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Tue, 26 May 2020
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Pasteur Institute study: 'French coronavirus may be local, likely spreading BEFORE arrival from China'

pasteur institute
A sculpture representing Louis Pasteur is seen outside the Pasteur Institute headquarters in Paris amid the Covid-19 outbreak France, April 20, 2020.
The Covid-19 virus which has been ravaging France may not have originated in China, according to a study published by virologists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. The French strain may have been circulating locally and unrecognised before the global outbreak accelerated.

Tests on samples from 97 French and three Algerians infected with Sars-CoV-2 suggest that the virus may have been around in France before the pandemic started.

The sixteen-page study, by researchers affiliated with the prestigious Pasteur Institute in Paris, was first reported by Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, and says that already on 10 January, France implemented "strengthened surveillance of Covid-19 cases," five days after the World Health Organisation issued the first "Disease Outbreak News" on a "pneumonia of unknown cause" which was first reported by China on 31 December 2019.

Genetic analysis of the samples revealed that the dominant types of viral strains in France belonged to a "clade" or group with a common ancestor that did not come from either China or Italy.

"The French outbreak has been mainly seeded by one or several variants of this clade... we can infer that the virus was silently circulating in France in February," write the researchers.

Comment: And possibly even earlier than that... There are anecdotal reports from France and other countries of spikes in bad pneumonias in late 2019, before the virus was supposed to have spread from China. For example:

Comment: The Western powers would be toast if it emerged that this thing has been innocuously circulating 'in the wild' since December 2019.


Focus on Vitamin D for COVID (and much more)

vitamin d
I have found, I suspect like almost everyone else, that it is almost impossible to keep track of what is going on with COVID. Stories swirl and multiply, and almost everyone seems to be trying to get something out of it. People are claiming miracle cures and success - but it is difficult to verify any such claims.

The normal rules of research (flawed though they often are) have completely flown out of the window. It is like the wild west, with snake oil salesmen announcing wonderful products that not only cure COVID, but every other disease... I mean every other disease, known to man.

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Eating meat improves mental health and one in three vegetarians are depressed, study claims


People with a plant-based diet were twice as likely to take prescription drugs for mental illness and nearly three times as likely to contemplate suicide than meat-eaters.
A vegetarian or vegan diet may be increasing the likelihood of depression, a US-based study has found.

People with a plant-based diet were twice as likely to take prescription drugs for mental illness and nearly three times as likely to contemplate suicide.

The report, which looked at more than 160,000 people, also found that a shocking one in three vegetarians suffer from depression or anxiety.

Comment: Given the clear necessity for meat for mental health, is it surprising the elite want to force everyone to be vegan? And what does this say about the coming food shortages, specifically meat shortages, that loom on the horizon as a consequence of the forced lockdown?

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COVID-19 Hoax Pandemic: Doctors on Front-line in California Explain Why Lockdowns Are Unnecessary: "Millions of Cases, Tiny Number of Deaths"

Comment: YouTube has deleted all iterations of these Californian doctors' press briefing, and the media is running a smear campaign describing their criticism of the lockdowns as "dubious", so we're reposting their video at the top of our page.

COVID-19 Doctors Erickson

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi
Covid19 being logically reviewed by two ER doctors with huge experience in immunology and microbiolgoy, in California but based on nationwide statistics.

"BAKERSFIELD, Calif., (KBAK/KBFX) — Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care are calling for the county to reopen"

PLEASE WATCH. "Millions of cases, small amount of death"

Dr Erickson COVID19 briefing:

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Soil in wounds can help stem deadly bleeding

dirty hands
New UBC research shows for the first time that soil silicates — the most abundant material on the Earth's crust — play a key role in blood clotting.

"Soil is not simply our matrix for growing food and for building materials. Here we discovered that soil can actually help control bleeding after injury by triggering clotting," says the study's senior author Dr. Christian Kastrup, associate professor in the faculty of medicine's department of biochemistry and molecular biology and a scientist in UBC's Michael Smith Laboratories and Centre for Blood Research.

The study, published today in Blood Advances, found that the presence of soil in wounds helps activate a blood protein, known as coagulation Factor XII. Once activated, the protein kicks off a rapid chain reaction that helps leads to the formation of a plug, sealing the wound and limiting blood loss.


