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Thu, 21 Sep 2017
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High Strangeness


A possible explanation for the Rendlesham UFO incident

A UFO researcher in the UK has put forward an intriguing theory to explain the infamous incident in Rendlesham Forest which has come to be known as 'Britain's Roswell.'

The now-legendary case, which purportedly spanned three nights in December of 1980, has baffled students of the phenomenon for nearly four decades.

Much like many prominent UFO events, the Rendlesham Forest Incident has spawned numerous books, TV specials, and other features detailing the case as well as a myriad of interpersonal conflicts among researchers and witnesses.

The subject of considerable debate and investigation, the notorious event has remained unexplained to this day, but a UFO researcher in the UK believes he may have solved the mystery.


Nine alien civilizations may be surveilling Earth...

You've put up blackout curtains, duct-taped the doors and plugged the chimney. You've disconnected the cable, gotten rid of all room monitors and spent a fortune on a secure phone. And yet ... you still feel like you're being watched. Perhaps your Peeping Tom is more of a Pepping ET. Scientists imagining what Earth looks like from other stars have identified nine exoplanets with a clear view of our planet as it passes in front of the Sun. That means civilizations on those planets can see the Earth. What else can they see? Do they know what you're wearing ... or not?

How would an alien observer see the solar system?

This is the question that inspired the study by researchers at Queen's University Belfast and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany published in the latest edition of the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Lead author Robert Wells, a PhD student at Queen's University Belfast, says they started with the list of what is now thousands of planets that can be observed from Earth orbiting other stars. One reason they can be seen is that they make a dark spot when passing in front of their star and do it at intervals suggesting they're planets and not comets, giant space ships or Dyson spheres. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or a PhD student at Queen's University Belfast) to flip that scenario around and figure out that if we can see them, they can probably see us. And, since we always assume that extraterrestrials are smarter than us, they can probably see more than we do.
However the more important factor is actually how close the planet is to its parent star - since the terrestrial planets are much closer to the sun than the gas giants, they'll be more likely to be seen in transit.
© R. Wells


Florida panhandle man says he encountered Bigfoot, has ongoing research project

© Dustin Teudhope
Dustin Teudhope and hunting partner
Thought to be a legend or a myth at least one local man says Bigfoot has been said to be spotted in the Panhandle. Southport resident, Dustin Teudhope, says he first encountered the creature back in 2009.

One day in 2009 turned a skeptic into a believer. Dustin Teudhope says was forever changed while hunting in the Apalachicola National Forest when he says he encountered a creature like no other.

"It kind of made me a little unnerved and I tried to tell my friends about it and they just thought it was make believe and that I was seeing things. I really know what I saw so I just went on looking more for it and I just kept finding more and more," said Dustin Teudhope, Bigfoot Witness.


Euhemerism: Science attempts to explain the existence and myths of fairies

They used to be normal. Stolen away into the jungle by evil wizards who cut out their tongues, the Asiki children were transformed, their woolly hair morphing into long, sleek locks. Witchcraft destroyed their memories, and the poor, cursed children wandered the streets on dark nights in search of their long-lost homes. Or so the story went.

But Dr. Robert H. Nassau wanted to set the record straight. An elderly Christian missionary stationed in Libreville, French Congo, in 1901, Nassau, who was spiritual but not superstitious, patiently explained to townsfolk that they had nothing to fear from this mythical race of "little people."

He had no time for such nonsense and always tried to refocus the conversation back toward his brand of Christian scientific rationalism ... that is, until one particularly dark, moonless evening. With the sky covered in thick clouds, Nassau went for a walk and noticed a strange little figure following him. Upon closer inspection, he saw how the figure had strange, long black hair and struggled with a tongueless mouth to respond to his queries. A man of science, the Frenchman chased after the small being in hopes of capturing it for examination. But the only thing he caught, according to his mission log, was a single snippet of strangly, silky hair.

Comment: Conan Doyle's theories may be much closer to reality:
In his classic study Passport to Magonia (1969), French scientist Jacques Vallee presented many examples of similarities between fairy and UFO sightings. Jean Bastide, in La memoire des OVNI (1978) went further and said the "modern contacts established with extra-terrestrials respect precisely the same rules as contacts in the past with beings more or less human in form."

An Encyclopedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) gives many examples of fairy abductions. The similarities between fairy abductions and UFO abductions is also interesting to note. People who claimed interactions with fairies generally reported marks on their bodies consistent with reports of alien abductions. Fairy abductions and UFO abductions also exhibit striking similarities to activities of incubi and succubi. Almost always a thick drink is given to the abductee. The victim is paralyzed and then levitated away. The fairies traveled in circular globes of light which is also commonly reported in UFO abductions.

Alien Abduction, Demonic Possession, and The Legend of The Vampire


Is this the bottom of a flying saucer hovering over Scottish chemical plant?

