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Wed, 03 Jun 2020
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Halle Berry swears by the keto diet—here's what she eats in a typical day

Halle Berry
After being diagnosed with diabetes at 22, I adopted what I now know was basically a keto diet. My doctors told me I'd have to keep an eye on how I ate to stay healthy, and I took it to heart. I wanted to get off of insulin, so I decided to say goodbye to processed carbs and sugar like baked goods and white bread — and it has seriously paid off.

For more than 15 years, eating this way has helped me manage my diabetes — but it's also given me a ton of energy and helped me maintain my weight and stay in shape.

When my trainer Peter formally introduced me to the ketogenic lifestyle a few years ago, I realized all I had to do to feel even better was give my body more healthy fats (like avocado, coconut oil, and butter) so it had more of that fuel to burn.

Today, eating keto is second nature to me. I feel incredible on the high-fat, moderate-protein, and very-low-carb plan (seriously, I couldn't tell you the last time I even craved sweets) and wouldn't go back to the sugar-eating ways of before my diabetes diagnosis for anything in the world.

Here's what a typical day of the keto diet looks like for me these days.

Comment: Halle, where's the bacon??


'60,000 cancer patients could die because of lack of treatment or diagnosis': Oncologist on coronavirus dilemma

Professor Karol Sikora
© PA
Cancer does not care about coronavirus, writes Professor Karol Sikora, Chief Medical Officer, Rutherford Cancer Centres.
Following the news, you would be forgiven for thinking we had discovered an overnight cure for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all the other serious illnesses that have taken far more loved ones than coronavirus ever will.

There is no doubt that we are in a tragic and unprecedented situation.

This ghastly virus has killed thousands of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. Any death is regrettable and my thoughts go out to all of the families.

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Objective:Health - 5G Gives You Coronavirus? Not Likely - With Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech Info

O:H header
This whole coronavirus thing is pretty damn fishy. There are a lot of holes in the official line that make it ripe territory for people to fill in the blanks with any number of dubious connections. And because the science on 5G shows it could potentially have a lot of negative health consequences, it was perhaps inevitable that it would be connected with the coronavirus in a cause and effect relationship. One tenuous connection is made after another and, before you know it, people are burning down 5G mast towers.

On this episode of Objective:Health we're joined again by our favourite tech expert Scottie of Scottie's Tech.Info as he helps us sort through the conspiracy to look at the 5G/coronavirus connection, or lack thereof.

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Criminal Big-Pharma cartel given oversight of new Covid vaccine


Big-Pharma - guilty of lying, cheating, stealing, bribery, and a history of exposing the public to dangerous and even deadly drugs - is being given billions to develop a Covid-19 "vaccine." Would you trust your health to these criminals?

Coronavirus Disease 2019 or "Covid-19″ hysteria is sweeping the globe - with mass media-induced public panic paralyzing entire nations, gutting economies of billions as workplaces are shutdown and the public shuttered indoors all while exposed to 24 hour news cycles deliberately fanning the flames of fear.

The West's healthcare industry is already profiting both monetarily and in terms of artificial credibility as a panicked public turn to it for answers and safety. Waiting to cash in on offering "cures" and "vaccines" for a virus is the immensely corrupt Western pharmaceutical industry in particular - notorious corporations like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Novartis, Bayer, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Lilly, and Gilead.

All corporations - without exception - pursuing government-funded vaccines and therapies for Covid-19 are corporations guilty and repeatedly convicted in courts of law around the globe of crimes including falsifying research, safety, and efficacy studies, bribing researchers, doctors, regulators, and even law enforcement officials, and marketing drugs that were either entirely ineffective or even dangerous.

Government funding from taxpayers across the Western World are being funneled into supposedly non-profit organizations like the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI) which are in actuality fronts created and chaired by big-pharma to avoid investing their own money into costly research and development and simply profit from whatever emerges from state-funded research.



Dr Aseem Malhotra: It's time to have an honest conversation about the risks of excess weight

broken bathroom scale

There is an increased risk of death from COVID-19 for those with obesity and the conditions associated with metabolic syndrome such as type 2 diabetes.
No one chooses to be fat. Social scientists from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conducted an international poll to find out what matters most to people for their general wellbeing. Good health was revealed as the number one priority, so how can this be squared with the fact that 60% of the UK's adult population is now overweight or obese?

As pointed out in the New England Journal of Medicine: "food choices are often automatic and made without full conscious awareness." Despite wishing to lose weight, we're still tempted to buy the chocolate bar at the checkout till.

