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Thu, 17 Aug 2017
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7yr-old girl left with horrific burns after getting henna tattoo in Egypt

Madison Gulliver was on a family break when she had a henna tattoo
Primary school pupil Madison Gulliver was on a family break to a plush hotel in Hurghada when her father Martin allowed her to have the temporary tattoo on her arm at the four-star hotel.

The floral pattern stretched from her fingers on her right hand, all the way up her arm to her elbow.

But less than a few hours after having the tattoo she complained of the design being itchy, and it quickly erupted into painful, bright red blisters.

The youngster was rushed to hospital where she had to have the chemical burns cut away in a specialist unit, leaving her with nasty scars along her arm.

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Double dipping: Four companies that own the treatments for the diseases their products cause

Listed below are four lethal connections between Big Pharma and some of our most popular consumer products, of which all consumers deserve to be made aware.

Nestlé and Prometheus Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Nestlé is the world's largest food & beverage corporation, owning more than 2,000 brands in 191 countries. The vast majority of Nestlé's profits come from dairy-centric products. Some of their most popular brands include Gerber Baby, Nesquik Chocolate Milk, Toll House, Kit Kat, Crunch Bar, Hot Pockets, DiGiorno, Lean Cuisine, and Dreyer's Ice Cream.

Nestlé also owns the pharmaceutical company Prometheus Therapeutics and Diagnostics, whose message to doctors is: "Prometheus is your partner in helping patients with chronic digestive disorders live active, healthy lives."

Eye 1

Natural remedies for dry eyes

Although many accept declining eye sight as a part of natural aging, it is really more of a side effect of our modern lifestyle. Aging does not automatically equate to failing vision, cataracts or dry eyes, provided you've properly nourished your eyes through the years. Unfortunately, statistics demonstrate that many Americans are suffering the effects of years of poor lifestyle choices. In people over age 40:1
  • 24.4 million people have cataracts
  • 2.7 million have glaucoma
  • 4.2 million suffer impaired vision
  • 4.88 million suffer dry eye
The risk of developing dry eye increases with age and women appear to suffer with the condition more than men.2 You may have experienced some of the symptoms of dry eye after having been outside in windy conditions or a long day wearing contact lenses. These symptoms may include a scratchy sensation over your eye, or feeling as if there is something in your eye. It may feel as if your eye lids are heavy, be more difficult to blink or you may experience blurred vision.

The medical term for dry eye is keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Left untreated, the condition may lead to serious damage to your eyes. In the past, dry eye was treated by adding moisture, such as normal saline. Today, there is a better understanding of the complexity of some of the substances in your tears and how they function in your eye.3


What hippocratic oath? Florida pediatricians refuse to see unvaccinated children

Some Florida parents got a bit of a surprise when they were kicked out of pediatric firms for having unvaccinated children.

Even though the decision to not vaccinate is growing among those who read the vaccine inserts and familiarize themselves with the potential side effects, doctors want all children forcibly injected because they make more money if their patients vaccinate. It's not a secret that the vaccine manufacturers dumped big money into California lawmakers pockets just before mandating all children get all the recommended vaccines. But safety and health come second to a pocket full of money.

"We want everyone vaccinated and caught up with the CDC schedule by age of 2," said Dr. Thomas Connolly, a pediatrician with the Carithers Pediatric Group. Connolly said he strongly encourages all of his patients to get vaccinated. "It's nothing personal against you as a person, I respect your decision that is your decision, but my medical decision and my background and my belief is I want the child vaccinated to maximize their defense," Connolly said. In other words, he wants to make sure you pump your child with known toxins so he can continue to make money.


Study shows older hearts could be rejuvenated with stem cells from younger ones

© David Oxberry / Global Look Press
Older hearts may soon be able to be rejuvenated with stem cell injections from younger hearts, according to a new study which successfully reversed signs of cardiac aging in elderly rats.

Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute gathered two groups of rats for the study. One group had an average age of 22 months - which is considered aged in the rat world - and the other had an average age of just four months.

Before beginning the study, they measured the heart function of all the rats, both young and old.

The researchers then injected a type of stem cell known as cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs) into some of the older rats.

Other elderly rats received a placebo treatment which consisted of saline injections instead of stem cells.

A month after receiving treatment, the heart functions of the group of older rats which received CDC cells were tested a second time.


Air pollution causes spikes in stress hormones and alters our metabolism

A man wearing a respiratory protection mask walks toward an office building during the smog after a red alert was issued for heavy air pollution in Beijing's central business district, China, December 21, 2016.
Breathing dirty air causes stress hormones to spike, new research suggests, which could help explain why long-term exposure to pollution is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a shorter life span.

