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Sat, 27 Aug 2016
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Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rain and floods slam Baton Rouge, Louisiana

© The Advocate
Flooding in the Baton Rouge
Heavy rain expected to stay through Friday and into the weekend has prompted historic flooding in the Baton Rouge area, forcing people from their homes, snarling traffic and closing schools throughout southeast Louisiana.

In Central, flooding is forcing several hundred people to get things out of their homes in the face of rising water, according to Central Mayor Jr. Shelton.

"Virtually every road now in the city has some kind of water problem," he said, with many roads closed.

"We've never seen anything like this before."

Andrew Simar, 25, of Hooper Road in Central, was getting gas in his car around 11 a.m. after just barely getting out of his flooding home with his wife and three-year-old son.

The couple started packing Friday morning after his wife returned home from LSU because of cancelled classes and the news reported the possibility of flash flooding.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash flooding in Wisconsin, Minnesota results in mudslides, washed out roads and water rescues

© Wisconsin Department of Transportations
Flooded roadways in the town of Cream, Wisconsin.
Flash flooding in parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota washed out roads, caused mudslides and prompted several water rescues after more than seven inches of rain fell in some areas Thursday.

Motorists were stranded in the floods, and there were also reports of basement collapses in the Minnesota towns of Willmar and Olivia, according to the Associated Press.

"If you talk to the experienced, or old-timers here, nobody's ever seen it rain quite like this in that short of time," Willmar Public Works director Sean Christensen told the AP.

Willmar residents were asked to stay home Thursday due to the flooding, and because the city's wastewater treatment plant was overwhelmed, residents were asked to limit their water use until further notice, the AP also reported.

"I'm afraid people were praying for a little bit of rain too much and it all got here all of a sudden," Christensen told the AP.

In Gilmanton, Wisconsin, water rescues were performed after rising waters flooded homes along a creek, Bill Graul of WKBT-TV reported.

Cloud Precipitation

6 people killed in Myanmar floods; over 420,000 affected

Six people were killed in Myanmar due to floods caused by torrential rains, affecting over 420,000 people nationwide, authorities said on Friday.

The flooding, which began in July, is still persistent in Bago, Ayeyawaddy and Yangon regions although some regions such as Kachin state and Sagaing, Mandalay and Magway have closed their relief camps as flood waters have receded, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement said.

Nine townships in Bago region, 12 in Ayeyawaddy and three in Yangon were the latest areas hit by flooding, Xinhua news agency reported.

Meanwhile, Myanmar's western and northwestern states of Chin and Rakhine have been alerted for possible flash flood and landslide as a depression is forming over the northwest Bay of Bengal, according to the Meteorology Department on Thursday.

Source: IANS

Black Cat

Jogger uses rock to battle cougar in attack on Vancouver Island, Canada

© Dreamstime
A cougar
A Vancouver-area man used a rock to battle a cougar after the wild cat attacked him on a remote logging road on Vancouver Island.

The attack has prompted B.C.'s Conservation Officer Service to remind residents to report wild cat encounters to the province's 24-hour hotline to help them keep track of cougars as they enter populated areas.

The man, who was not named, was treated for bite and claw wounds and released from hospital in Port Hardy.

He was staying with friends in a cabin in a remote area when the attack occurred on the B.C. Day long weekend, said Acting Insp. Ben York of the Conservation Officer Service.

"He was just out for a jog in the morning along the logging road and encountered a cougar that followed him for a short period of time and then attacked him," York said.

Arrow Down

Massive 35-yard long sinkhole opens in Martins Ferry, Ohio

A massive sinkhole, 35 yards long, has opened up in Martins Ferry.

One house on North 8th Street is cracking and tilting, and the resident is being urged to move out. Others could be affected, if nearby water lines rupture. Right now the Salvation Army Disaster Relief is there to provide cold drinks and snacks for the workers who have been on the job since early this morning. Martins Ferry Mayor Robert Krajnyak says it's a potential disaster.

