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Fri, 22 Feb 2019
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Earth Changes


Farmer snaps rare 'ghost apples' in Michigan orchard

ghost apple
© Andrew Sistema
Apple-shaped ice casing created in an orchard following an ice storm are pictured in Michigan
The 'once in a generation' freeze hit that the Midwest of the country earlier this year saw frozen lakes, record breaking temperatures and large-scale travel disruption.

But a Michigan farmer also captured one of the weather's more beautiful phenomenons - the 'ghost apple'.

Andrew Sistema said that while pruning his apples trees on his Kent County farm, he noticed a perfect shell of ice coating the fruit.

A peculiar and rare product of the recent influx of cold weather from the polar vortex, ghost apples form when rain freezes perfectly around the skin of the fruit.


Ice Age Farmer Report: Retail food prices pop - Meat as taboo - Hawaiian snow - Decentralized food!

Rare snowfall on low elevation area of Hawaii

Rare snowfall on low elevation area of Hawaii
"Eat your meat outside, earth-killer!" Former UN calls to banish meat eaters.

Historic snow in Hawaii.

150 homes destroyed by hail in India.

1,600 cattle lost in Yakima.

Whole Foods raising prices. Start growing your own food and forming resilient communities today.


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Mudslide kills at least 57 gold miners in Liberia

In spite of the glaring safety risks, alluvial miners relentlessly swarm the area, looking for gold.

In spite of the glaring safety risks, alluvial miners relentlessly swarm the area, looking for gold.
At least 57 gold miners have been killed by a mudslide in eastern Nimba County in Liberia, sources said Wednesday.

Local media reports say at least 45 gold miners have been buried underground by a mudslide as the men dug for gold in the Kartee Gold Mine.

Reports say 12 gold miners were said to be the first group of victims, who lost their lives a few days before the latest incident which occurred at the weekend.

The mine is located in Gboanipea located about 10 kilometres away from Tappita, in eastern Nimba County along the border with Cote d'Ivoire.


Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano lights up the night sky

Popocatepetl volcano
Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano unleashed a powerful explosion.

The first of a long series of explosions started about 9pm local time and went on for more than three hours.


Signs and Portents: Calf born with two heads and two mouths in Himachal Pradesh, India

The calf was miraculously born with two heads

The calf was miraculously born with two heads
This bizarre footage claims to show a baby calf born with two heads, four eyes and two mouths.

The rare creature was born on February 7 in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

The animal's owner, from the village of Shimla, can be seen examining his new pet in the video.

India has in the past hear made the headlines for its deformed calves.

Cloud Precipitation

At least 60 feared dead in mine flood after dam collapses following heavy rainfall in Zimbabwe (UPDATE)

mine flood
Twenty-three illegal miners are feared to have died on Tuesday evening when interlinked shafts and tunnels at two mines in Battlefields, Kadoma, were flooded after the collapse of a dam wall due to excessive rains received in the area.

The dam wall reportedly collapsed around 11PM on Tuesday night flooding shafts at the RioZim-owned Cricket Mine and another one owned by a Mr Baxter.

The two mines have three linked shafts said to be 30 metres deep and 20 metre-wide tunnels.

There are, however, fears that more miners could have perished in the disaster while reports also indicated that the water in the shafts and tunnels was rising.

Mashonaland West provincial administrator Mrs Cecilia Chitiyo yesterday confirmed the incident.

She said the local Civil Protection Unit had been activated to offer assistance.

Comment: Update: NDTV on the 16th of February reports:
At least 60 illegal gold miners were missing feared dead in Zimbabwe on Friday after water flooded two disused shafts in a mining town southwest of Harare, a government minister said.

Between 60-70 miners were in the two shafts when they were flooded on Tuesday, Local Government Minister July Moyo said.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, had declared a "state of disaster", he added.

A government mining engineer, Michael Munodawafa, told AFP outside the mine, 145 kilometres (90 miles) southwest of the capital, that "hope of finding anyone alive is very slim since it happened Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It's almost over 24 hours".

Moyo said "frantic efforts were being made to pump out water from the flooded shafts before retrieval of the victims".

