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Sun, 15 Dec 2019
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Stress in early life may extend lifespan

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Caenorhabditis elegans.
University of Michigan researchers have discovered that oxidative stress experienced early in life increases subsequent stress resistance later in life.

Oxidative stress happens when cells produce more oxidants and free radicals than they can deal with. It's part of the aging process, but can also arise from stressful conditions such as exercise and calorie restriction.

Examining a type of roundworm called C. elegans, U-M scientists Ursula Jakob and Daphne Bazopoulou found that worms that produced more oxidants during development lived longer than worms that produced fewer oxidants. Their results are published in the journal Nature.

Researchers have long wondered what determines variability in lifespan, says Jakob, a professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology. One part of that is genetics: If your parents are long-lived, you have a good chance for living longer as well. Environment is another part.

Comment: We can see this pattern throughout many areas of life, such as in exercise or in childhood development, where stressors can promote growth and resilience, and yet in excess it can lead to disorder and early death, but when completely absent it can lead to underdeveloped or abnormal growth as well as atrophy:


Human breast milk may help babies tell time via circadian signals from mom

breast milk infant baby
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Is a bottle of morning milk at night the equivalent of turning on all the lights at bedtime?
Human breast milk is more than a meal - it's also a clock, providing time-of-day information to infants. The composition of breast milk changes across the day, giving energizing morning milk a different cocktail of ingredients than soothing evening milk. Researchers believe this "chrononutrition" may help program infants' emerging circadian biology, the internal timekeeper that allows babies to distinguish day from night.

What happens, though, when babies drink milk that does not come directly from the breast, but is pumped at different times of day and stored in advance of feeding? Scientists have rarely considered the potential effects of "mistimed" milk on infants' development, but the implications are potentially far-reaching.

As psychologists who study the biology of parenting, we teamed up with Laura Glynn, Caroline Steele and Caroline Bixby to investigate the evidence for breast milk as a timekeeper.

Comment: See also:


Canadian firm launches class-action lawsuit against Bayer

roundup herbicide spraying
Canadian law firm Diamond & Diamond has filed a class-action lawsuit against various makers of Roundup, including Bayer.1 Bayer acquired Monsanto, Roundup's original maker, in 2018 for $63 billion and has been grappling with related lawsuits ever since.

The Canadian class-action suit names more than 60 individuals as plaintiffs, but thousands more may have been affected. The suit alleges that Roundup, which contains glyphosate as an active ingredient, caused serious health problems in the users, including Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, brain cancer and lung cancer.

"These are not minor injuries," Darryl Singer, the head of commercial and civil litigation at Diamond & Diamond, told CBC News. "Of the [plaintiffs] that are living, some of them are not likely to see the end of this lawsuit because they will pass away before that."

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Study outlines concerns around natural psychoactive substances

New research finds that over a period of 17 years, people in the United States increased their use of natural psychoactive substances, believing them to be safe. This has led to many reports of adverse symptoms in adults and children alike.
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Kratom and other natural psychoactive substances may need tighter regulations.
People have been using natural psychoactive substances for hundrends, or even thousands, of years in traditional medicine and as a part of spiritual practices.

Because these substances come from sources such as plants and mushrooms, many people believe them to be safe to use.

However, because they interfere with biological processes in the central nervous system, they can be a threat to human health. These interferences can also cause euphoria and altered states of consciousness.

For these reasons, many people are now using natural psychoactive substances for recreational purposes.

New research has studied trends in the number of people in the United States who reported adverse reactions as a result of exposure to psychoactive substances during 2000-2017.

The Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH, collaborated with the Ohio State University College of Medicine, also in Columbus, to conduct this study.

Comment: It's no wonder we see an increase in the use of these substances. The medical establishment has betrayed us way too many times and for way too long, sending people in search of alternative ways to deal with their psychological and physical symptoms. Consider the Opioid Crisis in America, which has made countless money for Big-pharma but has destroyed countless lives.

None of the aforementioned substances, regulated or not, can come close to the destruction caused by pharmaceutical companies. But we also don't imply that these substances are to be taken without due consideration just because they are natural. So are strychnine and ricin!


A wicked cocktail of corporate greed, social media and opioids is slashing US life expectancy rates

American people
Following decades of increased life expectancy rates, Americans have been dying earlier for three consecutive years since 2014, turning the elusive quest for the 'American Dream' into a real-life nightmare for many. Corporate America must accept some portion of the blame for the looming disaster.

Something is killing Americans and researchers have yet to find the culprit. But we can risk some intuitive guesses.

According to researchers from the Center on Society and Health, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, American life expectancy has not kept pace with that of other wealthy countries and is now in fact decreasing.

