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Anger problems 'left untreated'

People who cannot control their anger have nowhere to turn leading to family breakdown, sickness and mental health problems, a charity has warned. The Mental Health Foundation says anger is often dealt with only after someone has committed an aggressive crime.

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Miss Bimbo website promotes extreme diets and surgery to 9-year-olds

A website that encourages girls as young as 9 to embrace plastic surgery and extreme dieting in the search for the perfect figure was condemned as lethal by parents' groups and healthcare experts yesterday.

The Miss Bimbo internet game has attracted prepubescent girls who are told to buy their virtual characters breast enlargement surgery and to keep them "waif thin" with diet pills.


Sedatives and Sex Hormones in Our Water Supply

An AP journalist who helped lead an frightening investigative report considers the dangers posed to the country's drinking water.


Internet addictions: A real medical menace?

Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, and even shopping are all candidates for medical treatment and are recognized as genuine mental disorders, so what about the Internet? Internet addiction -defined as "excessive gaming, sexual pre-occupations, and email/text messaging" - is becoming so common that at least one psychiatrist says it merits inclusion in psychiatry's official handbook of mental illness, the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders."


Under-fives to be subjected to 500 developmental targets

Leaders of teachers groups fear that the pre school national curriculum will encourage a tick box culture in nurseries

A new national curriculum for all under-fives risks producing a "tick-box" culture in nursery schools that relies too heavily on formal learning and not enough on play, teachers' leaders will claim today.


Subliminal messages make us work harder

Bad news for hard pressed workers: a subliminal "pep talk" can make people work harder, even though they do not realise it.

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Here's Looking At You, Kids

Sociologists have begun to question the narcissistic self-promoting tendencies in young people, which are fueled by media, reality TV and online social networks. Can today's young people form durable identities off-camera, or are they so used to producing their images for outside consumption that images have replaced their essences? Will a generation for whom all secrets are fair game and every private moment can become public trust each other and form intimate relationships?


Colorado: Tap-Water Salmonella Inquiry Narrows

ALAMOSA, Colo. - Officials said Monday they have ruled out wastewater contamination, disgruntled workers and terrorism as sources of salmonella bacteria in drinking water that have sickened more than 200 people.


Medicine's Cutting Edge: Re-Growing Organs

Imagine re-growing a severed fingertip, or creating an organ in the lab that can be transplanted into a patient without risk of rejection. It sounds like science fiction, but it's not. It's the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine, in which scientists are learning to harness the body's own power to regenerate itself, with astonishing results. Correspondent Wyatt Andrews brings you to the scientific frontier.

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UK: Recruitment drive as mentally ill teachers asked back to school

Teachers who have been declared unfit to work in the classroom are being approached in a "desperate" recruitment drive to fill vacancies in key subject areas, the National Union of Teachers said yesterday.