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'Worst outbreak ever': Nearly a million pigs culled in Nigeria due to swine fever

African swine fever has decimated the livelihoods of many farmers
© Kacper Pempel/Reuters
African swine fever has decimated the livelihoods of many farmers.
Hundreds of thousands of pigs have been culled by Nigerian farmers in response to an explosion of African swine fever (ASF). The outbreak began around Lagos and parts of neighbouring Ogun state earlier this year, pig farmers say, but has now spread to many other parts of the country.

In the absence of official data, farmers who spoke to the Guardian estimated that nearly a million pigs had been put down so far. Mrs Bello, a farmer at Lagos-based Oke-Aro, the largest pig co-operative in west Africa, who preferred not to give her first name, said the co-operative alone had culled around 500,000 pigs. So far the virus has spread to more than a quarter of Nigeria's 36 states.

In the past decade, ASF has regularly surfaced in several parts of Africa. Between 2016 and 2019, more than 60­ outbreaks were reported across the continent.

But the recent wave of infections is the worst by far. "We have never experienced anything of this scale in the past. This is the worst and largest outbreak ever," says Ayo Omirin, a pig farmer at Oke-Aro, who has lost more than 600 of his 800 pigs.

Comment: Outbreaks like this along with the coronavirus crisis, in addition to earth changes affecting crop growth, and the losing value of currency which is set to get much worse in Western nations in particular, have made the production, availability, purchasing and distribution of food - a MAJOR global issue the likes of which we haven't seen in generations.

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Nervous and immune systems 'need to talk' for bone repair

© Carolyn Meyers, Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins Medicine
Photomicrographs from a recent Johns Hopkins Medicine study showing the importance of the peripheral nervous system in bone injury repair. Clockwise from bottom left: (A) Micro computed tomography image showing bone regrowth in mouse skull 14 days after injury (dashed black line is the original section of bone removed); (B) Image of bone repair (original section removed is between the white arrows) showing expression (green) of nerve growth factor, a protein produced by immune cells that stimulates the nerve regrowth necessary for bone healing to occur; and (C) high-magnification image of section in B designated by dashed white box (dashed white line in C is the edge of the healing bone).
In a December 2019 study, a team of Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers demonstrated in mice that repair of bone fractures requires the generation, growth and spread of nerve cells, or neurons, throughout the injured area. This, they showed, partly relies on a protein known as nerve growth factor (NGF). Now, the researchers have dug deeper into this process to better understand how the nervous and immune systems work together with NGF to enable nerve regrowth during bone repair.

In a new study, published in the May 26, 2020, issue of the journal Cell Reports, the researchers found once again in mice that two proteins — tropomyosin receptor kinase-A (TrkA) and NGF — bind together to stimulate innervation (the supplying of nerves), and subsequently, new bone at an injured site. What surprised them was that the NGF that mattered most in this process came from an unexpected source: macrophages, the white blood cells that alert the immune system to foreign invaders through inflammation, and then engulf and remove the attackers from the body.

Comment: See also: Also check out SOTT radio's: Objective:Health #25 - Fascia - The Body's "Fiber Optic" Crystalline Matrix

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COVID Antibody Tests: Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery

covid test
COVID antibody tests are going to become a focus, now that many states and nations have partially or fully lifted their lockdown restrictions. As we enter another chapter in the long book of Operation Coronavirus, authorities are trying to implement widespread testing based on detection of antibodies (along with contact tracing or surveillance).

Now is the time to inform yourself about what the COVID antibody tests are and how they work, since there is a lot at stake here. Authorities are planning on upholding or violating your rights and freedom based on the results (and more importantly the interpretation of the results) of these tests.

In truth, we all possess the right to personal bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty, and being forced to undergo such a test is itself a violation of our inherent sovereign rights. However, regardless of what choice you personally make in that regard, it is crucial to understand how these tests work and what the results mean, because - rest assured - the results will be used against you if past history is any indicator of the intent of the NWO (New World Order) conspirators.


What is the Zika virus epidemic covering up? Big Pharma vaccines, GM-mosquitoes, and frankenfood

Correlation does not mean causation. Is the Zika virus being used as a scapegoat for Pharma's dangerous adverse effects?

The world of modern medicine has since its inception been one of controversies, scandals and cover ups. Each such episode has bettered the other and is done with a finesse that appears clearly criminal in intent. The Zika virus episode is one of the best examples of this and hides a very cruel agenda behind it.

On February 1st 2016, the WHO declared the Zika virus epidemic a global public health emergency. This was even before it formally sat for a Skype meeting on February 2nd. What caused this urgency? The Zika virus, WHO claimed, had caused an epidemic of microcephaly in Brazilian children around 4000 of who had been affected since October 2015. Microcephaly is a condition where children are born with a small size of the skull and sometimes with under developed brains.

Comment: For information on the 'Zika scaremongering epidemic' and the role Big Pharma and Big Ag play in this ongoing health controversy listen to recent episode of the Health and Wellness show.


Cheap drug dexamethasone is first shown to improve COVID-19 survival

© AP Photo/Nati Harnik
Packages of Dexamethasone are displayed in a pharmacy, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, in Omaha, Neb. Researchers in England said Tuesday they have the first evidence that the drug can improve COVID-19 survival. The cheap, widely available steroid called dexamethasone reduced deaths by up to one third in severely ill hospitalized patients.
Researchers in England say they have the first evidence that a drug can improve COVID-19 survival: A cheap, widely available steroid reduced deaths by up to one third in severely ill hospitalized patients.

