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Tue, 28 Mar 2023
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Yet another Covid 'variant': Omicron XBB and the self-driving narrative

Covid Variant
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There's yet another Covid variant in the headlines - it's Omicron XBB 1.5 if you want to know. It honestly doesn't really matter at this point - but it does provide an interesting lesson in the nature of propaganda narrative construction and how, past a certain point, they take on a life of their own.

These days, self-driving cars are in the news a lot. Give it a few years, and driving your own car will be seen as "selfish", "dangerous" and "old-fashioned".

But Covid has become a self-driving narrative.

It is a self-perpetuating machine, not out of the control of its creators, but currently set to auto-pilot. We've reached the propaganda singularity - that point at which too many people have too much riding on the supposed "reality" of Covid to ever let it die.

If the originators of the Pandemic lie were to speak out - to admit the planning of the scam, explain how it was done and claim Covid never existed - they would be ignored or shouted down. And all the fake "science" they paid to create would be used as "evidence" they were wrong.

This is not accidental. It is the ultimate aim of propaganda. The media is an industrial machine designed to turn a collection of lies into a story, a story into a belief, and finally - most importantly - a belief into an unquestioned part of the collective reality.

This is not a new process but it usually takes years and years, Climate Change being the obvious recent example. Covid has shown us the process massively accelerated, like a time-lapse of a seed becoming a flower.

The major part of this is engaging people's profit motive. Money mostly, as always and forever, but aspects of ego and "virtue" and purpose play into it as well - all of that can be balled into a group we can roughly term "self-interest".


U.K. doctors call for government investigation of mRNA covid vaccines due to "alarming safety profile"

covid vaccine
The mosaic of the COVID-19 public health preparedness and response in the U.K. and worldwide had many shortcomings. It certainly did not harness the consensus of medical support that was portrayed by the mainstream media.

Doctors for Patients U.K. (DFPUK) was launched in September 2022 and has become a fast-growing group of U.K. doctors who are dedicated to practising ethical, evidence-based and patient-centred medicine.

DFPUK was borne out of three years of increasing consternation over the manner in which the core principles of medical ethics have been systematically dismantled by our public health bodies. Doctors are held in high regard because we are entrusted to give sole primacy to the best interests of our patients. We are expected to be guided by our oath to 'first do no harm'; an uncompromising respect for individual bodily autonomy; obligation to obtain full and informed consent for all medical interventions; and to be free of influence from any entity external to the doctor-patient relationship. Sadly, all this has been unceremoniously discarded during the era of COVID-19.


Pandemic of the vaccinated: WSJ provides troubling data suggesting vaccines 'may be' causing Covid variants to evolve

covid vaccine
Another conspiracy theory turned true.

The Gateway Pundit has been reporting for years that these experimental vaccines are not safe and effective. Now, controlled corporate media finally starting to ask real questions about these shots.

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal suggested that the Covid outbreak heavily affected most vaccinated people. More and more research points to the possibility that repeated vaccinations make people more vulnerable to XBB and contribute to the rapid evolution of the virus.

It can be recalled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it is monitoring a new COVID-19 variant known as "XBB," which is responsible for all new infections in the United States.

Comment: You'd think these morons would have learned their lesson from the antibiotic debacle. But it's so much worse:

Alarm Clock

Israel's HMOs release data showing decline in number of pregnant women correlates with vaccine rollout

birth rates israel covid vaccine
New data from Israel's HMOs reveal: a decline in the number of pregnant women in their first trimester starting in February 2021, immediately after the start of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout

New data revealed through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from one of Israel's biggest HMOs (health insurance funds. There are four of them in Israel. Y.S) - Maccabi, indicate a decline in the number of pregnant women who were in their first trimester as of February 2021. This, compared to an upward trend that occurred from September 2019 to January 2021.

The application was submitted by David Schuldman, a systems analyst, on April 26, 2022. As can be seen in the graph below, in January 2021, the number of pregnant women in their first trimester was 19,564 - a clear upward trend compared to 2018-2019. However, starting in January the number plunged, reaching 18,093 in April.



Does vaccination actually weaken our resistance to Covid-19?

iceland vaccination site

Masked Icelanders obediently waiting for their life-saving shot in 2021.
Those new results may explain why the probability of infection and re-infection seem to increase in direct proportion to the number of injections.

As early as 2020, various scientists voiced their concern that a vaccination campaign in the middle of a pandemic might do more harm than good. They were promptly branded conspiracy theorists, smeared and then removed from social platforms, and vilified in the mainstream media.

The development of the pandemic during the past year or so has made it clear they were probably right. It is now evident that the vaccines do little to protect against infection, and in fact, new research keeps appearing that indicates how, over time, they can have an opposite effect.

A new study of immune reaction raises even graver concerns about the consequences of the vaccination campaign. Like other such studies, it shows how vaccination spurs the production of immunoglobulin antibodies (IgG) in large quantities, which is certainly what they are intended to do. This study, however, delved deeper, looked at which subtype of IgG antibody the body actually produced following vaccination, and found a huge increase, especially after the third injection, of the IgG4 antibody subtype. Under normal circumstances, IgG4 is less than 5% of IgG antibodies in the body, but after the third vaccine dose, it increased to a fifth of all IgG antibodies. When the triple-vaccinated then got reinfected, the percentage of this subtype increased even more, reaching half of the body's antibodies against the spike protein.