Yet as the country is gripped by the Coronavirus crisis, being overweight and its associated health risks are being highlighted as never before.

Comment: More from Dr. Malhotra:


Pasteur Institute study: 'French coronavirus may be local, likely spreading BEFORE arrival from China'

pasteur institute
A sculpture representing Louis Pasteur is seen outside the Pasteur Institute headquarters in Paris amid the Covid-19 outbreak France, April 20, 2020.
The Covid-19 virus which has been ravaging France may not have originated in China, according to a study published by virologists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. The French strain may have been circulating locally and unrecognised before the global outbreak accelerated.

Tests on samples from 97 French and three Algerians infected with Sars-CoV-2 suggest that the virus may have been around in France before the pandemic started.

The sixteen-page study, by researchers affiliated with the prestigious Pasteur Institute in Paris, was first reported by Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, and says that already on 10 January, France implemented "strengthened surveillance of Covid-19 cases," five days after the World Health Organisation issued the first "Disease Outbreak News" on a "pneumonia of unknown cause" which was first reported by China on 31 December 2019.

Genetic analysis of the samples revealed that the dominant types of viral strains in France belonged to a "clade" or group with a common ancestor that did not come from either China or Italy.

"The French outbreak has been mainly seeded by one or several variants of this clade... we can infer that the virus was silently circulating in France in February," write the researchers.

Comment: And possibly even earlier than that... There are anecdotal reports from France and other countries of spikes in bad pneumonias in late 2019, before the virus was supposed to have spread from China. For example:

Comment: The Western powers would be toast if it emerged that this thing has been innocuously circulating 'in the wild' since December 2019.


Focus on Vitamin D for COVID (and much more)

vitamin d
I have found, I suspect like almost everyone else, that it is almost impossible to keep track of what is going on with COVID. Stories swirl and multiply, and almost everyone seems to be trying to get something out of it. People are claiming miracle cures and success - but it is difficult to verify any such claims.

The normal rules of research (flawed though they often are) have completely flown out of the window. It is like the wild west, with snake oil salesmen announcing wonderful products that not only cure COVID, but every other disease... I mean every other disease, known to man.

Comment: See also:


Eating meat improves mental health and one in three vegetarians are depressed, study claims


People with a plant-based diet were twice as likely to take prescription drugs for mental illness and nearly three times as likely to contemplate suicide than meat-eaters.
A vegetarian or vegan diet may be increasing the likelihood of depression, a US-based study has found.

People with a plant-based diet were twice as likely to take prescription drugs for mental illness and nearly three times as likely to contemplate suicide.

The report, which looked at more than 160,000 people, also found that a shocking one in three vegetarians suffer from depression or anxiety.

Comment: Given the clear necessity for meat for mental health, is it surprising the elite want to force everyone to be vegan? And what does this say about the coming food shortages, specifically meat shortages, that loom on the horizon as a consequence of the forced lockdown?

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COVID-19 Hoax Pandemic: Doctors on Front-line in California Explain Why Lockdowns Are Unnecessary: "Millions of Cases, Tiny Number of Deaths"

Comment: YouTube has deleted all iterations of these Californian doctors' press briefing, and the media is running a smear campaign describing their criticism of the lockdowns as "dubious", so we're reposting their video at the top of our page.

COVID-19 Doctors Erickson

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi
Covid19 being logically reviewed by two ER doctors with huge experience in immunology and microbiolgoy, in California but based on nationwide statistics.

"BAKERSFIELD, Calif., (KBAK/KBFX) — Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care are calling for the county to reopen"

PLEASE WATCH. "Millions of cases, small amount of death"

Dr Erickson COVID19 briefing:

Comment: See also:


Soil in wounds can help stem deadly bleeding

dirty hands
New UBC research shows for the first time that soil silicates — the most abundant material on the Earth's crust — play a key role in blood clotting.

"Soil is not simply our matrix for growing food and for building materials. Here we discovered that soil can actually help control bleeding after injury by triggering clotting," says the study's senior author Dr. Christian Kastrup, associate professor in the faculty of medicine's department of biochemistry and molecular biology and a scientist in UBC's Michael Smith Laboratories and Centre for Blood Research.

The study, published today in Blood Advances, found that the presence of soil in wounds helps activate a blood protein, known as coagulation Factor XII. Once activated, the protein kicks off a rapid chain reaction that helps leads to the formation of a plug, sealing the wound and limiting blood loss.