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Fri, 01 Jul 2022
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Spectacular summer avalanche caught on camera in Norway

A hiker in Jørpeland, Norway got one hell of TikTok after catching this June 10th avalanche cascading down a mountainside.

Naat Kviatkovska was hiking in a popular tourist area when she heard a rumbling sound from above and pointed her camera just in time to slide as it harmless but spectacularly the valley floor.

Naat was not harmed but she did get wet.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy floods in Thessaloniki, Greece - drivers trapped and roads closed

Unprecedented images with the floods in Thessaloniki / Forecast Weather Greece Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - Thessaloniki: Heavy floods in the city, drivers trapped and roads closed [video & images] - iefimerida.gr
© Forecast Weather Greece
Unprecedented images with the floods in Thessaloniki
Intense weather phenomena are currently underway in Thessaloniki, while the Fire Department has received hundreds of calls.

Heavy rain and hail hit areas of the city, while roads were flooded and cars were turned into "boats".

Heavy rainfall was observed in many areas of western Thessaloniki, such as Polichni, Efkarpia, Sykies, Evosmo and Ampelokipi.

Lagada Street was closed due to the weather. By 18:00, the Fire Brigade had received 220 calls, mainly for cutting down trees, pumping water and transporting people to a safe place.


Tornado filmed in Lanžhot, Czech Republic


Lanžhot (German: Landshut) is a town in Břeclav District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 3,600 inhabitants. It is the southernmost Moravian town.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm batters Bucharest, Romania - Traffic jams, fallen trees, flooded streets and subway station

© amateur images
The storm with torrential rain, strong wind and medium hail disrupted traffic in Bucharest and delayed or even forced the diversion of flights that were to land at Henri Coanda International Airport in Otopeni.

Several trams were blocked from the intersection of Timișoara Boulevard with Brașov Street to Ghencea. People got off the trams and walked.

,Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, on Cal.13 Septembrie / Drumul Sării,, Bd. Mărășești, Bd. Timișoara, Str. In Brasov, STB vehicles are blocked due to water accumulations.

On Str. Delea Nouă, part of the trolleybuses of lines 70, 79, blocked due to a fallen tree on the network.


Juneuary strikes again: Snowfall warning in place for parts of British Columbia

It's Christmas in June in BC, as Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for parts of the province.

While the warning won't impact the Lower Mainland or the surrounding area, if you're travelling east by car you may want to proceed with caution.

Fifteen to 20 cm of wet snow is expected to fall on Highway 3 between Paulson Summit and Kootenay Pass. Parts of Elk Valley could see up to 10 cm.

Environment Canada calls the June precipitation "unseasonable snowfall."

The Juneuary snow is thanks to a low-pressure system over Alberta that is bringing prolonged rainfall to the region. Parts of Alberta face a state of emergency due to the same weather system.


June snow hits mountain parks in Alberta

The province announced that Highway 40bwill remain closed between Kananaskis Lakes Trail and Highway House/Highway 541 due to avalanche hazard, and will remain closed Wednesday.

The province announced that Highway 40bwill remain closed between Kananaskis Lakes Trail and Highway House/Highway 541 due to avalanche hazard, and will remain closed Wednesday.
While Calgary and its surrounding communities are being inundated with rain, the mountain parks are seeing snow. A lot of it.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park got hit hard over the last few days as cooler temperatures turned a forecast of big rain into a late spring snowstorm.

As a result, campgrounds and trail heads that would normally be jammed with hikers at this time of the year are deserted.

And as you head north along the Smith Dorrien Trail, wet heavy snow makes it difficult to drive.


Surprise June snow dump at Castle Mountain Resort, Alberta - nearly a foot deep

A dump of snow made things look more like winter than spring at Castle Mountain.
© Castle Mountain
A dump of snow made things look more like winter than spring at Castle Mountain.
While much of the province was pummelled by heavy rain on Tuesday, areas in the eastern slopes were covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

Castle Mountain Resort employees woke up to find more than half the mountain covered in a layer of powder.

"Being in the Rockies, anytime of year, you'll for sure see dustings of snow up on the alpine," said guest services coordinator Kelly Dolan.

"But to wake up to close to 30 centimetres at mid-mountain, the snow line's even a little bit lower than that, is unexpected for sure."


Snow in mid-June, wind force closure of Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana

Whitefish Mountain Resort
© Whitefish Mountain Resort website
Whitefish Mountain Resort
While parts of southern Montana are dealing with record flooding, it's snow and wind that's hitting the higher elevations of Northwest Montana.

Whitefish Mountain Resort has announced they are closed Tuesday and all activities have been canceled because of wind and snow.

The resort will be providing updates at https://www.facebook.com/skiwhitefish.


NASA's failed 'fact check' of Daily Sceptic climate article

© unknown
NASA Climate Advisor Gavin Schmidt
A group of scientists led by senior NASA climate adviser Gavin Schmidt has heavily criticised a recent Daily Sceptic article that presented new evidence from the results of meteorology balloons showing global temperatures had slowed over the last two decades. Writing in the Climate Feedback 'fact-checking' blog, the scientists note that the Daily Sceptic article claimed:
"Global warming started to run out of steam over two decades ago... Half of the apparent global temperature increases from January 1910 to January 2000 is due to administrative adjustments."
The article is said to be "Inaccurate".

The first part of the statement is a view held by many eminent scientists analysing data from accurate satellites. The second part of the claim is made by Professor Ole Humlum of the University of Oslo. The 50% adjustment refers to the figures produced by the NASA-connected GISS surface temperature dataset. The 'fact check' does not dispute the figure, but Schmidt dismisses the 90-year trend as "just a cherry pick". Meteorologist Victor Venema from the University of Bonn complained that the term "administrative adjustments" was not used in science.


Damning report into BBC's "shoddy" climate and net zero reporting

twister tornado illustration
A damning indictment of BBC climate reporting alleging 20 years of endemic bias and the production of fake news, has been presented to the Government's mid-term Charter review of the Corporation. Published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation and written by the long-time BBC observer Paul Homewood, it suggests that all the factual errors detailed in its submission "could easily have been avoided with a bit of basic research". Citizen journalist Homewood doesn't pull any punches: "This is journalism at its shoddy worst."

It is argued that the "rot" set in after a seminar in 2006 - a meeting the BBC fought for many years to keep secret - shaped climate coverage. The seminar was attended by many green activists such as Greenpeace. "Since then, it has been the norm for BBC reports on climate change and energy policy to exclude or marginalise anybody who does not agree with the consensus view, while giving undue prominence to extreme green activist groups such as Greenpeace and WWF," writes Homewood.

Comment: The BBC is nothing but a propaganda outlet.

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