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Tue, 25 Jan 2022
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Suicide hospital visits rose among adolescent girls during pandemic, ER data suggest

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New research reveals that suicide-related admissions to emergency room (ER) hospital departments jumped across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially among adolescent girls.

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report a 50.6 percent increase among girls aged between 12 and 17 years old over the course of February 21 to March 20 in 2021.

This spike was reported when comparing the same rates among the same demographic in 2019, the year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Closer inspection of the data reveals that compared with the same demographic in 2019, there was a 31 percent increase in the proportion of mental health related ER hospital visits among children within the 12 to 17 year age range in 2020 -- showcasing an increase in mental health-related ER visits as the pandemic wears on.


Vaccine watchdog won't admit the Covid-19 jabs cause period irregularities despite 4K women reporting problems

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Thousands of women have been reporting period problems after they received the Covid-19 vaccine and are now being monitored by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

4,000 women have reported changes in their menstrual cycle after getting their Covid jab, particularly among those aged 30 to 49.

Figures obtained by The Sunday Times show that 2,734 repots of period problems after the AstraZeneca vaccine was made to the MHRA up to May 17th, a further 1,158 were related to the Pfizer jab, and 66 were linked to the Moderna vaccine.

The period side effects primarily include heavier than normal bleeding and other irregularities, which are believed to have affected more women who have not reported their experience.

Despite over 4,000 women reporting these issues post-vaccination, doctors have said that there is "no increased risk" of period problems after the jab so there is no reason to add it to the growing list of side effects.

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Silver lining? For unknown reasons, global data shows allergy sufferers more protected against Covid-19, Russian scientist says

Alergy Girl - Moscow, Russia.
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It might not be much fun if peanuts make your throat swell up or pollen sends you into a sneezing fit, but, according to one top Russian scientist, otherwise inconvenient allergies could give you a helpful edge in this pandemic.

Comment: There is no corona pandemic, at least not in the sense of what that word used to mean. In 2009 the WHO changed their definition in order to create an artificial panic and sell billions of doses of untested flu vaccines, ruining at least 1300 young lives. They have done the same in 2020 with the Coronavirus but on a much larger scale.

One of the country's top boffins, Moussa Khaitov, Director of the Institute of Immunology at the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, said on Friday that scientists have been baffled by reports that allergy sufferers seemed to be less at risk from Covid-19.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the researcher said that:
"we are now one and a half years into the pandemic and there has been evidence from the very start that patients with allergies are less likely to become infected with coronavirus."

Comment: It is obvious that they want to brainwash people with allergies to take the jab, despite this information. According to them all these vaccines are perfectly safe. But we don't yet know what the cost of this unprecedented vaccine program will be. Even aside from the known dangers, we have no clue what the longterm ones might be.

As for allergies, according to other papers, countries that had lower numbers of vaccinations had fewer food allergies than the countries with higher numbers of vaccinations. People with allergies, in general, know very well to distinguish between their allergy symptoms and any other infection such as Covid.

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Indian drugmaker seeking Emergency Use Approval for 3-dose Covid-19 vaccine, touted as world's 1st 'genetically engineered plasmid DNA' vaccine

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An Indian drugmaker has applied for Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for its Covid-19 vaccine, which is administered in a three-dose regimen. The firm claims the shot is the first ever plasmid DNA vaccine.

In a press statement on Thursday, Indian pharmaceutical giant Zydus Cadila said it had conducted India's largest Covid-19 vaccine trial to date when testing the effectiveness and safety of its new shot. The trial, it says, took place during the wave caused by the Delta variant.

The firm stated that they had applied to the Indian medical regulator with strong results, noting that their vaccine had been proven to be effective against multiple new strains of the virus, including the Delta variant which was first identified in India. The vaccine was also tested on adolescents aged 12-18, the first time this has happened in the country.

Comment: 'Adolescents' - at 12 years old, one would call these as experiments on children.

Comment: Vaccines aren't necessary for a virus that is relatively harmless for the vast majority. Moreover, there are already simple medications, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, with decades of safety data that are both more effective and provably safer. Even so, were one to reluctantly choose to be vaccinated, it would seem that vaccines based on known techniques would be the least risky option - such as Sputnik V - whereas those that use highly experimental and unproven technologies are demonstrably fraught with unforeseen harms. All that said, natural immunity is far safer and superior; and this new Indian vaccine sounds like a disaster waiting to happen: Also check out SOTT radio's: Objective:Health - Protecting Yourself Against Vaccine Side Effects


Ivermectin's success in battling COVID-19

A recently published study in this month's American Journal of Therapeutics, took an in-depth look at 18 randomized controlled studies on the use of Ivermectin to control COVID-19. The study concludes that the use of Ivermectin "significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19" and "found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance."

Ivermectin was first developed as a veterinary drug in the 1970s, however since 1988 it has been prescribed for humans to combat various parasitic infections. Was later added to the WHO's list of essential medications and in 2015 the inventors were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many doctors and scientists were looking for new ways to deal with the virus. At the same time, an interesting series of events occurred one nursing home in Toronto, in February 2020 (just before COVID-19 emerged in Canada the Valley View Nursing Home in Toronto, Canada had a parasitic outbreak. 170 patients at the home were given Ivermectin. The residents of the 4th floor, where the outbreak occurred, were given the highest dose; the rest of the residents were given a prophylactic dose. The staff were not given Ivermectin. Then they had a Covid-19 outbreak. The staff were infected with COVID-19 much more than the patients. Only 6 patients contracted COVID, and they all had mild cases. The patients on the 4th floor, who received the highest dose of ivermectin, had no cases of COVID. These patients were very elderly with comorbidities, and they had much contact with the staff yet only 6% were infected.

