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Sat, 03 Dec 2022
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Penis Pump

Man sues over long-lasting erection after drinking Boost Plus

A man has sued the maker of the health drink Boost Plus, claiming the vitamin-enriched beverage gave him an erection that would not subside and caused him to be hospitalized.

The lawsuit filed by Christopher Woods of New York said he bought the nutrition beverage made by the pharmaceutical company Novartis AG at a drugstore on June 5, 2004, and drank it.

Woods' court papers say he woke up the next morning "with an erection that would not subside" and sought treatment that day for the condition, called severe priapism.

They say Woods, 29, underwent surgery for implantation of a Winter shunt, which moves blood from one area to another.

Red Flag

Specialists say drug-resistant TB to occur more

But TB specialists said yesterday that the real importance of the case is that it is a warning: People everywhere should brace themselves for many more cases of the drug-resistant airborne germ in the months and years ahead.

"This is the tiniest tip of the iceberg," said Dr. Paul Farmer , a Harvard professor who has treated drug-resistant TB in Haiti, Peru, and Siberia. "We need to take excellent care of our own but also acknowledge that we're lucky as a nation: We have little TB, drug resistant or otherwise. We need to think about this much more globally."


Is Ritalin a divorce drug for children?

A Canadian researcher on Monday called for an investigation into why children from broken marriages are twice as likely to be prescribed attention-deficit drugs as children whose parents remain together.

University pf Alberta professor Lisa Strohschein reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal more than 6 percent of 633 children from divorced families were prescribed Ritalin, compared with 3.3 percent of children whose parents stayed together.


The Hard Rain of Depleted Uranium is Already Falling

If ever a man's been 10,000 miles in the mouth of graveyard, Dr. Doug Rokke has, for when you really look into Depleted Uranium, as he has, time and space open wide to reveal tombstones of future generations.

To hear Rokke (Rocky) tell it, he's lost friends, colleagues and portions of his own corpus to Depleted Uranium (DU to those in the field). He's been shot at, run off the road, and had his good name smeared in the press.

As an Army expert on DU deployment during and following the first Gulf War, he stopped cooperating with Army DU policy when he realized not all its victims were designated enemies, and that his own government was in denial about this reality. Rokke says most American casualties in the First Gulf War were the result of friendly fire involving DU weapons.

Magic Wand

Breakthrough Liver Cancer Treatment Found

Researchers have announced the first drug to make major inroads against liver cancer, one of the more voracious forms of the disease.

Nexavar, made by Bayer, gave patients with advanced liver cancer 44 percent more time to live, compared to patients who did not receive the drug, according to results presented Monday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, in Chicago.


45-minute operation to restore sight to millions

A revolutionary technique being developed by British scientists could cure blindness in millions of people around the world.

The first 45-minute operations could take place within five years and could be as commonplace as cataract surgery in a decade.

©Macular Disease Society/PA Wire

Evil Rays

Hearing Voices In Your Head - International Website Launched Today

Today sees the launch of a new international website for hearing voices providing a gateway for all things to do with people who hear voices (aka auditory hallucinations). The launch takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, where representatives of the eighteen nations involved in working on the issue of hearing voices are holding their annual meeting.


New Mexico woman hospitalized with plague

A Torrance County woman is in critical condition with plague.

The state Department of Health did not release the 58-year-old woman's name but says she developed bubonic plague, which progressed to plague pneumonia.


EU to ban traditional barometers

Euro MPs have signalled the end of traditional barometers, in a move to ban the sale of products containing mercury across the EU.

The parliament's environment committee rejected a bid to exclude barometers from the ban, which will also affect thermometers and blood pressure gauges.

The draft law is designed to phase out the use of a substance harmful to health and the environment.

It still has to be approved by the full parliament, and by EU ministers.

Evil Rays

Pot-Plant Cancer Alert ; Using Pesticide Sprays in the Home 'Could Double Risk of Brain Tumours'

USING pesticides on house plants could more than double your risk of developing a brain tumour, a study suggests.

Those who use fly sprays, weedkillers and other chemical treatments on their pot-plants are 2.25 times more likely to develop brain cancer, the findings show.

Around 5,000 Britons are diagnosed with brain tumours each year.

Some can be removed by surgery, but others can cause death quickly.