Dr. Haidong Kan of Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and colleagues looked specifically at the health effects of particulate matter (PM), small particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter, from industrial sources, that can be inhaled and become lodged in the lungs. While PM levels have gone down in North America in recent years, they are on the rise worldwide.

"This research adds new evidence on how exposure to PM could affect our bodies, which may (ultimately) lead to higher cardiovascular risk," Dr. Kan told Reuters Health in an email interview. "Our result may indicate that particulate matter could affect the human body in more ways than we currently know. Thus, it is increasingly necessary for people to understand the importance of reducing their PM exposure."

Comment: Air pollution is contributing to the premature deaths of some 3.3 million people around the world every year. It has been associated with increased risks of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses, and cancer, among numerous other health issues:


Big increase in opioid-related admissions and deaths in nation's ICUs

© Victor Moussa/Fotolia
Analyzing data from the period between January 1, 2009 and September 31, 2015, the researchers documented a 34 percent increase in overdose-related ICU admissions.
Since 2009, hospital intensive care units have witnessed a stark increase in opioid-related admissions and deaths, according to new study led by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's (BIDMC) Center for Healthcare Delivery Science. Published online today ahead of print in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, the study is believed to be the first to quantify the impact of opioid abuse on critical care resources in the United States. The findings reveal that opioid-related demand for acute care services has outstripped the available supply.

Analyzing data from the period between January 1, 2009 and September 31, 2015, the researchers documented a 34 percent increase in overdose-related ICU admissions. The average cost of care per ICU overdose admissions rose by 58 percent, from $58,517 in 2009 to $92,408 in 2015 (in 2015 dollars). Meanwhile opioid deaths in the ICU nearly doubled during that same period.

"This study tells us that the opioid epidemic has made people sicker and killed more people, in spite of all the care we can provide in the ICU, including mechanical ventilation, acute dialysis, life support and round-the-clock care," said the study's lead author, Jennifer P. Stevens, MD, associate director of the medical intensive care unit at BIDMC and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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Bubonic plague tested positive on Arizona fleas, locals warned to 'take precautions'

© James Gourley / Global Look Press
Fleas in Arizona have tested positive for the bubonic plague, prompting health officials to advise residents to "take precautions" to reduce their risk of becoming infected with the disease, which killed millions during the Middle Ages.

Navajo County confirmed on Friday that fleas in the area have tested positive for the disease, once known as 'the Black Death.'

"Navajo County Health Department is urging the public to take precautions to reduce their risk of exposure to this serious disease, which can be present in fleas, rodents, rabbits and predators that feed upon these animals," the county wrote in a post on Facebook

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UK midwives renege on campaigning for natural childbirth

The college no longer wants people to think there is anything wrong with caesareans. Doctors have welcomed the change in language .
Midwives are backing down on their decade-long campaign for natural childbirth - because they say it makes women feel like failures.

Pregnant women will no longer be told that they should have babies without medical intervention as part of an overhaul of professional guidance.

The Royal College of Midwives have announced they want to avoid giving the impression that interventions such as caesareans and epidurals are abnormal.

Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the college, denied that the 'campaign for normal birth' which has run since 2005, has compromised the safety of women and unborn children.

She admitted, however, that it had 'created the wrong idea' and would be ended.


How to decrease the lectin content in your food

Lectins1 - sugar-binding plant proteins that attach to cell membranes - may be a hidden source of weight gain and ill health, even in an otherwise healthy diet. In fact, since lectins are present in most plant foods, if you're eating a whole food diet yet find yourself still struggling with weight gain and/or stubborn health problems, lectins may well be a hidden culprit.

Many lectins are proinflammatory, immunotoxic, neurotoxic and cytotoxic. Certain lectins may also increase blood viscosity, interfere with gene expression and disrupt endocrine function.

The problem with recommending an altogether lectin-free diet is that this would eliminate most plant foods,2 which should ideally make up the bulk of your diet. Moreover, in small amounts, some lectins can be quite beneficial,3 so 100 percent avoidance is likely neither possible nor ideal. They key then becomes finding a happy medium where the worst lectins are avoided, and the effect of others are tempered through proper preparation and cooking.

How Lectins Can Wreck Your Health

Before we get into strategies to reduce lectins in your diet, let's review the reasons why. As explained in Dr. Steven Gundry's 4 book, "The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain," some plant lectins can contribute to leaky gut by binding to receptor sites on your intestinal mucosal cells, thereby interfering with the absorption of nutrients across your intestinal wall.

As such, they act as "antinutrients," and can have a detrimental effect on your gut microbiome by shifting the balance of your bacterial flora. Among the worst culprits are wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), found in wheat and other seeds in the grass family.5

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