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Sat, 28 May 2022
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The ugly history of vitamin D3 and Fauci's pro-vaccine bias

vitamin D
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We had an inexpensive life-saving solution both before and during the pandemic...

The inconvenient truth is that even at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a very simple, inexpensive and effective treatment was available that could have saved the majority of lives lost (1-3). All that the WHO and public health bureaucracy had to do was to recommend and support people taking sufficient Vitamin D3. This failure to act traces back to the unscientific bias and pro-vaccine obsession of Dr. Anthony Fauci. And once again the legacy media, while being paid by the US government and the pharmaceutical industry to promote vaccination, acted by censoring, defaming and suppressing the ability of physicians to inform people of scientific truth. The disease you suffered, the loss of life among your family and friends, could have been greatly reduced by simply getting enough Vitamin D3. This is another example of what happens when unelected bureaucrats are allowed to control free speech. Crimes against humanity.

The effectiveness of Vitamin D3 as an immune system-boosting prophylactic treatment for influenza and other respiratory RNA viruses was first discovered in 2006 (4, 5). Despite that fact that this treatment is amazingly effective for preventing death (by strengthening your immune system), it has never been investigated by the NIH, promoted by the CDC or by the US government for the treatment of influenza. One major issue has been that uncontrolled variables of dosing, timing of dosing and disease status have resulted in inconsistent clinical trial results (much as we have seen with the Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine COVID trials). However, when Vitamin D3 is given prophylactically at sufficient doses, there is clear and compelling evidence that Vitamin D blood levels of around 50 ng/ml will substantially reduce symptomatic infection, severe disease and mortality.


COVID-19 vaccine can elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-mediated hepatitis

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination can elicit a CD8 T-cell dominant hepatitis
In a recent study published in the Journal of Hepatology, researchers reported that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination could elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-mediated hepatitis.

Vaccination against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is critical to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, several reports have surfaced indicating autoimmune hepatitis (AIH)-like conditions post-COVID-19 vaccination, not observed during clinical trials. Liver injury has been observed with both vector- and messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA)-based vaccines with a varying period of vaccination-to-symptom onset.

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Objective:Health - In The News: Pfizer Dump | California Doctors Lose License For Speaking Out

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Welcome to another episode of Objective:Health's In The News, where we parse the latest headlines and give you the Objective:Health take.

On this week's episode, we look into the latest Pfizer document dump. While the entire US, and to a certain extent, the world, has been efficiently distracted by a rehash of the same old abortion debate, Pfizer quietly released it's latest court-ordered document release. As a result, no one is reporting on this. Constituting over 80,000 pages of documents, the dump is a treasure trove of information that points to how both Pfizer and the FDA knew prior to the vaccine rollout how the shots were both ineffective and dangerous.

We also talk this week about a new proposed bill in California that is set to silence doctors from promoting "misinformation" about Covid under threat of losing their medical license.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we dive into all this and more.

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The 'Dark Truth' Behind America's 'Vaccine Court'

Vaccine court
In an interview with The Defender, Wayne Rohde, author of "The Vaccine Court 2.0: Revised and Updated: The Dark Truth of America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program," explained how the program protects government agencies and corporations, not vaccine-injured children.

Wayne Rohde knows what it's like to have a child injured by a vaccine — his son was diagnosed with an encephalitic brain injury at 13 months old, after getting the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Rohde also has personal experience navigating the process of trying to get financial compensation for a child's vaccine injury.

Comment: See also:


Are COVID shots causing unexpected sudden deaths in zoo animals?

Animals deaths appear similar to rising vaccine-related human deaths

While there are no official data suggesting an uptick in animal deaths, reports show that there may be elevated incidence of deaths among vaccinated zoo animals.

Comment: In November 2021, three snow leopards at the Lincoln Children's zoo also suddenly died of "COVID-19 complications". The zoo failed to disclose whether these animals were vaccinated or not, but during the summer of that year many zoos across the US began administering their animals with an experimental vaccine made by Zoetis.

According to the National Geographic:
"Instead of using mRNA (like the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines), a viral vector (like the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), or a live virus, it uses synthetic spike proteins to trigger the same antibodies the live virus would."
Given what we know about the damaging effects of spike protein on the cardiovascular system, its possible that at least some of these deaths were caused by vaccination.

The spike protein is toxic:

People 2

CDC investigating 109 cases of severe hepatitis in kids across two dozen states, including 5 deaths

Hepatitis child
© The HealthSite.com
Hepatitis in Children
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating 109 cases of severe hepatitis in children, including five deaths, to determine a cause, with adenovirus infection as a primary line of inquiry, the public health agency said Friday.

More than 90% of the children were hospitalized and 14% required liver transplants, according to the CDC. The cases under investigation occurred over the past seven months across 25 states and territories. A majority of the patients have fully recovered and have been discharged from the hospital, according to the CDC.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that is often caused by viral infections, but environmental factors can also play a role. It is not uncommon in children but usually isn't severe.