Comment: From Alex Berenson's Substack::
But if the mRNAs are truly generating broad "immune tolerance" to a virus that continues to mutate its spike and make all our anti-spike protein antibodies less potent (as Omicron has), the long-term consequences are potentially frightening.

At the least, this paper offers more evidence that mRNA booster campaigns need to be immediately restricted. And scientists need to examine whether people with high post-vaccination levels of IgG4 antibodies are becoming sicker than people with lower levels. If they are, we need an immediate effort to look for tools to reverse or slow switching to IgG4 at the cellular level.

Physicians will also have to be on the lookout for a spike in IgG4 related disease, which generally manifests as autoimmune disorders and is usually fairly responsive to steroids. (More to come on this issue in a future Stack.)

But for two years we governments and the media have been almost completely unwilling to ask any hard questions about the mRNAs.

This issue, too, will probably also be ignored - unless a future Covid wave becomes so severe that it cannot be.


UK: Chris Whitty warns thousands of middle-aged people are dying of heart conditions that went untreated

ambulances britain nhs
© Getty/Dan Kitwood
Patients went untreated during the Covid pandemic, missing out on statins and blood pressure pills

Sir Chris Whitty has warned that thousands of middle-aged people are now dying of heart conditions after many were reluctant to bother the NHS during the pandemic.

This year has seen a higher number of deaths than normal from preventable conditions as many have missed out on statins or pills for blood pressure amid lockdowns. As of now, there are currently 800 more people dying each week over normal levels, and only half of that is due to Covid, The Times has reported.

While the reasonings for these deaths are still unclear, the chief medical officer has now alerted the Government about how barriers to accessing medication may have contributed.

Comment: Or possibly, how about the most pervasive medical 'treatment' offered in the last two years?


A very dangerous form of tolerance

© markusblanke/iStock
When the announcement was made that vaccines would be available for Covid-19 by the end of 2020, even as someone with no training in immunology, virology or vaccinology, three basic questions raised the alarm for me:
  1. Since the Infection Fatality Rate for Covid-19 was so small (0.096% according to the British Government), and skewed towards a demographic above the average age of mortality, why on earth would we need to inject whole populations?
  2. Since vaccines normally take years before they come on the market, how did the manufacturers of these products come up with them in so short a timescale, with one particular manufacturer, which had never brought a single medical product to market before, designing its product within 48 hours?
  3. Since normal vaccines take 10-15 years of safety data before they are allowed to be given to people, how did the manufacturers manage to circumvent time itself to understand the safety of these products in the mid to long-term.


CDC issues 'wake-up call' as Type 2 diabetes on track to surge 700% in young Americans

type 2 diabetes young people increase
© Getty Images/Maskot/Shutterstock
The number of young Americans with Type 2 diabetes is projected to skyrocket nearly 700% by 2060
The number of young Americans with Type 2 diabetes is projected to skyrocket nearly 700% by 2060 if current upward trends continue unchecked, according to a "startling" new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health.

Meanwhile, a spike of up to 65% in young people with Type 1 diabetes is likely, according to the new study published in the American Diabetes Association's medical journal.

"This new research should serve as a wake-up call for all of us," Dr. Debra Houry, acting principal deputy director of the CDC, said in a statement. "It's vital that we focus our efforts to ensure all Americans, especially our young people, are the healthiest they can be."

More than 37 million Americans — about 1 in 10 — already have incurable diabetes, making it the seventh leading cause of death in the nation. The average medical expenses for those living with it can tap out at $16,752 a year, according to the most recent ADA data.

Comment: Not a surprise for those with eyes to see. The seismic shifts in diet people have been led to make over the last century has caused massive damage to their health. And to add another cause on top of that, studies from nearly a year ago were reporting pancreatic damage from the jab:

Alarm Clock

Pfizer's shots aren't safe and were never shown to be

covid vaccine
Contrary to the official narrative (and hence popular belief), the COVID shots have no demonstrated safety. In Episode 298 of The Highwire, Del Bigtree interviews attorney Aaron Siri about the various lawsuits his firm has brought to reverse COVID jab mandates.

Siri describes a recent deposition of Dr. Kathryn Edwards, a world-leading vaccinologist who sat on Pfizer's data safety monitoring board (DSMB). This five-member committee oversaw the safety of Pfizer's jab. A DSMB is supposed to be an independent group of experts, whose responsibility it is to monitor patient safety and treatment efficacy data while a clinical trial is ongoing.


Steve Kirsch: Do vaccines cause autism? It sure looks like it to me

vaers autism
This one VAERS query which took me all of 10 seconds to do is all you need to know.

And do you see the most interesting thing in this chart?

The COVID19 vaccine isn't associated with a single case of autism! However, upon further investigation, that's because the symptom Autism is now entered into VAERS as Autism Spectrum Disorder. There were just 34 cases.

For the MMR vaccine, however the numbers are significantly higher than for other vaccines.

The analysis needs to be a bit more subtle that this one graph (we have to normalize by the number of doses), but the signal is just too big to ignore.

Andrew Wakefield was right. This is why the CDC ordered William Thompson to destroy all data linking vaccines and autism. Because they don't want you to ever find out.