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Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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Earth Changes


Fall storm dumps up to 9 inches of snow in Massachusetts

Some areas of Massachusetts have received more than nine inches of snow in a pre-winter storm that turned to rain overnight to complicate the morning commute.

Highest snow totals:

Princeton 9.5"
Carlisle 9.3"
Billerica 9.2"
Boylston 9.2"

Cloud Precipitation

Cyclone 'Gaja' makes landfall in south India, kills 11 people

A fallen pole and a damaged motorbike are seen in a road after cyclone Gaja hit Velankanni, in Nagapattinam district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, November 16, 2018.
A fallen pole and a damaged motorbike are seen in a road after cyclone Gaja hit Velankanni, in Nagapattinam district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, November 16, 2018.
A cyclone made landfall in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Friday, killing at least 11 people, uprooting trees and knocking down electricity poles after more than 80,000 people were moved out of its path to safety, officials said.

Cyclone "Gaja" made landfall in the early hours of Friday but then weakened as it moved inland, K. J. Ramesh, director general of the state-run India Meteorological Department, told Reuters.

Eleven people were known to have been killed, said an official from the Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management Authority.


Double trouble: Twin tornadoes touchdown in Turkey

Turkey tornadoes
© Ruptly
The tornadoes descended on the coastal Turkish village without warning on Sunday afternoon.
A serene day at the beach was rudely interrupted by not one but two giant tornadoes that suddenly marauded through a provincial town in southern Turkey.

While the vast majority of the residents and tourists evacuated Salinas beach on Sunday, a few foolhardy photographers stuck around to film the massive sea spouts as they swept across the surface of the Mediterranean sea.


Heavy snowfall in Turkey - up to 2 feet

More than 2 feet of snow in places.

15 Nov 2018 - On the Van-Bahçesaray highway, Traffic has been "negatively affected" by heavy snowfall at the 3,000-meter Karabet Pass.

Video: Heavy snowfall in northern Turkey near the coast with the Black Sea.


Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake hits Solomon Islands

Soloman Islands quake map
A map shows where the earthquake hit
The quake, at a depth of 33km (20 miles), was centred 161km (100 miles) east of Kira Kira in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands, a nation of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific, has many World War Two-era sites.

The earthquake, which struck at 3.26am (GMT), was reviewed to a magnitude 6.2 and a revised depth of 10.6km (6.5miles).

Affected areas include Kirakira, the provincial capital of the Makira-Ulawa Province in the Solomon Islands.

The earthquake's epicentre was 132 km (82.3 miles) west of the city, which has a population of 11,222.

It is located on the north coast of Makira, the largest island of the province.

The area is known for its stunning natural beauty and ample beaches.

Comment: The USGS also registered a strong and shallow (10.0 km depth) M6.3 earthquake hit Southern East Pacific Rise on November 15, 2018.

Snowflake Cold

Climate scientists admit to critical errors in study of how fast the oceans are warming

Northwest  Passage Canada
© David Goldman / Associated Press/File
In this July 21, 2017 file photo, researchers look out from the Finnish icebreaker MSV Nordica as the sun sets over sea ice floating on the Victoria Strait along the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
The findings suffer from too much doubt to definitively support the paper's conclusion, says a study co-author: 'Unfortunately, we made mistakes'

Scientists behind a major study that claimed the Earth's oceans are warming faster than previously thought now say their work contained inadvertent errors that made their conclusions seem more certain than they actually are.

Two weeks after the high-profile study was published in the journal Nature, its authors have submitted corrections to the publication. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography, home to several of the researchers involved, also noted the problems in the scientists' work and corrected a news release on its website, which previously had asserted that the study detailed how the Earth's oceans "have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought."

Comment: Volcanic eruptions, rising CO2, boiling oceans, and why man-made global warming is not even wrong

Cloud Precipitation

Close to year's worth of rain inundates Kuwait City with severe flooding - 3rd flood event this month

It might be fun for some, but Kuwait is reeling from torrential rains.
It might be fun for some, but Kuwait is reeling from torrential rains.
One of two potent storms descending on the Middle East triggered severe flooding in Kuwait City Wednesday through Thursday.

More than 95 mm (3.80 inches) of rain inundated Kuwait City's International Airport Wednesday into Thursday.

That is just shy of the 117.8 mm (4.64 inches) that the airport has averaged annually in recent years, according to the Kuwait Meteorological Department. Typically, 18.8 mm (0.74 of an inch) is an average rainfall for all of November.

Runoff from the heavy rain flooded roads and damaged some buildings, according to Aljazeera. Schools and public offices were closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Air traffic was suspended at the international airport.

Comment: Details of the 2 earlier flooding episodes: National Guard called in to help as rains wreak havoc across Kuwait

Streets of Kuwait city heavily flooded


Early season snow storm dumps at least 7 inches in parts of east-central Missouri

Webster Groves residents dig out of snowstorm
© St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Webster Groves residents dig out of snowstorm
The second biggest pre-November 15 snow event on record in east-central Missouri bogged down traffic in the St. Louis area. National Weather Service Meteorologist Kevin Deitsch says snow plows haven't kept up with snowfall that could total eight inches in some places. "Most roads that we've noticed have been covered," said Deitsch. "MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) has been working hard to clear them but the snow has just come down fairly heavy that they haven't been able to keep up."

Southeast Missouri, including Cape Girardeau and the Bootheel region, have received one to two inches of snow from the storm while Jefferson City in mid-Missouri has also received two inches or more. Deitsch says the early winter storm will hover over the region into the midday. " Looks like the precipitation should start to get out of here late this morning to early this afternoon, in the metro probably ending sometime between about noon and 3 p.m."


Record breaking snowfall for parts of the ArkLaMiss region

While the calendar says we're about a week away from Thanksgiving, Mother Nature says it's more like January.

A low pressure system brought some accumulating snow to parts of the Arklamiss today. This is incredibly rare, as snow is more typical later into winter (January, February).

Totals ranged from a dusting to just over half an inch.

While totals were fairly low and impacts were minimal, this event broke a record for earliest accumulating snowfall in history for the twin cities.

And many of us enjoyed it! The kids still had to go to school, but many residents and four legged friends got to enjoy it as well.

Comment: See also: Cold weather gives Texas earliest snowfall ever recorded - 7 inches in the Panhandle


Italian supervolcano Campi Flegrei could be rumbling towards a colossal eruption

Campi Flegrei
© Flickr / Michele Costigliola
Campi Flegrei
An ancient Italian supervolcano that hasn't erupted in 500 years may be starting a stage of activity that could lead to a colossal eruption, spelling potential disaster for communities lying in its path.

Campi Flegrei may have entered a new magma cycle, according to newly released findings that suggest the feature's "subvolcanic plumbing system" is commencing "a new build-up phase." The researchers warn this could give rise "at some undetermined point in the future," to "a large volume eruption."

A large volcanic area west of Naples which has 24 volcanic craters, Campi Fieri, has "produced two cataclysmic caldera-forming eruptions and numerous smaller eruptive events over the past 60,000 years," according to the new paper. Calderas are vacant spaces left after rock explosions during eruptions.

Comment: Considering seismic and volcanic activity around the world is on the rise, the 'near future' may come sooner than the researchers think: For more on the dramatic changes happening on our planet, check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?

And SOTTs monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - October 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs