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Fri, 24 Mar 2023
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The forgotten side of medicine: What can we learn from 'cause unknown?'

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One of my relatives (who is unaware of this blog) excitedly gave me a book yesterday that she told me I had to read.

After I read it, I realized it had a few things going for it which necessitated discussing it with an audience that is already well versed in this subject.

First and foremost, the format in which the book (at least the paper version) is presented makes it an excellent gift (I wish I had realized this sooner than Christmas eve). Since the topic of vaccination is quite complicated and requires dispelling many flawed narratives, there's no way to get around that problem without a lot of densely packed text — I've written over 400,000 words here and I still have only scratched the surface of what I feel needs to be discussed on the vaccine topic.....

Cause Unknown solves this problem by being tightly packed with provocative color images that tell the same story again and again and again — a lot of people started to die suddenly or became disabled in a completely unexpected way immediately after the COVID vaccines entered the market. This is an excellent approach because it's simple enough for people to process without getting overwhelmed by the complexity, and it repeatedly provides the human face to these tragedies so people can relate to them rather than disassociating into its overwhelming details and technicalities.

Comment: Interesting read pointing out the dysfunctional and lazy approach to healthcare via medical herd mentality and the vectors that influence care choices.


Dr Kerryn Phelps reveals 'devastating' Covid vaccine injury, says doctors have been 'censored'

Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker-Phelps
© Dylan Robinson
Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker-Phelps.
Dr Kerryn Phelps has broken her silence about a "devastating" Covid vaccine injury, slamming regulators for "censoring" public discussion with "threats" to doctors.

Former federal MP Dr Kerryn Phelps has revealed she and her wife both suffered serious and ongoing injures from Covid vaccines, while suggesting the true rate of adverse events is far higher than acknowledged due to underreporting and "threats" from medical regulators.

In an explosive submission to Parliament's Long Covid inquiry, the former Australian Medical Association (AMA) president has broken her silence about the "devastating" experience — emerging as the most prominent public health figure in the country to speak up about the taboo subject.

"This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesethesiae, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of immunisation," the 65-year-old said.

Comment: See also:


Why is the 'vaccine' killing our young men and women?

hamlin football collapse heart attack vaccine death rates
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Author's Note: A detailed compilation of the epidemic of sudden deaths in our healthiest members of society can be found within Cause Unknown. Damar Hamlin was extremely fortunate to collapse where he did and medical care was immediately available, in almost any other setting as many of the examples within Cause Unknown show, he likely would have died (this has also been demonstrated for SIDS following vaccination).
I have long been interested in studying how pharmaceutical drugs injure people. Before COVID-19, while quite common, this issue was relatively unknown, because the media — which receives significant sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry — was rarely willing to cover this subject. Because of my interest, I've focused on trying to understand how the COVID-19 vaccines injure people, such as causing sudden adult death syndrome.

Presently, I believe the most probable culprit for the vaccine injuries is the spike proteins they produce. Almost all of the vaccine side effects I've observed have a mechanism that can be linked to a consequence of the spike protein, and the spike protein is the only common factor present in the following (all of which have overlapping symptoms):
  • Severe COVID-19
  • (Actual) Long-haul COVID-19
  • mRNA spike protein vaccine injuries.
  • Adenovirus spike protein vaccines (J&J and AstraZeneca).


Study shows social media use is changing the brains of teenagers

teenagers tik toc brain change
© NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / Getty Images
A recent study by psychologists shows that the regular use of social media is linked to changes in the brains of teenagers. This is especially troubling in light of the fact that the most popular social media platform for American teenagers is China's TikTok, which pushes harmful messaging on teens as soon as they sign up for an account.

The effects of social media on children's developing brains has long been a topic of concern for parents and policymakers. Now, the New York Times reports that a new study by neuroscientists at the University of North Carolina has shed some light on the issue, using brain scans to track the effects of social media use on middle school students aged 12 to 15, a period of rapid brain development.


Social media may alter brains of children - study

girl phone
© marlin-dm/Getty Images
Habitually checking social media as a young teenager is linked to hypersensitivity to peer feedback and may potentially lead to permanent changes in the brain's reward and motivation centers, neuroscientists at the University of North Carolina suggested in a study published on Tuesday in JAMA Pediatrics.

The study looked at a group of 169 teens as their brains developed between the ages of 12 to 15 and their self-reported use of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

When those with usage the researchers classed as "habitual" - meaning they checked their accounts 15 or more times a day - played a game that modeled feedback in the form of peer approval, they became increasingly sensitive to that feedback. Brain scans showed increased activity in areas associated with reward processing, concentration, regulation and control, and the researchers observed that these appeared to contribute to positive feedback loops, further increasing their sensitivity to peer approval.

Those teens who reported checking their social media once at most per day showed a corresponding decrease in activity in these areas, suggesting they were less concerned with feedback from peers or may have more self-control over compulsive behaviors.