The government has launched an appeal for $200,000 to be used "to pump out water, feeding the bereaved families and the (rescue) teams on the ground, transportation and burial of the victims", he said.

"Given the magnitude of this disaster, we kindly appeal to individuals, development partners and the corporate world for assistance in cash and kind," he said.

Zimbabwe is the throws of a deep economic crisis, the worst in a decade.

The country has valuable platinum, diamond, gold, coal and copper deposits.

Zimbabwe President had declared a

Zimbabwe President had declared a "state of disaster": Officials.


Woman injured in suspected wolf attack in Red Lake, Ontario

© wikipedia
Ontario Provincial Police have confirmed a 38-year-old woman was attacked by what was believed to be a wolf in Red Lake on Thursday.

The incident happened shortly after 7 p.m. February 7, in the vicinity of the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital, said Sgt. Mike Golding, community safety and media relations coordinator for the OPP North West Region.

"The victim had apparently been walking her dog when a large black animal, described as a wolf in her view, squared off against her dog and she decided to step in between to protect her pet and at that time the animal attacked her and she received a number of injuries to her legs and her back which required some medical assistance," he said, adding the woman has been released from hospital.

Cloud Precipitation

Landslide triggered by heavy rain kills four people in Bogor, Indonesia

file photo
Four people have died while four others are injured after being buried in a landslide that struck Kampung Ciapus, Ciomas district in Bogor regency, West Java, on Friday evening.

The landslide took place at 11 p.m. on Friday and eroded a house inhabited by a family of eight, Ciomas Police chief Comr. Wahyu Wiyadi said.

Wahyu said the landslide was triggered by heavy rain that been pouring since the afternoon in the village.

The buried house was located below the hill. Above the house was road and pathway located in the hillside.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Record snowfall, cold and wind speed in Hawaii

A family plays in the snow at Polipoli State Park in Hawaii
© Penny Thomas/Facebook
A family plays in the snow at Polipoli State Park in Hawaii.
Hawaii state wide record coldest temperature ever and 191 mph winds highest ever on the Big Island, snow to the lowest elevation ever on Maui, rare thunderstorm warning Kauai and massive 40+foot waves on Oahu. This was a once in at least 150 year storm.

Comment: Historic winter storm hits Hawaii with record-high waves, flooding, extreme winds and rare snow

Snowflake Cold

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - January 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

polar vortex
The solar minimum is taking its toll... and it's just the beginning. Among the worrying phenomena are record low temperatures as well as increased volcanic and seismic activity.

After months of copious precipitation and record breaking floods around the world, water is now falling as snow over the Northern Hemisphere.

Winter storm Gaia slammed 30% of the US, forcing road closures, flight delays, suspension of activities, and crop loses.

But that wasn't all. What was once a rarity, the "polar vortex" has split into 3 fronts plunging temperatures in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia well into sub-zero ranges. The northern US reached a record -48°C, disrupting normal life and all-time record snowfall in Chicago and St. Louise wreak havoc, stretching the cities to their limits. A sign of what is to come?

Central Europe and parts of the west were also blanketed by snow as records kept coming. So much so that it's now becoming the new 'normal.'

About 25 km above the Barents Sea, in the stratosphere above northern Scandinavia, temperatures reached a bone chilling -91°C, while 2 meters of snow buried parts of Italy and Austria. The cold temperatures forced the German government to declare a state of emergency, meanwhile the forests of Romania were also buried under meters of snow.

Asia and the Middle East also received their share of record snow; China reported record crop loses, Jordan, Iran and Lebanon were paralyzed by snow and cold temperatures, and northwestern Tunisia was forced to close 31 roads.

While parts of the Northern Hemisphere were experiencing record cold, Australia went through its hottest month on record - demonstrating the global effects of changes in the jet stream due to the solar minimum.

The accumulation of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere continue to cause 'portents in the sky' and facilitate electrical phenomena...

In addition to the property damage and loss of life, the extreme weather is crippling crop and livestock production. Along with it we will continue to see food prices rise around the world.

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