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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Monkeypox can be contained if we act now, WHO says

monkeypox monkey
A World Health Organisation senior official said on Friday that the priority needs to be containing monkeypox in non-endemic countries, saying that this can be achieved through quick action.

Monkeypox, typically a mild viral infection, is endemic in the African countries but its spread to non-endemic countries such as in Europe and the United States has raised concerns. So far, there are more than 200 confirmed or suspected countries in around 20 cases where the virus was not previously circulating.

"We think if we put the right measures in place now we can contain it easily," Sylvie Briand, WHO director for Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness said at a technical briefing to member states at the UN health agency's annual assembly.

Comment: So the call to return to lockdowns and social distancing has been issued. How long before everyone is imprisoned in their homes again?

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Fascia: Meet your body's fashionable "new" organ

Andreas Vesalius medicine anatomy
© Wikimedia Commons
Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564)
It's not often that a new functional organ is found in the human body, considering that everything has been dissected and drawn for centuries and photographed in detail for decades. This organ is big and obvious! Ignoring it is like throwing away the wrapping paper and then finding out that the wrapping paper was a major part of the gift.

It's called fascia — a word from Latin meaning bandage. In anatomy, fascia is defined as "a band or sheath of connective tissue investing, supporting, or binding together internal organs or parts of the body." Laypersons who have heard the word were probably afflicted with plantar fasciitis, an ailment that inflames the fascia along the bottom of the foot. I've had it and know that PF is painful. It can sometimes be relieved by weeks of physical therapy or a shot of cortisone. I reflected on a long hike recently how wonderful it feels to walk again without PF pain. I learned from my podiatrist and his foot model that the plantar fascia holds the heel and toes together.

Comment: "Fringe" body-workers, such as Rolfers and myofascial release therapists have known of the importance of well-functioning fascia for decades. Nice to see 'modern' medicine catching up.


A new WHO report once again proves Sweden right

sweden no masks
Throughout the pandemic, Sweden has faced an enormous amount of criticism and international pressure due to their willingness to stick to established public health principles and pre-pandemic planning.

Instead of following the incessant, anti-science groupthink that became part of a virus-induced political religion, Sweden chose instead to not impose the strict lockdowns that Dr. Fauci recently claimed were not tried in the US.

Sweden never mandated masks be worn in indoor public spaces, correctly identifying the lack of evidence supporting their use.

They kept schools open in defiance of teacher's unions and politically motivated "experts" in the United States who advocated for a policy with zero benefits and tremendous harms.

Essentially, Sweden followed the actual science and not The Science™, with the requisite trademark and capital letters. That would include the guides that were prepared prior to the panic, inaccurate modeling, political motivations and crisis obsession took over.

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Objective:Health - Globalist Food Takeover

O:H header
"Who controls the food supply controls the people" - Henry Kissinger

On today's episode of Objective:Health, we look into the globalist takeover of food. While sudden fires have been striking food processing, meat and fertilizer plants, when farmers are hurting, when supply chain issues from an orchestrated pandemic response and suicidal political sanctions are starting to be felt, an entirely traceable food infrastructure system has already been creeping in to cities around the globe.

The future of food looks grim. Traditional farmers are an endangered species. The system that's looking to replace them involve urban warehouses housing massive vertical farm infrastructure. Meat is either going to be lab grown, fake or simply non-existant. We're being encouraged to eat bugs. Gene-editing is ramping up. The stuff of dystopian science fiction is quickly approaching.

If the elites have their way, we're heading into a world where the idea of buying food directly from an independent farmer who you know and are happy to support is quickly coming to an end. The stuff in the supermarkets will be nothing but a simulacra of what we've always eaten.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health where we talk about the globalist plan for our food supply.

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Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their Control

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Medical expert says CDC panel is a 'kangaroo court', approves vaccines based on 'marketing'

Dr. Marty Makary
John Hopkins University's Dr. Marty Makary publicly slammed the CDC over the agency's approval of COVID boosters for children as young as five, with Pfizer now also ready to submit applications to vaccinate babies as young as six months old later this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Makary said that the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is a kangaroo court with no ideological diversity pushing "low value care."

He said that the board approves every vaccine that comes their way, and that those who have pushed back against their stance on vaccines have been pushed off of the panel.

Comment: Not that the FDA is much better, but the fact that the CDC has bypassed a panel of experts in order to fast-track approval of vaccines should be a scandal. There are essentially no controls in place to ensure vaccine safety and effectiveness.

