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Cloud Precipitation

Floods devastate North Khorasan and Razavi Khorasan Provinces in Iran

Severe floods hit the North Khorasan and Khorasan Razavi provinces in northeastern Iran on Friday, causing widespread damage and leaving several people missing. The heavy rainfall, which led to the flooding, caught many residents by surprise, especially considering the high temperatures prevailing in most parts of the country.

In Chamanaran, hundreds of vehicles were trapped by the sudden deluge. Villages such as Marshak and Kardeh near Mashhad experienced significant damage to vehicles. The flooding in North Khorasan caused the closure of the Bojnourd to Raz and Jargalan road, and many homes and roads in Sarhad, Qushkhaneh, and Titkanlu of Shirvan were inundated.


Mount Marapi volcano erupts with stunning 3,300ft high ash column in Indonesia

Mount Marapi volcano erupted in Indonesia on July 11, releasing a captivating 3,300-foot-high ash column. Authorities issued an alert level 2 status, restricting access within a 2-mile radius of the peak.


Elephants trample Spanish man to death in South Africa

More than a million people visit South Africa's parks each year (stock image)
© GettyMore than a million people visit South Africa's parks each year (stock image)
A Spanish tourist has been trampled to death by elephants after climbing out of his car to take photos of the herd at a game reserve in South Africa.

The unnamed 43-year-old man was visiting Pilanesberg National Park on Sunday morning with his fiancee and two other people when the attack happened, according to police.

The group had been driving around in their own vehicle before spotting three elephants with three calves, officers said.

Once the man got out of the car and walked towards the herd, the matriarch became "agitated" and charged at him, said Pieter Nel, a spokesman for the local tourism board.

Unable to escape, the man was then trampled on by the rest of the herd.

Local media report that the man was taken to hospital but died of his injuries, external.

Cloud Lightning

Storms hit Austria with 190,000 lightning strikes in one day

Thunderstorms with heavy rain
© Thomas ZeilerThunderstorms with heavy rain and squalls led to numerous fire department operations in the Mur Valley on Thursday evening.
Heavy rain and hailstorms caused damage across Austria on Friday, with weather forecasting service UBIMET recording 190,000 lightning strikes in the Alpine country in a single day, the highest figure this year.

In the western state of Vorarlberg, rainfall in the Rhine Valley near Lake Constance was so heavy that trees buckled, roofs were blown away and roads were flooded due to blocked drains.

Due to the large quantity of run-off water flowing into the Rhine, authorities closed off areas near the river to the public as a precaution.

The Austrian Hail Insurance (Österreichische Hagelversicherung) company estimated the total damage in Vorarlberg at around €1.2 million ($1.3 million). More than 5,000 hectares of crops were devastated, it said.

Cloud Precipitation

Germany: Flooding and hailstorms hit parts of Bavaria - hail covered ground up to 30 cms deep

The one to two centimeter-sized (about .4 to almost .8 of an inch) hail grains
© Vifogra/dpa/picture allianceThe one to two centimeter-sized (about .4 to almost .8 of an inch) hail grains covered roads in parts of Bavaria, with the cover sometimes as high as 30 centimeters
A major storm hit Upper Bavaria and Swabia in the southern German state of Bavaria on Friday evening, flooding streets and basements and causing traffic disruptions due to fallen trees.

The roads were suddenly transformed into a winter wonderland in the middle of summer. Even snowplows and shovels had to be brought in due to heavy hail showers. In addition, open-air events in Munich and Regensburg had to be canceled.

What areas were affected in Bavaria?

In the town of Kempten, southwest of Munich, local police said roads were turned white by hail and that emergency services received about 700 calls between 6 p.m. (1600 GMT) and Saturday morning.

Hail brought traffic to a standstill on some roads. According to a police spokesperson in Kempten, some of the roads were white with hail. By the morning, however, all of the roads were clear again and the water had drained away.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 50 sheep in Doda, India

At least 50 sheep were killed while several sustained injuries by a lightning strike in Doda of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Nitu Singh of Kahal Jagesar, the owner of the livestock, reported that approximately 50 sheep were killed and ten others injured after lightning struck the area.

He has also appealed to the district administration of Doda to send a team from the department concerned to assess the situation and treat the injured animals.


Woman killed in dog attack in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

A Tuscaloosa County woman was killed in a dog attack Thursday night.

According to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office, deputies received a call of a dog attack around 9:20 p.m. on Highway 69 North close to the Berry community.

The person who called in the attack was a family member of the victim who was checking on her at the request of the victim's husband.

When the caller arrived he found the woman inside the pen and attempted to check on her. However, when he entered the pen the dog also attacked him. The sheriff's office stated the caller was then forced to put the dog down.

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Record rainfall and flooding around the world marked this month, along with some rare snow events in both hemispheres.

In Bangladesh, Laos, China and India, a severe monsoon season left millions of people stranded and caused significant damage to infrastructure. Parts of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and France were also hit by heavy rain, flooding major roads and prompting evacuations. Sydney, Australia, was flooded twice this month by unprecedented downpours, prompting mass evacuations of several low-lying suburbs.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills fish vendor in the Philippines

An ambulant fish vendor died after being struck by lightning late afternoon on July 11 in Alimodian, Iloilo.

Police identified the victim as Ronie Siapno, 45, a resident of Barangay Bugang, Alimodian. Reports stated that Siapno was selling fish when it suddenly began to rain.

Due to the abrupt downpour, he sought cover under a thicket of bamboo at Sitio Bulan, Barangay Tabug.

However, the bamboo trees were not enough to shield him from the lightning strike.

Siapno was hit and sustained burns on different parts of his body. He was brought to Aleosan District Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes leaves 21 dead in 24 hours across Bihar, India - 70 killed in state since start of month

A total of 21 people died across Bihar in lightning-related incidents in the last 24 hours, the Chief Minister's Office said on Friday.

The maximum number of six fatalities were reported from Madhubani, followed by four in Aurangabad, two from Patna, and one each from Rohtas, Bhojpur, Kaimur, Saran, Jehanabad, Gopalganj, Supaul, Lakhisarai and Madhepura districts, the CMO said in a statement.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has condoled the deaths and announced an ex gratia of Rs four lakh to the next of kin of each deceased.

He also urged people to take all precautions during bad weather, avoid going outdoors unless necessary and follow advisories issued by the disaster management department from time to time.

Rain and thunderstorms have been lashing Bihar for the past few weeks, and close to 70 people have been killed in lightning-related incidents since the beginning of this month.

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