"If it goes and pulls those mains with it, we lose 12-inch mains, the north end of town's going to be out of water from that point, all the way up, and it's got the possibility of washing some of these hillsides out and pulling some of these houses down with it, if that would all slip. We've got AEP in because of the tension that the poles have moved a little bit and put on power lines and stuff so it's a hazardous situation right now," said Mayor Krajnyak.

Comment: Sinkholes: The groundbreaking truth


Loud, mysterious boom rattles through Eton, Australia

© Lee Constable/Daily Mercury
There have been reports of a loud boom at Eton, west of Mackay - but no one seems to know the source.
© Facebook (contributed)
Members of the Eton, Qld, Community Noticeboard Facebook page heard a loud bang this afternoon.
A Sutton's Quarries Pty Ltd spokeswoman said the loud noise could be heard at the quarry, but said she didn't know where the sound had come from. "It sounded like something had hit a screen door," she said.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Ambulance Services spokespersons said they hadn't attended any incidents in the area today. There has also been no record of seismic activity in the area according to Geoscience Australia.

A Glencore spokesman said there had been a routine blast at Newlands open cut coal mine at about 3.45pm this afternoon. Yet he said the noise would generally travel a kilometre at the best of times - and Newlands is situated near Glenden, about 130km away from Eton.



Heavy storms create huge waterspout off Dauphin Island, Alabama

© Michael Twilley
Mobile County was pounded by rain on Wednesday. There was some minor flooding along the roadways and in store parking lots, but what really caught attention was a big waterspout off Dauphin Island, and it was all caught on camera.

"It looked like some serious tornadoes were moving in," said Dauphin Island resident Michael Twilley, who took the video. "It was huge. I've seen a bunch of waterspouts but I've never seen one that was two or three-hundred yards wide."

In the video, you can see the waterspout just miles away from shore. It proved a sight to see for residents and visitors on the island. "If you put your thumb up in the air you can see that's how big it was from a distance," said visitor David White. "Too close for comfort when you see something like that coming down."

White said he first saw the water spout when he was already on the water. "My wife and two daughters and I were on kayaks, so we just turned around and made a fast paddle back to the pier."

It was a smart move on his part - that's because water spouts can easily overturn boats and create dangerous conditions. After reports of several water spout sightings in Mobile Bay, the national weather service issued a marine warning. "We stood up on the house there and you can see off in the distance, there was another one trying to form but it never formed enough to come to the ground," said White.


Haboob dust storm filmed engulfing Phoenix, Arizona

Dust storm engulfs parts of Phoenix
A dust storm engulfed parts of the Phoenix metro area on Tuesday as bad weather continued to make its way north through Arizona.

The National Weather Service says a storm that's related to a tropical storm in Mexico has moved northbound and is affecting a large portion of the state.

Apache Junction and Fountain Hills have seen the most rain with at least 1 ½ inches so far.

In Tucson, heavy rains have caused flooding, resulting in the closure of several underpasses and streets. The city's street car, which travels through downtown and the university area, remains out of service due to floods.

Cloud Lightning

Fire shoots into air after lightning strikes gas, power lines in New Jersey

© Hardyston Township Volunteer Fire Department
A gas fire raged in Hardyston Township, New Jersey after a lightning strike on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016.
A column of flames was shooting into the air along a Sussex County, New Jersey road Thursday evening, after lightning struck a gas main and live wires.

Lightning hit the 12-inch gas main and the underground wires on New Jersey Route 94 in Hardyston Township around 6 p.m. as storms passed through the area late Thursday, according to the township fire department. The scene is located near the Cava Winery.

The fire went on burning for hours because the township gas company took some time to arrive to turn off the gas, fire officials said. By 10:35 p.m., the fire was finally out.

Bizarro Earth

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake strikes East of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia

© Flickr/irene
Kuata Island, Fiji.
Magnitude 7.2 earthquake has struck near Vanuatu, Fiji, a tsunami warning has been issued.

A strong earthquake with magnitude 7.2 has struck near Vanuatu and Fiji islands, the United States Geological Service reported. A local tsunami warning has been issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The earthquake has struck 122 kilometres east of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia, which is southwest of Fiji islands.