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Mon, 27 Feb 2017
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Hidden laws and guidelines on informed consent could protect children against mandatory vaccination

Recently, new laws have emerged surrounding the issue of informed consent, both in the UK and the US. However, very few of us know that these laws exist. We believe that this is because these laws have the potential to protect children against mandatory vaccination.

In the UK, a recent ruling titled The Montgomery Ruling states that a patient must have sufficient information to make an informed choice about any medical treatmentthat is being offered to them.

In 2015, the website Medical Protection, which outlined this ruling, stated that:

Comment: California parents explain why they oppose mandatory vaccines

Life Preserver

Homeopathy can reverse the effects of lead poisoning and other environmental toxins

When Big Sean, a Grammy Award-nominated and BET award-winning hip-hop artist, appeared on the Daily Show in late January, 2017, he talked about his upbringing in Michigan. Big Sean told the audience that his mother was one of many exposed to lead in the drinking water. But in her case, he added, "holistic care and homeopathic remedies" enabled her "to reverse a lot of the effects of the lead poisoning."

In envi­ronmental health issues, prevention is always best; but it is important to ask what can be done for people already exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, for these exposures seem to be on the increase. Conventional medicine generally offers little for people suffering from such exposures other than palliative or suppressive treatment of their symptoms. On the other hand, animal and human studies are beginning to show that homeopathic medicines offer poten­tially valuable therapeutic benefits.

Because many Americans reading this article are not necessarily familiar with homeopathy, it may be helpful to know that a recent survey found that 95% of French pediatricians, dermatologists, and general practitioners prescribe homeopathic medicines. This data was derived from the French government's record of doctors' prescriptions, making it very accurate. When one realizes that the World Health Organization deems France to have the best health care in the world, it is time for other countries to explore what France does right and emulate these efforts.

To understand why homeo­pathic treatment makes sense in cases of exposure to heavy metals and other toxic substances, it makes sense first to discuss some basic principles of homeopathy.

Comment: Eppur si muove' - Like it or not, homeopathy works!

Bacon n Eggs

Why Food is Actually INFORMATION

Food, while being the condition for the possibility of all life itself, is rarely appreciated for its true power. Far beyond its conventionally defined role as a source of energy and building blocks for the body-machine, new discoveries on the frontiers of science reveal that food is also a powerful source of information.

We are all hardwired to be deeply concerned with food when hungry, an interest which rapidly extinguishes the moment we are satiated. But as an object of everyday interest and scientific inquiry, food often makes for a bland topic. This is all the more apparent when juxtaposed against its traditional status in ancient cultures as sacred; or in contemporary religious traditions like Catholicism where a cracker still represents the body of Christ (Eucharist). But as my previous investigations into the dark side of wheat have revealed, food is one of the most fascinating and existentially important topics there is. And in many ways, until we understand the true nature of food, and how it is still the largely invisible ground for our very consciousness, we will not be able to understand our own nature and destiny.

How We Got Here

Modern Western concepts of food are a byproduct of a centuries old process of intense secularization. Food is now largely conceived in terms of its economic value as a commodity and its nutritional value as a source of physical sustenance. In the latter regard, its value is quantified through the presence and molecular weight of macro- and micronutrients or its "fat-inducing" calories. In the process of reducing food's value to these strictly quantitative dimensions, it has lost its soul. Food is no longer believed to possess a vital life force, much less a sacred one. But the etymology of sacred, namely, to make holy, and the etymology of holy, which connects to heal, whole, health, implies correctly that food has the ability to "make us whole."


Processed brand-named foods contaminated with glyphosate

Glyphosate is the main chemical active in several brands of agricultural and corporate farming herbicides used in the growing fields; in GMO seed crop cultures; and in what's called "preharvest staging" [1]. That's when the herbicide is sprayed several days [3 to 5 days] prior to crop harvest to "ensure" seed heads mature evenly. Some consider that process acts as a "desiccant."

The more commonly-used herbicide is Roundup manufactured by Monsanto. In GMO farming, there is Roundup Ready seeds, which are totally different from heirloom or non-GMO seeds. One specific difference is GMO seeds have patents on them, meaning something has been done to modify the seed from the parent or original plant strain produced by Nature.

Recently on an Internet talk show, I heard a professor talking about the non-browning apple, i.e., the apple's protein is turned off to make the GMO-non-browning apple not brown when cut and exposed to air, as a normal apple does.

Well, the question I, as a natural nutritionist, have is: If the protein (0.3 gram or 1% of Daily Value) [3] in the GMO non-browning apple is turned off, does that mean the apple protein in not functional within that GMO apple as a nutrient for human nutrition? Has a scientific nutritional analysis proven that factually one way or the other? Or does science indicate that protein is viable as human nutrition? Because, if not, that would make a real nutritional difference in the GMO non-browning apple!


Quell the fires of inflammation, thwart chronic disease and slow aging by grounding to the earth

Through the deceptively simple act of walking barefoot on the Earth — an act known as grounding or earthing — it may be possible to thwart chronic diseases and even slow aging. It's a crucial topic that has the potential to change lives, from relieving chronic pain to slowing down the silent killer known as systemic inflammation.

In the film "Down to Earth," I speak alongside other experts to shed light on what may be one of the most overlooked yet easiest ways to protect and improve human health: getting grounded to the Earth.

The short of "Down to Earth," is up for a number of awards, and in January, 2017, received the IndieFEST Award of Excellence for a documentary short.