© Phil Trevis/Strange Phenomena Investigations
UFO from below: This could be the bottom of a flying saucer, says Malcolm Robinson. The photo was taken November 12, 1991.
This bizarre picture is the base of a "UFO" snapped by a photographer as it hovered over his head, it is remarkably claimed. The "craft" was reportedly photographed by a man, who had to "bend over backwards" to get it in sight above an oil refinery.

The extraordinary image was revealed to the audience at the Outer Limits Magazine 70 Years of the Modern UFO Era conference in Hull by UFO investigator Malcolm Robinson. Mr Robinson, who has investigated UFOs since the 1980s, said it was the most remarkable UFO picture he has come across.

He told the audience that two men were photographing the BP oil refinery at Grangemouth, central Scotland, at night when they spotted a distant red object. It then flew directly towards them, he said.


A curious tale of reincarnation: Shanti Devi's story remains one of the most fascinating accounts of rebirth

Shanti Devi’s story remains one of the most fascinating accounts of rebirth
Memory can be fascinating in itself. Our brains are said to be capable of recollecting the past with extraordinary accuracy. Even we don't fully understand how our memory works. What if this memory is greater than we believe? What if we can remember facts not only from our life experiences, but a past life?

The curious tale of Shanti Devi is a prime example of this. She was born in 1926 in Delhi, in British India. Apparently from the age of four, she began recollecting details of a past life. She told her parents that she was actually from Mathura, where she used to live with her husband. Her parents' reluctance in believing this tale led to Shanti Devi running away from home to try and reach Mathura on her own. Though she was unsuccessful, she kept insisting that this story was true. Back at her school, she told her headmaster that her husband's name was "Kedar Nath" and that he was a merchant in Mathura. She also claimed to have died ten days after giving birth to his son. The headmaster noted her use of certain words from the dialect of Mathura as well and decided to investigate.

Comment: Six fascinating tales of kids who remember their past lives
The interesting thing is that 100 percent of subjects who report past life remembrance are children. The average age when they start remembering their past life is at 35 months, and their descriptions of events and experiences from their past life are often extensive and remarkably detailed.
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Strange disappearances, bizarre clues and spooky letters

Mysterious vanishings are known not only for their often very strange circumstances, but also for the myriad bizarre clues they often leave behind, as well as the strange leads which frequently come in to more often than not only muddy the waters. In some cases, people have simply seemingly ceased to exist, only to leave in their wake enigmatic letters which may or may not shine a light onto the shadows surrounding their cases. There are inexplicable letters wedged within some of the most compelling missing persons cases out there, which have served simultaneously as a beacon of hope in solving them and also a frustrating exercise in inscrutable mystery.

We begin our journey into these strange cases on the night of August 24, 1951, when a young, 10-year-old girl named Beverly Potts went off with a friend, Patricia Swing, to visit Halloran Park, in Cleveland, Ohio, in order to watch some performers at a lively summer festival. Swing had to return home at around 9PM, but Beverly decided to stay behind to watch the show to its end. However, she would not ever make it home that night and the following morning she was still nowhere to be seen. She had simply disappeared into thin air.

Comment: Unfortunately, the number of documented strange vanishings is far larger than this one article would seem to suggest:


Exorcisms in bulk: Most in-demand exorcist in Italy performs group demon removals

Franciscan Father Cataldo Migliazzo performs exorcisms on demand at a regularly scheduled exorcism Mass that is reportedly well-attended by the possessed as well as the possession-curious.
"[There are] six, seven or eight possessed people here at the moment."
Is it cheaper to get your exorcisms in bulk? Is it better? Where would one go to have more than one demon cast out at a time? The answer to the last question and possibly the others can be found in Palermo, Sicily, at the parish of an elderly priest whose fame as the result of a recent documentary has made him the most in-demand exorcist in Sicily, especially since he deals in quantity.
"I am talking to you, Satan, Prince of Darkness. I curse you, I chase you out of my life."

Comment: Worldwide uptick in demonic possession? Psychopaths in power and the gates of hell


Mysterious lights appear in the sky over Salt Lake City

Fox 13 News received several calls and messages about a series of strange lights in the sky above Salt Lake City Saturday night, and it appears the lights were likely part of the pregame festivities for Utah's game vs San Jose State at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Several videos shot just before 8 p.m. near Salt Lake City show the lights in the sky, with one video appearing to show a single point of light breaking up into smaller objects. Another video shows at least four separate lights moving slowly through the air.

(WARNING: The video below contains at least one instance of profanity.)


Devils Tower draws UFO enthusiasts seeking 'close encounters'

© Pinterest
Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA
In Steven Spielberg's iconic 1977 science-fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a mysterious force compels desperate seekers to converge on Wyoming's Devils Tower in search of answers. When they arrive, they encounter a massive alien mothership which communicates through music and returns scores of missing persons who have been abducted over the years. A lucky few of the witnesses are allowed to go aboard the mothership and travel to the stars with the alien beings. Forty years after the film's release, UFO seekers are returning to the 800-foot-tall tower, but this time the mysterious forces compelling them to come together is much easier to explain.

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