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Gates, Fauci funded experiments on bird flu — Will it be the next pandemic?

bird flu
As news of the COVID pandemic winds down around the world, we're suddenly seeing warnings of another pandemic brewing — bird flu, aka avian influenza (H5N1).

In a March 30 CenterPoint interview, former Director for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, stated:
"I believe the great pandemic still in the future, and that's going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It's going to have significant mortality in the 10 to 50% range. It's going to be trouble."
Anyone who knows a little about bird flu is likely to wonder where Redfield and other "experts" are getting their predictions from, as natural bird flu is notoriously harmless to humans.

In early April, news of a highly pathogenic bird flu ripping through chicken and turkey flocks in the U.S., triggering the slaughter of millions of these animals, was reported.

Historically, however, the bird flu has never posed a threat to mankind — that is until scientists started tinkering with it, creating a hybrid with human pandemic potential.


Runner dies at Brooklyn Half Marathon finish line, 15 others taken to hospital

brooklyn marathon
© Daniel William McKnight
A 30-year-old runner died Saturday morning at the finish line of the Brooklyn Half Marathon, authorities said.
One runner died Saturday morning after finishing the Brooklyn Half Marathon, authorities said.

The 30-year-old man, who was not identified, possibly suffered cardiac arrest around 9 a.m. and was taken to Coney Island Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to the NYPD.

The runner collapsed after finishing the race, according to the New York Road Runners club which held the event. The runner fell on the boardwalk, a source said.

Comment: Accuweather says it was 32°C (89°F) in Brooklyn that day. That's hot, but certainly half-marathons have been run in hotter weather. Is this another case of a vaccinated athlete dropping dead? If only there were journalists who were actually doing their job, we might know.

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Compression garments don't help muscles recover

Compression Garment
© Tohoku Univeristy
Compression garments are an elastic cloth fitting that people wear on their arms, legs, or hips during or after physical exercise. Their use has gained popularity over the last few decades because they are thought to enhance muscle recovery following exercise.

An international research team, led by assistant professor János Négyesi from Tohoku University's Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, performed a systematic review with meta-analysis to assess whether compression garments assist with muscle recovery.

Systematic reviews identify and synthesize data from all relevant studies, and sit at the highest level on the evidence-based medicine pyramid. The researcher's review used a generic inverse variance model, which adjusts the weight of individual studies according to sample size, to more accurately assess the effects of compression garments than previous meta-analyses.

Contrary to results found in individual research, the meta-analytical evidence suggests that wearing a compression garment during or after training does not facilitate muscle recovery.


US buys millions of vaccine doses for dangerous virus

monkeypox under microscope
© AP/CDC/Cynthia S. Goldsmith/Russell Regner
An electron microscope image shows monkeypox virions obtained from a human skin sample.
The US health authorities have signed a deal for $119 million in vaccine doses against the monkeypox virus, after a Massachusetts man was diagnosed with the rare but potentially serious illness earlier this week.

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) - a government agency devoted to combating pandemics and bioterrorism - signed the multi-million-dollar contract with Danish pharma firm Bavarian Nordic on Wednesday, the company announced in a statement.

The $119 million deal is one in a series of contract options which could ultimately reach a total value of $299 million if exercised, in exchange for around 13 million freeze-dried doses of the Jynneos vaccine. It was originally created for smallpox, but was approved for use against monkeypox by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2019, just months before the first cases of Covid-19 were detected in China.

Initial deliveries for the Jynneos shot won't come until 2023, the company said, noting that the full 13 million doses are expected to be ready sometime between 2024 and 2025 should BARDA agree to extend the contract.


Douglas Murray: Talk about deadly obesity risks in America? Fat chance

obese americans
© Christopher Sadowski
Many Americans in power have not discussed the real risks that come with obesity.
Is it fun to be fat? That´s what Cosmopolitan magazine claimed in February 2021. That month's cover was of a morbidly obese woman looking cheerful while attempting some acrobatics. The headline: "This is healthy! 11 women on why wellness doesn't have to be one size fits all."

The timing could hardly have been worse. After all, this was in a period when the Coronavirus was leading to lockdowns around the world. And one thing we knew very early about the virus was that one of the main factors that lead to hospitalizations and even death was if the patient was fat. Almost nothing in the often confusing COVID era was ever as clear as this. Nearly 80% of Americans who were hospitalized with COVID were obese. And just as being obese put you at special risk from the virus, so losing weight lessened your chances of being hospitalized.

But you can tell a lot about a society by what it will not say. And through the whole of the last two years almost nobody in any position of authority dared issue any public lessons about this.

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