1616 athlete cardiac arrests, serious issues, 1114 of them dead, since COVID injection

Gary Dempsey

Gary Dempsey, professional soccer player played 500 games over 20 years, with no cardiac arrests.
It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause.

Important Notes: The number of dead are included in the total number. There are also dozens of reports that are not included in the total number shown in the headline because they are not or may not be vaccine-related.

The so-called health professionals running the COVID vaccine programs around the world keep repeating that "the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective."

In response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021/2022 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting them. They started happening and ramping up after the first COVID vaccinations. The mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Many of those die - more than 50%.

We also note that many posts in Facebook, Instagram, twitter, forums and news stories are being removed. So now we are receiving some messages saying there is no proof of the event or of vaccination status. That is partly because this information is being hidden.


NFL star Dama Hamlin collapses after cardiac arrest: Experts say mRNA shot likely responsible

NFL player
Damar Hamlin's sudden collapse on live TV during Monday night's NFL game triggered an avalanche of media coverage, with experts weighing in on what might have caused the 24-year-old player's cardiac arrest after what appeared to be a routine tackle.

Some news outlets quickly concluded Hamlin's heart attack most likely was caused by commotio cordis, a rare phenomenon that occurs when a small and extremely fast-moving projectile — such as a baseball, hockey puck or lacrosse ball — strikes the chest in a precise location, disrupting the heart's rhythm. The condition affects about 10-20 people per year, usually teenage boys.

Comment: Rushing to immediately blame this event on "Commotio Cordis" is an obvious attempt to deflect attention away from the most likely cause (the mRNA vaccine) and amounts to nothing other than damage control.


On the CDC's data on covid vaccine safety signals

safety first sign
Compared to all previous non-covid vaccines there are many worrying signals in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

A standard way to determine whether there is a genuine concern that a new vaccine may be causing a particular type of serious adverse event (SAE), such as 'myocarditis', is to compare the proportion of adverse event reports associated with the new vaccine that include myocarditis with the proportion that include myocarditis in other vaccines.

For example, suppose that in Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS):
  • For the new vaccine there are 1000 reports of SAEs of which 300 include myocarditis.
  • For all other vaccines there are 2000 reports of SAEs of which 100 include myocarditis.
Then 30% of the reports for the new vaccine include myocarditis compared to just 5% for all other vaccines. This is used to calculate the proportional reporting ratio (PRR) which is simply 30% divided by 5% in this case, and here the PRR is equal to 6 for a myocarditis SAE. The fact that there is a much greater proportion of myocarditis events in the new vaccine compared to previous vaccines should be concerning.

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Yet another Covid 'variant': Omicron XBB and the self-driving narrative

Covid Variant
© Off-Guardian
There's yet another Covid variant in the headlines - it's Omicron XBB 1.5 if you want to know. It honestly doesn't really matter at this point - but it does provide an interesting lesson in the nature of propaganda narrative construction and how, past a certain point, they take on a life of their own.

These days, self-driving cars are in the news a lot. Give it a few years, and driving your own car will be seen as "selfish", "dangerous" and "old-fashioned".

But Covid has become a self-driving narrative.

It is a self-perpetuating machine, not out of the control of its creators, but currently set to auto-pilot. We've reached the propaganda singularity - that point at which too many people have too much riding on the supposed "reality" of Covid to ever let it die.

If the originators of the Pandemic lie were to speak out - to admit the planning of the scam, explain how it was done and claim Covid never existed - they would be ignored or shouted down. And all the fake "science" they paid to create would be used as "evidence" they were wrong.

This is not accidental. It is the ultimate aim of propaganda. The media is an industrial machine designed to turn a collection of lies into a story, a story into a belief, and finally - most importantly - a belief into an unquestioned part of the collective reality.

This is not a new process but it usually takes years and years, Climate Change being the obvious recent example. Covid has shown us the process massively accelerated, like a time-lapse of a seed becoming a flower.

The major part of this is engaging people's profit motive. Money mostly, as always and forever, but aspects of ego and "virtue" and purpose play into it as well - all of that can be balled into a group we can roughly term "self-interest".


U.K. doctors call for government investigation of mRNA covid vaccines due to "alarming safety profile"

covid vaccine
The mosaic of the COVID-19 public health preparedness and response in the U.K. and worldwide had many shortcomings. It certainly did not harness the consensus of medical support that was portrayed by the mainstream media.

Doctors for Patients U.K. (DFPUK) was launched in September 2022 and has become a fast-growing group of U.K. doctors who are dedicated to practising ethical, evidence-based and patient-centred medicine.

DFPUK was borne out of three years of increasing consternation over the manner in which the core principles of medical ethics have been systematically dismantled by our public health bodies. Doctors are held in high regard because we are entrusted to give sole primacy to the best interests of our patients. We are expected to be guided by our oath to 'first do no harm'; an uncompromising respect for individual bodily autonomy; obligation to obtain full and informed consent for all medical interventions; and to be free of influence from any entity external to the doctor-patient relationship. Sadly, all this has been unceremoniously discarded during the era of COVID-19.