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U.S. Sen. Johnson holds news conference with families injured by COVID vaccines, ignored by medical community

milawakee johnson
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) held a news conference Monday to discuss adverse reactions related to the COVID vaccines — giving individuals who have been "repeatedly ignored" by the medical community a platform to share their stories.

The group that spoke was put together by Ken Ruettgers, a former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman, whose wife suffered an adverse reaction after receiving a COVID vaccine. Ruettgers, who now lives in Oregon, started a website to bring awareness of COVID vaccine reactions to the medical community.

"We are all pro-vaccine," Johnson said at the onset of the news conference. In fact, Johnson has had every flu shot since the Swine flu, is current on all of his vaccines and was a huge supporter of Operation Warp Speed, though he has not had a COVID vaccine because he already had COVID.

Comment: The MSM is shamelessly trying to smear Johnson, even going as far back as his high school days and interviewing 'classmates' who said he was anti-science as a youth. Twitter initially blocked users from interacting with his post which contained a video from the conference, and included a warning underneath which stated: "This tweet is misleading. Find out why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people". This warning has now been removed.

Senator Johnson comments:

If the shot is so safe, why would the PTB need media blackouts, smear campaigns, and bribery to coerce the population into taking it?


Raising the alarm on myocarditis after Covid vaccination

There are now 1160 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after Covid vaccination in the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The total could be significantly higher due to latency in reports being processed. Myocarditis is a serious condition associated acutely with fatal arrhythmias, and chronically, because myocytes are irreplaceable, with heart failure and significant associated mortality. The rate of myocarditis/pericarditis reports post-vaccination has historically been low. For the 28 years from 1990 to 2018, during which there were close to three billion vaccinations for influenza alone, there were 708 such events reported in VAERS.1 Using methodology described by Su et al,1 to search the VAERS database,2 the 1160 myocarditis/pericarditis cases occurred in only six months, during which a total of around 150 million people had Covid vaccines, mostly mRNA and excluding lagged reporting.

Comment: This is just another proof that the Covid Vaccines are more dangerous than the Covid virus.

Is the huge financial gain the only reason that PTB is concerned to make vaccination as massive as possible or they are doing that for other nefarious purposes?

Is this Covid masquerade just a false flag operation to impose totalitarian control by brainwashinging the population with massive fear and hysteria propaganda?

Will the people accept the offered and "messiah" in the form of vaccines so they can be saved from the "deadly virus"?

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You plebs need a meat tax, claims millionaire old Etonian 'Food Czar' Dimbleby

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Britain's 'Food Czar' Henry Dimbleby has warned that a 'meat tax' may be necessary in the future to save the planet, even though it might cause riots.

Great. Just what we all need. A multi-millionaire Old Etonian child of privilege, scion of that quintessentially Establishment BBC dynasty the Dimblebys, lecturing us that our meat needs to be made more expensive because... reasons.

Look, I've known Henry Dimbleby for years and he's a perfectly nice, decent, well-meaning chap. We cut our teeth as journalists at the same newspaper diary. Then Henry went on to found the Leon chain of takeaways which do posh fast food - and which he recently sold out for many millions. I don't begrudge him his financial success: I'm sure he worked hard for it and the food at Leon is very good. But I'm at a loss as to how any of this renders him remotely suitable to decide how much you and I should properly be paying for our burgers or our chicken breasts.

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Doctors in Singapore urge expert committee on Covid-19 vaccination to stop vaccine drive for school boys: Media report

Sinovac Vaccination in Singapore.
People queue to enquire about Sinovac vaccine at a clinic, during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Singapore June 18, 2021.
The letter by the doctors group comes amid parental concerns and worries about mRNA vaccines, which include the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, after data on myocarditis among healthy young males was published

A group of doctors, including cardiologists, in Singapore have urged the nation's expert committee on COVID-19 vaccination to halt the vaccine exercise for some 200,000 school boys, following the death of a 13-year-old student in the US after he was jabbed, a media report said on Sunday.

In an open letter, which was posted on Facebook on Saturday by a cardiologist Dr Kho Kwang Po and addressed to chairman of the expert committee Professor Benjamin Ong, the doctors said that vaccination exercise needs to be delayed briefly until the CDC and other organisations worldwide have produced more robust and convincing data on the case, The Straits Times reported.

The US media on Thursday reported that a boy from Saginaw county in Michigan died three days after getting his second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, supposedly from heart failure.

It is unclear which vaccine he had received.

Comment: According to statistics, Singapore has a total population of 5,896,422 people. If 36 people died from COVID-19, then the total mortality rate is 0.0006%. So, basically, it is nothing to worry about.

In 2018 Singapore had 5,638,700 people. The same year 120 people died in car accidents. That is 0.0021%.
It means that far more people died in car accidents in Singapore in 2018 than from Covid-19 in the last 2 years.

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Objective:Health - The Spike Protein is Toxic

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Last month a Canadian cancer vaccine researcher Byram Brindle came forward to reveal some truly astounding news about the spike protein component of of the COVID-19 virus. "We made a big mistake. We didn't realize it until now," he is quoted as saying in an interview on "ON Point with Alex Pierson". In the interview, Brindle discusses peer reviewed research that give some truly stunning reasons behind vaccine side effects such as heart inflammation, vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), and many others.

That reason is that the spike protein itself is a pathogenic protein, a toxin. So while mRNA vaccine researchers had designed their experimental shots to force the body into making what they thought was a benign component of the virus in order to mount an immune response, what they've actually done is forced people's bodies into making a toxin.

On top of this, there is a Japanese study Brindle received through a Freedom of Information Request that shows that vaccine material travels from the injection site to collect in large concentrations in multiple organ systems including the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and — in "quite high concentrations" — in the ovaries.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health, as we delve into the implications of this startling discovery.

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