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Wed, 22 Aug 2018
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New Zealand study reveals herbicides' role in the rise of superbug resistance

weed killer
A groundbreaking study revealing that some chemicals used in common weedkillers may be contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistance, could have global implications.

Canterbury University researchers have discovered that some chemicals used in herbicides are playing a role in making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

"If you look at how different commercial chemical products are regulated, almost never is there an assessment on the sub-lethal effects of these products, particularly on micro-organisms," said Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury.

The newly-released findings could have implications worldwide because of the rise of superbugs for which there are no effective drugs.

Comment: The Health & Wellness Show: What have we done? Antibiotic resistance in the age of superbugs


Dangerous grains: Monsanto's toxic glyphosate found in 43 out of 45 popular children's cereals

farming tractor
© Jean-Francois Monier / AFP
A farmer sprays crops with glyphosate-based herbicide
A hearty bowl of oatmeal is a healthy way to start your day, but according to a new study, that bowl of oatmeal can contain dangerous levels of glyphosate, a weed-killing chemical linked to cancer.

The study, carried out by the non-profit Environmental Working Group, found that 43 out of 45 popular breakfast cereals tested in three locations in the US contained traces of glyphosate. 31 of these contained dangerously high levels of the chemical.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, a weedkiller manufactured by Monsanto. Roundup is the most popular weedkiller in the US, and last week a court in California ordered the company to pay $39 million in compensation and $250 million in punitive damages to a school groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after years of using Roundup at work.


Kickbacks and conflicts of interest: The multibillion-dollar mandatory child vaccination business

vaccine doctor syringe
On July 1, 2016, Senate Bill 277 became law in California. It is the most stringent vaccination mandate in the country, requiring strict adherence to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccine schedule for all school children in order to attend public or private school, while removing all religious or personal exemptions, and allowing only extremely limited medical exemptions. While SB277 supporters claim the science on vaccines is "settled" and vaccines are proven safe and effective, questions remain.

Strict Adherence

Since vaccines were first introduced in the 1950s, the number and types of vaccines has gone from a recommendation for polio and smallpox vaccines to seven recommended vaccines in the 1960s and to 69 mandatory doses of 16 vaccines, from infancy to 18 years of age. These include shots to ward off diphtheria, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenzae type b, measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis, rubella, tetanus and varicella (chickenpox). SB277 also requires mandatory adherence to any new vaccinations added to the schedule by the CDC. At last count, 270-plus additional vaccines are in the developmental pipeline.

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The reasons why anti-authoritarian doctors are so rare

doctor with heart
"Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi Party" is an intentionally obnoxious line from the hilarious "Springtime for Hitler" in Mel Brook's The Producers. Not hilarious is the reality that doctors in Nazi Germany were "smarties" in Brook's sardonic sense, as they joined the Nazi SS in a far higher proportion than the German general population. Also not funny is that U.S. doctors and healthcare professionals-from their "aiding torture" (description used in the CIA Inspector General's Report) at Guantánamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere to the more recent drugging of detained child migrants-have served U.S. authoritarian policies.

In the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2012, Alessandra Colaianni reports "More than 7% of all German physicians became members of the Nazi SS during World War II, compared with less than 1% of the general population. . . . By 1945, half of all German physicians had joined the Nazi party, 6% before Adolf Hitler gained power." Colaianni points out, "Physicians joined the Nazi party and the killing operations not at gunpoint, not by force, but of their own volition."

Apple Red

How did we get here? The surprising origins of the new age of obesity

evolution to obesity
© Illustration by Nicola Jennings
It's not that we're eating more, that we exercise less, or that we lack willpower. The shaming of overweight people has to stop.

When I saw the photograph I could scarcely believe it was the same country. A picture of Brighton beach in 1976, featured in the Guardian a few weeks ago, appeared to show an alien race. Almost everyone was slim. I mentioned it on social media, then went on holiday. When I returned, I found that people were still debating it. The heated discussion prompted me to read more. How have we grown so far, so fast? To my astonishment, almost every explanation proposed in the thread turned out to be untrue.

Unfortunately, there is no consistent obesity data in the United Kingdom before 1988, at which point the incidence was already rising sharply. But in the United States, the figures go back further. They show that, by chance, the inflection point was more or less 1976. Suddenly, at around the time that the photograph was taken, people started becoming fatter - and the trend has continued ever since.

Comment: Unlikely that it's just a coincidence that the US FDA designated high fructose corn syrup as 'generally recognized as safe' (GRAS) in 1976. From Wikipedia:
After being classified as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1976,[24] HFCS began to replace sucrose as the main sweetener of soft drinks in the United States. At the same time, rates of obesity rose. That correlation, in combination with laboratory research and epidemiological studies that suggested a link between consuming large amounts of fructose and changes to various proxy health measures, including elevated blood triglycerides, size and type of low-density lipoproteins, uric acid levels, and weight, raised concerns about health effects of HFCS itself.[17]

Comment: Monboit's point is not without merit here. The practices of the food processing industry are underhanded and immoral and shouldn't be overlooked by placing the full responsibility of the obesity epidemic on the shoulders of the victims. But this doesn't mean we should go to the other extreme and remove personal responsibility from the equation entirely. Unfortunately, until it is deemed unacceptable to manipulate the public into eating more and more unhealthy foods, it does require that the individual take responsibility for their health, reject the manipulation and make better choices. If we wait for governments to do the right thing, we could be waiting indefinitely, watching our health suffer in the meantime.