The National Center for Health Statistics reported that life expectancy in the United States peaked (78.9 years) in 2014 and subsequently dropped for 3 consecutive years, hitting 78.6 years in 2017. The decrease was most significant among men (0.4 years) than women (0.2 years) and happened across racial-ethnic lines: between 2014 and 2016, life expectancy decreased among non-Hispanic white populations (from 78.8 to 78.5 years), non-Hispanic black populations (from 75.3 years to 74.8 years), and Hispanic populations (82.1 to 81.8 years).

"By 2014, midlife mortality was increasing across all racial groups, caused by drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, suicides, and a diverse list of organ system diseases," wrote researchers Steven H. Woolf and Heidi Schoomaker in a study that appears in the latest issue of the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

Comment: See: There's something terribly wrong': Americans are dying young at alarming rates


Fight for the freedom to question vaccines

question vaccines
Thank you, Rob Schneider. Thank you.

Very rarely do Hollywood celebrities stick their necks out on behalf of the concerns of ordinary parents whose voices have been suppressed by the liberal media, Silicon Valley and the political establishment of both parties. But this week, the actor and comedian used his formidable Twitter platform to stand against the increasing censorship of vaccine skeptics by Big Pharma and Big Tech. This is what speaking truth to power looks like.

With the Overton window on acceptable discourse about government-coerced immunization rapidly shrinking, Schneider's timing couldn't be better.

Comment: See also:

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Objective:Health: #38 - The Failed Medical System

O:H header
Everywhere we look we see signs that the medical system, that's supposed to be healing and preventing disease, is diseased itself. It was recently announced that Americans are dying young at alarming rates. And is it any wonder? We have the opioid epidemic, vaccine injuries, the obesity epidemic, the cholesterol obsessed doctors who know nothing about nutrition, the most basic foundation of health.

Polio vaccines now cause more polio outbreaks than the wild virus, the idea of curing disease has been pushed out by Big Pharma 'disease management' and veganism is sold as a cure-all and the ideal diet for everyone (and the planet).

When the entire medical system is based on lies, with its blatant failures mounting, how long before we see its complete collapse?

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Evil Rays

Google's smart city proposal may be hazardous to Toronto's health

5G antenna

Scientists calling for a moratorium on 5G wireless technology warn of the potential adverse health effects from increased exposure to radio frequency radiation

The global race to roll out new fifth-generation wireless infrastructure, aka 5G, is well underway. 5G's muscular data-transmission capabilities will enable driverless cars, the Internet of Things and smart cities, such as Sidewalk Labs's proposal to turn Quayside and the Port Lands into a high-tech laboratory complete with automated everything.

But the technology's potential adverse health effects from electromagnetic hypersensitivity are emerging as a serious concern.

Comment: This section of Toronto is fated to be a "smart city", whether the citizens want it or not. You can't stop the big money machine once it's set into motion, especially with silly things like health concerns.

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Novelist who wrote about 'vaccine deep state' dies - Rumors claim she was shot dead

Comment: Note that this report is based on 'unconfirmed reports'... The author in question has indeed died, but we are as yet unable to confirm that she died as a result of gunshots.

vaccine brain
Jennifer Jaynes, USA Today bestselling author of Malice and other novels exposing the vaccine deep state, was found shot to death on Monday, November 25th, according to media reports (see links below).

Jaynes was a celebrated author whose books achieved USA Today bestseller status. Her novels showcased the criminality, child abuse and deep-rooted fraud of the vaccine industry.

She also wrote children's books that focused on teaching children the importance of consuming nutritious foods. See her website, books, DVDs and more at JenniferJaynes.net

Her most recent book, Malice, explores the medical ethics battle of a character named Dr. Daniel Winters, who tries to expose a dangerous vaccine that the medical establishment knows is harming and killing children. Her thriller Malice is also available as an audio book on Audible.com. See four of her book titles at this link on GoodReads.com.


Why is toxic glyphosate still contaminating children's cereals?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has compiled fresh data on the levels of toxic glyphosate (Roundup) found in several popular oat-based breakfast cereals, and the verdict is this: All of them contain at least trace amounts of the cancer-causing herbicide, while most of them are loaded with it.

Olga Naidenko, PhD, a senior science advisor at EWG, along with Alexis Temkin, a toxicologist at EWG, identified the presence of glyphosate in all of the 21 oat-based cereals and snack products they tested. And all but four of these products were found to contain glyphosate at levels higher than what EWG considers to be "protective for children's health with a sufficient margin of safety."

The worst product was General Mills' Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch, which clocked in at 833 parts per billion, or ppb, of glyphosate. In second place was General Mills' Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal, which tested at 729 ppb of glyphosate.