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Study finds majority of patients with long COVID were vaccinated

covid virus
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Mass vaccination and available antiviral treatments have not prevented vaccinated individuals from experiencing lingering COVID-19 symptoms.

A recent study found that the majority of patients who suffered from long COVID during a time when vaccines and antiviral treatments were widely available were vaccinated.

In the observational study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, researchers interviewed 390 people in Thailand who contracted COVID-19 during the "fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic" when the omicron variant was dominant. Patients were followed by phone from three months after their diagnosis for a year to monitor their physical condition, mental health, sleep disturbances, and quality of life.

Comment: Trying to tease out what's going on with Long Covid is a puzzle, but one thing that consistently shown is that it seems to be more correlated with those who got the vaccine rather than those who didn't. If the syndrome is in fact caused by the spike protein, it's easy to see why.

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Covid causes drop in IQ - study

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The cognitive decline could reach up to nine points in some cases, scientists have claimed

The long-term consequences of Covid-19 could include decreased cognitive abilities and memory deficiency, a new large-scale study has found.

According to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Thursday, patients who had recovered from coronavirus symptoms had a cognitive deficit equivalent to three IQ points compared with those who had never been diagnosed with it. Meanwhile, study participants with unresolved persistent symptoms had an IQ decline of six points.

1) "According to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Thursday" This takes one to Thursday February 29, 2024. The title is; Cognition and Memory after Covid-19 in a Large Community Sample
The same day a communication appeared in the same journal:
Prospective Memory Assessment before and after Covid-19 and they write:
In a group of Norwegian participants assessed between March 2020 and April 2023, participant-reported memory function, as scored on the EMQ [Everyday Memory Questionnaire], was numerically worse at several time points up to 36 months after a positive SARS-CoV-2 test than after a negative test.
2) Other interesting studies:
Hippocampus essential for recognition memory, study shows (2015)
'Spikeopathy': COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA (Source: National Library of Medicine, August 2023)
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein induces cognitive deficit and anxiety-like behavior in mouse via non-cell autonomous hippocampal neuronal death (Source: Nature, March 2022)

3) Dr. Michael Nehls: How Changes in Our Brain Make Us More Susceptible to Indoctrination
The German researcher Dr. Michale Nehls explains in the following short clip what the hippocampus is and how it functions:

For the full interview with transcript, see this page from The Epoch Times which discusses the content of his recently published book The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom
For similar interviews se this episode of The Highwire with Del Bigtree, or this episode of The Health Ranger with Mike Adams on,

4)There have been studies that explore the relationship between hippocampus and various conditions. Below are a few examples:
Psychopathy and the Hippocampus
The degree of subjects' psychopathy was studied using the Psychopathy Checklist - Revised (PCL-R) and an inverse correlation was found - the smaller the hippocampi, the more severe the degree of psychopathy. The strongest correlations were found in the posterior hippocampus. The posterior hippocampus is know to participate in processes, such as conditioning and forming associations. This is the first study to date to find structure-function (or structure-malfunction) correlation in terms of degree of psychopathy.
Birds in Captivity Lose Hippocampal Mass (Does this also happens for humans?)
Caged birds may still sing, but being in captivity for just a few weeks can reduce the volume of the hippocampus by as much as 23 percent, according to a new Cornell study. The hippocampus is the part of the brain involved in spatial learning and memory tasks.
Study shows recurrent depression shrinks area of brain responsible for forming new memories
A study published in Molecular Psychiatry today has proved once and for all that recurrent depression shrinks the hippocampus - an area of the brain responsible for forming new memories - leading to a loss of emotional and behavioural function.
Hormones, Hysterectomy and the Hippocampus (Why is that no being highlighted when they advertise for gender surgery?)
In the current study, removal of the ovaries and the associated long-term estradiol deprivation made the hippocampus hypersensitive to ischemic stressors and induced a myriad of events leading to significant hippocampal CA3 cell damage and cell death. The long term estradiol deprivation also led to increased amyloid production and associated neurodegeneration. As one might expect, damage and disruption to the hippocampus, the brain's memory center, was associated with the animal's ability to learn, remember and function.
How a Mother's Love Changes a Child's Brain (The attack on the traditional family is hardly a plus?)
Previous animal research showed that early maternal support has a positive effect on a young rat's hippocampal growth, production of brain cells and ability to deal with stress. Studies in human children, on the other hand, found a connection between early social experiences and the volume of the amygdala, which helps regulate the processing and memory of emotional reactions. Numerous studies also have found that children raised in a nurturing environment typically do better in school and are more emotionally developed than their non-nurtured peers.

