hence, with little more than decades of witness testimony, and the occasional (though scant) physical evidence that turns up rarely, perhaps one of the most important questions that should be asked is, "how useful is the anecdotal evidence at our disposal?"

Grey Alien

Elaborate hoax? Alleged tomb raiders say they've found 20 3-fingered mummies in Peru - and saw live 'beings' too - UPDATE

Claims the creatures were seen by the "discoverers" of the so-called mummified remains of "three-fingered bodies" is the latest twist in a sensational story that has been branded an elaborate hoax by many, but has taken the internet by storm.

UK-based UFO investigators Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald revealed the new claim in a video documentary charting their mission to investigate the "alien" bodies in Peru.

They spoke to members of the Inkari Institute, an archaeological research team in Cusco, Peru, which was allegedly handed the bodies by blackmarket tomb raiders said to have found the tomb in a secret location in Nazca, Peru.

Mr Mera told Express.co.uk: "We were told that the bodies were discovered in a tomb in Nazca.

"Inside were two sarcophagi, one of which contained around 20 small bodies, all of which around two feet in length, some missing their heads which were later found throughout the interconnecting tunnels.

"There was even claims of discoverers seeing live entities fleeing down tunnels on arrival."

Comment: Mysterious Universe's commentary seems apt at this point:
Don't get ahead of us here - news of these 3-fingered alien mummies is best taken in small doses - or at least that's how those in possession of them seem to feel. Gaia.com has released its five videos in dribbles, with the last before this latest one revealing that there at least five of these mummies were found in an undisclosed cave by a guy only identified as Mario. The videos and what little other information is available have been examined by real experts such as the World Congress on Mummy Studies and the data so far deemed to be questionable at best, an outright hoax and desecration of remains at worst.
© youtube/gaia.com
So-called baby mummy
Update (Oct. 7): DNA testing has been successfully carried out on the hand and brain. Results? 100% human:
Scientists were unable to get DNA codes from some of the samples sent for analysis, however DNA types were confirmed for a three-fingered hand, and from a brain tissue sample.

However, in a blow to people hoping for proof of alien visitations of Earth, the samples were concluded to be a 100 percent match to human DNA.

Both the hand and brain tissue were found to come from a male homo sapien, according to a report from Paleo DNA laboratory at Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada, now available online.

It said: "The evidence suggests the source of DNA from the biological material from the cranial brain and the bone extracted from the hand belongs to homo sapiens (humans)."
The bodies were carbon dated to between 245 to 410 AD, but genuine scientists believe they have been created to look like aliens using the "grave-robbed" mummified remains of anciently-buried humans.
No links were provided to the study, however.

Update (Oct. 12): Around the same time as the previous update, during a conference in Rome, Russian professor Konstantin Korotkov said the following, according to Mysterious Universe:
He emphasized that analyses of the chemical composition of the bones in the largest of the mummies showed consistency throughout - which he said is an indication that the body was not assembled from other bodies or bones. He also reiterated the recent news that the first DNA analysis was done by five independent labs in the U.S., Russia and Mexico and showed that the DNA was very close, but not identical, to human. Finally, he restated his opinion that CT scans show the mummies were once living non-human beings that did not suffer from mutilations (like skull elongation) or genetic defects.

Korotkov also talked about one big non-human discovery - the objects that look like eggs in one of the females. He claimed that he's negotiating with the "owner" of the mummies to allow him to biopsy one of the eggs. As always with these mummies, it seems strange that the "owners" - whoever they are - are so restrictive with even their own so-called team members.


Study delves into mysterious lights observed over Norway

As a study published last year in Frontiers in Earth Science shared,"rare and unusual atmospheric lights have been reported in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway for over a century." Yet, "in spite of their irregular occurrence-i.e., 15 to 20 times per week from 1981 to 1984 and 10 to 20 times per year nowadays-the Hessdalen lights (HL) have been consistently observed and possess a series of recurring features."

The study then outlines their features. Firstly, they have the appearance of a free-floating light ball with dimensions ranging from decimeters up to 30 m. Secondly, they are characterized by geometric structures that are often accompanied by small, short-duration pulsating "spikes" in the high frequency and very low frequency radio ranges. Thirdly, they show an absolute luminosity that has been estimated to be 19kw, and lastly, they have a time duration that ranges from seconds to hours.

It concluded by emphasizing:
In the 80's, HL were defined as "UFOs" and were rejected by most scientists. Thanks to the scientific method and the pioneering work of Erling P. Strand, the atmospheric light anomaly observed in the valley of Hessalen in Norway is now slowly gaining the attention of the scientific community and the respect of academic journals. Moreover, UAP were recently measured in other locations in the world, suggesting that the phenomena might be more global than previously anticipated. Since the mechanism creating these lights is completely unknown, further research is needed to better understand the transient luminous phenomena.

Black Magic

Close encounters, the alchemical kind

© unknown
There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.
Mademoiselle Rose Bertin, French milliner and dressmaker to Marie Antoinette

UFOlogy is a senile discipline. By this I'm not referring to its age, or how after more than 60 years it hasn't seemingly come any closer into solving the enigma which spawned its existence. What I mean is that UFOlogy as a field has the terrible tendency of narrow-sightedness, and of forgetting the valuable lessons from the past. Some of our critics on UFOs: Reframing the Debate, for example, complained we weren't really saying anything particularly original compared to the thinkers and ideas of the late 60's and early 70's; our defense was we weren't actually trying to be novel so much as remarking what was pointed out by the true mavericks preceding us, but hasn't been paid attention to enough by the newer generations... to the detriment of the study of unidentified flying objects, and the intelligence(s) in control of them.

Take for instance the controversial topic of the Contactees: Most people believe it was in the 1950's when common citizens like George Adamski or Truman Bethurum began claiming to be in contact with extraterrestrials hailing from Venus, Jupiter -or far more exotically-named planets like Clarion- and the main concern of our Space Brothers was the proliferation of nuclear weapons in our world, and the threat they posed to the survival of Humanity... or even to the stability of the entire Cosmos. Psychologists have tried to explain the sociological phenomenon of the Contactees as stemming out of Cold War anxieties, and a religious need from saviors from on-high repackaged for the consumption of the Space Age.

But those psychologists -and even most UFOlogists- would be surprised to learn warnings against a nuclear Armageddon can be traced back before the start of the Cold War and the Space Age -before even the fission of the atom had been experimentally achieved for the first time by German chemist Otto Hahn in 1938! And these warnings didn't come from long-haired Venusians on board silvery saucers, but from a secretive individual who claimed to be in possession of a powerful legacy of knowledge, assembled from the scattered remains of a lost civilization.

Black Magic

'Poltergeist' caught on Irish school CCTV

© Deerpark CBS/YouTube
Supernatural forces appear to be at work in an Irish high school, with video footage emerging of unexplained spooky activity after hours in Deerpark CBS.

Founded in 1828, the school is one of the oldest in county Cork. It makes sense then that it would be haunted as everyone knows the dead like to stalk buildings with a bit of character.

In the short video, students' lockers shake and burst open by themselves in a darkened hallway. Books are flung onto the ground and a 'caution wet floor' sign then appears to be kicked across the corridor.