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Computer scientist gives one of the best explanations of vaccine-related autism you'll ever hear (VIDEO)

Dr Stephanie Seneff

Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains Autism and how it's causes link to GMO's and the common herbicide used on many of them.

Comment: There is a wealth of research that backs up all of what's said:


Pathogens, chemical contaminants and how factory-farmed chicken can sicken

raw chicken
While health agencies make a big stink about unsterilized foods such as raw organic milk, the food associated with the greatest number of foodborne illnesses is factory farmed chicken.

According to the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics,1 there were 5,760 reported foodborne outbreaks between 2009 and 2015, resulting in 100,939 illnesses, 5,699 hospitalizations and 145 deaths. Of these, chicken was responsible for the most outbreak-associated illnesses - 3,114 illnesses in total (12 percent), followed by pork and seeded vegetables, each of which was responsible for 10 percent of illnesses. As noted by CBS News:2
"No other food, it turns out, is quite as problematic as chicken - the heart-healthy alternative to red meat. Though fish and dairy technically caused more "outbreaks," chicken sickened the most people ...
'Chicken is a reservoir for salmonella,' explains Thomas Gremillion, director of the Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America.
Though proper cooking can kill most salmonella strains, normal food preparation techniques - like using a sponge to clean up spills or rinsing your chicken in the sink - tend to spread the bug around your kitchen, he says. That can 'cross-contaminate' your sink, cutting boards and vegetables."
'This CDC report shows that government inspectors and industry need to do more to protect consumers from unsafe chicken,' says Gremillion.
'Rather than focusing on schemes to boost industry profits - such as eliminating slaughterhouse line speed limits - we should be talking about why the U.S. lags so far behind other countries on issues like addressing salmonella contamination in poultry, and what can be done to avoid some of these illnesses and the havoc they wreak on families.'

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Mercury fillings, the EU and US FDA: One protects consumers and the other ignores them

EU amalgam
For an entire week each year, I focus on the campaign to end dental amalgam. Those silver fillings are really mercury fillings, and their use in America and around the world needs to stop - for health reasons, for environmental reasons, for workplace safety reasons and for social justice reasons.

We have a united worldwide team, and we can win the campaign for mercury-free dentistry. I have worked closely with the leader of this campaign - Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice - and I have full confidence that we are on the path to victory.

If you check out my August 12 interview with Charlie, I think you'll agree we have a winning strategy and a winning team in place.

I believe so strongly in this campaign and its potential for full victory - the end of amalgam use worldwide - that I have stepped up to the table with a matching funds campaign. This week, through August 19, 2018, I match every dollar donated by you, your friends and everyone else, up to $125,000. Please join me with every dollar you can. I promise you that I will double it!

The European Union Bans Amalgam for Children

A sustained multiyear campaign led by Consumers for Dental Choice and its European NGO allies, joined by scholars and nonprofit groups across Europe, bore great fruit last year.

In a rule spearheaded by two outstanding members of the European Parliament, the honorable Stefan Eck of Germany and the honorable Michele Rivasi of France, the European Union adopted a ban that virtually stops any amalgam use for children under age 15, for pregnant women and for breastfeeding mothers.


Nasty! US invaded by savage tick that sucks animals dry, can spread diseases and spawns without mating

© CDC / James Gathany
Two Haemaphysalis longicornis on a US dime.
Eight states reporting the little suckers. No evidence they're carrying disease - yet.

A vicious species of tick originating from Eastern Asia has invaded the US and is rapidly sweeping the Eastern Seaboard, state and federal officials warn.

The tick, the Asian longhorned tick (or Haemaphysalis longicornis), has the potential to transmit an assortment of nasty diseases to humans, including an emerging virus that kills up to 30 percent of victims. So far, the tick hasn't been found carrying any diseases in the US. It currently poses the largest threat to livestock, pets, and wild animals; the ticks can attack en masse and drain young animals of blood so quickly that they die - an execution method called exsanguination.

Key to the tick's explosive spread and bloody blitzes is that its invasive populations tend to reproduce asexually - that is, without mating. Females drop up to 2,000 eggs over the course of two or three weeks, quickly giving rise to a ravenous army of clones. In one US population studied so far, experts encountered a massive swarm of the ticks in a single paddock, totaling well into the thousands. They speculated that the population might have a ratio of about one male to 400 females.

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Too much of a good thing? Excess Vitamin D

vitamin D
Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin." This is because 90 percent of our D requirements naturally comes from the sun. Bioavailable vitamin D3 is created in the skin through the action of the sun's UV-B rays on cholesterol (7-dehydroxycholesterol), as one of five forms.

Diet offers Vitamin D2 and D3 as the remaining ten percent (i.e., fish liver oils, fatty fish, egg yolks, and as fortified foods), though these forms are not biologically active. Vitamin D2, added to "D-fortified foods," is produced synthetically by exposing the mold ergot (ergosterol) to ultraviolet light. This process was patented and licensed to pharmaceutical companies which is used as prescription vitamin D. D4 and D5 are synthetic analogues of D3 being tested in vitro for the treatment of cancer.

Vitamin D's reputation as a potent cancer fighter is mainstream news. A lack of vitamin D is also reported to be behind increased rates of infections, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and autoimmune disorders. Models and studies have most of us convinced that excess vitamin D intake could reduce cancer deaths by 75 percent. Why else would the government add vitamin D2 to fortify food? Meanwhile, as cancer rates rise, we are urged to cover up with sunscreen against the sun which nature intended as the truest source of vitamin D. Why the contradiction?[1]