Brain images have now revealed that a mother's love physically affects the volume of her child's hippocampus. In the study, children of nurturing mothers had hippocampal volumes 10 percent larger than children whose mothers were not as nurturing. Research has suggested a link between a larger hippocampus and better memory.
More than 150 comparative studies and articles on mask ineffectiveness and harms
"The rebreathing of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen depravation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus, that can't be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen - they cannot survive. The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of the reaction time - reactions of the cognitive system. However, when you have chronic oxygen depravation, all of those symptoms disappear, because you get used to it. But your efficiency will remain impaired and the undersupply of oxygen in your brain continues to progress. We know that neurodegenerative diseases take years to decades to develop. If today you forget your phone number, the breakdown in your brain would have already started 20 or 30 years ago...The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don't need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology. Conscious and purposely induced oxygen deficiency is an absolutely deliberate health hazard, and an absolute medical contraindication."
Scientific evidence suggests the vaccine-autism link can no longer be ignored (From 2013, so this is old, but has been ignored nevertheless.)
The studies also show that children from countries with the highest ASD appear to have a much higher exposure to Aluminum from vaccines. The study points out that several prominent milestones of brain development coincide with major vaccination periods for infants. These include the onset of synaptogenesis (birth), maximal growth velocity of the hippocampus and the onset of amygdala maturation.
Did COVID-19 escape Fort Detrick vaccine trial? Evidence that virus originated in US bioweapons lab

5) To maintain or even improve the function of the brain and hippocampus, there are several possibilities as indicated by these articles:


Alaskapox claims 'elderly' man as first known death, virus first discovered in 2015

© Mark Smith/AlamyFILE: Water vole. The virus recently discovered in Alaska is transmitted from small mammals and symptoms normally include a rash and muscle pain.
An elderly man has died from Alaskapox, the first known fatality from the recently discovered virus, Alaskan state health officials have said.

The man, who lived in the remote Kenai Peninsula, was hospitalised in November last year and died in late January, according to a bulletin issued last week by public health officials.

The man was undergoing cancer treatment and had a suppressed immune system because of the drugs, which may have contributed to the severity of his illness, the bulletin said. It described him as elderly but didn't provide his age.

Comment: Normally such a virus may be of little concern, however in the 'new normal', with over half of Western populations immunocompromised by the experimental covid jabs, concerns over viral interactions and mutations, leaky Western bioweapons labs, and so on, it does give one pause for thought. More so because one can't help but notice how a few of the symptoms are shared with the black death itself, and which is also believed to be connected to smallpox - that said, that's where the similarities appear to end: For reference: New Light on the Black Death: The Viral and Cosmic Connection

Outbreak News:
On today's show, we'll dive into the ABC's of Alaskapox with Bradley Perkins, MD. Dr. Perkins is the Chief Medical Officer at Karius.

In addition, he is a former top CDC official who led the anthrax bioterrorism investigation. He was also a leading expert in the more recent monkeypox, or mpox outbreak.

Heart - Black

Mild myocarditis post-vaccination can result in sudden death, Japanese autopsy finds

Myocarditis Post-Vaccination

Comment: Yet another study linking the development of heart disease to the Covid vaxx....

