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Thu, 27 Jan 2022
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New FDA Research Center Rife With Risks

WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration is moving with unprecedented speed to launch a drug research center to be paid for by companies it regulates.

Black Cat

Evil genes made me do it: Bioengineer examines genetic basis for malevolent behavior


While there have been numerous medical studies investigating the physiological and biochemical basis for behavioral disorders such as antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder, there have been virtually no comprehensive studies aimed at providing a physiological explanation of malignant narcissism - a term that characterizes individuals who exhibit malevolent behavior but are still able to function effectively in society.


The Hidden Health Risk of Cell Phones

Research into the link between regular cell phone use and brain cancer reveals the risks rise significantly after 10 years.



U.S. maternal death rate higher than Europe's

The United States has a sharply higher rate of women dying during or just after pregnancy than European countries, even some relatively poor countries such as Macedonia and Bosnia, according to the first estimates in five years on maternal deaths worldwide.

©REUTERS/Katarina Stoltz
A pregnant women waits for a doctor at a hospital in Warsaw March 14, 2007.


Latest AIDS vaccine a miserable failure

The only clinical trial in the world investigating whether an HIV vaccine works in people at high risk for AIDS - including 40 in Rochester - has been halted early.

The Merck vaccine didn't prevent HIV infection or slow the disease in those who became infected, according to preliminary results of this latest international study.


Bird Flu Returns To Vietnam

Bird flu returned to southern Vietnam this week after an absence of two months, and officials warned farmers of more outbreaks as the weather cools.

Tests performed at a laboratory for the Mekong delta region confirmed the H5N1 virus in the samples taken from ducks at the farm in Tra Cu district in Tra Vinh province, Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper said. At least five ducks were dead among 300 at the farm, officials said.


Folic acid can cut blood arsenic levels: study

Folic acid, found in leafy vegetables, can cut drastically arsenic levels in the blood of people who have suffered long-term exposure to the poison in groundwater, a new study in Bangladesh has found.

Arsenic is a toxin naturally present in some soils and water. Chronic arsenic poisoning occurs after long-term exposure to such tainted drinking-water and it has been linked to skin, liver and bladder cancers, skin lesions and cardiovascular disease.


Surgeon Scrutinized in Patient Deaths

MARION, Ill. - Bob Shank was in good spirits as he awaited gallstone-removal surgery at a veterans hospital in August, laughing as he handed his wife his false teeth for safekeeping.


School sends home obesity notices with students, parent upset

In an effort to combat the problem of childhood obesity, the Denver Public School District is sending home student health reports to keep parents informed. However, one parent says it should not have been sent home in her daughter's backpack because she read it.


Drugmakers recall infant cough & cold medicines

Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth and other makers of infants' nonprescription cough and cold products are recalling certain medicines in the United States because of the danger of overdose, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association said on Thursday.

A selection of the recalled products are shown in this undated handout photo.