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Wed, 08 Dec 2021
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Drug-resistant bugs on rise outside hospital-study

Drug-resistant bacteria are infecting more people in community settings such as prisons and public housing, and not just in hospitals where such "superbugs" can run rampant, researchers said on Monday.

Over a five-year period, researchers at a Chicago hospital found a seven-fold increase in drug-resistant staph infections that had been contracted outside of any hospital.


Superbug outbreak imminent, MDs say

EDMONTON – A superbug that causes infections resulting in lesions, bleeding pneumonia and, in rare cases, flesh-eating disease is poised to "emerge in force" across Canada, infectious disease experts warn.


Study: Superbugs Emerge Among Urban Poor

Drug-resistant staph infections have spread to the urban poor, rising almost seven-fold in recent years in some Chicago neighborhoods, a new study finds.

Researchers said the crowded living conditions of public housing and jails may speed up the person-to-person spread of infection.


Dried food on dishes harbors bacteria

Leaving food on eating utensils and dishes could easily cause bacteria to grow on them, especially if it's moist, according to a U.S. study.

"The best thing you can do is wash your dishes off right away, before the food dries," said Melvin Pascall of Ohio State University. "It saves washing time and gets rid of places where bacteria can survive drying and washing."


Tuberculosis strain threatens 'uncontrollable' epidemic

GENEVA - Extremely drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis could spark a "practically uncontrollable" epidemic among HIV/AIDS sufferers in areas like Africa, a World Health Organisation (WHO) official said on Tuesday.


Virulent new strain of tuberculosis sparks alert

A STRAIN of tuberculosis that resists almost all of the drugs used to fight it is appearing around the world, including the US, the World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have warned.


Rare TB case on plane prompts warning

A man with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis may have spread the disease to passengers and crew on two trans-Atlantic flights earlier this month, federal health officials said Tuesday.

CDC officials on Tuesday released information about the passenger, and called for people on the same flights to get checked for the infection.


Alcoholic drinks in Britain to carry health warning labels

Bottles and cans of alcoholic drinks will carry health warnings on their labels next year, a health minister said Monday.

The Health Ministry and the drinks industry struck a voluntary agreement that will lead - by the end of 2008 - to labels detailing how many units of alcohol each drink contains and recommended safe drinking levels for men and women.

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint did not reveal the exact wording to be used on the labels, but said the warnings will not be as strong as those found on cigarette packets.


Bad Medicine: Ruthless Health Care Policy in America

Collateral Damage: Bad Medicine in Tennessee, a new film by Julie Winokur, explores the single largest Medicaid cuts in history -- a failed "reform" attempt that left 170,000 people without care almost overnight.


Man dies after crab nicks him

Mr Tan Boon Hock, 83, was nicked on his finger by a crab on Feb 22 while preparing live crabs for his family's dinner. He died two days later from the infection of the flesh-eating Vibrio bacteria.

Mr Tan had put a plaster on the cut and continued with his work, but around midnight he began vomiting and had diarrhoea. He refused to go to the hospital despite pleaas from his wife and daughter.