A new paper from pathologists in Kanazawa City, Japan reports the findings of an autopsy in a healthy 40-year-old man:
A healthy 40-year-old Japanese man suddenly experienced tachycardia and lost consciousness two days after vaccination. Continued resuscitation recovered the spontaneous heartbeat; however, the patient did not regain consciousness and died nine days later.

Electrocardiography after resuscitation showed marked ST-segment depression and incomplete right bundle branch block.

Influenza antigen and polymerase chain reaction tests for SARS-CoV-2 were negative.


Top cardiologist reports 47-fold increase in serious myocarditis post Covid vaccinations as he calls on GMC to investigate

St Peter Port in Guernsey
© Fraser Hall/Getty ImagesSt Peter Port in Guernsey
Dr. Dean Patterson, a leading consultant cardiologist in Guernsey and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, has written to the U.K. medical professional regulator the General Medical Council (GMC) calling for an investigation into harms from the COVID-19 vaccines, in a letter first published on Dr. Aseem Malhotra's website.

The increase from one serious case every three to four years to the 28 hospital admissions Dr. Patterson reports for 2021 and 2022 represents a 47-fold increase in incidence.
That is similar to:
'Nature' study finds serious heart inflammation 44 TIMES higher after Covid vaccination

On related issues.
SOTT Focus: Other articles:
For most of this time, the main focus of Twitter censorship has, of course, been supposed "Covid-19 disinformation." By now, almost all the most influential advocates of early treatment or critics of Covid-19 vaccines on Twitter have had their accounts suspended, and most have not made it back.

The list of the permanently suspended includes such prominent voices as Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Daniel Horowitz, Nick Hudson, Anthony Hinton, Jessica Rose, Naomi Wolf, and, most recently, Peter McCullough.

And myriad smaller accounts have met the same fate for committing such thought crimes as suggesting that the myocarditis risk of both mRNA vaccines (Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer) outstrips any benefit or pointing to mRNA instability and its unknown consequences for safety and efficacy.
Unbeknownst to most Americans, this has in fact occurred and their 1st Amendment rights are being vitiated, namely, by the European Union. There is a financial gun pointed at Twitter. But it is not the Biden administration, but rather the European Commission, under the leadership of Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, that has its finger on the trigger.

The law in question is the EU's Digital Services Act (DSA), which was passed by the European Parliament last July 5 amidst almost total indifference - in Europe as much as in the United States - despite its momentous and disastrous implications for freedom of speech worldwide.

The DSA gives the European Commission the power to impose fines of up to 6% of global turnover on "very large online platforms or very large online search engines" that it finds to be non-compliant with its censorship requirements. "Very large" is defined as any platform or search engine that has over 45 million users in the EU. Note that while the size criterion is limited to users in the EU, the sanction is based precisely on the company's global turnover.

The DSA has been designed to function in combination with the EU's so-called Code of Practice on Disinformation: an ostensibly voluntary code for "combatting disinformation" - aka censoring - that was originally launched in 2018 and of which Twitter, Facebook/Meta and Google/YouTube are all signatories.

But with the passage of the DSA, the Code of Practice is evidently not so "voluntary" anymore. There is no need for complex legal analyses to show that the sanction provisions in the DSA are intended as the enforcement mechanism for the Code of Practice. The European Commission has said so itself - and in a tweet no less!

In fact, the Code has never really been all that voluntary. The Commission had already made its desire to "tame" the US tech giants known previously, and it had already flexed its muscles, imposing massive fines on Google and Facebook for other alleged offenses.
For more on how that came about:
SOTT Focus: The End of Democracy: "What I'm Describing is Military Rule"


Shingles vaccine may increase risk of ocular shingles recurrence

shingles virus
© Tatiana Shepeleva/Shutterstock
Getting the recombinant zoster (shingles) vaccine (RZV), or Shingrix, if you have had an ocular shingles event, may increase your risk of experiencing a second event, a recent study shows.

