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Sun, 23 Apr 2017
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Letter from dead EPA scientist Marion Copley reveals Monsanto's bribes to hide scientific evidence of glyphosate causing cancer

The Environmental Protection Agency has been involved in a number of controversies over the years, such as the Gold King Mine spill or their silence on the use of fracking wastewater on farmland. Now, the federal agency is under fire for their collusion with one of the world's most evil companies: Monsanto.

Monsanto has become infamous for their genetically modified seeds, and for manufacturing one of the most widely used herbicides, Roundup. Their star weed-killer has gained notoriety of its own, thanks to its toxic active ingredient, glyphosate. While the corporate behemoth claims that the product is safe, there is much evidence to the contrary; even the World Health Organization has declared that glyphosate is a "probable carcinogen." But like all soulless corporations, Monsanto has been using their prowess to keep the lid on glyphosate's carcinogenic nature. But all good times must come to an end, and a revealing letter from a now-deceased EPA scientist could hopefully be the beginning of Monsanto's end.

USRTK, a non-profit working for accountability in our nation's food system, originally uncovered a heart-breaking letter former EPA scientist Marion Copley, who passed away from cancer. In this letter, Copley begs fellow EPA employee Jess Rowland to protect the public from glyphosate's toxic nature, rather than continue to cow-tow to Monsanto's influence. "For once in your life, listen to me and don't play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants. For once do the right thing and don't make decisions based on how it affects your bonus," Copley writes.

Comment: Read more about Monsanto's Glyphosate and the true toxicity it possess:


A woman had to undergo 20 surgeries to repair damage from fluoroquinolone antibiotics

These antibiotics received countless warnings time and time again. Since 1992 consumers have reported the devastating effects they can have on the body, and yet the FDA did nothing. In 2016, the drug warning was finally updated to include the reports, but for many it was too late, and for some, this class of drugs is still being prescribed despite the unnecessary risks.

Amy Moser is one of the patients whose life was forever changed due to this drug. She writes out her full story on her blog Mountains and Mustard Seeds. She says she is no way against modern medicine, but the FDA ignores some warnings about dangerous drugs, and it is up to the consumers to spread the information.

Comment: The Health & Wellness Show: Fluoroquinolone antibiotics: The devil in a pill

Life Preserver

The miracles of the microbiome: When gut bacteria change brain function

© Craig Ruttle / AP
Some researchers believe that the microbiome may play a role in regulating how people think and feel.

By now, the idea that gut bacteria affect a person's health is not revolutionary. Many people know that these microbes influence digestion, allergies, and metabolism. The trend has become almost commonplace: New books appear regularly detailing precisely which diet will lead to optimum bacterial health.

But these microbes' reach may extend much further, into the human brains. A growing group of researchers around the world are investigating how the microbiome, as this bacterial ecosystem is known, regulates how people think and feel. Scientists have found evidence that this assemblage—about a thousand different species of bacteria, trillions of cells that together weigh between one and three pounds—could play a crucial role in autism, anxiety, depression, and other disorders.

Comment: "There's been an explosion of interest in the connections between the microbiome and the brain"


Trump's pick for the FDA: Dr. Scott Gottlieb attempts to distance himself from Big Pharma

Critics are calling attention to the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and President Trump's nominee to the Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb is promising to recuse himself from more than 20 companies he is involved with should he be accepted as the head of the Food and Drug Administration. Gottlieb made the promise after his relationship with pharmaceutical corporations became a concern to those who oppose his nomination to the FDA. In a letter to the ethics head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Gottlieb promised to recuse himself from more than 20 companies in which he is financially involved.

Gottlieb is a physician who was the deputy commissioner at the FDA from 2005 to 2007 under the Bush administration. He currently sits on the board of several small "biopharma" companies and advises GlaxoSmithKline, the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Gottlieb also works for venture capital fund New Enterprise Associates and is managing director of investment banking firm TR Winston & Co.

Comment: It's LAW now! It provides $9.3 billion in funding to the National Institutes of Health and $550 million to the FDA over a five-year period
The Loss of Informed Consent

The 21st Century Cures Act will diminish another bedrock of modern medicine - informed consent. The NEJM article notes that:
"Informed consent by patients in drug trials has traditionally been sacrosanct, with exceptions made only when consent is impossible to obtain or contrary to a patient's best interests. But another clause in the proposed law adds a new kind of exception: studies in which 'the proposed clinical testing poses no more than minimal risk' — a major departure from current human subject protections. It is not clear who gets to determine whether a given trial of a new drug poses 'minimal risk.'"
Informed consent is crucial not only for the credibility of modern medicine, it is crucial for liberty.


NHS Report: Doctors should prescribe gardening for patients more often

© Alamy
Some GPs already prescribe gardening for patients. Photograph
Those with cancer, dementia and mental health problems can benefit from gardening, according to health think tank

Doctors should prescribe gardening far more often for patients with cancer, dementia and mental health problems, the NHS has been urged in a new report.

Outdoor spaces including gardens can reduce social isolation among older people as well as help patients recover and manage conditions such as dementia, according to the influential King's Fund health thinktank.

Jane Ellison, the public health minister, backed the plan, which could see GPs in particular advising patients to spend more time outside as a way of alleviating their symptoms. "[Gardening] is profoundly good for you ... [it] is a great way of keeping people active, of keeping them outside and keeping their sense of wellbeing very high," she said. "There are things we can do around physical activity in particular that bring immediate payback ... I'm trying to put this right across the agenda of dementia and cancer."