The results were announced Tuesday and the British government immediately authorized the drug's use across the United Kingdom for coronavirus patients like those who did well in the study. Researchers said they would publish results soon in a medical journal, and several independent experts said it's important to see details to know how much of a difference the drug, dexamethasone, might make and for whom.

But "bottom line is, good news," said the United States' top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. "This is a significant improvement in the available therapeutic options that we have."

Comment: Well well well, what a surprise! The same study used to diminish the value of hydroxychloroquine is being used to promote a different drug. This whole thing smells bad, and not just because Bill Gates and Fauci are involved. Not that the dexamethasone isn't effective (it may be) but the fact that they've continually downplayed the effectiveness of HCQ and are now promoting something else seems like this is all just theater to give some kind of 'gotcha' to Trump. If so, it's pathetic.

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Study suggests 60% of people naturally RESISTANT to SARS-COV2

t cells
A new study has found that Sars-Cov-2, the virus linked to Covid19, maybe five times more widespread than previously thought, and therefore five times less deadly.

The research, conducted by a team of scientists at the University Hospital in Zurich, is titled: "Systemic and mucosal antibody secretion specific to SARS-CoV-2 during mild versus severe COVID-19", and found that Sars-Cov-2-specific antibodies only appear in the most severe cases, or about 1 out of 5.

The authors infer from this that antibodies are inexplicably absent from the majority of mild cases of covid19. But, given the known inaccuracy of the diagnostic tests and the well-documented tendencies to over-diagnose by clinical observation, another potential explanation would appear to be that the absent antibodies were due to the fact the subjects had never actually been infected with SARS-COV-2 in the first place, and their 'mild' cold-like symptoms were due to some other pathogen, like...the common cold.

However, if the authors are indeed correct in their estimation, this might mean SARS-COV-2's infection rate (IFR) would need to be revised downward yet again. If 80% of those infected really do not produce antibodies then there is a live possibility the virus is present in many more people than usually supposed. Which would in turn potentially reduce the IFR, possibly considerably.


Brain-virus? Young Covid-19 victims suffer psychosis, fatigue and anxiety side-effects - or is it just all in the mind?

covid-19 mask fear
© Getty Images / RealPeopleGroup
New research claims that Covid affects the brain, including those of young people. But is it really a result of the disease, or might it be lockdown-induced mental fragility?

Experts now fear that young people, whose lungs are mostly spared by the virus, may be at risk from its neurological effects. These findings come from 153 case studies of British adults who have displayed some neurological symptoms after a bout of suspected Covid. Many of the victims are in their 20s and 30s and were previously fit, with no underlying conditions, but have been unable to shake off lasting effects of their Covid-19 infections.

Unsurprisingly, the most serious Covid side effects - like strokes, brain haemorrhages and a dementia-like syndrome - affect mostly the elderly. But the disorders of mood and altered mental states seem to hit the young the hardest. For them, anxiety, depression, confusion and chronic fatigue are the main worries. In extreme cases, it could get a whole lot worse.

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FDA approves first-ever 'prescription' video game for kids with ADHD

© Akili Interactive
It might not look like much of a video game, but Akili Interactive's EndeavorRX, formerly Project EVO, may go down in history: it's the first video game that can legally be marketed and prescribed as medicine in the US.

That's the landmark decision from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is authorizing doctors to prescribe the iPhone and iPad game for kids between ages eight and 12 years old with ADHD, after it underwent seven years of clinical trials that studied over 600 children to figure out whether a game could actually make a difference.

According to the company's favorite of the five studies, the answer is yes: one-third of kids treated "no longer had a measurable attention deficit on at least one measure of objective attention" after playing the obstacle-dodging, target-collecting game for 25 minutes a day, five days a week for four weeks.

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Objective:Health: - ITN - Dietary Guidelines Whisleblowers; Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

O:H header
Welcome to another addition of "In the News", where we look through some of the latest health headlines and give the Objective:Health take.

A whistleblower, or whistleblowers, have come forward from the committee for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans stating there are very problematic issues with the process of coming up with the guidelines every five years. Anyone paying attention will be thoroughly unsurprised by this news. We discuss the ramifications.

Also in the news, the New York State Bar Association has come up with some recommendations based on what has been learned from the COVID-19 fiasco. And what tops the list? Mandatory vaccinations, of course!

Join us for our discussion on these topics and more on this episode of Objective:Health.

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Researchers in Amsterdam discover 'potent' Covid-19 antibodies

Coronavirus blood sample
© Vadim Vasenin/Deposit Photos
Researchers at Amsterdam University Medical Center discovered two proteins that are a promising possible treatment for the coronavirus, the university hospital announced. The antibodies were found in the blood of two Amsterdam patients who recovered from Covid-19 and are much more potent than antibodies found in patients who recovered from coronaviruses in the past, like SARS in 2013, according to research leader Dr. Marit van Gils.

"These new antibodies are a hundred times stronger than the antibodies that were already there," Van Gils said. The fact that they are so powerful means that less of them are needed, if they prove an effective treatment, and it will therefore be cheaper to make.

Using the blood of recovered patients as a medicine is practice that dates back to the Spanish flu over 100 years ago. The advantage is that the blood plasma is immediately available and does not have to be tested for years, like vaccines or medicines, Van Gils explained. "We tested all Covid antibodies from the blood in the lab and isolated the most powerful variants," she said.