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High Strangeness


Mysterious Lights over north China's skies

A mysterious luminary is seen in the skies of NE China's Changchun city. In the evening of April 2, a moving luminary appeared over Jilin University of the city and was pictured. Whether it is a UFO or just astronomic phenomenon is still not clear.

©People's Daily


A Victorian encounter of the blurred kind; witness describes triangular UFO

It was around 10 p.m. one night in mid-March that the Victoria woman, standing in the driveway of her acreage, saw a UFO.

"I heard a very powerful blowing noise, almost a white noise as it grew louder just to my left and just over the tree line. What came first was a very large, but dull, flashing red beacon in the centre of what began to appear as a massive triangular shape. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.

"As it approached very low, just over the trees and my house, it had a very strange white light on each side of the triangle; they seemed to be extremely bright but did not illuminate the ground at all. As it crossed overhead I thought I should be able to get a good look at it as it was a clear, starry night, but it brought a darkness with it. Darker than the night. Blacker than black, making it unable to distinguish any actual lines."


Third close encounter over Dumfries

A mother and daughter saw a UFO over Dumfries - the third sighting this month.

Debbie Easton and daughter Imogen witnessed unusual objects in the sky last Thursday.

Their sighting adds further intrigue to the Dumfriesshire UFO Mystery which has left the public and the police baffled.


Dozens see UFOs fly over Scotland

A series of UFO sightings over the Borders have baffled police.

Dozens of people reported strange lights and round objects speeding silently across the sky on the same night.

The RAF have bases in the area but say no jets were out on March 15.

And air traffic controllers say their radar screens were blank. Debbie Easton and her daughter Imogen, 15, were driving through Dumfries at 8.30pm when they saw four strange objects hovering a few hundred feet above the town.


UFO Flap Over Ontario Canada In March 2007

British Columbia's UFO Researcher Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research sat listening to a radio show by way of the internet on March 11, 2007 from his home in Houston, B.C., a small town in northern British Columbia Canada.

Mr. Vike thought he would check his http referrals to see what people were searching for on the internet. He was surprised to see the large number of sighting reports coming out of the province of Ontario, where most people were searching for the March 11, 2007 meteor. Believing an amazing light show took place in the province he thought to place a short, quick note to his website requesting that if anyone may have been witness to a meteor sighting over the Ontario province to please get in contact with him at HBCC UFO Research.

It didn't take long before a few sighting reports of a possible meteor event started to arrive in Mr. Vike's email box.


Silvis woman claims to have seen a UFO

At first, she thought what she was seeing was something ordinary.

"As I pulled out of my driveway, I noticed it," Theresa Sinclair, 58, Silvis said. "I thought it was an airplane that was very low."

It was about 6:30 a.m. March 23, and Ms. Sinclair was on her way to her job at the Rock Island Arsenal. What she saw through the open window of her car was a triangular shape in the sky, with bright red, green and white lights along its edges, outlining the shape.

When Ms. Sinclair first saw it, the triangle appeared to be over a high-rise building at the intersection of 10th Street and Crosstown Avenue. She couldn't say what distance it actually was away from her, but it appeared big.


Passenger jet forced to land in Baku, Azerbaijan due to cracked windshield

A Tu-134 passenger jet made a forced landing Thursday in the capital of Azerbaijan due to a crack in its windshield, the country's transport police said.

"An airliner with 65 passengers and seven crew on board departed from Baku's Geidar Aliyev Airport at 14:55 local time [10:55 a.m. GMT], and due to the discovery of a crack in the windshield landed at the same airport 25 minutes later," a transport police source said.


More High Strangeness over Dumfries

UFO sighting over Dumfriesshire village

A tiny Dumfriesshire village is at the centre of a UFO mystery.

A woman from Tinwald near Dumfries claims to have seen a tubular shaped object hovering in the sky on her way home last Thursday.

She was driving along Kirk Brae from the A701 at around 8pm when the object swooped down above her car.

As she slowed down to have a closer look, the UFO stopped within three metres of her car before darting off at "lightening speed".

The mother, who asked not to be named, told the Standard: "It was a dark tube-shaped object with a sharp beaming light on the end of it.

"It appeared in front of my car but the most eerie thing was that it was really quiet, there was not a sound off it."


UFO mystery at RAF Lakenheath

Mystery surrounds claims that jets from RAF Lakenheath were called to intercept a UFO.

UFO experts claim to have a recording which they have posted on the internet as proof that London Military Air Traffic Control contacted a flight of US Air Force

F-15s from the base, after a UFO was picked up on their radar on January 12.

But air traffic control denies making the call - and RAF Lakenheath will not comment without having more detail over the alleged incident.

Steve Johnson, features writer for UFO Data Magazine, said: "We are still looking into it and we have made a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Defence and have also contacted RAF Lakenheath - but they haven't got back to us yet."


Huge ice block falls on West Bank village

Fragment of an ice meteorite

Eyewitnesses in the northern West Bank town of Deir Ballout, near Salfit, reported that a huge ice block landed in the area.

Witnesses reported that unusual crackling sounds could be heard in the area, which astonished the inhabitants of the village who were preparing for evening prayer.

An eyewitness, Raed Mustafa, told Ma'an "while we were preparing for evening prayer, a strange entity around 1 metre squared in size, fell from the heavens causing a sound like whistling. We discovered that it was an ice block weighing about 35kg."