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Tue, 20 Oct 2020
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Wearing masks - A sledgehammer to health

coughing mask
They did it this time. A group of men and women executed a well thought out plan to drive the health of the human race into the toilet. Attacking the very basics of life, they have deprived people, en mass, of the life/health-giving rays of the sun (depressing vitamin D levels) with their lock-downs. And through wearing masks, public health officials are forcing the public into hypoxic breathing conditions. Wearing a mask reduces the oxygen we breathe in and increases the CO2 intake.

There was a video showing people testing masks for the quality of air in terms of oxygen and CO2. The video has been removed (no surprise there) because it showed that wearing a mask is a health hazard. See details below. And here is a video of Dr. Rashid Buttar giving a passionate presentation of the dangers of wearing masks. His words are perhaps crude, but he hits the right points.

Of course, health officials are all for masks, and you better get used to them. One health expert is predicting that masks will remain a facet of American life for years to come. Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said, "I think that mask-wearing and some degree of social distancing, we will be living with — hopefully living with happily — for several years."

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As Russia begins final stage of coronavirus vaccine trial, volunteers confirmed to have immunity and no side effects

russia coronavirus
© Sputnik / Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Volunteers who received a Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine have developed immunity to the virus, according to the country's Ministry of Defense. Clinical trials for the drug are now in their final stage.

The ministry began testing a coronavirus vaccine in mid-June in conjunction with Moscow's Gamelei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

It said that data obtained by scientists "indicates that volunteers in the first and second groups formed an immune response after injections of the vaccine against the coronavirus."

Comment: There are a great many questions as to why a vaccine would be necessary when, for example, there are already drugs with a safety track record decades-long and that have been shown to be highly effective in treating Covid-19; one of Russia's top doctors claims that herd immunity in the cities has been achieved; the virus is harmless for the vast majority - then again, perhaps some in Russia believe the hysteria, and perhaps some just don't want to be dependent on a foreign created 'vaccine':


Mask-erade: COVID-1984 and evidence-free compulsory masking

biden mask
W.H. Kellogg, M.D., infectious diseases expert and then-executive officer of the California State Board of Health, made this rueful, brutally honest 1920 observation on the failure of masking to contain rampant influenza spread during the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic:
The masks, contrary to expectation, were worn cheerfully and universally, and also, contrary to expectation of what should follow under such circumstances, no effect on the epidemic curve was to be seen. Something was plainly wrong with our hypotheses.
A century later, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose - the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Feds in hazmat suits raid Humble's 'Apostolic church' in Florida, seize 22 gallons of toxic MMS touted as 'coronavirus cure'

Miracle Mineral Solution
Federal agents in hazmat suits raided a church in Florida, and confiscated 22 gallons of a toxic concoction the church was marketing as a cure for Covid-19. The 'Miracle Mineral Solution' is in fact a potent industrial bleach.

Agents raided the church on Wednesday, making off with a sizable haul of industrial chemicals. According to ABC7 News, local and federal crews found 50 gallons of muriatic acid and 8,300 pounds of sodium chloride, as well as 22 gallons of the finished 'Miracle Mineral Solution' (MMS).

The raid followed a Food and Drug Administration injunction against the church in April, which ordered its website to be taken down and its supplies of the "dangerous and potentially life threatening" liquid destroyed.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is not a church in the traditional sense. Instead it functions as an international organization dedicated to the manufacture and sale of MMS, also known as 'Miracle Mineral Supplement' or 'Master Mineral Solution'. The church solicits donations from its customers, offering them the corrosive "sacrament" in return, which it claims can cure Covid-19.

Comment: This 'miracle solution' is poison. See also:


'Unknown pneumonia' sweeping Kazakhstan that's deadlier than coronavirus - Chinese embassy

A motorist is given a Covid-19 test in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city.
The Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan has warned of a deadly "unknown pneumonia" after the former Soviet republic reported a spike in pneumonia cases since June.

"The death rate of this disease is much higher than the novel coronavirus. The country's health departments are conducting comparative research into the pneumonia virus, but have yet to identify the virus," the embassy said in a warning to Chinese citizens in the country.

While the Chinese embassy described the illness as an "unknown pneumonia", Kazakhstani officials and media have only said it is pneumonia.

It was not clear why the Chinese embassy had described the illness as "unknown" or what information it had about the pneumonia.