Further research indicates obesity and type 2 diabetes are COVID-19 risk factors

quarantine lockdown new york
High blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes are risk factors for COVID-19, leading to increased risk of severe illness in people who develop COVID-19, US researchers have said.

A New York study has also shown that 88% of people who were admitted to hospital with the killer virus and put on a ventilator, ended up passing away.

Further analysis among the ventilation death rates showed that 76.4% were aged between 18 to 65, and the mortality numbers rose to 97.2% among those aged 65 or older.

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Smoke, Lies And The Nanny State

joe jackson smoking
For thousands of years in the Americas, and about 500 years pretty much everywhere else, tobacco has been a friend to mankind. It has been used to relax, to stimulate, and to treat various ailments. It has been a vital part of rituals both social and spiritual. It has been used as currency. Whole communities have been founded on it - including, arguably, the United States of America.

Wait a minute. Scratch that! Smoking is a vile, filthy habit that will almost inevitably kill you. No one smokes willingly; they are simply pathetic addicts, duped by evil tobacco companies. Tobacco is a plague which must be wiped out.

Like most people these days, I was more inclined, up until a few years ago, to believe the second paragraph than the first. I was a very moderate smoker and almost gave up. But something about the sheer hysteria of the anti smoking movement, and the various holes and contradictions in their arguments, made me suspicious. Some time in the late 1990s I arrived in Los Angeles and, as my taxi pulled out of the airport, I was confronted by a huge red billboard: SECONDHAND SMOKE KILLS. I thought: even heavy smokers take several decades to develop lung cancer. Surely a nonsmoker, even regularly exposed to smoke in the air, would have to live to be about 300 to catch up? And how exactly would you know it was smoke that killed them, as opposed to, say, the appalling LA smog?

Since then I've researched the smoking issue in depth. I've unraveled reams of statistics, met with doctors and academics, and networked with scores of other researchers and activists who are trying to get at the truth. I'm now convinced that the dangers of smoking - and particularly 'passive' smoking - are greatly exaggerated, for reasons which have more to do with politics, power and profit than objective science. I believe the anti-smoking movement - especially lobby groups like ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) - has far too much money and influence, and that their dishonesty and bullying tactics should be worrying even to those who hate tobacco.


Stop shaming people for going outside. The risks are generally low, and the benefits are endless

bike ride mask coronavirus
When taking precautions, like keeping a safe distance from others and wearing a mask, getting the novel coronavirus is highly unlikely in open air.

Don McCammon recently went for a run while wearing a mask in an uncrowded area of Orlando. The 40-year-old triathlete stayed not just six, but closer to 15, feet away from any lone passersby.

That didn't spare him from criticism, though.

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Microscope 2

Can HDL cholesterol over 60 protect you from coronavirus?

cholesterol fights covid
Lower cholesterol predicts worse infection in two studies

There may be no such thing as 'bad' cholesterol. LDL is called "bad cholesterol" but there's little to no evidence that LDL hurts us, and there's reason to believe that lowering LDL with either medications or a high polyunsaturated fat diet hurts our health. Just as it's better to have high HDL than low HDL, recent studies on people hospitalized with coronavirus are consistent with numerous studies showing people with high LDL are healthier overall, including a superior ability to fight infection.

Comment: We at Sott have been singing the praises of cholesterol for years, pointing out its benefit for overall health. It's little surprise that having healthy cholesterol levels (not the levels pushed by the mainstream medical establishment) are protective against coronavirus (or any other virus, for that matter). A healthy body deals with infection more effectively than a body that is already sick.

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Possible 'coronavirus-related' condition emerging in UK children

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A serious coronavirus-related syndrome may be emerging in the UK, according to an "urgent alert" issued to doctors, following a rise in cases in the last two to three weeks, HSJ has learned.

An alert to GPs and seen by HSJ says that in the "last three weeks, there has been an apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multisystem inflammatory state requiring intensive care across London and also in other regions of the UK".

It adds: "There is a growing concern that a [covid-19] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK, or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infectious pathogen associated with these cases."

Little is known so far about the issue, nor how widespread it has been, but the absolute number of children affected is thought to be very small, according to paediatrics sources. The syndrome has the characteristics of serious covid-19, but there have otherwise been relatively few cases of serious effects or deaths from coronavirus in children. Some of the children have tested positive for covid-19, and some appear to have had the virus in the past, but some have not.

The fact that very few children have become seriously ill with the virus or died, compared to adults, remains the case.