Vaccinated hospitalised for non-Covid reasons at FIVE times the rate of unvaccinated, UK government data shows

Emergency entrance
© Federation of American Hospitals
Over the past 15 months we've had a barrage of statistics presented to us shouting about how great the vaccines are at preventing hospitalisation from (or with) Covid. However, these statistics have been light on detail on how they were calculated and we've not seen much sight at all of the raw data that the statistics were based upon.

Until now.

In April, a paper was published by the UKHSA (currently in pre-print, which means that it hasn't yet undergone the usual peer-review process) on its statistical analysis of a selection of hospitalisation data by vaccination status. The intent of this paper was to support its statements that the vaccines prevent hospitalisation. However, the paper also includes the raw data upon which the UKHSA statistics were derived, and these data tell a very different story to that presented by the UKHSA.

The data show:
  • Far higher accident and emergency admission rates for reasons other than Covid in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated.
  • Much higher rates of hospitalisation due to non-Covid acute respiratory illness in the vaccinated.
  • Even higher A&E [Accident & Emergency] admissions and hospitalisations in the double-vaccinated (not boosted).
  • Even where the data suggest that the vaccines offer some protection (the risk of admission to intensive care resulting from Covid infection) the results look like they might be an artefact created by the assumptions used by the UKHSA.


Where did we get the idea veganism can solve climate change?

big brown cow
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Mistaken science is distracting us.

Cattle have been denigrated as a major cause of greenhouse gases (GHG) and, therefore, a cause of climate change. When I first heard this as a former farmer, I thought: That's preposterous! Do cows have more impact than fossil fuels? No way.

Big claims

So, I looked it up. Sure enough, a 2009 report from the WorldWatch Institute claims livestock accounts for 51% of GHG — more than industry, coal-burning electricity generation, and transportation combined. Whatever those guys smoke at WorldWatch, I'd like some for Friday night! That report is no longer available on the WorldWatch site. (Links go to a dead page. A reader sent me this one.) It's not hard to figure out why.

The original story emphasizing the GHG contribution of livestock came from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). FAO published a study authored by Henning Steinfeld in 2006, which claimed that livestock produced 18% of global GHG and concluded that livestock was producing more GHG than the entire transportation sector. Although it is a mystery how WorldWatch inflated that to 51% three years later, the claim in the FAO study was eye-catching. Apparently, many eyes caught it, and then they read WorldWatch, too.

Comment: While it's nice to have this ridiculous claim debunked, it doesn't change the fact that the entire climate change narrative is a scam from the ground up. Arguing the minutiae may be helpful in the short term, but until there is widespread acceptance that the entire narrative is misleading, we're all still being lead around by the nose.

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'Possible new pandemic threat': Lloviu virus isolated for the first time

Simon Scott
© University of Kent
Dr Simon Scott.
Researchers from the Medway School of Pharmacy (a partnership between the universities of Kent and Greenwich) have helped isolate the Lloviu virus (LLOV) — a close relative of Ebola virus — for the first time, highlighting the need for future research to ensure pandemic preparedness.

LLOV is part of the filovirus family — which includes the Ebola virus. While Ebola (and other filoviruses including the similarly pathogenic Marburg virus) have only occurred naturally in Africa, Lloviu has been discovered in Europe. The filovirus LLOV, was identified via its genetic material (RNA) in 2002 in Schreiber's bats in Spain and was subsequently detected in bats in Hungary.

As a zoonotic virus — one which passes between animals and humans — LLOV is of interest to public health around the world due to our close relationship with animals in agriculture, as companions and in the natural environment. This is even more the case in recent years with the continued destruction and encroachment of natural habitats of many wild creatures. The World Health Organization states that "Zoonoses comprise a large percentage of all newly identified infectious diseases, as well as many existing ones."

Comment: The media in league with a variety of compromised personalities and organisations have been excitedly speculating over a number of possible contenders for the 'next pandemic', and the planet is surely ripe for it, but it seems more likely that it would be something akin to that which has visited our planet before during similarly tumultuous times. However, that's not to say that this discovery won't be of interest to those working in the US' numerous biowarfare laboratories:


US limits use of J&J's COVID vaccine on blood clot risks

janssen vaccine
© REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
A vial of the Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine is seen at Northwell Health's South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore, New York, U.S., March 3, 2021.
The U.S. health regulator said on Thursday it was limiting the use of Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ.N) COVID-19 vaccine for adults due to the risk of a rare blood clotting syndrome, the latest setback to the shot that has been eclipsed by rivals.

The J&J shot, which received U.S. clearance in February 2021 for adults, can be administered in cases where authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccines are not accessible or if an individual is less keen on using the other two shots, the Food and Drug Administration said.

J&J is one of the three vaccines in use in the United States. The other two are from Moderna (MRNA.O) and Pfizer (PFE.N).

Comment: This is political. All the Covid shots cause blood clots, but they're focusing in on one in particular.

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