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No second-wave of coronavirus in Russia, head of Genomic Engineering Lab in Moscow explains why

Pavel Volchkov is an exceptional voice among the Russian scientists now dealing with the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The current Covid-19 policy administrators in Moscow are of the same academic generation but they have trained as doctors; Volchkov is a geneticist. They have spent their formative careers inside Russian institutions; Volchkov spent more than ten years in the US, at the University of Chicago then at Harvard.

He has not suffered from the inferiority complex which has been the precondition for success in the US careers of Konstantin (Keith) Gessen and other Russian graduates from Harvard. Volchkov's analysis of the US science market and his reasons for returning to his Russian laboratory are described here.

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Canada: Health experts press Ottawa for a more 'balanced approach' to tackling COVID-19 pandemic

Bayshore Shopping Centre Ottawa
© Justin Tang/The Canadian Press
People walk in Bayshore Shopping Centre mall in Ottawa, on its first day open as part of Stage 2 of Ontario's plan to lift lockdowns implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, on June 12, 2020.
Some of Canada's top public-health experts say the country's focus on wiping out the coronavirus is posing "significant risks to overall population health," as other priorities take a backseat to the pandemic.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers, 18 health leaders are calling for a more "balanced approach" that protects those likeliest to die of COVID-19 - namely the elderly - while allowing the rest of society to return to something closer to normal.

"Aiming to prevent or contain every case of COVID-19 is simply no longer sustainable at this stage in the pandemic," the letter says. "We need to accept that COVID-19 will be with us for some time and to find ways to deal with it."

Comment: To keep things in the proper perspective, see this study.

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Alarm Clock

Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong - immune response stronger than thought

masque covid
© inconnu
The original article was published in the Swiss magazine Weltwoche (World Week) on June 10th. The author, Beda M Stadler is the former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus. Stadler is an important medical professional in Switzerland, he also likes to use provoking language, which should not deter you from the extremely important points he makes.

This article is about Switzerland and it does not suggest that the situation is exactly the same globally. I am advocating for local measures according to locale situations. And I advocate for looking at real data rather than abstract models. I also suggest to read to the end, because Stadler makes crucial points about testing for Sars-CoV-2.

Why everyone was wrong

The coronavirus is slowly retreating. What actually happened in the past few weeks? The experts have missed basic connections. The immune response against the virus is much stronger than we thought.

By Beda M Stadler

This is not an accusation, but a ruthless taking stock [of the current situation]. I could slap myself, because I looked at Sars-CoV2- way too long with panic. I am also somewhat annoyed with many of my immunology colleagues who so far have left the discussion about Covid-19 to virologist and epidemiologist. I feel it is time to criticise some of the main and completely wrong public statements about this virus.

Firstly, it was wrong to claim that this virus was novel. Secondly, It was even more wrong to claim that the population would not already have some immunity against this virus. Thirdly, it was the crowning of stupidity to claim that someone could have Covid-19 without any symptoms at all or even to pass the disease along without showing any symptoms whatsoever.

But let's look at this one by one.

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Exercising with face masks on could be dangerous and here's why

Face Masks
Physical activities and face masks both help protect people from COVID-19 that has been spreading across the world. However, the combination could also put people at risk of serious health problems.

Health experts recommend that people stay physically active amid the coronavirus pandemic to boost the immune system. Face masks are also recommended to protect people from the virus that spreads through droplets from infected individuals.

However, exercising and wearing face masks at the same time can be a bad combination. That is because of potential breathing challenges that could affect performance and even cognitive function.

Comment: See also: Do masks and respirators prevent viral respiratory illnesses? Interview with Professor Denis Rancourt

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Complications from COVID-19 may depend on von Willebrand factor in the blood

© CC0 Public Domain
Anna Aksenova, a senior research associate at the Laboratory of Amyloid Biology at St Petersburg University, has advanced a hypothesis that the severe course of COVID-19 may be associated with the von Willebrand factor, one of the main components of the blood coagulation system. As the researcher suggests, the replication of the virus stimulates the development of microdamage on vessel walls. In its response to this, the body releases von Willebrand factor into the blood, trying to 'patch' possible holes. As a result, the risk of thromboses increases. It is with this clotting that a significant part of the deaths from COVID-19 are associated.

Nowadays, doctors throughout the world report that the novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 occurs in different people in completely different ways. Combinations of symptoms that are dissimilar, ranging from coughing to digestive disorders, make diagnosis difficult. Additionally, scientists and doctors still do not understand why people of the same age and with comparable health indicators can transmit the infection so differently from each other: some require ventilator support to stay alive, while others do not feel sick at all. One of the possible causes of this phenomenon may be a different level of von Willebrand factor (VWF) in the blood of patients.

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