Ocular shingles refers to all shingles that manifest in the eye area. Milder cases of ocular shingles typically occur near the eyelids, while more severe cases may cause inflammation inside the eyes and potentially lead to blindness.

Researchers at the University of California (UC)-San Francisco found that, compared to unvaccinated people with a history of ocular shingles, those who receive the RZV have a 93 percent higher rate of developing ocular shingles again.

Easter Egg 2

Rete ovarii: Ovary appendage dismissed as functionless may act as organ's 'tongue'

rete overaii
© Anbarci, bioRxiv, 2024Fluorescently died component of the external part of the rete overaii extending out from the ovaries.
While diligently recorded in early versions of the famous surgical reference book, Gray's Anatomy, the rete ovarii's existence has largely fallen into obscurity, left out of modern texts and dismissed as a "functionless vestige".

This is despite the fact the structure is highly conserved across mammal species, from camels to guinea pigs, suggesting the small ovarian structure has an important enough role.

What's more, an equivalent (if simpler) structure in males - the rete testis - has a known function involved in maintaining the fluid in the testicles and helps with sperm transport.

Comment: With 'junk' DNA and 'vestigial' appendages having been found to serve a critical function, it's fairly clear by now that there is still an incredible amount science has yet to discover about biology: Also check out SOTT radio's:

Evil Rays

Are we taking the risks of 5G seriously enough?

5G unit
© farmlanemastRed 5G
Two months ago, the U.S. state of New Hampshire introduced a bipartisan bill requiring wireless antennae to be placed at least 500 metres away from residences, businesses and schools as well as putting measures in place to inform the public about the health risks of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) and to replace Wi-Fi with wired technology in schools. The measures are based on the findings of the New Hampshire Commission to "Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology".

In many countries including the U.K., mobile communications base stations can be placed as close as 20 to 25 metres to residential properties. Over the last few years, many of these masts have been upgraded to 5G using frequencies of 3.5 GHz and including a complex set of special signal modulations, pulses, polarisation, phased arrays and novel equipment designs to enable faster and larger data downloads.

But what are the health implications of placing these new high tech 5G base stations so close to living and working accommodation? Professor Lennart Hardell, an Oncologist from the Environment and Cancer Research Foundation, Sweden, and Mona Nilsson from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation have just completed a series of eight 5G case studies, in which they study 18 people in a real-life 5G environment.


200% rise of pancreatic cancer in young women and girls since 1990s, diet thought to be to blame

pancreatic cancer
A 'frightening' explosion of young women developing one of the deadliest cancers has baffled experts.

Rates of pancreatic cancer have soared by up to 200 per cent in women under the age of 25 since the 1990s.

Overall, incidences of the disease — which has a five-year survival rate of just 5 per cent — have increased by around 17 per cent over the same time-span, with soaring obesity rates suspected to be behind the trend.

Yet oncologists cannot explain the particular surge in young women, with no such spike noted in men of the same age.

Comment: If the data only goes up to 2018, then we don't have the data for how the vaccines may have worsened the situation, but data from other illnesses show that it's highly likely to have done so.

See also: The following X-thread comparing health data in Russia versus the US is rather revealing, and might provide a few clues as to what's going on in the West:
  • deaths due to alcohol poisoning been falling for the past two decades in Russia and rising in the US
  • birth defects falling faster in Russia than the US and is now even lower than ours?
  • we literally dying faster and faster and the Russians slower and slower for twenty years now'


Violent, diarrhea-inducing stomach bug spreads in Northeast: 'Incredibly contagious'

woman being sick
© Dragana Gordic –
The norovirus, a hypercontagious stomach bug, is sweeping across the Northeast, causing schools to shutter and citizens to suffer from violent diarrhea and other alarming symptoms.

"It is incredibly contagious," Dr. Alfred Sacchetti from Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, NJ, told ABC News.

"Just one particle of the norovirus that you ingest will get you sick."