Comment: The many health and spirit-lifting benefits of gardening

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The Health & Wellness Show: Fluoroquinolone antibiotics: The devil in a pill

Fluoroquinolones (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and others) are one of the most prescribed antibiotics worldwide with nearly 26 million prescriptions being given a year. Fluoroquinolones are also the subjects of numerous lawsuits due to their debilitating, systemic side effects. Prescribed for even minor ailments, these drugs are linked to tendonitis, peripheral neuropathy, tooth loss, heart, liver and kidney issues, Gulf War Syndrome and even death. This is by no means a complete list of all of the side effects as the thousands of sufferers can attest.

Join us as we delve into the mechanisms and side effects of this evil drug and get armed with the knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones from these evil drugs.

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health segment where the topic will be factory farms, antibiotic resistance and superbugs.

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Blue Planet

Guess what? Quack researchers want us to believe that global warming causes diabetes

Forget about poor diet and lack of exercise being the main culprits in the growing diabetes epidemic. If you believe what researchers from the Einthoven Laboratory in the Netherlands now claim, global warming, a.k.a. Big Government's favorite scapegoat for everything wrong in the world, may be at least partly to blame for the millions of people who suffer from impaired insulin production.

Published in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, a paper by these researchers identifies an association between temperature surges and increased diagnoses of type-2 diabetes, the kind most commonly associated with eating too much sugar and not enough beneficial nutrients. Because of this coincidence, they have somehow theorized that increased warmth might be a cause of this common disease that afflicts some 29 million people living in the United States.

It might sound like some kind of joke, but this conclusion was actually published in a scientific journal that claims to uphold the highest research standards. Several major news outlets are already touting the study as "evidence" that diabetes is a consequence of man-made climate change, which presumably means that politicians need to impose more taxes on the people to send over to the United Nations.

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post, lead study author Lisanne Blauw apparently stated, without laughing, that when the weather gets warmer, more people are diagnosed with diabetes. Based on this supposed observation, she added, it is vital that the public recognizes that "global warming has further effects on our health, not only on the climate."

Comment: Sounds like the author is equating correlation with causation.


Merck didn't bother to research the effects of Gardasil on girls' ovaries

"When one looks at the independent literature, so, studies which are not sponsored by the vaccine manufactures . . with relation to Gardasil, there have been several reports documenting multiple sclerosis and encephalitis, which is brain inflammation, in girls who have received their Gardasil vaccine. So, just because a study sponsored by the manufactures does not identify problems with the vaccine, does not necessarily mean that the vaccine is safe. In fact if one looks at the manufacturer studies, they're often not designed to detect serious adverse events." (source)

The quote above comes from Dr. Lucija Tomlinjenovic, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of British Colombia. She's published many papers on the efficacy and safety of HPV vaccines.

It's a great quote to start this article with, because multiple studies have identified the fact that the studies used to approve this vaccine do not look for serious adverse effects. As a result, many young women have experienced drastic and debilitating changes after receiving the HPV vaccine. In rare cases it has even caused death.

Comment: See also: 'Robbed of their womanhood': Sisters suffer from premature ovarian failure after Gardasil shots

Post-It Note

Are we all GMO "canaries-in-the-coalmine" - but don't recognize it?

The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) and Jeffrey M. Smith, Executive Director, along with other prominent researchers, produced a most detailed and informative 12-page report titled "Can Genetically-Engineered Foods Explain the Exploding Gluten Sensitivity?" which provides information I think readers ought to become familiar with, especially since everyone must eat food to live, but may not know what 'lurks' within those edibles and the crops used to produce them.
Based on my clinical experience, when I remove genetically modified foods as part of the treatment for gluten sensitivity, recovery is faster and more complete. I believe that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our diet contribute to the rise in gluten sensitivity in the U.S. population. —Emily Lindner, MD, Internist [1]
As the report points out, "gluten refers to any of the more than 23,000 distinct pro­teins in wheat," but wheat is not the only source of gluten. The report offers this chart of gluten sources, i.e., Gliadins and Glutenins, which can be problematic for gut-sensitive eaters who, unknowingly, may have become sensitive due to their long-standing 'food-love-affair' from eating denatured fast foods, synthetic sugars, trans fats, plus food additives and preservatives, and fluoride in drinking water and processed foods and beverages.


Merck in hot water over dangerous shingles vaccine that caused numerous injuries, deaths

Commercials for the jab showing happy people free of shingles are a common feature of television advertising. But Merck & Co's "Zosatavax" vaccine to prevent varicella, the adult version of chickenpox, is causing the international drug giant some serious headaches after numerous people who got the shot suffered injuries and/or death.

Multiple lawsuits are making their way through the court system alleging that Merck's blockbuster vaccine for shingles isn't safe, and could cause serious adverse effects. Plaintiffs in the state of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, allege that Zostavax isn't safe, and are taking to both the state and federal court system to seek justice.

According to Marc Bern of Marc J. Bern & Partners, there have been "thousands of complaints" about Zostavax in Pennsylvania alone. Patient injuries from the vaccine, he says, range from shingles itself, which the vaccine is supposed to prevent, to serious personal injuries such as blindness and paralysis. Other reports of adverse effects from Zostavax include brain damage and death.