The full feature-length movie of "Down to Earth" will be available in fall, 2017, with special premiers in theaters in Los Angeles and New York City. Highly respected cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra explains in the film:
"In simple terms, grounding is literally putting your bare feet on the ground. When you do that, you're in contact with the Earth, and mother Earth is endowed with electrons, and these electrons are literally absorbed through your feet. It's like taking handfuls of antioxidants, but you're getting it through your feet."

Comment: See also:


Parents target Bayer's Miralax for causing psychiatric disorders in their children

© mdanys via Visualhunt.com / CC BY
A study being conducted by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is looking into claims made by parents that their children developed "neuropsychiatric problems" after consuming the over the counter laxative MiraLAX.

Parents have reported that their children became angry, aggressive and paranoid after taking MiraLAX with some saying that their children experienced "near psychiatric events" and mood swings.

The study is apparently being done at the behest of the FDA and being conducted at CHOP. The FDA maintains that there is not enough data to link PEG 3350 with serious neuropsychiatric issues in children.

And MiraLAX's manufacturerer, Bayer has released a statement that essentially falls back on the FDA approval of the medicine. But many parents are not convinced. In fact, it is not simply one or two families who are concerned about MiraLAX's side effects but an entire group that say the connection between negative psychiatric side effects and the consumption of MiraLAX are all too clear.

Comment: Anything that disturbs the gut can influence brain functioning:
"Researchers have long suggested a link between the gut--brain axis and neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism, depression, and eating disorders. The gut contains microorganisms that share a structural similarity with the neuropeptides involved in regulating behavior, mood, and emotion--a phenomenon known as molecular mimicry. The body can't tell the difference between the structure of these mimics and its own cells, so antibodies could end up attacking both, potentially altering the physiology of the gut--brain axis.

Scientific evidence is mounting that the trillions of microbes that call the human body home can influence our gut-linked health, but more recently, researchers are discovering that gut microbes also may affect neurology--possibly impacting a person's cognition, emotions and mental health, said Knight, also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist and an investigator at CU-Boulder's BioFrontiers Institute."


How blackbirds help us beat the blues: Spotting birds in your garden 'can cut the risk of suffering stress and depression'

Blackbird (Europe)
In our increasingly busy lives, a glimpse of a wren or a blackbird can offer a moment's respite from everyday worries.

Now researchers have found that living close to bird life can cut the risk of suffering from stress and depression.

People in neighbourhoods with more birds in them have better mental health, a study by Exeter University shows, regardless of whether they live in a leafy suburb or busy city.

It followed more than 274 people, whose stress levels fell based on the number of birds they saw in a typical afternoon.

It appears not to matter if these birds are pretty robins or big black crows, with just the number of birds spotted making the difference. It follows research which shows bird song can help people recover from the mental fatigue of a day's focused concentration at work.

Lead author Dr Daniel Cox, a research fellow at the University of Exeter, said: 'This study starts to unpick the role that some key components of nature play for our mental wellbeing.

Shopping Bag

Shop with your doc: Physicians are taking their patients grocery shopping

Pharmaceuticals may not be the best medicine for patients. Some doctors are now changing the way they treat patients - by taking them grocery shopping.

Physicians, such as Dr. Daniel Nadeau, are prescribing food rather than pills to fix the body.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all Americans routinely take prescription drugs, and 75 percent of all doctor visits involve drugs.

To counter the dependency on drugs, Loma Linda University School of Medicine incorporated a special emphasis on lifestyle medicine in which physicians learn how to prescribe food instead of narcotics.

In fact, there is rising interest from doctors at the annual Food as Medicine Symposium on Feb. 11-12.

"We go to our doctors. We live an unhealthy lifestyle, and we just say: 'Give me a pill for that,' and 'I want to be healthy'," Nadeau said. "You might get your numbers down a bit, but you're not going to feel the best that you could feel."

Comment: Will these doctors load their patients up with GMO and pesticide-free veggies and grass-fed meats? Probably not. But this is a step in the right direction. Food is medicine after all.


Wi-Fi devices increase mercury release from dental amalgams

Recent research indicates that our increasingly Wi-Fi saturated environment could be greatly amplifying the dangers of mercury exposure from dental amalgams.

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology entitled, "Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations," reveals that our now ubiquitous exposure to Wi-Fi radiation may be amplifying the toxicity of dental amalgams and other forms of mercury exposure to the human body.

Amalgam fillings release mercury vapor into your body continuously

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The Health & Wellness Show: Cell phones, vaccines and Fukushima -- Oh, my!

On this episode of The Health and Wellness show we'll discuss new developments in old topics. Many people are well aware that, despite the convenience and seeming necessity, the use of cell phones can be hazardous to your health. Well a new generation of cell phone tech is coming down the pike and promises to blanket the earth with even higher levels of microwave radiation than ever before. Is it too late to turn back the clock or has humanity's love affair with wireless technology doomed it forever?

With a new vaccine commission in the works, RFK Jr. is shaking up the health world with his call for more investigations into vaccine safety. The consensus among the medical community is that the debate is settled: Vaccines are safe and effective. However, with new information on contaminated vaccine batches and research on various neurological disorders linked to vaccines how can this possibly be the case?

Not only is Fukushima wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of humans and animals around the planet it's also killing robots! This ongoing disaster has surpassed Chernobyl in severity and the news (not reported in the mainstream, of course) seemingly gets worse by the day.

Join us for a lively discussion and stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be vaccine titer tests for pets.

Running Time: 01:29:52

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